Thursday, April 12, 2012

Further Crackdown On Dissent As The Elite Prepare For Mass Uprising

Brit Dee, Contributor

As southern Europe erupts in protest at crippling austerity measures, imposed by corrupt puppet politicians at the behest of global financial loansharks such as the IMF, the Spanish authorities have announced plans to further criminalize and crush dissent.

Spanish interior minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz yesterday announced in Congress planned reforms that would introduce harsh new punishments for those involved in organizing street protests that "seriously disturb the public peace". A minimum jail term of two years could be imposed on those found guilty of instigating and carrying out violent acts of protest, and organizing such demonstrations through social networks would carry the same penalty as involvement in a criminal organization.

Even more alarming, acts of "passive resistance" will also carry harsher punishments under the proposed legislation, and it will be an offense, said Mr Diaz, to "breach authority using mass active or passive resistance against security forces and to include as a crime of assault any threatening or intimidating behavior". Attempts to disrupt public services, such as the recent blockades of bus and train stations by Spanish protestors during a general strike on March 29th, would also be treated as a crime.

We can expect to see such legislation enacted across the Western world, as governments prepare for the unrest that is inevitably going to spread and intensify as living standards plummet, due to the theft and corruption of the political and financial elite.

As unemployment rises, salaries and benefits are slashed, and living costs soar -- all to fuel the insatiable greed of a minority of the already obscenely wealthy -- it is perfectly obvious that the working and middle classes of the supposedly free and democratic West are going to start rebelling en masse. Indeed, as detailed in a previous article, widespread dissent is actually factored into the plans of those running such globalist financial organisations as the IMF and World Bank.

Greece, Spain and Italy have all seen recent mass protests against austerity, and whilst last year's riots in England were not overtly political in nature, they were certainly a reflection of a rotten system that has dispossessed a whole generation of young people, who have little hope of a productive or comfortable future.

During the riots many suggested deploying the army on the streets, and there has been much talk of using water cannons and rubber bullets; this week it was revealed that the British police are considering the use of chemical agents to deal with rioters. How long will it be before such methods, sold on the pretense of being solely for use in violent riots, are used more generally against peaceful protestors and those engaged in acts of civil disobedience?

We are also seeing a concerted effort by Western governments to restrict and control the Internet, which again reflects governmental awareness of, and preparation for, coming mass dissent and revolt.

Increasingly draconian legislation is being proposed in all Western nations, with the British government currently planning to monitor all digital communications in real time -- to "keep us safe from terrorists", of course.

Whilst promoting violence is clearly unacceptable, recent four-year sentences handed down in England to two men who "organized riots" on Facebook (attended by no-one other than the police and the Facebook posters, who were promptly arrested) were blatantly out of proportion with the crimes committed.

ncreased surveillance and harsh punishments for those who use social media to speak out of line, are both ways in which governments are attempting to quell the fomenting unrest -- creating a "chilling effect" on legitimate protest against the wholesale looting of our economies, and attack on our standards of living, by the banksters and their lackeys in government.

This article first appeared at Resistance Radio.

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Anonymous said...

The power elite will try to erect control over all forms of communication. No longer will the public "town hall" meeting or even a gathering in prayer be a safe environment to discuss our objections to the theft of our wages. Nay, the wise would tell us to go underground, as the power elite have done in secrecy, to plan our day of freedom.

Anonymous said...

The fear of the spanish (and other) government is really about guerilla style resistance like e.x. the french resistance against Nazis.
We will see coordinated attacks on politicans, banksters and major industrial cooperations by little armed groups. We will also see police forces be attacked at their living homes in an asymetrical civil war throughout Europe and USA.
The majority of the sheeple will stay calm, but armed and trained individuals and little groups will fight for freedom. This will start in den USA first and spread to Europe. At a certain point the police forces and army will fall apart and gather against the government. Then, public crime tribunals will be held and so God will, these psycopaths, which are in power right now, be sorted out of humanity.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Yep. That's kinda it.

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