Friday, March 9, 2012

Pentagon already planning for strikes against Iran and Syria according to senior officials

Schwartz (credit: S. Vemmer/Times News Service)
Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer

According to senior Pentagon officials, American military forces are already planning for possible strikes against Iran and Syria utilizing both conventional weaponry and cyber warfare as the situation in both nations only seems to be getting worse by the day.

Lieutenant General Herbert Carlisle, deputy chief of staff for operations, plans and requirements with the U.S. Air Force informed a March 8 investors conference sponsored by McAleese and Associates and Credit Suisse that the Department of Defense is exploring their options for military actions.

Carlisle’s statement came on the heels of an interview with the U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta for the National Journal during which he confirmed that the Pentagon is indeed planning for strikes on Iran.

This also came in the wake of Panetta saying that he thinks that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should begin debating the issue of military intervention in Syria, although NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen claims that that discussion has not yet begun.

While Iran repeatedly denies any intent to develop nuclear weapons and Panetta himself has confirmed that they are not currently developing weapons on two separate occasions, the alleged developments in their program continues to give lawmakers and others the fuel they need to call for war.

In the case of Iran, Carlisle refused to provide specifics on their planning, citing limitations due to the classified nature of the subject.

“I won’t get into any details on that, obviously, because it’s ongoing operational planning,” he said, according to Defense News.

However, he did confirm that cyber warfare is an option that they are currently considering.

“There [are] … electronic warfare pieces. There are offensive cyber operations. There are defensive cyber operations. Without stepping over any line of classification, I would say again, everything is on the table. That could be a component,” he said.

Thankfully, it appears that these military officials are aware of the fact that invading Syria would be an entirely different beast than the Libyan operation.

“It requires thought and deliberations,” Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz said at the same conference. “A key challenge is that Syria is not Libya. Syria is a much more demanding air defense environment as a case in point and would require a level of effort far in excess of what we did in Libya.”

The country has a somewhat outdated Soviet-era surface-to-air missile system which would likely require the American military to utilize stealth aircraft like the B-2 bomber and F-22 fighter.

While the F-22 has yet to be used in a combat operation, the B-2 was used at the beginning of the bombing campaign in Libya as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In November of last year, it was reported that Russian ships entered Syrian waters, not only delivering advanced S-300 missile systems, but also the technical advisers who would assist in setting up the anti-aircraft missile array.

Israeli news sources called the S-300 one of the most powerful anti-aircraft missile systems available and it was also reported that Russia is installing advanced radar systems throughout Syria to complement the missile system.

In January of this year, Syrian media also reported that a Russian naval flotilla had arrived in the Syrian port city of Tartus in addition to another report in November of last year which said that Russian ships had entered Syrian territorial waters in order to prevent Western military intervention as the opposition called for a no-fly zone.

Both Russia and China have been some of the strongest opponents of military action in Syria, with China even setting forth a diplomatic plan, which of course the West is completely uninterested in.

Carlisle said that the Department of Defense is already engaging in efforts to prepare for intervention in Syria but claimed that it was not unusual for them to do such a thing.

“In standard military fashion, we plan,” he said. “That’s what we do. So we’ll think about everything and every eventuality. We’ll think about what would be required of us and how we would accomplish it.”

If the reports I have been covering for so long are accurate, they have been planning for intervention in Syria for much longer than they are making out.

At this stage all we can do is hope that the plans to attack both Iran and Syria will never materialize. If anything is certain, it is that both events would be disastrous for everyone involved and both have the unfortunate possibility of starting a much larger and deadlier regional – perhaps even global – conflict.

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Unknown said...

the war/weapon production has to run - 24/7/365 - if not USA is dead within month!

Anonymous said...

general hairpiece.

Anonymous said...

war mongering septic tanks I fucking hate them

Anonymous said...

Israhell is always agitating trouble. They have illegal nuclear weapons. The WARMONGERS think they should have them and no one else should.

Anonymous said...

Mossad and the CIA are a bunch of Criminals I can't understand how yet again they use the same lies to condition the sheeple

mythoughtsalone said...

CIA has done this propaganda lying shit in the past, google Operation Ajax era 1953 against Iran.. We can then see how they have been working against all the countries in the middle East and Getting away with it because we the poeple and bloody short memories.Not only does Operation Ajax shock you but it is a perfect mirror of what is happening NOW

indiansays said...

The NATO Gangsters are spreading terrorism themselves in the hearts of all these innocent people and think that they're doing something really cool.The GANDU OBAMA can do something to put a stop to them but he is too scared for his life.Remember 'the oath at the alter',well he knows rubbish about doing justice and this goes to the rest of the Butt Kissers who call themselves world leaders.Its because of these people a loaf of bread costs $7.00\ and the price of gas will never fall so why the #@&^ do people want to support them.These people are just as good as them and equally guilty.

indiansays said...

