Wednesday, March 28, 2012

US Army Organ Donor Registry: The Pentagon's Recycling Program

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (Wiki image)
Reed Perry

I'd like to expand your understanding of how sick, how anti-human, and how deranged American war is with some of my discoveries regarding Army organ transplantation, widespread brain damage, and the tormented victims of war that no longer truly live, but suffer in medical suspension just above death.

You must already know that the Pentagon's "official" death lists, the KIA's, or combat deaths, are an utter fraud, as are civilian deaths. A fatality is not considered a "combat death" if the individual is injured in an attack and then dies from those same wounds a year later in a hospital. Car accidents, accidental explosions or falls that result in death (even when they occur in a war-zone, which is all the time) are not considered combat deaths. Death from a disease acquired in the war zone is not considered a "combat death." That includes cancer and chronic illness, which occurs much more frequently among "service-people," and is likely caused by the toxic environment of deployment.

What the rolls of the dead also do not include, are the many thousands who continue on, to some extent or another, with permanently impaired brain function. This could mean many physiological things, including loss of memory, PTSD, retardation, quadriplegia, or total coma. USA Today reports that over 360,000 veterans of the Iraq/Afghan Wars have traumatic brain injuries. (Source).

However, there is a huge variation in the impacts of brain damage, so it is almost impossible to fully quantify. For example, a great deal of "service-people" have had concussions, which almost everyone fully recovers from, and are even simulated in boot-camp.

In other cases, the cerebral matter is so necrotic, or so much is missing, that the patient may have a better outlook for survival by having some portion of their brain restored via transplantation. The only way to accomplish this is by reaping the "leftover" cerebrum of a dead man in the form of stems cells, cerebrospinal fluid, vascular structures, or other.

When someone "joins" any branch of the military, their body no longer belongs to them. New techniques and medical experiments are regularly tested on "service-people," and, should they die at some point while following orders, their remains may be used in whatever manner suits the government.

Frequently, the corpses of men are salvaged, their functional pieces re-used for living "service-people." Whether it be a kidney, a lump of skin, an eyeball, or any scrap that can be assimilated by a living amputee, the cadaver is recycled when possible. In other cases, the bodies are incinerated and dumped in a landfill (Source).

I found several cases of cerebral matter being transplanted into brain injury patients listed at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research website and their affiliates. It leads me to believe the practice is much more common than the public is aware.

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Anonymous said...

The Corrupt Corporate War Machine does not give a shit about the Men and Women who they send to fight their Illegal Drug Traffic, Resource Stealing, Depopulation, Regime Changing, Unjustly Wars. The only thing they care about is "PROFIT" and it would cost them a lot of money to actually treat these men and women. It took my Father over 30 years of dealing with the VA before he got the care he needed for injuries he received during Vietnam. I myself was in the Marine Corps and I have issues but there is just no where to go except paying for it out of pocket. If I had 1 wish it would be for all of these great men and women to just wake up and realize they are being lied to and they are not fighting for Patriotic reasons!!!

Anonymous said...

I just think the fact that we could do brain implants is awesome! Fuck the military industrial complex tho...

Anonymous said...

James, Thank you for the succinct report of a tragedy that must be vindicated. Has this Nation had enough lies? The truth is right in front of us...wake up, wake inside job?

Anonymous said...

Why is this news? Why should we feel at all sympathetic to any veteran who is foolish enough to go fight another man's war FOR him? Of course they have PTSD! Of course they have nightmares and can't sleep! Duh! What exactly did you think was going to happen? Didn't we go thru this after Vietnam, and now we are being asked to forget THAT fiasco, and focus all our attention on this one because, because, because. If y'all didn't learn from the last time, well then fuck you. That's tough shit. Why did you think that fighting another man's war FOR him, essentially being his punk, was going to turn out any different than the last time this happened?
Henry Kissinger once said that soldiers are nothing but stupid animals and pawns. Why do you rush to the bottom of the barrel trying to prove him right? And then turn around and expect people to hold your hand while you try and "deal" with the well-deserved effects on your cowardly psyches after raping and killing innocent people? Serves ya right, asswipes! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS, like day follows night. Sympathy? You get none from me. Fucking cowards.

Anonymous said...

That is what you call giving it your all. Though I must say it is a disgrace to our people to dispose of our dead in a landfill. Shame on my Army for letting that happen!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if one of these unfortunate brain dead soldiers "donated" a heart to Cheney?

Anonymous said...

These wars are a useless venture by Capitalist to pad their pockets with contracts and the Pentagon to prove their budget is worth it.

No one in their right mind would send a standing army to fight an idiot who straps a bomb on themselves. It's all about the money!

Sadly, the 1% of our population who joins the military are used as pawns. Citizens wave their child slave labor made flags from China shouting USA USA in a veiled attempt to appear proud of their country.

End these useless wars and bring our troops home NOW!

Anonymous said...

All crimes are for PROFIT - therefore, only a GIFT ECONOMY can save us - create FREE STUFF AND USE FREE STUFF - eliminate profit - plant free wiki-trees, free vegis... SHARE & GIFT - their profit based system will be destroyed - help spread the world - work only for free for your local community and create wealth / abundance to all 6 billion people

Anonymous said...

How many of these US soldier's organs are going to the elitist Israeli's, Saudi's, & Brits?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

what is wrong with such quick available transplantation to help those who can be helped, its the least the govt. can do for those damaged by its reckless adventurism, and without waiting time and so forth. Granted they don't give a shit that much about anyone, and often find ways to cheat service men and women of benefits and protections, and justice, but at least they do this one good thing and we are to trash them for it?

stacy said...

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