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War Criminals Bush and Cheney Can No Longer Travel Outside the U.S.

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Eric Blair
Activist Post

Everyone in the world seems to recognize the obvious crimes perpetrated by the Bush/Cheney regime. Their overwhelming negative status in the world has now confined them to personal prisons where they can no longer travel abroad for public events. It appears they're only welcome in heavily-secured private dragon lairs for the rest of their waking years. But even those locations are shrinking for these torturers and mass murderers.

Cheney, scheduled to speak in Toronto with his daughter next month, had to cancel the speaking appearance due to "security concerns stemming from their experiences in Vancouver in September 2011," according to a press release about the event.

The September event referred to in the press release was hardly a public event at all.  It cost $500 a ticket to attend and took place at the Vancouver Club which the Canadian Press called "one of Vancouver's most exclusive clubs." Still, the public caught wind of the event and staged a rambunctious protest calling for Cheney's arrest. The angry crowd caused Cheney to be locked in the club for seven hours longer than he was scheduled.

In February of last year, George W. Bush had to cancel a speaking engagement in Switzerland because human rights groups put pressure on the Swiss government to arrest him over torture allegations if he enters the country.  Even though officials claimed Bush had diplomatic immunity because he was a former head of state, they recognized that torture is a legitimate crime under international law.  Organizers of the event felt the "atmosphere had become too threatening" and the gala went on without Bush.

Since Bush left office he has traveled outside the United States on two occasions with former president Bill Clinton.  The first was a 2010 trip to Haiti after the devastating earthquake where he made a complete fool of himself.  After shaking hands with a desperate survivor he scowled in disgust and wiped his hand on Clinton's shoulder as if it was covered in filth:

The second trip chaperoned by Clinton was to British Columbia, Canada for the Regional Economic Summit this past October where Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called for his arrest citing his involvement in authorizing torture:
There is overwhelming evidence that Bush and other senior administration officials authorized and implemented a regime of torture and ill-treatment of hundreds of detainees in US custody, including at least two Canadian citizens. Under the Convention Against Torture, Canada is obligated to prosecute individuals suspected of committing torture found in its territory if other countries have failed to do so.
That trip was preceded by another event where Bush was to attend a private breakfast at an evangelical university, also in Canada, but was abruptly canceled due to a backlash of student protests.

In November 2011, a symbolic tribunal in Malaysia made up of the country's former premier and a former federal judge among others, found George W. Bush and UK's Tony Blair guilty of war crimes. “The evidence showed that the drums of wars were being beaten long before the invasion. The accused in their own memoirs have admitted their own intention to invade Iraq regardless of international law,” it concluded.

Although the Malaysia tribunal isn't officially binding as an arrest warrant, it shows the sentiment that is building around the world for calling these Western leaders what they are: international "child killers" and "war criminals."

All of these stories seem to indicate that the circles where these murderers are still welcomed are getting smaller and smaller.  Whether they will ever be actually tried for their crimes remains to be seen.  But one thing is for sure, every time they venture out of their undisclosed bunkers, they get shoved right back in by angry mobs of humanitarians seeking justice for their wickedness.

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Anonymous said...

"will they ever be tried for their crimes?"

NO, they won't. whatever comes-- if anything-- will be too little too late.

Anonymous said...

Not only Bush and Cheney, what about their JEWISH handlers that control the entire operation from behind the curtains? When are THEY going to be brought to justice? The lying JEWISH media moguls who did the cheerleading on the wars for Israel. When will they face the music?

Bush and Cheney were only the fiqure heads. The REAL EVIL is still pulling the strings of power.

Anonymous said...

"will they ever be tried for their crimes?"

No they wont, because if they ever were it would open the box for public knowledge, and then their fun and wars would be over. and peace would persist!

who on earth would want peace?

just the stupid little worker bees who care about the hive.

Anonymous said...

This is a start, but what we really want, really need is for the world to re-establish the rule of International Law and we can start with a simple good faith effort: Surrender Geo Bush jr., Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell over to a reconvened Nuremberg Tribunal then try, judge and hang them all. Until that happens, International Law is a dead letter and there will be endless wars until either the US decides it can no longer afford them or until humanity is made extinct.

