Monday, April 2, 2012

Tobacco Industry Forced to List Ingredients Used in Their Products

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration gained authority to regulate tobacco products, and now they will soon be exercising that ability.

Already releasing preliminary guidelines for the tobacco industry that can educate consumers on exactly what is in cigarettes, the FDA is making it so tobacco companies will have to report on the amount of harmful and unsafe ingredients used in their products.

Within one year, the FDA plans to share information on chemical amounts, while tobacco makers will be required to report on the amount of 93 substances used in their products. This means that harmful ingredients used such as ammonia and formaldehyde will need to be made known to the public.

This decision will certainly ignite a slew of ingredient-based information regarding tobacco products.

“We are forging new territory to ensure that tobacco companies provide accurate information and do not mislead American consumers. We are committed to stopping such practices that may cause people to start or continue using tobacco products that could lead to preventable disease and death,” FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said in a statement.

There are over 4,000 individual compounds identified in tobacco and tobacco smoke, with at least 60 of them being known carcinogens. How would you feel after finding out that with every cigarette comes a dose of insecticide, car exhaust, gas chamber poison, ant poison, floor cleaner, mothballs, and nuclear weapon material?

The fact is, there are hundreds of chemicals in tobacco products (and cigarettes especially) that people don’t even know about.
  • Insecticide – nicotine
  • Car exhaust – carbon monoxide
  • Gas chamber poison – hydrogen cyanide
  • Ant poison – ammonia
  • Mothballs – naphthalene
  • Nuclear power – radioactive compounds
While this kind of information won’t be responsible for ending the bad habit of smoking for the majority of individuals, it may serve to kick the habit for many.

Even while smoking and tobacco use is already known to cause various cancers such as lung cancer, throat cancer, and stomach cancer, the health-damaging aspects of smoking aren’t enough for people to quit. But now, seeing “formaldehyde”, “lead”, and “arsenic” on the label may just be enough to cause many people to finally quit smoking and tobacco use.
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Pop said...

And how about ALCOHOL ?

How about the FORMELDYHYDE ?

How about some Graphic Images ?

I have plenty want some ?

From Murder to shrunk brains,rotted livers,spleens,mangled bodies from wrecks caused by the Biggest CONDONED KILLER IN THE WORLD

Anonymous said...

So glad I quit smoking, fucks that shit for real.

Anonymous said...

Im so glad i picked up smoking in the public school system...another thank you(/F*CK YOU) to society and the CULT-ure.

Anonymous said... if listing the ingredients did anyting. The average dumb Amerikan can't even read his/her name right must less know what's in the shit they eat, drink, inhale, smoke & put into their buddies by other means.

Anonymous said...

And here's the other good thing, once they get you hooked on the shit, they pass you on to the insurance companies which will make up pay up the ass for being smoker. If one thing doesn't kill ya, the other will for sure. Ain't Capitalism grand?

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