Thursday, April 26, 2012

Latest Cybersecurity Bill CISPA Passes First Vote in Congress

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Never mind that no cyber threat has been proven, or even appears imminent, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, which many say is just the reincarnation of the failed SOPA bill, passed a rules vote in the House of Representatives today by a count of 248 to 168.

"This bill in its current form… is an unprecedented, sweeping piece of legislation that would waive every single privacy law ever enacted in the name of cybersecurity," Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.)

The vote clears the way for a full vote likely to take place today.  Facing a veiled veto threat by president Obama because the bill doesn't do enough to protect civil liberties, CISPA is said to be potentially worse for Internet free speech and activism.

The much maligned SOPA bill was intended to give the government the authority to close down and seize domains over suspected copyright infringement.  While CISPA is more geared toward private companies sharing information concerning "threats" with the government, thus eliminating user privacy.

However, the language in CISPA is so broad that it may actually accomplish both of the government's objectives. Because CISPA defines “cyber threat intelligence” to include “theft or misappropriation of private or government information” and “intellectual property", it essentially gives the government the same authority as SOPA would have.

As presidential candidate and defender of liberty, Ron Paul, stated CISPA is the new SOPA.  He wrote:
Simply put, CISPA encourages some of our most successful Internet companies to act as government spies, sewing distrust in social media and chilling communications in one segment of the world economy where Americans still lead. 
Imagine having government-approved employees embedded at Facebook, complete with federal security clearances, serving as conduits for secret information about their American customers.If you believe in privacy and free markets, you should be deeply concerned about the proposed marriage of government intelligence gathering with private, profit-seeking companies.
Many large companies opposed SOPA which was a large reason why it failed.  Yet, CISPA appears to have broad support of those same corporations because they're given immunity from prosecutions of privacy violations.

As Ron Paul said "CISPA represents an alarming form of corporatism, as it further intertwines government with companies like Google and Facebook...grants them broad immunity from lawsuits for doing so, leaving you without recourse for invasions of privacy."

Although many civil liberty groups are united against CISPA, the support by these corporations may indicate its eventual passage.  After all, it's clear that corporate voices are the only ones that the government listens to.

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Illuminati Agenda said...

What do these croaks at 'the house of representatives' serving to pass these draconian sci fi 'laws' know about the online world?

Anonymous said...

If it passes, I drop the following.


They spy already too much. There's no public oversight, just state secrets--well fuck that, especially paying for it.

Anonymous said...

Yep. The Internet Police win at last. See how very little power the people have?

Anonymous said...

From DemocracyNow! recent extensive coverage on the subject:

"JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Yeah, I wanted to ask you about a recent report by the Brookings Institute, not exactly a liberal or progressive think tank. But they did a paper called "Recording Everything: Digital Stories as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments." And some of the quotes here are astonishing. They say, quote, "Plummeting digital storage costs will soon make it possible for authoritarian regimes to not only monitor known dissidents, but to also store the complete set of digital data associated with everyone within their borders."
They go on to say, "When all of the telephone calls in an entire country can be captured and provided to voice recognition software programmed to extract key phrases, and when video footage from public spaces can be correlated, in real time, to the conversations, text messages and social media traffic associated with the people occupying those spaces, the arsenal of responses available to a regime facing dissent will expand. ... Pervasive monitoring will provide what amounts to a time machine allowing authoritarian governments to perform retrospective surveillance."
This is where the United States is heading, where other authoritarian regimes, much more authoritarian regimes than ours, are heading around the world. And yet, the level of public opposition, especially among some young people, to this continued invasion of their privacy is not that—I mean, it’s strong, it’s growing, but it’s not where it should be."

"Targeted Hacker Jacob Appelbaum on CISPA, Surveillance and the "Militarization of Cyberspace""

citizen ron says you need to f*cking wake up said...

this has nothing to do with cyber security and everything to do with controlling what humans do and think. why is the government hammering these things out so rapidly? because they're scared. they're slowly losing their grip of control over the masses. what they cannot do is control completely the way we think as individuals. they are trying to keep us all in the herd mentality. it's not working and the internet is the biggest reason why. pipa, sopa and acta, and now's all for control over your mind.

now that you know, whatever they vote for (or against) is of NO consequence to awakened humans.

wake up and see the prison you were born into.

Anonymous said...

Yep, one and the same and this time, it's a done deal for sure. May somebody's god help us all.

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