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7 Steps to Dissolve the Matrix and Stop World War Three

Shall We Put an End to the Human Race or Shall Mankind Renounce War? -- Bertrand Russell

Julian Rose
Activist Post

Looming up in front of us like some ghoulish malevolent giant, is the prospect of mankind having to endure the devastation of a 'Third World War'.

An event, should it come to pass, would pit brother against brother, sister against sister, 'faith' against 'faith', ideology against ideology, nation against nation and all of it together against the continuation of life on Earth. 

The forces covertly operating to bring this Third World War about will not be in the direct line of fire, but a long way off, comfortably ensconced in leather chairs in the plush offices of high-ranking officialdom. They made their plans many years ago and the Third World War is a keystone in bringing these plans to fruition.

These individuals come from countries well practiced in historical and modern empire building and share a 'special relationship' whose vision of the future completely excludes the great majority of us. We do not feature on the planet they see ahead of them, except as slaves to whatever activities they may wish to pursue.  To them, we are essentially 'dispensable'.

Those who would perpetrate this plan have already prepared their underground bases to survive the destruction they propose to unleash upon this world. We will not be invited to join them there either, except a few carefully chosen minions to manage the technologies that keep this underworld functioning and those who serve their daily needs. It is a very exclusive 'club'.

The master plan involves certain nations being sacrificed to the cause. Those nations will have their populations wiped off the map and most of their history with them. The fact that they are nations situated in key geographical areas that hold extraordinary historical records of great importance to an evolving humanity – is not coincidental. The timing of this Third World War is not incidental either. Its perpetrators have long since noted the approaching changes at the universal macro-cosmic level which will directly affect Earth. They have noted that energies associated with these changes might work against them, especially if humanity were to embrace them unhindered.

So they set their clocks to ensure that this particular alarm will go off at a time designed to obscure the relevance of the simultaneously unfolding macro-cosmic event. And to draw the attention of mankind away from that which aids the evolution of its consciousness – and towards that which ensures its further victimization.

We are, according to the manipulators of this scenario, not supposed to know that we have a choice. We are not, of course, supposed to ever recognize what their game is, or what our real potentiality is. We are not supposed to know that we have the power to stop this Third World War from ever happening.

The procedures which have been put into effect to ensure that humankind remains in a state of non-awareness are many and varied. Many, which are quite deadly underneath, look innocuous enough on the surface and remain accepted by the majority as necessary aspects of the standard routines of daily life. Others are less easily received and even resisted; but few amongst us comprehend the fact that they all belong to one underlying plan of repression, control and domination.

The financial and material resources employed to keep the lid on humanity's awakening depend entirely upon the unconscious majority fulfilling their role as unstinting providers. Providers of both the energy and the money to keep in place all the elements of the control system. The 2012 London Olympic games are to provide a perfect smoke screen for the further imposition of this control system. 

There are to be some 35,000 police and troops on hand to impose 'lock down London' and the lock down will not be relinquished when the event is over. It has its complementarity in the heart of Europe where plans for a totalitarian superstate are nearing completion. And since bankers and 'security agents' feature strongly in the mix which constitutes 'the club' standing behind these impositions, it is not too difficult to guess where the 'missing billions' of recent banking scandals ultimately lands up.

In summary: unless we take conscious action to withdraw our support from the system, the Third World War will be sponsored by we the people, freely and at times grudgingly, donating our energy, our money and even our brain power to our own self destruction. 

That is – so long as we continue our refusal of consciousness and avoid seeing what is staring us in the eye almost every day of our lives. And that state of refusal, of course, is exactly what 'the club' wants maintained.

As the Occupy Movement has discerned: it is the 1% who hold power over the 99%; and in all other circumstances 99% would certainly hold the whip hand over 1%. But while the majority of the 99% remain dumbed down, docile and divided, they remain easy prey to the 1%. 

In a state of semi-sleep most can be hypnotically induced to accept the political lies and distortions that contrive to place in our minds an unimpeded acceptance of the 'inevitability' of a Third World War.  A war which would constitute a big step down the road to the end of the human race.

