Friday, March 30, 2012

Amalgam Fillings Leach Mercury Vapor Into The Brain

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Why is it that what one government department considers an environmental travesty, another department deems completely safe for the human body? Simple answer: semantics.

A tiny amount of mercury can contaminate a lake and, according to the EPA, cause damage to plumbing pipes and sewage treatment plants.

It causes serious organ damage to the unborn, infants and children. But, when called amalgam fillings, it is approved by the FDA, EPA and national dental organizations as safe even when mercury shows up in the urine of children.

The video below shows the conflicting messages about the real danger of mercury leaching. Watch startling footage of where the mercury goes when an amalgam filling is rubbed with an eraser. Or heated to 110 degrees -- the average temperature of coffee and tea. What about teeth grinding, drilling, and gum chewing?

Video shows mercury gas-off from the slightest amount of friction or heat:

More dentists are taking a holistic approach toward their patients instead of denying their legitimate fears about mercury. They know that toxic metals leach and the body's filtering system will naturally try to rid the poison.

If you need dental work or wish to have your fillings removed please look into the following alternative organizations for starters to find mercury-free practitioners in your area:

Holistic Dental Association
Mercury Free Now
International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine

For more information about mercury fillings and nutritional dental health try Campaign for Mercury Free Dentistry and Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel challenges current dental practices and teaches dental healing through nutrition.

Have you ever had your amalgam fillings removed? What were the results? Please leave your comments below.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard about this and thank goodness you are doing the research. We cannot take anything for granted anymore.

I have a big concern about metal dental implants. I have two of them and feel fatigued. It is a big deal to have them removed.

You're told vague stuff when you have it done like, "that if your body rejects them, they can take them out but it's rare for the body to reject them".

Do you know anything about titanium material? I hope i am wrong. My body does not like the feeling of this foreign object deep in my gums. I am thinking of removing them.

I hope you look into this as well. I feel for someone who has a whole mouthful of these things.

Anonymous said...

I had my amalgam fillings removed and feel human again

Heather Callaghan said...

First anonymous - We included the list of holistic practitioners to make it easier to have them removed by dentists who understand.

Everyone I've ever talked to who has had this done feel great for the first time in years. You know when a natural doctor tells you not to do a detox if you have fillings that the heavy metals are definitely leaching and the body is trying to get it out. We hope the websites listed give you the info you need.

Good luck! Peace,

Anonymous said...

Dr. Hal Huggins of Colorado Springs removed my amalgam fillings way back in the 1980's when I was in my 30's, and many of my complaints disappeared. I opted to have them removed after watching a film he'd made documenting the complete "cure" a young girl who endured palsy-like siezures after receiving a mouth full of fillings. Once removed by Dr. Huggins, she returned to normal. He was one of the very first dentists to sound the alarm after having verified his findings by his own research. What happened to him? The ADA took his his license to practice dentistry and labeled him a "quack". Google his name right now, and to this day, their label remains attached to this wonderful doctor. He is truly a hero who deserves to have his reputation restored as well as his license (he probably has more important things to do than removing fillings now), and he deserves an apology from the ADA! Sue Anderson

LadyRavenhaire said...

Titantium implants are coated with calcium hydroxy apetate, because titanium is a poisonous metal. The problem is the coating can wear off. When titanium first came out to replace surgical steel, the jersey city medical center placed titanium plates for nearly 2 years in people with broken jaws, before realizing how deadly it was. Many patients came down with jaw cancer or lymphoma. I know several people who came down with cancer& were cured just by having the plates removed. This is how I found out how deadly titanium is. e

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Americans... Between the mercury and the fluoride sipping into their brains, they don't have a chance. And this does explain it all, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Had fluoride in the water till I was 16, but the 24 mercury filling from age 7 was the worse, destroyed my emotional life, had them removed at 50, and slowly my health returns but lost is the time and opportunities of youth. My eyesight went bad at age 9, mood swings, bleeding, all the usual symptons, now I am free for the most part of the this nightmare. do not get titanium,

Anonymous said...

