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Cancer Causing Chemicals Contaminating Water Supply Through Fracking

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Mike Barrett
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Fracking has been known to be cause environmental and health damage. Doctors have begun warning the United States government along with gas and oil producers of the dangers revolving around fracking, with many on a quest to end fracking completely.

Fracking, or the act of pumping water and chemicals underground in order to facilitate the flow of oil or gas, is resulting in contaminated and polluted groundwater. Environmentalists and activists alike have long been trying to force oil and gas companies to disclose which chemicals are being used for their drilling and fracking process, but efforts have been less than successful. A 2011 congressional report states that many of the chemicals being used in the fracking process do pose a health risk, and so individuals should know exactly what chemicals are being used. Another report released by the Food & Water Watch states that the process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is to become a global and environmental health threat.

Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch, states:
“Fracking is a dangerous American export that should be viewed critically by countries just starting to engage in the practice. Modern drilling and fracking have caused widespread environmental and public health problems, as well as posed serious, long-term risks to vital water resources…while the oil and gas industry is profiting off of this technology, it has been a disaster for Americans exposed to its pollution.”

Although the full list of ingredients used in fracking is not known, we do have a partial list. Here are some of the known ingredients and chemicals used in the fracking process:
  • Water – Said to make up approximately 99 percent of fracking fluid.
  • Methanol – A chemical used in antifreeze, pain solvent, and vehicle fluid, methanol can cause headaches, fatigue, eye irritation and can be fatal at high doses. Swallowing methanol could cause eye damage or even death.
  • Crystalline silica – A known carcinogen, crystalline silica is harmful when inhaled over a long period of time, leading to silicosis or cancer. It can be found in concrete, brick mortar, and construction sands.
  • Naphthalene – Naphthalene is found in mothballs, can cause respiratory tract irritation, nausea, vomiting, fever, death, and is carcinogenic.
  • Diesel – Another carcinogen, diesel is known to cause redness, burning, severe skin damage, and cancer.
  • Formaldehyde – Ingesting one ounce of formaldehyde can cause death, while exposure over time can cause lung damage, nervous system disorders, and reproductive problems in women. The chemical is also a carcinogen.
  • Lead – Previously found in 500 popular lipsticks, and known to contaminate the water supply, lead is a carcinogenic heavy metal found in paint and building construction materials. It leads to nervous system damage, fertility problems, and brain disorders.
  • Sulfuric acid – Found in lead-acid batteries for cars, sulfuric acid is corrosive to all body tissues. At a lethal dose of between 1 teaspoonful and 1.5 ounce, it is classified as a probable carcinogen.
Many more chemicals can be found in the fracking process such as fuel oil #2, kerosene, hydrofluoric acid, and boric acid. With mainstream doctors, the EPA, and countless activists around the nation protesting the health-threatening nature of hydraulic fracking, isn’t it time that an independent investigation was conducted?

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Anonymous said...

I live in Calgary, Alberta. An American Company is set to place oil wells and frack a deep formation at the top of a hill draining across the City to the Bow River beginning this June. This is high risk to contaminate the upper bedrock aquifer, private water wells, the Bow River and the City's drinking water via the Bow River intake. This appears to be a precedent and just the beginning of urban fracking in Alberta and Canada.

Anonymous said...

Just a little logic will help here. Fracking is performed on petroleum/hydrocarbon-bearing sand or rock formations. Ground water is not pumped for consumption or agricultural use from formations that contain oil and/or gas. Generally, oil and gas come from significantly deeper formations than ground water. I wouldn't expect to find fracking ingredients in ground water. But even if ground water was contaminated by fracking, lab analysis would show the chemical trail that could tie it to fracking. So far, no smoking gun. No evidence, no link, no problem. If the environmentalists don't have any forensic evidence, then they and their rants must be ignored.

Anonymous said...

The aquifer is the well documented Porcupine Hills Bedrock Formation which is about 1000 m thick. It produces 1 to 25 gallons per minute per foot drawdown mainly in high yield sandstone and siltstone joints. Underlying the aquifer is a different oil producing formation which includes H2S. The wells will be straddling the Bow River and the West Nose Creek watershed. The hydraulic gradient to the Bow River is 3%. Any release into the upper aquifer during drilling and fracking or as a result of the high fracing pressures into the upper bedrock will contaminate this aquifer and drain to the river or creek. It happens because of the influence of the petroleum industry. People frack to produce otherwise uneconomical formations. They also contaminate upper aquifers and get away with it through undue influence with regulators and politics. There are numerous examples of contaminated groundwater from fracking just look at Rosebud Alberta and a hundred others.

Anonymous said...

Check out the documentary Gasland on Youtube. They get away with contaminating groundwater. I do not know of any crime greater. They should be in jail. Politicians, regulators, consultants and oil companies- everyone who has allowed this to happen.

Anonymous said...

For "just a little logic" True it is alot deeper. BUT do your homework,there is evidence to show that this process HAS contaminated groundwater. Also the B.T.E.X. and other TOXIC mess that fills the air constantly,that is killing us. You ask how we know this. We live next to one of these TOXIC GREED SITES......

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