Seven Steps to Defeat the Matrix and End War: 

Now please take a deep breath. This is no idle threat dreamed up by an amateur prophet; it is a reality and one which is being revealed by more and more awaking individuals daily. We are getting a handle on the great lie being perpetrated against humanity and we have had enough. We are going to put an end to it. It is perfectly possible for us to make sure the Third World War never happens.

The first step in doing so involves breaking the spell that 'the club' employs the mass media to hold us under. Just on the other side of the television set and the Sunday newspaper lies the road that leads to the end of war and the beginning of freedom … if we want to take it. But 'freedom' is not achievable without an effort; a real effort. It is not achieved by prayer or by meditation, although both can support it. Neither is freedom simply the removal of a state of oppression. It is a direct and determined statement of intent to put in place a better world and to take the actions that give expression to this intent: physically, mentally and spiritually.

The second step is to use this intent to challenge, unmask and expose corrupted authority by refusing to go along with its life inhibiting demands and revealing its ideology to be fundamentally false. The accompanying action to this involves withdrawing support for the military-industrial complex which is the foundation of the war machine.

This means taking pragmatic, practical steps. Start by taking your money out of the mainstream banking system and putting it into ethically oriented banks that do not support the weapons industry and the war machine, but do support benign enterprises and human-scale creative initiatives.

The third step is to trace how the arteries of war are spread throughout the veins of our consumer society. How everyday acts of aggression, suppression and control are the elements that fuel corporate domination in today's globalized market place.

How today's (and yesterday's) education system encourages all the wrong instincts in young minds: the urge to be 'competitive', 'successful' and to achieve the exclusivity of status which guarantees the top positions and highest salaries in the matrix.

How deliberate human, animal and ecological exploitation are rife within the supermarket-dominated food chain.

How the same deliberate exploitation is equally rife within the money system, the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, the housing market, the political and legal system, the family, marriage and in the church.

Join the dots and see how the same underlying 'war' symptoms are at large in all these and more.

The fourth step is to seek out others who are also endeavoring to bring about positive change. Keep company with such individuals; mutual support, cooperation and encouragement is crucial in overcoming the war state which relies on divisions and incriminations to keep society weakened, fractious and self absorbed.

The fifth step involves moving out of the city and into the country. That's a big one isn't it? However, the only alternative is to be part of a major greening of the city and this may not be possible to achieve within the short time span available to us. The need is to transition away from the crass consumerist 'supermarket syndrome' and establish links with local food and farming operations that can provide fresh and nutritious foods grown in the proximity of your home. 

It also means starting to grow your own chemical-free food, saving water and introducing renewable energy systems to heat your home and to cook with. Reasserting authority and self-reliance over your home is an excellent starting point from which wider fields of resistance can grow.

Step six is about re-educating yourself. Re-educating yourself to be able to recognize the behavior patterns and appearances of oppressors, posers and infiltrators, for they are many and often move with great guile and cunning. 

Once one is true to oneself, one can spot those who disguise their intentions behind falsehood and flattery. The process of re-education also involves dedicating serious time to researching and exploring the phenomena which stand behind events often portrayed by the mainstream media as the precise opposite of what they really are.

Step seven: grow your own spiritual and creative powers! This is a very personal process because there are many different pathways leading to creative and spiritual awakening. Each individual needs to find his or her own right of passage and feel comfortable with it. 

However, a prerequisite for becoming a conscious human being is the recognition that this state is not something external to ourselves which we try to draw down; rather it is a force which lies dormant within us and simply needs awakening. Much of the process of this awakening involves shedding the protective layers we have built around ourselves as a form of extra persona, deemed necessary to get along in this distorted modern world. Beneath the mask of this persona lies a great wealth of creative spiritual potential just longing to be allowed to shine forth.

This potential is the quality most feared by our oppressors. This is because it has the power to render their control system and war agenda completely powerless. It is the one force capable of freeing humanity from the state of funk which holds millions in hypnotic captivity to a consumerist indoctrination which lies at the heart of our present society's ills.