These NATO gangsters=world leaders will never be able to do anything good for the world.Even under them a loaf bread costs $7.00.But such is not the case in Iran or was in Libya and the RUBBISH MEDIA isn't showing anything else about Libya.Good for these NATO countries citizens because wherever they go now they will be seen as BABY KILLERS,OIL THIEVES,GOLD THIEVES,MURDERERS and the many other pleasant names and thanks to their leaders they will never see the price of gas ever go down either but will keep supporting their racist leaders.
Their is no difference in the cost of living so why these losers want to do these things and make life miserable for the normal people with normal psyche.Our generation will not gain anything from wars but will loss their reputation due time as it had once happened in Africa and many efforts were made to diminish or altogether eradicate this tarnished reputation and make it good.Remember the bible does not teach this.
Talking about the bible,Why did Jesus leave?He left without finishing a job he was supposed to do because the people killed him meaning that GOD WAS DEFEATED according to the bible and that is why mainly christians are doing all these sinful things according to the bible.They don't care because they know the truth.But for me being cool in all essences is what my 'ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD ' teaches because this is what makes a human a human and not what your leaders are doing giving fancy speeches and all the rest of the Big BS because for them its all business and for us a matter of happy life and that of our children too.How will people educate their children when even the cost of education is so high and beyond the peoples extent.This all thanks to the world leaders of today unlike 'Gadhaffi' who was educating Libyans for free.This GANDOO OBAMA can't do anything like this but only kiss the asses of these Prep-H rubbing,stinky butt old-fashioned,instigating,world leader wanna bees.What a Joke on the Face Of Our Beautiful Planet.Middle Eastern People are humans too but they are treated like anmals and this is a very strong Jewish Loser Mentality...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Congress will have anything to say about this?

Anonymous said...

Nope, they'll just give it 29 standing ovations and cheer.
The only thing amerika does now is make war.
Isn't fascism wonderful.

Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz said...

What a neat way to steal another country's oil and territorial riches!

Anonymous said...

General Schwartz is a jew and a zionist.

Anonymous said...

Schwartz looks like a reptile wearing a mask...
our tax money lavishly supports killers like him while poor old women here in the U.S. get $400/month social security checks.
Time for change.

Anonymous said...

With the end of cold war , you see the lone supposedly "super power" is going round attacking small weak countries who cannot defend themselves.

Such evil regimes is now controlling the world and we know how many countries around the world are fearful of them ... 137 !! as you can see the UN vote on Syria.

We really look forward to the days of the cold war where perhaps the BRIC countries with Iran can form an alliance to counter balance the bullies.

Now you read these guys are talking about attacking others as though they have the RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That photo of Schwartz looks a really bad toupee - or possibly roadkill - on top of a cadaver!

As on the outside, so on the inside.

- Frankie

Anonymous said...

General Spock.

Anonymous said...

In Lybia they destroyed the secular government and allowed to reign the religious fanatics.

Mayor of NYC USA said...

Top 10 Reasons to Attack Iran Now:

10) With Bankster’s interest rates at an all time low, what better time to finance a new war.
9) The US military needs to keep America’s youth gainfully employed since it outsourced all its manufacturing jobs to China and India.
8) Iran has blocked the sale of authentic Persian rugs as a result cheap Chinese counterfeits have flooded and undervalued the markets.
7) The USA must find a safe place to dispose of 100,000 old DU and chemical weapon shells since Iraq has stored all they could.
6) The Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake disaster has proved that nuclear energy is totally unsafe, so the West cannot allow another Fukushima!
5) The West must not postpone the inevitable since the road to hell is short.
4) The Iranians did 911 it wasn’t Moammar Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, or 19 Saudis!
3) Israel is in dire need of Iranian missiles to help it clear the West Bank and Gaza for future settlements.
2) The Almighty Yahweh ordained it He's tired of playing second fiddle to Allah.
1) And if the USA waits till November and Ron Paul wins he might not let the US do it.

Anonymous said...

Same pack of uninformed cretins talking shit, Anonymous do us all a favor and move to Iran. Any of you have any concrete evidence that Israel is somehow interfering in your everyday Life? Shut your bank account down, murdered your family, c'mon one of you has to have something. Russia, China, Syria, Iran and North Korea are the REAL GLOBAL ASSHOLES, not the United States or Israel. How many of you are living in the afirementioned countries? Oh they do not allow you to post your bullshit there I forgot. You can always thank the US military for the use of their Internet technology because it damn sure was not invented in Iran. Instead of enjoying the freedoms and privileges afforded by your democratic governments you slander and vilify the very people who defend your right to do so everyday. Please, all of you move to Iran or Syria we could do without your whimpering and insane theories and conjecture. Israel has every right to defend herself and have held back their military because COWARDS like Hezbollah and hamas use civilian shields like only an Arab scumbag with a yellow streak a mile wide would. They cannot face the IDF on equal terms because they already tried that and got their asses handed to them on 6 occasions. Israel is not your enemy, your religious insanity and hatred do that for you. Christians, what a crock of shit. Man made fairy tales that require one absolute ingredient, so not think. All of you are so full of religious hatred that you will never enjoy Life for what it is meant to be, the Atheist has no such hindrance. Iran wants a nuclear bomb if you cannot see that well too bad and anyone here defending those assholes, the Revolutionary Guard would love to stomp your stupid skull in and show you some Sharia love. Enjoy your US Army Internet chumps, too bad it cannot be used to ship all of you to Iran.

Anonymous said...

Merely to threaten another country with war is totally illegal under U.N.laws.all it would take is a legal challenge from the U.N. to stop all this warmongering talk from western countries and arrest those who are formenting war talk and threats,i would love to see obama ,bibi,blair bush chaney rice and a quite a few others sitting on death row or in guatanamo for life in a small cage.

wage slave said...

It's their job to plan these things, so America can shoot itself in the foot. Again.

Anonymous said...

I think while the demigods from hell are pretending to impeach Obama they will strike Iran and put another sockpuppet in place -- the USS Enterprise is heading across the ocean according to so everyone boycott all American and Canadian products and services, sell them nothing and buy nothing from them. Starve the beasts.

Anonymous said...

Is not going to happen,if Amerika will attack Iran-Syria,,Russia is going to burn this Godless country call Amerika.
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Anonymous said...

Please don't bomb anyone! Send our troops home! All of them now!

Anonymous said...

not without this lead for leader-election and support..

agree is not rare that it is about to network locality

Anonymous said...

Why is a American General speaking to investors at a conference sponsored by a bank?

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