Anonymous said...

".... but what we really want, really need is for the world to re-establish the rule of International Law and we can start with a simple good faith effort: Surrender Geo Bush jr., Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell over to a reconvened Nuremberg Tribunal then try, judge and hang them all."

What he said.

Spartacus Jones said...

International law notwithstanding, these despicable bastards also violated US LAW. It's OUR responsibility to arrest them and try them, NOT anybody else's. Why foist that duty on the rest of the world just because we're too lazy, stupid, corrupt or cowardly to do it ourselves?
Shame on them, yes.
But shame on us all for letting them get away with it.


Anglo Saxon said...

As an aside to some of the earlier Commenters here, kindly note (and learn) the following:

1) There is NO SUCH THING as "International Law". So-called "International Law" is the invention of globalists, international bankers, and Jewish theologians. It is also celebrated by Communists everywhere. If you have any sense at all, you will entirely reject the concept known as "International Law" and see it as the political ruse and sleight of hand it actually is. "International Law" is a stepping stone to Global Governance. What WE here should be about is returning law to the separate and individual nations of this world, which was the case before the United Nations Charter was signed.

2) The "Nuremberg Trials" were not convened as a proper legal court. It was a Jewish show-trial (and Kangaroo Court) convened for the single purpose of being publicly vindictive towards representatives of the militarily defeated German nation. It allowed both American and Anglo-Jews to express their psychopathy by arranging (in complete disregard for any legal evidence or witness statements) for the summary execution of those senior Germans the Allies had managed to capture alive by September 1945, and who were also known to have had NSDAP membership. All ten executed were hung on the same day: the Jewish "Feast of Purim". You will need to understand the story of Hamman and Esther to work out why. Several of the hangings (i.e., those performed under American jurisdiction) were botched and the unfortunate victims were decapitated.


If you truly want to fight your enemy then you could at least take the time and trouble to learn how to use the English language properly.

You undermine your own credentials if in your ignorance, you happily celebrate what was created by your sworn enemy. It is very important in this age of deceit to be able to properly identify what you should be standing both for, and standing against. Don't validate your enemies cloak & daggers machinations by adopting his/her words and concepts.

Anonymous said...

Only in CANADER, you say??? Just keep right on acquiescing you dumb fellow Canucks! When the hell will we stand up to these PIGS and say ENOUGH! STOP THE INSANITY!

Anonymous said...

@Anglo-Saxon I was wondering what the the Aryan Nations position was. Thank you for providing it. To the lemmings stirred up by the agitprop film Kony 2012, I say it's far more important that US war criminals by brought to justice. Maybe we can hire the Ugandan Army to go after them.

apeman2502 said...

Regretibly, these attacks require more than a few clever sentences to elucidate and trace the cause, lest any explanation be considered vain fingerpointing. One person responding to my statements about the WTCs provided an old magazine article relating the problem of the siding falling off, as I had mentioned.This was shortly before my number of Yahoo! search listings topped 116 million.FOR MY name! That was over a year ago. I am being scrubbed, as are others. Not by Activist Post(except when I get mouthy)but by some other entity. There now is a counterfeit e-bay and a counterfeit Windows 7 Ultimate on my machine. Plus hacks. Youtube erases true accurate facts that do not follow the Richard Gage lowgrade baloney.
I grew up around engineers like Gage, but honest and competent. With this DARPA geek leaving DARPA for Google, running a smokescreen for Cheney-Bush safety and escape is treasonous.

Anonymous said...

Funny article while our Nobel Peace prize pres is dropping bombs with no congressional approval,allowing indefinite detention and hits on US citizens. How many of our troops and civilians have died with Obama in charge? Why 90 thousand troops in Afghanistan? The current impeachmenet proceedings against Obama are very appropriate despite the media blackout. Seems the Obama campaign is back to Bush bashing to prop themselves up.