In order to renounce war we have to do far more than just come out onto the streets waving anti-war placards. We have to vibrate with an unswerving passion to defend Life to the very end. Once so empowered, nothing can stand in the way of a process of planetary transformation which will cut off the arteries of war at their base and render those who stand behind its grotesque atrocities powerless to pursue their dark agendas.

Addendum: I would like to state that I would not be making any of the above recommendations if I had not already put them into effect in my own life and drawn great benefit thereby.

Julian is a British pioneer organic farmer, writer and activist. He is currently president of the 'International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside' which is leading the fight against GMO in Poland. He is author of "Changing Course for Life - Local Solutions to Global Problems"  

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post, This has made my day, thank you Julian - keep up the awakening!

Paul Panza said...

The last five steps left, with the US income tax being voluntary the eighth step is to refuse paying for the war machine. Ninth step is to arrest the criminals in our government via the NDAA, as they are breaking their own legislation by funding the Taliban and Al Qaeda via bribes. The tenth step is to replace the obsolete republic with an Open Direct Democracy structure, as we are all cable of representing ourselves with the technology that we have in front of US. Step eleven: once WE THE PEOPLE hold the reigns of power, we then can dissolve those feudal corporate structures that are obsolete, like utilities, banks, even the inefficient military. Step twelve: Celebrate the return of the Rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS by repealing the Patriot Act, NDAA, etc. and getting on with the reparations necessary to proving to the rest of the planet that we are a Just and Righteous nation under one Sun, with Liberty and Justice for All.

iamlightagain said...

When did WE let the misguided, unsane dictators decide they could control our lives? and why?

Come on people wake up, put some steel in your spine. Tell yourself 'Be Still and Know I Am GOD".

If you fear not death, then what is it you fear?

You are all beautifull, powerful creations of the PRIME CREATOR.

So stop taking any more crap from petty insane want-to-be's, take back your power and live your life in peace and beauty.

Or, it's your choice to do as you wish and if it feels safer and gives you some false sense of security to bow down to the demi-gods and take worthles scraps of valueless crap as that to make you happy then please do, you don't need my or anyone else permission to live your life as you please.

Anonymous said...

It is almost getting stupid now, It is frustrating to read these everyday, explain to your collegues, friends and families, and they do not listen.

how can we help people, who wish to listen to lies instead of someone trying to help them.

I am always trying to help and it gets shoved into my face as conspiracy.


This is inspiring and we need to come together, now or never!

Lowenstein said...

You can not Dissolve the Matrix. It's far too late for that. We own your government, your schools, your clergy, your police and your media. We own you and we own your Matrix.

The great grandfathers of your great grandfathers slept while we slowly took control. You are far too late.

Anonymous said...

You will get the surprise of your life, Lowenstein, sooner than you may think.

Anonymous said...

Lowenstein, look around, the Matrix is crumbling, politician are slowing waking up, the same goes for the clergy, police, media etc. You are asleep and so is the matrix and while you thought you had in all in place; we dissolved the matrix.

Anonymous said...

Written and published MANY times before by MANY other authors.

And yet -- it didn't work.

Why? Because there is no divorcing yourself from the system on a scale that will effect any meaningful change.

This is why nothing changes, despite all these efforts (and many, many more efforts).

Anonymous above said "is almost getting stupid now, It is frustrating to read these everyday, explain to your collegues, friends and families, and they do not listen."

Well, it IS stupid now and so is yet another article claiming to pave the way ahead to fix the system.

Come on people, wake up! These actions will not change anything, it the same old recycled crap from the 60' and 70's activist movements. And look where we are today, much farther down this road to serfdom, less free then ever, more police state, more everything that we hate and despise. And not a single of us (not one) more free.

So wake up and realize that this type of instruction is not the path ahead. It never was.

As long as you people think you can wish your way to freedom, you will remain slaves. As long as you think you can passively resist, you will remain slaves. As long as you insist that peace is your way ahead, you will remain slaves.

