Friday, March 16, 2012

Don’t want to be groped by the TSA or go through a body scanner? Just pay $100!

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The Sturmabteilung-like Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which is run by the atrocious Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is arguably one of the single most destructive plagues on America.

With their thoroughly reprehensible “grope-down” procedure, not to mention reportedly strip searching multiple elderly women, harassment of elderly terminal cancer patients and the severely mentally challenged, and the potentially dangerous and ludicrously costly naked body scanners (which can be circumvented with shocking ease), the TSA has become a bit of a joke in the United States.

Not to be outdone, they have now introduced a program which allows travelers to pay $100 to take part in a program where they are able to skip the degrading, dehumanizing procedures the rest of us are subjected to every time we’re unfortunate enough to travel by plane.

“It’s pay to play,” aviation analyst Michael Boyd said on MSNBC. “I don’t know how much it is going to do for security, but is a one time fee as far as I know.”

The fact that you only have to pay once has nothing to do with the absurdity of forcing people to be either groped by a TSA goon, blasted by potentially dangerous naked body scanners, or now, pay $100 to travel with dignity.

As of now, selected frequent flyers and “Trusted Travelers” as defined by Customs and Border Protection (another DHS agency) are the only people who are able to participate in the new “PreCheck” program.

Those who are accepted into the program and pay the fee are allowed to keep their shoes on along with their belts and jackets – something which us average individuals could never imagine – as they stroll through a metal detector, without any groping or naked body scanning.

These special individuals are even allowed to keep their laptops and the oh-so-dangerous liquids in their carry on baggage.

So far, almost 100,000 people on American Airlines alone have signed up for the TSA’s program, which translates to a whopping $10,000,000 in fees will be gathered just from passengers of this single airline.

The notion of allowing people to pay to get out of the insanely invasive TSA screening procedures is nothing short of laughable, but not much else can be expected from an agency like the TSA at this point.

They likely realize that this could leave massive security holes but since they also realize that there is, in fact, no terrorist threat facing the United States, making such security lapses are irrelevant.

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Anonymous said...

wow, some might even call this extortion

Anonymous said...

Uh, $100 x 100,000 is $10,000,000, not $1,000,000,

Anonymous said...

Rent your rights. BTW, the TSA has its own pay-to-play and also recognized private companies' paid clearances, including one with Chertoff on its board. Makes a total joke of the whole think, as if terrists couldn't afford this. It just gets the business class off their backs so they can treat the peasants even worse.

Anonymous said...

TRUSTED TRAVELERS and eligible for this $100/PRESCREEN!
Listen up Pistole!

Anonymous said...

There is NO "war on terror" If there were, the Cowards of Congress would seal the mexican border like a drum. Remember how Congress COWERED in their secret bunkers (that YOU don't have) until well into the evening of 9/11.
The only "war" is on Your RIGHTS, not Terror. Remember the Jan. 2005 PANIC due to a rumor that Chinese with a NUKE had crossed the Mexican border and were headed to blow up Boston. The border is STILL wide open ...... so like .... they care about airplanes but NOT about whole cities being NUKED?!
Above is a transcript from March 2nd 2009 (rerun on June 21) 60 MINUTES. In brief, the Government acknowledges that it has no control of the border. TONS of drugs and Millions of ILLEGALS enter this country. TONS of cash and TONS of weapons leave this country. They have no way of knowing how many "TERRORISTS" have crossed (IF there IS such a creature)
TWO things were of major interest:
(1) The Department of Homoland STUPIDITY acknowledges they have no control - therefore, HOW are they going to protect YOU from TERRORISTS, if they cannot stop gangbangers, YARD WORKERS, NANNIES, COOKS from strolling across.
(2) The "head" of the Department of Homoland STUPIDITY (and others) tries to blame your RIGHT to keep and bear ARMS for the weapons going south. The only trouble is ........ they showed and talked of MISSILES, HAND GRENADES, BELT FED MACHINES GUNS. Those are weapons STOLEN FROM THE AMERICAN MILITARY. They are not coming from the SEMI-auto Civilian world! They are direct from your Military's ARMORIES. Not only can your Government NOT PROTECT the borders .... and YOU. The Government CANNOT HANG ON TO IT'S OWN WEAPONS!!!
OH--- operation "Fast and Furious" ----- your Government is GIVING guns to NARCOTERRORISTS......