I had all my amalgam removed in fillings, but I still wonder about the fillings under my crowns. I guess at least it is sealed in and will have less chance to leach out.

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was in a wheelchair and dying. I removed my mercury amalgams from my mouth, and my body immediately started to shake and the whole room was filled with energy. I immediately stopped taking all of my 10 medicines for the MS and detoxed my body. Removing the amalgams changed my life and gave me my life back. Get them out of your mouth. They are POISON!

Anonymous said...

I have mercury fillings yet my blood showed no substantial mercury. What gives?

Anonymous said...

mercury shows up in the hair and the nails you wont find it in blood or piss as much

Anonymous said...

Had mercury fillings out at age 48. 34 years of migraines 99% gone. Went from 2-4 days of migraines every WEEK, to 3 or 4 a year. And those few are very mild. Praise God! Then had my 2 root canal teeth out. WOW! The next day I felt the 12 year loss of energy coming back. I had been in survival mode 12 years, and now don't need thyroid meds, and my energy is like I am in my 30's again! The thyroid disfunction caused by the root canals caused me 6 miscarriages, too. Root canals are horrible. Make sure your dentist/oral surgeon is willing to use a dental drill to remove ALL periodontal ligaments of the tooth, and remove about 1 mm of calcium deposits that form around the root canal teeth. I also found a dentist willing to clean out cavitations from earlier extractions. He thought it probably unnecessary, but was willing to allow me to make my own medical choice. He found the one extraction site full of gray "stuff" - definitely not healthy bone!. Then checked the site beside it that did not appear to have a cavitation (on Xray), and it, too, was full of gray stuff. He was surprised - and glad that I wanted the areas checked. Now I am successfully detoxing, primarily with FIR sauna 3 X's/week (2 Naturapathic docs recommended therasauna brand - it is working for me), and colonics.Using some cilantro before the sauna sessions (1/2 t ground). I also am doing green smoothies for health, and read that some people really are helped by doing raw juice fasts with the saunas. Also reading some advice in Detox or Die book. When my mouth is dumping mercury, I get burning in my mouth/sinus above right side/face. I use chlorella or bentonite clay in an old mouth guard to absorb the mercury, and make an aloe/clay "mask" gel to put on my face. It helps with the burning. Sinuses no longer burn . They must be cleaned out :) Remember, body dumps mercury/toxins heavy for about 6 months after Hg and/or root canal removal. Some people take chlorella or clay for those 6 months as a minimum to absorb and eliminate dumped Hg. Remember, everyone has different detox genes (apoe2,apoe3,apoe4-see great youtube videos 8 part series for explanation)so some people detox almost effortlessly, others need lots of help, and everything in between. PRAY for Jesus to guide your decisions. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

God Bless those with mercury fillings. My sympathy.

My problem is with the titanium dental implants. Not enough is said on this subject.

It is a huge money maker these days and my dentist told me they cannot be taken out!! He did not tell me that when he was putting them in. They will deny, deny, deny.

I asked a few other dentists and they will not treat me. I am getting very nervous about this.

I have acute fatigue and dizziness as a result of these things. I have been tested for everything under the sun and I don't have any disease so it's not anything else but these horrible dental implants.

I actually have static in the ear closest to the implant. I am picking up cell phone towers. I don't bother telling them that because they will say I'm out there, but it is no joke.

The europeans are recognizing this problem and I might have to leave the USA for the surgury.

There is a danger of jaw collapse taking them out. And these guys don't want law suits for collapsed jawbone.

Plus, they dont have the necessary experience of taking them out, they just put them in which is relatively simple.

Anonymous said...

the governments know these fillings make people sick and so do the dentists and the doctors problem is when people are sick they spend lots and lots of money trying desperately to get there health back ,this is what governments and doctors want so they all conveniently turn a blind eye

Alexi Davenport said...

I saw something about this on Dr. Oz. He was talking about how brushing when you have mercury fillings cause it to give off toxic fumes that go into your air ducts. Very scary stuff! I have a mercury filling myself, so I am hoping nothing happens to me. My sons pediatric dentist in Coquitlam said I should be fine, but I am still nervous.

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