There are wolves at the door, they are numerous and expanding, they are not being winnowed down by your polite 'refusal', they are growing. Wake the hell up.

Michael Cecil said...

Not one SINGLE word about Truth; when it is the censorship of Truth by the media, and the denial, perversion and contradiction of the Truth by the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious 'authorities' which is at the very foundation of the mentality that is pushing this 'civilization' towards World War III.

The litmus test as to whether this war can be prevented--it CANNOT be--is whether there is ANY widespread understanding that the Doctrine of "resurrection" was taught by Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus & Mohammed as a Doctrine of 'Rebirth', since the perversion of that Doctrine is the source of these religious-political conflicts.

And there simply ISN'T.

And it is writings like this which ensure that there will NEVER be ANY such understanding.

Michael Cecil said...

The clergy waking up?

Are you KIDDING me?

There would have to be a BLIZZARD in HELL before ANY Jewish, Christian or Muslim religious 'authority' will wake up to the Truth that Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus & Mohammed taught the Doctrine of "resurrection" as a Doctrine of 'Rebirth'.

After all, they are PAID to stay asleep to that Truth.

That is the JOB DESCRIPTION: NOT knowing the Truth about the Doctrine of "resurrection".

Anonymous said...

Greed is the single most obnoxious factor that's causing all the problems of the world now. Greed being manifested in legal entities called corporations that are in control of all western governments and calling the shots on "democracy" to the rest of the world.Greed is America, UK, Europe legitimized as corporations. They must be abolished as they are destructive. They are the elite ie the people behind the matrix.Solve this then you solve all the problems and become human again.

Anonymous said...

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Destruction sows destruction. Old platitudes, but truths. The destruction coming, and the destruction that is here right now was sowed a long time ago. It is a part of what Man is,who we all are, and there will be no stopping it, just enduring and surviving this valley of the shadow of death. We need to protect what is decent and good in ourselves, and not submit to our anger, or join in what those who have chosen evil are trying to enslave us completely to. Choose wisely, and do the best you can do day by day.

Anonymous said...

That's all good but look around you, most people are not going to wake up, they don't even want to wake up. You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

It's time to "reboot" this sorry excuse for a World. War is an example of rich man's way to steal poor man's money and life.

War is the way Satanic worshipers get the chance to unleash their most cruel and destructive weapons on innocent people.

Read the Old Testament to see that the Jews Zionists through the eons of years, have had the "sanction of God" to rape, pillage, steal, and destroy anyone and everything!

Unfortunately, the "God" that the Old Testament talks about is not the "Real God." The book is referring to the God of the Underworld. Satan is a master of deception. The "chosen people" are so full of themselves, of course they would embrace this book inspired by Satan. Just look at their behavior toward gentiles.

Read the book and change the name God to Satan and then, see how the book NOW begins to make sense! This book has caused the death of more people and destroyed countless needs to be burned and forgotten!

Anonymous said...

worthless post. and worthless comments, no hope for humanity, you so called "awakened ones" are dumber than the sheep/goyim.

"you are god" ? u think this scares them u clowns? this is their religion, self worship. fools. this is what they are guiding us into to control us.

Think real hard at the ONE FORCE that can stop them, the one thing they fear.

There is a war against it right now!!!

here is another hint.... Z Big in his book "out of control" named it.

think real hard....

aether said...


Maxim of Law:
The meaning of words is the spirit of the law

From Ballentines Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition
Human - Of the form and characteristics of man.
Form - The antithesis of substance; the appearance or superficial aspect rather than the substance or the essence. Shape or configuration of a body; the figure as defined by lines and surfaces.

Cut and Paste time...
A human is of the "antithesis of substance" of man.
A human is of the "appearance or superficial aspect" of man.
A human is NOT of the "substance or essence" of man.
A human is of the "shape or configuration of a body" of man.
A human is a "figure as defined by lines and surfaces" of man.

So, in the esoteric world of legalese a human looks like a man, but is missing the very essence of man (spirit/soul). This leaves us with a number of possibilities; doll, mannequin, statue (graven image), dead man ...or perhaps a living man without a spirit - if that is even possible.

