Friday, March 30, 2012

TSA continues to expand operations outside of airports with VIPR teams

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

Through so-called VIPR teams, meaning Visual Intermodal Protection and Response, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a child agency of the behemoth Department of Homeland Security (DHS), continues to expand beyond the confines of airports.

In my view, the DHS is just about one of the least trustworthy government agencies we are subjected to. After all, they have been busted lying bald-faced to Congress about their activities, while the TSA has also helped cover up the danger of the so-called naked body scanners.

Indeed, recently in Alton, Illinois, yet another instance of TSA goons operating outside of their traditional jurisdiction presented itself.

This is being done under the guise of fighting terrorism, the same justification we are fed in an attempt to explain why our government can assassinate us without charge or trial, hold us in military detention indefinitely without any due process whatsoever, prevent us from exercising our right to free speech and so much more.

Of course, this is nothing new and the TSA is actually continuing to expand even further onto highways and other methods of transportation.

In this case, the TSA’s VIPR team worked with the Alton Police Department at the local Amtrak station.

As per usual, there was no actual threat, but instead this federal agency saw a chance to flex their muscles and further push the integration of federal and local law enforcement.

“We refer to these as VIPR operations; that stands for visual intermodal protection and response,” TSA spokesman Jim Fotenos told The Telegraph. “It was not in response to a specific threat.”

Fotenos added that this operation is one of thousands which is conducted by the TSA across the United States every year, making them look more like Hitler’s SA by the day.

“They have multiple benefits,” he said. “It’s a visual deterrent and has security value. We’re working with local law enforcement and developing relationships, so that if there were an incident that we had to respond to, we have those relationships in advance.”

This blending of law enforcement agencies is quite troubling for many who value the separation of these bodies and the quickly withering state’s rights.

These TSA programs are just one of many ways in which this is done. One of the most prominent is the so-called fusion centers and a similarly troubling development is the Pentagon’s 1033 program which allows local law enforcement to acquire heavy-duty military hardware.

The TSA does not give any advance warning of where these operations will be conducted, supposedly for security reasons.

Fotenos said that this is not the first time that the TSA has conducted such an operation at the Alton Amtrak station.

Indeed, he said that they conducted one just around a year ago, which is a bit surprising given that Alton’s population in 2010 was a mere 27,865 and the city is only 16.6 square miles.

This city, located on the Mississippi River around 15 miles north of St. Louis, Missouri, is hardly a target which would attract terrorist activity.

But of course, such logical assessments are never made by federal agencies in their quest to expand their presence across the nation and into every town and city, making it impossible to escape their checkpoints and grope-downs.

“We’ve done [these operations] at Amtrak stations and multimodal operations throughout Illinois,” Fotenos added.

Interestingly, he would not be specific about the actual purpose of the operation.

He simply said that it was “passenger-based at the actual station,” which is quite ambiguous, to say the least.

“A good portion of that is done through the Alton Police Department and the use of their K-9 assets,” Fotenos said.

“The TSA also has inspectors on hand. The visual deterrent is important, and also conducting security operations. Our inspectors are looking for a number of things, and the police are looking for a number of things,” he added.

The Telegraph makes a point of saying that these operations have occurred for quite a while since the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Of course, they are attempting to link these types of operations to the alleged Saudi hijackers who took control of planes and somehow managed to fly out-of-the-way routes for an extended period of time without being intercepted, after which they crashed into buildings.

In reality, the official story is nothing short of farcical, as James Corbett so aptly makes clear in the video below. In order to understand how many holes there are in the official story, you might also want to take a glance at this 9/11 timeline.

Suffice to say, the TSA operating in train stations in a small Illinois town in coordination with Amtrak has absolutely nothing to do with what actually occurred on September 11, 2001.

Also worth noting is the fact that terrorism actually poses a ludicrously miniscule threat to the people of the United States, yet the government continues to pretend that it is some monolithic threat.

My readers are probably well aware of this by now, as well as how this is being used to justify the American police state and Big Brother technologies while constantly stripping away our most essential civil liberties.

Fotenos also revealed how these operations being conducted by the TSA are being done, in part, to acclimate the American people to these types of operations which would fit much better into a society like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. He also emphasized how the private sector has become one of the tyrannical federal government’s best tools.

“Amtrak has always been a great partner, and so has local law enforcement,” Fotenos said. “Many passengers, especially those who ride the rails a lot, are more accustomed to seeing our folks and the local law enforcement there.”

If the American people don’t start speaking out about the increasingly troubling activities of the TSA and other government agencies, we can expect to see these types of operations continue and increase in frequency as even more of our rights are stripped away.

Do your part by informing your friends, family and acquaintances about how terrorism is not a threat, but is instead an invention used to justify ludicrous attacks on our liberties.

Only by making more Americans aware of this reality can we begin to push back against the waves of disinformation constantly pumped out by the establishment media and our government.

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This article first appeared at End the Lie.

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Ancient Mariner said...

Tell the administration to withhold funding from TSA until they respect the Constitution and the public:

1. Remove and destroy all imaging machines that potentially can "see" under our clothing.
2. Cease and desist all invasive patdowns that involve touching genitalia unless there is probable cause to believe that the individual has committed a crime.
3. Cease immediately harassment of people who assert their constitutional rights during airport screening.

Anonymous said...

"Our inspectors are looking for a number of things, and the police are looking for a number of things,”---Like Ron Paul bumper stickers? Or NRA stickers? Or the "fish" sign on the trunk?

bccmee said...

I still can't understand why the mainstream media is not covering this story every day. The problem is ongoing. Even Anderson Cooper was molested at an airport and he's not pursuing this matter.

My theory is that the powers-that-be are forbidding it so as not to get on the wrong side of government regulations. Either that or those who make decisions are afraid they'll make things worse by calling attention to these matters.

apeman2502 said...

How long before these molester idiots find themselves naked and tied to telephone poles. Nobody would untie them. I am sure of that.
REMEMBER PLEASE, as long as the TSA and the DHS refuse to tell us who did 9-11-2001 and who is doing the HAARP weather attacks and earthquake generations, they are NOTHING but molesters.

Anonymous said...

Elementary my dear Watson. The object of Capitalism is to make money. And in 'terrorism' the Capitalist pigs have found themselves the perfect tool, one that keeps on giving. Just think, the War of Terrorism and Drugs have no enemy, they're being waged against something intangable and allow everyone to become the enemy and be exploited for the purpose of profit. Seriously, whoever came up with these ideas must have had their head explode. Single-handledly the most brilliant concept ever created by man. Take that Einstein!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting patiently for these nekidizer machines to be installed at the door to every public bathroom in town. And I feel sorry for anyone who is constipated at that point.

Anonymous said...

Put a fancy uniform on some fat out of shape useless slug and watch them go nuts with this new power. Now some fat little blubber ball with hardly a high school education can throw their weight around and molest people daily. Those type of uniforms belong only on highly trained individuals. A white shirt with black slacks and a patch to identify them is all they should need. Some are very good at this job. Others could not get a job with Wallmart

Save the Holy Headland said...

How can anyone take these fools seriously with their childishly ridiculous reliance on acronyms - ICE, VIPR, etc.. They create the department title to fit the acronym - will somebody please tell them they are the epitome of absurdity?

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