Monday, March 5, 2012

Experts Reveal Unnecessary Cancer Treatments Accelerating Death

Andre Evans
Activist Post

According to a recent study, conventional cancer treatments are on the rise, and many experts are now revealing that the increase is without a reasonable cause. The study suggests that those with lower risk of cancer diagnoses and those expected not to live longer than 10 years (seniors from 80-90 years old) are more apt to receive treatment for cancer despite the fact that it would likely do them more harm than good. 

There is a stigma that follows cancer wherever it goes. Survivors are often heralded as being ‘extremely lucky’ or ‘exceptional cases’ due to the level of fear people have for cancer and the lack of knowledge from the general public in dealing with that fear.

Cancer has become increasingly more common, and people think it’s a death knell to receive a cancer diagnosis. Such a verdict often sends the average person into a panic that gives them frightening uncertainty of their own future. In the midst of this fear, the average person will defer to leave the fate of their lives in the hands of a ‘qualified medical professional.’ Given the less than effective practices of western medicine, putting faith in such professionals is often a grave mistake.

The conventional cancer treatments are radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments are notorious for causing heavy damage to the human body, insomuch that they often can kill the patient, or leave them in a worse state than they were in beforehand. Additionally, chemotherapy has been shown to negatively impact DNA extending to offspring.

Though chemotherapy is able to destroy the cancer, it does not address the root cause of the cancer, nor does it offer a favorable chance of recovery.

Many doctors themselves state that they would not receive conventional cancer treatment if they had cancer. Their decision to refuse mainstream cancer treatments likely has to do with cancer drugs being found to have been found to actually make cancer worse and kill patients more quickly. And yet when individuals first hear that they have cancer, they hastily accept the treatment assuming that it is the only hope for survival.

Why are millions of dollars spent and donated to cancer research while the same dangerous treatments are pushed so heavily today? Is the medical establishment truly trying to make a breakthrough in cancer treatment, or is that not the sought-after goal whatsoever?

Are these people too afraid to make a change or address the root cause of cancer? Some suggest that cancer is a deficiency disease like many others, and can be cured with alternative treatments like laetrile or turmeric, which have much higher success rates than conventional therapy. In fact, turmeric has been shown to decrease cancerous brain tumor size by 81 percent in more than 9 studies.

The conventional diet of the American citizen today is unbalanced, and consists of dangerous chemical additives, genetically modified foods (shown to cause cancer), gross amounts of sugar (which cancer cells use as fuel), and no nutritional intake whatsoever.

Along with these causes, there are numbers of X-factors bred from the average lifestyle like radiation, a lack of exercise, unhealthy habits like smoking or alcohol abuse, lack of sleep and especially high stress levels that all contribute to causing cancer today.

Unless the individual is conscious of this and attempts to remedy it, the body will quickly fall victim to cancers and the many diseases that also plague society today. The stigma surrounding cancer is caused by the cancer industry itself. Creating the image of an unbeatable disease, expensive and destructive drugs are pushed as the only solution, when many alternatives exist.

Ultimately, it is the individual’s personal obligation and duty to search for alternative treatments and discover how to truly avoid illness and disease, as opposed to simply accepting the ‘professional method’ which has been proven to be lethal.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe not having health insurance is a good thing. Keeps these greedy, preditor doctors away from you.

Forex Tips and Strategies said...

Mainstream medicine is only good at one thing, fixing trauma. Other than that they are useless. Stick to fixing broken bones.

Anonymous said...

Cancer have for the most part not changed at all. To say that "Cancer has become increasingly more common" is just not true.

RiverQueen18 said...

My daughter came down with lung cancer 6 months ago, she immediately went to a Doctor who operated, cut the Cancerous lobe out and sent her for chemotherapy, I tried to talk her into going to Cancer centers of America, they have a cancer cure there using an over the counter drug plus the tumeric, she didnt' talk to me anymore, she just started talking to me now , her husband has also come down with cancer, testicular cancer, and even though I sent him all the things he could get at these two hospitals he ignored it and went to the same Doctor my daughter went to, he never even mentioned the Hospitals i told him to go to . My other daughter said well if its so good why isn't everyone being cured, why is everyone still getting radiation? no one should be dying of cancer then, blah blah, so I do not recommend anything anymore, the Doctors certainly won't recommend anything that is going to lose money for them, chemo is expensive, I just dont; understand why people think I am crazy and are willing to risk their life instead of giving these cures a try. I just don't get it. They have a 12 year old daughter, that would be my major concern.

Ed Lewis - WhenInjusticeTakesHold said...