Anonymous said...

@Anglo Saxon - Too true, international law is a tool used by those who make the laws to ensure only they can break them and get away with it.

The Nuremberg Trials are the perfect example of this.

Was there a Nuremberg Trial for the Americans and French and British soldiers responsible for the deaths of 13,000,000 Germans (mostly civilians) during the occupation following the war?

What about the 1,000,000 POW's purposefully classified as 'disarmed enemy combatants' AFTER THE WAR to circumvent international laws governing treatment of POW's so they could systematically exterminate them in true 100% certified death camps?(literally packed into open fields with NOTHING and wrapped with barbed wire and left to die)

The truth is even if you believe that 6 million Jews and 5 million 'others' were killed by the Nazi's the Allies slaughtered far more innocent civilians with their terror-bombings and nuclear attacks on Germany and Japan and many points in-between than the Germans ever came close to killing.

The Nuremberg Trials #1 purpose was to establish that the Nazi's were 'pure evil' and all the numerous crimes committed by the Allies were therefore "justified".

How many people are even aware of the fact that Germany only initially invaded the areas of Poland that had been German territory until the Treaty of Versailles sliced it off and gave it to the Polish?

The Soviet's invaded Poland at the same time forcing the German's hands but how come there was no declaration of war against the U.S.S.R?

Unlike Germany the U.S.S.R couldn't even make the claim to be taking back lost territory rightfully belonging to them... it was a completely unprovoked invasion - the ultimate war-crime - but no biggie if you are Communist Jews?

Oh right I forgot it's racist to know the truth or ask any serious question in this case.


That was the excuse invented after the war to justify the mass-murdering of the globalist elites and it is being rammed down our throats every single day now in order to maintain the "just war" illusion that keeps the cycle of violence going.

The U.S was never a "savior" for anyone, it has always been a mass-murdering imperialist war machine and nothing more - it just got re-branded with a new marketing gimmick through WWI-WWII to give the "good war" spit-shine.

The Nuremberg Trials were such a sham that I don't even wish them for those doing the mass-murdering today - everyone deserves equal justice and the 'lynching party' show-trial system does not provide anything close to real justice.

I applaud the numerous lawyers/attorney's, judges and legal aides who resigned in protest of those sham trials.

The victims from all sides of the conflict and those caught in-between deserved to have the full truth be told and instead we got propaganda BS to whitewash most of their deaths without any further consideration - they died for the 'greater good' and should be happy about it, no?(sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon, one and all, if this is the case such great leaders from all over the world are guilty, especially those from foreign nations who visit the US shores and have represented their countries at the UN. I suggest you all get a real life and realize how people from the US who are "detained" in foreign nations have been treated by the leaders of nations there and then open your traps. International Law? One World Order, New World Orderists. You make me want to scream at you all.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:16PM - I suggest you take a look at how your government treats it's own citizens and realize in regards to the Prison-Industrial Complex and War on Drugs and such that they do not care about you.

At all.

Nothing, not even an after-thought 30 years after you were tortured to death in some Viet-Cong POW camp because your government said you were already dead(fully knowing you were alive) so that your status as a POW could not be used as a political bargaining chip to force it to pay the Vietnamese government the reparations they agreed to.

Nothing your government does is for the benefit or protection of you the 'Average Joe' - it's all to benefit and protect themselves and their wealthy, resource stealing war-pig elitist buddies.

They couldn't care less about you if you are not one of them and you'll figure that out when they actvate the camps they already have on stand-by.

Scream to your hearts content, but we scream back.

Anonymous said...

It's not the Jews, you fracking bigots.

Anonymous said...

When and who will charge Obama for his crimes? When will there be justice for the American citizen?
Who will hold that POS accountable for shredding the Constitution?
That anti-American POS bastard is guiltier then Bush and Cheney.

Anglo Saxon said...

To Anonymous (comment posted: March 13, 2012 8:33 PM).

