Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Albuquerque, New Mexico Halts Water Fluoridation

Patrick Gallagher
Activist Post

Recently there has been a new victory in the ongoing, undermanned, and heavily justified war on water fluoridation in the southwest United States.

The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico has made the auspicious decision to effectively end all artificial water fluoridation within the city’s water supply.

It was reported first by local news authority, KOB news channel 4, earlier this month that the city, in order to save money and consequently save the over half million local population from the many detrimental effects of fluoride in the water supply, had removed the addition entirely.

Though many residents are concerned about the potential for increased amount of tooth decay (which fluoride has been shown to be ineffective against), this is a major victory for people convinced that the hazardous byproduct of fertilizer is an unhealthy, worthless toxin.

Many of the citizens, however, do not realize that the fluoride in the water supply isn’t even what actually benefits the genesis of our bone structure.

Fluoride exists solely as a method of preventing tooth decay, but is there really a benefit to even reap? The answer, in short, is no; recent studies have gone to show that the ‘fluoride’ used to medicate the masses is actually a very serious health risk.

Shane Ellison, M. Sc., states that the fluoride present in the water supply assaults many structural formations within the body, such as tendons, bones, cartilage, and blood vessels. Fluoride has also been shown to cause many detrimental conditions, such as lowered IQ or brain damage, thyroid disorders, disruption of hormonal cycles, and even causing developmental problems in children if taken from a young age. Is it any wonder that bills have arisen requiring warning labels for infants over the harmful effects of fluoride in the tap?

Fluoride is also a known mutagen, or something that virulently mutates the DNA, leading to cancer. In 1977, it was even shown that water fluoridation caused about 10,000 cancer deaths in epidemiological studies by Dr. Dean Burk, former head of the Cytochemistry Section at the National Cancer Institute and Yiamouyiannis.

This may be only the beginning of the crusade that will create a wave of knowledge amongst our fellow citizens, and the war is merely beginning at this point – the major victory here is that at least some legislative higher powers understand the dangers of fluoride. The CDC and EPA are even taking time to re-evaluate the necessity of fluoride, potentially lowering the levels of it across the country.

As a citizen of Albuquerque myself, this comes as not only a massive surprise to me, but also sustains and validates a cause I have been passionate about for years now. Though the water here is not entirely fluoride free, it is a step in the right direction, and hopefully will be the beginning of a revolutionary way of thinking across the nation.


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Anonymous said...

And to boot, flouride is effective at preventing tooth decay if used topically. Ingesting it does absolutely no good.

We are assaulted daily by flouride. Well, you are if you try to maintain some system of dental care. Flouride in most all toothpaste, flouride in most all mouthwash, plus the flouride in most water systems cannot be healthy for us.

I say kudos to the municipalities that are meeting this problem head on and taking steps to protect their citizens.

Anonymous said...

veary good to see this, I hope it works every were its added in the water supplies, ada said it doesnt prevent caveties it helps create them

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, where I live in Northern California they're hard at work trying to get fluoride added to the water, "Those poor children with cavities!!"

If you mention that fluoride is harmful they call you a conspiracy theorist.

Anonymous said...

IF water is pure why would anyone knowingy adulterate it with Flouride? To medicate the Masses, not to fight tooth decay. Flouride is in ALL Toothpastes so why add it to water?
FYI: Flouridatio of water has been outlawed in Europe so why would the US allow it?
Com'on folks are you so flouridated you can't realize you're being suckered?

Anonymous said...

It's waaay beyond getting the fluoride out of the water system...we're in the position where now we must hold accountable the people who did this to the water. They've already started to punish New Mexico for getting rid of fluoride by placing pathogens and heavy metals into the N.M. water system as retribution for getting rid of fluoride; the covert nature of this contamination is similar to the secrecy surrounding the govt chemtrail program. One way or another the New Mexicans brains will be destroyed and the next generation will be more docile, cowed and subservient and if they're not they'll get the Fallujah treatment, ie total decimation. The Powers That Be are falling-apart rapidly but they're not to the point where a simple gesture like de-fluoridating the water in New Mexico presents any problems for them. Knowledge protects. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! Better watch out or the sheep may just get too smart on ya & get ideas and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Of course, what they neglected to say is that, instead, they've replaced the fluoride with the chemicals used for fracking. Hark!

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