To RiverQueen18 -

How right you are. I have a younger brother (age 63) that was diagnosed with lung cancer. Immediately, he was scared into surgery. Not only did the doctor cut out part of his lung, the doctor said he saw a cancer cell in my brother's lymph noses so he remove the lymph nodes under my brother's right arm. Of course, the doctor lied and he also removed part of the system designed to fight cancerous cells, and to manufacture the lymphocytes necessary to fight infections.

The doctor said he "got it all". And, yet, then started my brother on chemotherapy - third round coming up. Thus, as near as I can determine, the doctor's intent is to assure he and the pharmaceuticals/hospitals get all the money they can from my brother's condition.

Never are cancer patients fully informed, nor are they made aware of over 200 natural cures, and are prohibited if they do know, but may only presecribe cutting, poisoning, and burning, all of which increase cancer type cells and;or the spread. Symptoms are treated, while the real cause is ignored, and the ease of curing cancer (many natural cures known for the past six or more decades).

After hundreds of hours of research into this matter so that I could write a series of articles on pharma and its control, and the cancer industry as a whole, coupled with the fraud and deceit agency (the F.D.A.) and the fact that doemstic terrorism is used to enforce the scam of the F.D.A., it is time that any doctor that does not fully disclose the facts about cancer and employs methods that harm rather than cure, should be tried and convicted, along with all people involved in the scam.

For example, in 1992, congress - cads and felons they are - passed the "Prescription Drug User Fee Act", through which drug companies pay the F.D.A. to approve drugs in essence. Besides billions in campaign contributions in the past few decades, drug companies now pay about half of the F.D.A.'s budget of 400 million a year.

While approving toxic substances, it also denies the people the full knowledge of natural substances and outlaws natural cures, such as Indica hemp buds and flowers (100 percent cure rate and preventative). Thus, the part of the real reason Marijuana is forcibly taken from the people. It is one of the oldest medicines known that cures every condition it seems, and has been used medicinally for 5,000 years. Up until the late 30as, it comprised 50 percent of the medicine in America. Why was it made illegal? The drug companies that used it in making their medicines could not patent it, as natural plant substances cannot be patented.
Thus, they simply bought Congress and made it so highly taxed that farmers had to quit growing Sativa hemp, which competes in all categories against the petroleum industry, including fuel and plastics, fabrics (including fine linens and against lesser quality clothing made of cotton), and some other 25,000 other products, including wood replacement and paper.

Of the latter, one acre of hemp replaces 12 acres of trees used for paper, while one acre of hemp also replaces 3 to 4 acres of trees used to make boards.

Every cancer patient produces on the average a 1.5 million dollar profit for the medical and pharma industries.

I could go on and on but I fear this will be censored, anyway.

But, if anyone wants a list of sources and the articles I have finished so far, e-mail me at: - the WITH stands for When Injustice Takes Hold and has it ever.

ed lewis

PS I might add that every chronic condition known can be cured virtually freely and without effects that damage by natural cures. Doctors and pharma would be out of business, except in trauma cases, if the truth were known.

Anonymous said...

Establishment cancer treatments are a form of torture. They are cruel, for they give false hope as well as pain. In German New medicine there is an answer to cancer that does not involve putting toxic chemicals directly into our veins, or burning radiation on to our skin, or cutting out our immune system organs. If we think trephining was obscene in the middle ages, then we really need to look closely at general cancer treatments and lock up those who condone them for assault. The research is clear, and the evidence is clear....these treatments shorten the lifespan. I work in the NHS and a blind man can see the results of these treatments are poor at best. How insulting it was of a medical friend of mine to suggest that people wanted to believe they work, and thats why he gives them treatment, even though he agreed with me that they don't work, never thought of suggesting this to them. I say tell them they can live a bit longer and save the NHS some money by foregoing these tortures. Lets die in dignity. An acquaintance of mine had a lump on her vagina, they cut it, then it grew back, only bigger, they cut it again, but it just kept growing back, only bigger and more grotesque. She finally died in agony and heartache. I know someone else who rubbed thuja oil on it and it disappeared. She made very little of it. What if she had got a biopsy? I read a book by an American physician who was succesfully treating cancer at the turn of the century (1900) and thuja was one of many treatments he used. He said that cutting induces growth. We only need to observe for ourselves. These quacks do not like people challenging the drug and cut brigade and try to discredit and ban those who are getting results from other methods. I say, it's my body, therefore my choice, and I don't appreciate brainwashing by media (like a form of NLP or mass hypnosis)

Antic_Hero said...

I really wana thank you for providing such informative and qualitative material so often.

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