Personally, I couldn't give a Monkey's left bollock for the 'Jews' or their fate. The entire farcical story and history of this artificially contrived people is ONLY relevant as an aid to understanding the hows/whys of the massive damage already done to the ordinary people of Russia, Europe (esp. Britain and Germany), and now North America. Come to think of it ... one could also include a study into the damage done to Africa, China, and India by these chronic parasites also.

The appointed representatives of the (mostly Ashkenazi) Jewish community have sown a huge whirlwind, which has now turned. It is heading straight back for them. I can only hope and pray that this whirlwind succeeds in wiping out the entire Rothschild dynasty. The Rothschild family (and their blood-cousins) are proven mass-murderers (by proxy). They must be held fully accountable for their massive manipulation of people's lives (and of essentially shaping human history ever since 1815).

And to answer your rhetoric directly. Yes, it may not be "the Jews" but it is certainly all down to "Judaism".

'Judaism' (the gutless ones prefer to quote the word "Zionism" instead) represents and encapsulates this world's collective madness. Therefore, the complete eradication of the meme known as 'Judaism' must be made everyone's primary objective. Only by putting away your Bible can you begin to understand the true origins of 'Judaism'. For example, without Judaism there would NEVER have been rampant Usury and Fractional Reserve Banking. Furthermore, there would never have been several million babies (white and black) needlessly aborted for profit.

If we fail in our noble task, then this planet will soon be blanketed with nuclear radiation ---- resulting from a conflagration hatched and plotted in Tel Aviv, London, Basel, New York City, and Washington DC ---- that will quickly trigger a mass extinction event.

This is NOT a game gentlemen. This is "life or death" reality. We are facing a determined and well-funded "evil incarnate", so the time has now come for all good men to put down their beer cans and iPads and step up to the plate and be counted. It is NOW ... or never!!

Anonymous said...

Anglo Saxon had better inform these folk that they really don't have a job. http://www.icj-cij.org/

Dot in Oz said...

Only, and only if they were to be travelling handcuffed and shackled all of their time, while outside the USA, then l reckon humankind around the planet wouldn't mind.

Anglo Saxon said...

Anonymous (March 14, 2012 12:01 AM).

My friend. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated by big & fancy buildings. Take a personal and up-close look at the broken remains of Ancient Rome if you wish to properly get things into perspective.

Don't allow yourself to be intimidated by people wearing fancy black robes: a consequence of ancient Saturn worship. Same thing when you graduate from one of 'their' Universities (of indoctrination).

Don't tolerate the imposition of so-called "International Law". It is all predicated on Noahide Laws and the 'Jewish' Torah, which by definition we should all reject outright, as being entirely alien to our proud cultural traditions. Indeed, many of our best laws have German tribal origins.

Take time to study the Freeman concept, and learn how to negotiate the sandtraps that constitute what passes for 'law' today.

The only true and authentic laws are "natural laws".

Please visit YouTube and key in the search box: "Ayn Rand" ... then listen to her very wise words. Ayn Rand's intellect has long been misrepresented because the "Dark Side" has made use of her clear analyses to steal an advantage. That unfortunate corruption of ideals does not invalidate what she says.

95 percent of all men are inherently decent and good. Don't swallow the Satanic inversion, promoted for several decades, that claims the opposite.

As that greatest of Roman citizens, Marcus Tullius Cicero, once pointed out: "The more laws the less justice".

May I remind you that it was Cicero (and NOT the Magna Carta) helped bring us Habeas Corpus. He also said: "We ALL have to be servants to the Law in order to be free".

Anonymous said...

our evolution is a slow process .. i like this article .. it highlights the need for global morality .. those without heart are being rejected by those WITH heart ... a good start ...

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton will surely be going onto this list very soon, if not already.

Anonymous said...

Prescott Bush started the whole ball rolling by supporting Hitler and financing his genocide. Of course, the Zionists also support the Hitler agenda...these two were just carrying on the family traditions, torture, murder, stealing, and destruction of people around the World.

How heart attacks is Cheney going to have anyway?
He must be bionic....

Anonymous said...