Anonymous said...

We're officially a third world country.

Anglo Saxon said...

@ Madison Ruppert

I generally respect your writings, and have been a regular reader of your contributions for a long time. In this article I fully recognize and respect all that you are seeking to say. But please, can you cure yourself of the "Alex Jones' disease" and stop comparing America's (Bolshevik) plight only to what you imagine went on in Germany between 1933 and 1945.

You open your essay with this paragraph:

QUOTE>>The Sturmabteilung-like Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which is run by the atrocious Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is arguably one of the single most destructive plagues on America.<<UNQUOTE.

So immediately, by throwing out "Sturmabteilung" you are inviting your readers to instantly interpret all that is wrong with America today as simply a repeat of Germany under the NSDAP. Surely this is totally inaccurate?

Making constant reference to so-called 'Nazi' Germany is not only scurrilous, it is Communist-Friendly and also (indirectly) Jew-sympathetic propaganda.

I know it has become highly fashionable in America to label just about everything that is negative, obnoxious, and totalitarian with the silly (Jew-invented) word "Nazi" ... but that does not make the practise acceptable, especially in respected online journals such as Activist Post.

Why don't you get into the healthy habit of making accurate comparisons between the TSA/Homeland Security and the Bolshevik administrations following the 1917 Revolution in Russia? The language may be something you are not used to, but I can assure you, there are far closer correlations to be found in that phase of Russia's history, known as the Soviet suppression, than will ever be found in Germany's history under Adolf Hitler. Perhaps you can take a closer look at the Cheka security organs and the remit of the NKVD?

I am well aware that the manly German language has a habit of making mortally feminized American males quiver. And the word "Sturmabteilung" does sound inherently aggressive ... largely on account of our negative social conditioning. But, as I know you do respect accuracy and truth, then I shall expect you will in future take time to study the internal Bolshevik and Soviet apparatuses, set up between say 1918 and 1950, in order to make proper and appropriate correlations in your future writings.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Simply stated; "government" has always been about stripping you from your money. AND if you don't have -any- money [or are very good at hiding it from government] you can be elegible for food stamps, or whatever else they're calling 'handouts' these days. But I digress... as for the TSA extorting $100 from the flying public I say keep your money in your pocket and buy some good weed instead.

That is all.

Illuminati Agenda said...

Oh surprise surprise, easy money when your 'business' is backed by some phony illuminati freedom restricting 'legislation'.

Anonymous said...

One day, you will all learn that this thing that you call 'government' is really organized crime and most likely always has been. Is the $100 extortion? You bet it is! Extortion is defined as the obtaining of a person's property, or signature, under threat or color of official right. This applies to driver's licenses, fishing licenses, hunting licenses, etc.

People do not seem to understand that the 'government' is limited by the constitution to regulating commerce. If you are not doing it commercially you are not a driver, hunter, fisherman, etc. Extortion is the best thing that 'government' does. Extortion is a crime. Criminals cannot represent government.

Your 'right' to liberty cannot be given up, i.e. taxed. It is inalienable.
The biggest threat to your life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is 'government'.

I speak from experience having had the 'government' repeatedly threaten to kill me and my family and repeatedly steal my property. When I sought the help of lawyers in this matter they all declined, except one who took me for everything he could and did nothing to help me get any justice at all.

Wake up people and see who the real 'terrorists' are.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love it. If you pay 100 bucks that means you ain't a "terrorist" - In case there were any doubts as to what this entire fearmongering charade is all about. Since day 1, it was obvious that it was about control and subduing the populace. Finally, Amerika is on its knees and going baaa baaa baaa...

Anonymous said...

In the end, it's always about money and privilege. Those who are "approved" can attain a new sub-class for themselves along with the disdain of other fellow travelers. I would like to congratulate the TSA in its' effort to create yet more division amongst the general public. With reference to a previous comment with regard to regulating commerce. You are considered commerce and subject to regulation according to the government but that's another story waiting to be written.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had heard it this. 'Rent-A-Right'...I will say this to summarize this fiasco that has befell our beloved government and accompanying bureaucracy...Be carefull what you ask for, and be carefull which toes you step on, on the way up...they will attached to the ass you gotta kiss on your way down.. and rest assured, your little party is gonna go bust before this clusterfuck is over with.

Anonymous said...

@Anglo Saxon

you're just a nazi in a suit. stfu scumbag.

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