Deuteronomy 4:16 ---Lest ye corrupt yourselves, and make you a graven image, the similitude of any figure, the likeness of male or female.

From Ballentines Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition
Being in a state of animation.

Webster's 1828
1. The act of infusing life; the state of being animated.

Johnson's 1755
To Inform,
1. To animate; to activate by vital powers.

Are you animating a fiction just like Mr. Anderson was in "The Matrix"

Now look at ALL your Govt ID, Your bank card etc ... ALL CAPS ... now look up "Capitis Diminutio Maxima" on the internet.

Maxims of Law:
A fiction is a "rule of law" that assumes something which is or may be false as true.
For Example: If the human being is or may be a false entity, the "rule of law" assumes it is a true entity.

The "rule of law" IS NOT "God's Law" ... the rule of law its a legal concept.

Steven G. Berry said...

Although a brilliant synopsis of our situation, this posting fails to comprehend the true cause of civilization's woes.

The miltary-industrial complex is certainly evil but it is only a symptom of the true problem that besets us.

There are currently absolutely zero "ethical banks" or credit unions. Nada. Zip. None. The "money" you move is not even yours.

Our "educational system" is simply schooling -- much as one schools an animal to get it to behave in proper ways.

Our food, air and water have been systematically poisoned and rendered expensive.

Where you live doesn't matter in the end. With true freedom, you are free to live anywhere.

There is nothing wrong with free markets for food. Get a grip, man!

Private money at interest is the biggest problem and obfuscating how this works is the prime directive of the powers that be.

If you could print all the money in the world, do you suppose you could buy the favor of most politicians, purchase any corporation and control any army? Of course you could. Duh.

War is a racket, obviously, but it is still just one more symptom of the ultimate problem and that problem is usury.

Strike the root. Close banks, not parks.

When people laugh at the notion of "interest" we will win.

The change we seek is found within ourselves.

Get real. Demand sovereign money at no interest. Visit perfect economy dot com.

Anonymous said...

The Authority Hoax by Mary Croft. we are all, including judges and cops, born naked, without name and without number. No one has control over another. Ask for the contract you signed giving them authority over you Think on that. The "96" on your utility bills and credit bills is a prepaid account according to rule "96 of the Canadian Payments Association. Rule H6 Page 18 Rules pertaining to the inter financial institution exchange of bill payment remittances for the purpose of clearing and settlement. Everything is Prepaid, EVERYTHING including mortgages. Your signature is the value. google A4V Accepted for Value Shut the banks down and send your bills to the Minister of Finance. google the Bank Act and How the Bank Scam Works. Google the Banker's Manifesto and get really angry Myself, I believe it is too late because people want to live quiet lives and not be disturbed and laugh in your face even if you have the proof right in front of them.

RiverQueen18 said...

We see that Obama is no tleaving office even though he hass been found out, no one is stoppinghim, I feel we shoudl stop him and George Soros with him, without these two we would be in a better position to get the CFR ou tonce and for all, every banker in the Federal reserve is a memb er of the CFR, ever big brass colonel righj tin the Pentagon is a memb er of the CFR which was founded by Rockefeller who also takes orders form the Rothchilds and als the Queen who is close friends with the Rothchilds, this whole system has ot b taken out, I agree, no b anks, no credit cards if you can help it, we need ot get all of the people in office out, the Congress, the Senate, not one has stood up fo rus adn the laws keep getting more oppresivbe. Who would ever have thought that we would have a concentration camp in each state in the Union, this is not the America I know. I think we should all get together and march to washington and make a citizens arrest or soemthing like that. I will keep posted here and I will see what ideas others have comne up with, Julien has some wonderful ideas excep tthe Government wants you out of the countryside , they want everyone in the cities, they also will have you down as a terrorist if you grow your own food. that is why we have to work fast to get those nuts out of the homeland security and the Government. Lets see what ideas we can come up with, it was good to hear someone come u with something , its a start. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Call me Malthus and you know what I think of all these problems and what the only solution is to them. Get populations down to where things are manageable by slowing reproduction.