I just dont understand why 'the people' even allow this anymore, its irrational and illogical and we just let tyranny prevail, as if we dont have a choice.

The nice thing is, the more we talk about this, the more collective conscious will awaken to the flaws of this modern 'society' and eventually once we realise the 99% of us have majority power we can then work towards commnity. wt

Anonymous said...

There was no Habeus Corpus following Cicero.

It was only enacted in England, when the Catholic Church deemed and sanctioned Magna Carta to keep the King in Line.

Ireland had more natural rights, long before (centuries) English Common Law, called Brohan Law.
Indict the criminals.

iamlightagain said...

Wake up, stop putting labels on humans. When we put a label such as Jews, democrat, republican, black, white, oriental, etc., etc. we are qualifing all people under that title to be the same. Enough with the blame game. Hatred of someone under a certain box we have put them in is delusional. You can do whatever you want but you have no right to qualify me.

When you see evil you will know it by their insane actions and you will recognize them by many nationalities and ethnicities. Recognize that the largest portion of our human race want only peace and the freedom to live their life in their own unique way.

So stop all the judgement already, realize that others are not just like you but are equally important and valid in their life expression.

So when we see evil we will recognize it by many skin colors and sexes, then just stop bowng down to their insanity and give them the full punishment of the law that should pertain to every last soul.

Anonymous said...

@ Iamlightagain - They(the Zionist-globalist elites) classify themselves as Jews in order to use the protection that religious title gives them, those of us who have done the research are well aware they are not 'true Jews' - most I've actually debated designate themselves as 'atheists' which rules out the possibility of them being of the Judaic faith.

By your logic we should only call them 'humans', but that makes it kind of difficult to identify specifically who is responsible as NOT all humans are guilty of these crimes.

Though we are all responsible for allowing it to get this way and it's up to all of us to end it.

Steve B. said...

Lone Wolves I know they are out there and will take care of them here. I think Bush is going to Aregentina and be guarded by the military. They are both warmongers. So you can see only citizens demanding that justice be sought is the only thing affecting them. Not the government. So that tells you right there we need common citizens making the laws. If the governments won't go after Clinton for bombing Serbia and Somalia and Bush for Iraq, ten when the citizens are pissed they will do it.

Steve B. said...

Look how quickly our presidents grow old. They are so evil and no way can they sleep. Look at Clinton he had murdered people, raped women and fathered a child with a black prostitute, before he was elected president.

Anonymous said...

The numbers of brain dead Republicans who understand the need for impeachment of Obama, but are offended at any notion of justice for Bush and Cheney are still high enough to please our fascist rulers.
The numbers of brain dead Democrats who understand the need for justice for Bush and Cheney, but are offended at the notion of impeachment for Obama are still high enough to please our fascist rulers.

Divide and conquer, divide and rule. Zealots from D and R parties enable the fascists to rule us.

PS Since Canada is enacting reich wing legislation (Republican style) and removing the freedoms of Canadians in exactly the same way BushBama did in the US.......maybe this statement from consummate LIAR Dick Cheney is a lie too? The brutal police crackdowns last year in Toronto at the G-20 show how Canadians can be beat into submission in order to protect criminal war mongering scum like Cheney. This whole story stinks.

Anglo Saxon said...

HABEAS CORPUS <> Latin: "you have the body"

Prisoners often seek release by filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. A writ of habeas corpus is a judicial mandate to a prison official ordering that an inmate be brought to the court so it can be determined whether or not that person is imprisoned lawfully and whether or not he should be released from custody. A habeas corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or another's detention or imprisonment. The petition must show that the court ordering the detention or imprisonment made a legal or factual error. Habeas corpus petitions are usually filed by persons serving prison sentences.
SOURCE: http://www.lectlaw.com/def/h001.htm



Cicero’s definition of natural law changed forever the interpretation of positive law, by including concepts like honorability towards formal agreements, equality of all peoples under the law, justice, the importance of intent and the spirit of the law as opposed to the written word and the protection of those with no legal capacity of action.

All that, made the Roman legal system move towards equality, relaxing some strict legal categories and Roman traditions.

For instance, the absolute power of the paterfamilias (patriarch) over property and offspring was limited, women got legal capacity to manage their property and children, and even the laws of slavery were severely limited enabling the legal action of setting them free manumisio and protecting them against cruelty.

And not least was Habeas Corpus --- "you (shall) have the body" --- a legal action through which a person can seek relief from an unlawful detention. Habeas Corpus has been an important instrument for the safeguarding of individual liberty against arbitrary state action throughout history (yet it is still struggling not to be violated even by democratic states today).
SOURCE: http://www.mastersconnection.com/index.php/articles/325-ides



For more info, please refer to the Catholic Encyclopaedia (New Advent) at this link: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/02753a.htm

iamlightagain said...

The Powers that 'want to be' have devised the two party system to devide and conquer and what evil creates is also evil. The run-it's-of-the-world want to create hatred, anger, and fear to dcvide us, wake up and realizw that you are to big to have fear.
You can take my thoughts or not, you are a free entity and it is your right to make up your own mind. Go in peace and love.

Anonymous said...

How about international arrest warrants for all of the Rothschilds, Rockerfellars, Windsors and co.

Anonymous said...

To set some things straight, Poland;'s Army did numerous incursions into German territory and killed quite a number of Germans before Hitler invaded Poland. The reason why Poland was so bold was the assurance of Britain and France to back up Poland in case of a German attack.
Also the killing of Germans which were living in Poland was another reason for the invasion.
All Hitler wanted from Poland was a corridor to have a land access to the still German city of Danzig.
The request was denied because of the backing of Britain and France.
Also the treasonous German Noblemen which wanted to kill Hitler after Britain declared war against Germany did not help any cause except to start WWII. Hitler was only a commoner, how could he be the Chancellor.
If someone knows the dater line at the end of the war, the first nuclear explosion was after Germany has surrendered. Prof. Hahn brought the detonators for the US nuclear bombs to the US, because the had the nuclear package but could not blow them up.
Sorry Americans, but this is history, as well as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not necessary, since the Japanese wanted to surrender before the bombing., The US had to use 2 to find out what they do to the population of Japan and studied the `Nuclear Experiments`extensively afterwards.
Nobody at that time knew what radiation would do to the people.
One British Admiral said after the war that it was Germany`s time to rule the world. Having the US rule the world was like having a young teenager sitting on the throne of England.
Well, we all saw that this man was right all along.

bearjew said...

Haha what a baby stop crying we all know the Jews are the best stop hating just because your a pussy and can't do anything about it... LOL

Anonymous said...

Turn off your computers and do some real helping if you want to really change anything.

helen said...

you will never have peace as long as the zionists still rule.. take out the zionists and peace might actually break out..

Anonymous said...

even this much about their restrictions makes me happy....

Anonymous said...

bush, cheney, obama, clinton, reagan, yes u name it and they are all actors on stage. the names of the elite echelon that pull the strings on all presidents/puppets will never be divulged. don't people realize that it is one big laugh to them when we take sides of one party and bicker with our own populace over the two parties? divide is their middle name. wake up, and THINK! see how well it works?

Anonymous said...

Good deal, I can post here. Saw this article yesterday about cheney canceling his event to speak in toronto because of security issues...now there was no heightened security on 9/11/2001 when all these whistle blowers were sending comms here to NORAD talking about something fishy going on with these guys and their passports...but he cancels his speaking engagement to save himself. The guy is a walking corpse anyways who cares, they already posted articles about the dickster not even having a pulse because he is so sick. The sad part is, people like this they never even when they know they are in their dying years get their souls right with god. They already know death is coming soon, this man has had how many heart attacks now? heh, their hatred makes them hate humanity and serve satan and he has given them great great power over us all but in the end...who has the final call? I mean really. Serve satan for 70 years if you are lucky and then spend your eternity in hellfire, no one is perfect but these guys WILLINGLY serve evil. Big difference betwee that, bush, clinton, and all the rest of them. No one escapes the final judgement

Anonymous said...