Yoda said...

Kudos Julian: Outstanding analysis.

The merchants of death rule. Imagine the economic consequences of taking the dollars out of Iraq, Afghanistan and bringing all the troops home to unemployment.

In addition, cultures clash and civilizations crash.

Right on Julian -WRITE ON!


P.S."May you live in interesting times." Ancient Chinese curse.

Anonymous said...

One thing you CAN do, is to send your children to Waldorf schools. I will not go into the philosophy behind Waldorf education here, but I would strongly suggest that anyone with children becomes informed about the Waldorf system, and decides for themselves. Waldorf schools have been demonised by the popular media and mainstream education because they produce free-thinking, capable people, who are well equipped to handle just about anything life throws at them. People who do not have to rely on the system for basic survival. This would include skills such as biodynamic farming, sustainable building, carpentry, weaving, making clothing from producing patterns to finished article.. the list goes on. A note of interest is that contrary to popular opinion, Waldorf schools had the highest final pass rate in the whole of Germany.

Anonymous said...

We have to unite in this to win. Fortunately, it's easier than one thinks and is already underway.

We support the creation of the tools that people need to live on their own without the government, banks or corporations. These tools all exist and they don't come with any compromise. We CAN power our homes by renewables. We CAN grow our own food by aquaponics. We CAN provide both individual and mass transit. We CAN put up our own cell phone towers. We CAN do all these things right now, for less cost while realizing more benefits.

All we have to do is make sure they get funded without banking strings. Ever wonder how the miracle achievements get bought out? It's because greedy people funded their development, not average people. If we fund them through donations, it would take pennies per person per year and those solutions could be built in small local factories, not centralized behemoths. In this manner, the solutions would then require only a few years to pay off. Gone would be the days of paying monthly for the rest of our lives.

Stop waiting for a free lunch and offer one first. When built this way, the economy would thrive, the corruption would die off and the people could start retiring in as early as 10 years.

Occupy Prosperity!

Anonymous said...

This is why we MUST elect Ron Paul. He is the ONLY presidential candidate who is for freedom and smaller government and against wars of aggression.

Anonymous said...

Stop paying income tax will not stop the machine right away. What it will do is destroy the currency through hyperinflation. Reason is most of the income tax is simply to reduce the supply of currency. A small remaining amount is for interest to the creators of the currency. Since borrowing is what creates the currency the machine can buy and buy into eternity or until the currency collapses.

canobs said...

___War and its industries (Halliburton,NorthrupGrumman,Carlyle,GeneralDynamics,Raythion,Boeing est...)are financed by BANKS, the Constitution mension a Public central bank at the service of the people, and not as actually, Privatized and the people being at the service of the bank____PrescottBush financed the Hitler war industry___Public banks would not lend money for war as the people would say no to it.____ See the - webofdebt - site

Anonymous said...

An Anonymous said...


worthless post. and worthless comments, no hope for humanity, you so called "awakened ones" are dumber than the sheep/goyim.

"you are god" ? u think this scares them u clowns? this is their religion, self worship. fools. this is what they are guiding us into to control us.

Think real hard at the ONE FORCE that can stop them, the one thing they fear.

There is a war against it right now!!!

here is another hint.... Z Big in his book "out of control" named it.

think real hard....
March 14, 2012 6:31 PM

Well I thought hard and can think of no certain answer. How about you or someone else shedding some light?

Anonymous said...

How about naming who the enemy are and how they are controlling us.

Go to wellaware1 dot com and find out what news is real and what is not and who are deliberately creating fake terrorist attacks to bring about civil war.

Anonymous said...

Where's my posts? Why do they never appear?

Anonymous said...

Or one step:

American Jubilee 2012

Neo1 said...

The real reason you pay an income tax, is for the privilege of using a private currency.
Also known As A: Federal Reserve Note
Demand from your bank, lawful money and the tax goes away, with a tax exemption on lawful money, all of your money is yours.
Tax Exemption:

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