Good for those nations who recognize Bush and Cheney as war criminals. Now how about our current War Criminal-in-Chief Obama? Or is his escalation of the unwarranted U.S. military attack initiated by Bush/Cheney in Afghanistan plus his own initiation of drone bomb attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia—which have murdered dozens of innocent civilians—considered "humane"? When those nations have the same contemptible view of Obama as they have of Bush and Cheney, then I will know that they are consistent in their principles.

Anonymous said...

according to wikipedia the hangings were on 16 October 1946, and this was not the feast of purim.

Anonymous said...

There are some other criminal war missing in the List. Durao Barroso, president of EU, Jose Maria Azenar, ex-president of Spanish government and Tony Blair, ex-PM of Great Breatain. At least this must be added. Who knows some others?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just as our "leaders" are power mongering fools, so are the "leaders" in Israel. They have been that way since the time of CHRIST and he called them out for it! It is not the people of that nation, no more than it is the people of our nation who perpetrate so much evil in the world, it is the bought and sold "leaders" that do as they are instructed, including dismantling society and taking down their own people...sick!

Anglo Saxon said...

Any more Anonymous contributors needing correction?

Der Sturmer was a weekly tabloid-format newspaper published in support of NSDAP goals. Its publisher was Julius Streicher. Its pages regularly mocked the 'Jews' and their centuries old foibles. Streicher regularly showed contempt for the past actions of 'Jews'.

For this, his character was mercilessly 'assassinated' at Nuremberg. He soon re-emerged in the public perception as a kind of "Devil Incarnate". Anyone recognize an historical pattern here?

For the crime of publishing unflattering and stereotypical cartoons of Jews (for public consumption) he was sentenced to death by hanging. It was said that Streicher incited "the Germans" to murder Jews. But, no concrete evidence was ever provided that actually proved this to be the case. It was simply the long-term 'opinion' of Jews living in London and New York City that determined the fate of Julius Streicher (and most of his co-defendants at Nuremberg).

Ironically, and despite reaching places as far away as Argentina, Brazil, the USA, and Canada, Der Stürmer's circulation never exceeded half million copies. So, it is difficult to believe it actually enjoyed the decisive influence 'Jews' claim it had.

As Julius Streicher mounted the gallow's platform he made a contemptuous reference to ancient 'Jewish' scripture, sneeringly he shouted, "Purim-Fest 1946!". He was hung until declared dead in the early hours of 16 October 1946.

If anyone knew when the festival of Purim was actually being held in 1946, it would be Streicher. Ten Germans hanged all in one day? That requires a huge logistical effort. And the number scheduled for hanging corresponds exactly to the number killed in the tale of Esther (at the end of the Purim story) when Haman and his ten sons are hanged at the request of the Persian Jewess, Esther. That makes 11. Eleven Germans were also scheduled for execution on that 16 October day, but Göring committed suicide just hours before the sentences began. Which is why we can only count 10 actual executions.

US Army Master Sergeant John C. Woods was in charge on that day, and he botched most of the executions because being relatively uneducated, he could only deploy the old (as opposed to the more scientific) method of hanging a man.

I wrote in an earlier comment on this page that there were several decapitations. Sorry, that was an inaccurate statement. There was indeed at least one decapitation. But the other botched hangings resulted in those executed not having their necks snapped. Instead they slowly chocked to death. At least one (the Commander of the German Armed Forces) was left to die slowly and agonizingly for about 40 minutes. It is my information that Streicher was left hanging for about 20 minutes until he asphyxiated. This is cruelty beyond measure. Master Sergeant John C. Woods should have been Court Marshalled.

The Wikipedia page for "Julius Streicher" cannot be trusted. It makes no mention of the macabre manner of his death, while attempting to paint Master Sergeant John C. Woods as a competent and honourable man. AP Readers should also note that Wikipedia's Julius Streicher page was last edited 11 March 2012 [QUOTE: This page was last modified on 11 March 2012 at 06:16].

Why would such a sensitive Wikipedia page need editing in 2012? Surely all the facts about Julius Streicher were established long ago? Under normal circumstances, any Wikipedia page of this nature should have been locked down ... perhaps by 2008 at the latest. So why the need for ongoing and "Zio-flattering" edits about the events surrounding Nuremberg?

You be the judge!

So, as I stated earlier. The Germans sentenced to death by the Nuremberg 'Judge' on October 1st 1946 were all deliberately hung within the Purim 1946 festival days (on the 16th) in exact accordance with the fate of Hamman and his 10 sons. Read the Jewish 'Bible' to get the complete analogy.

Anonymous said...

I AM Jewish and I am damn well sick and tired of you stupid people not being able to tell the difference between a REAL Jew and a Khazar!


Khazars are an Ayran racial tribe from the Caucasian area of Russia into rape,robbery,murder and everything the Ten Commandments forbids a real JEW to do, Actually, we have 613 Commandments. http://www.jewfaq.org/613.htm

Khazars have NO tradition of ever having been in Israel ever at any time.

The only reason they ever became Jews was Christians were fighting Muslims and the elites formally converted so they could sell weapons (and cheat) all sides.

If you hear anyone who claims to be a Jew referring to "The Tribe," they are probably a Khazar.

Rothschild and most of the international bankers are Khazars and NOT Jews!

Most Jews know better than to do business with a Khazar as they will yentz their own grandmother to make a dollar.

If you non-Jews are stupid enough to do business with tem, don't go coming to us Jews and start crying cause we warned you.

Hitler had a Khazar grandfather and most of his henchmen were Khazars as well as were Bush & Cheney advisers. Starting to see a pattern here yet, are we?

Real Jews have the mission of Tikkun Olam, making the world a BETTER place and wars and torture and killing babies in outside the mama and devastation and HAARP murder machines are NOT Jewish in anyway!!!!

You don't believe me? Look up Khazar/Khazania/Kazar on the Internet and prepared to get the FACTS!

Thank you.

P.S.The man that you call Jesus and revere as God: He was an observant JEW until He died.

Anonymous said...

My father and my uncle were descended from Ukrainian German-Jews and understood German well enough to be translators at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals.

My Dad said the Nazis were wondering why they were being sentenced to death for the same beliefs that most Americans had about "racially inferior people,life unworthy of life and useless eaters."

Maye the neocons wanted to get their hands on operational procedures done in the original Nazi death camps ( Inspired by Indian Reservations, by the way) so they can set up their own in FEMA camps and Death Panels, the better to depopulate us, control us and eventually kill us when we are too many or unable to serve anymore.

After Kennedy was killed, I watched this country start becoming more and more like Hitler's insane and violent fiefdom. Josef Stalin in Russia actually was born in what was once the land of the Khazars...

Anonymous said...

will obama face the same outrage as the evil twins?
he should. he's a war criminal, a triple murderer of americans - two of the number, teens.
he violates the sovereignty of countless lands and assassinates the citizens with impunity & apparent glee? remember the joke about droning the jonas brothers. obama is every bit as evil as his antecedents.
all should be in prison.

Anonymous said...

There are some valid comments from both sides of the aisle in this conversation. How about we come together to fix the problems instead of tearing each other down.

Tallahassee, FL

Anonymous said...

I notice Condie Rice has not yet been mentioned.
She, at least, has somewhere to flee to though: Australia, where her Aussie Defence Secretary (sorry, Minister) toy boy will no doubt keep her in the luxury she has become accustomed too and keep the female PM off her back. And his too.

lgrahame@verizon.net said...

Bush and Cheney should definitely be going before the Hague

Anonymous said...

911 war crimes

Anonymous said...

when will Saddam Bush1, Saddam Bush2, Cheney & Rice [along with the alphabet gangs] be charged under the Military Commission Act [ex-post facto] to their immunity clauses & tried for
Predatory Premeditated Preemptive Pathological Treason

Harrison Bounel said...

Bush just went overseas to S.Africa to a funeral. You must be full of shit. Have a nce day.

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