Saturday, February 18, 2012

Will Big Pharma Start Hacking Humans?

Karen De Coster, Contributor
Activist Post

The Pill Establishment has run out of patience with people who are given prescription drugs and don't do a good enough job of taking their pills as they are told. Last year, USA Today reported that:
Americans may waste as much as $258 billion a year by not taking prescribed medications because the missed doses lead to emergency room visits, doctors' visits and in-patient hospitalizations, according to a study by Express Scripts, an independent prescription- filling company. 
..."Drugs don't work if you don't take them, and people often don't take them the way they're supposed to," said Bob Nease, chief scientist at Express Scripts.
If you read that right, yes, the study was performed by a a prescription-filling company, or as we refer to them in the healthcare industry, a Pharmacy Benefits Manager. I'm sure the results of the study couldn't possibly be skewed toward desired results! Of course, these companies never look at the costs of loss productivity, in-patient hospitalizations, benefit payouts, missed work, hospital/emergency costs from overdoses, etc., due to the fact that Americans are mainlining Big Pharma's profitable and "legal" drugs. The costs always seem to appear under the column heading, "Costs of not taking drugs." Here's another quote from the USA Today story, and note carefully who says what:
People don't take their medications because they forget to refill their prescriptions, forget to take them, feel they don't need them or find them too expensive, said Edith Rosato, senior vice president of pharmacy affairs for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores.

An SVP (Senior Vice President) who pushes and lobbies for chain drug stores claims that people aren't taking enough drugs. Folks, I am not making this up. In fact, Express Scripts actually started auto-enrolling their dependent drug slaves and gave them the choice of opting out. According to the article, here are the results of the company's "legal" coercion:
Instead, they tried automatically enrolling patients for mail-order prescriptions while telling them they could opt out. Few complained; 3% did opt out and the number of people receiving their prescriptions through the mail increased from 15% to 79%.
Of course, these industry-funded studies never report on the costs, let alone the deaths, of legalizing Big Pharma's coercive drug-pushing.
In 2009, drugs exceeded the amount of traffic-related deaths, killing at least 37,485 people nationwide. According to information provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the very pharmaceuticals that are prescribed to treat life-endangering conditions are now ending lives.
In September, 2011, ABC News reported that:
Drugs now kill more people than motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. -- a monumental shift that reflects gains in road safety amid a troubling rise in prescription drug abuse
Drug overdoses and brain damage linked to long-term drug abuse killed an estimated 37,485 people in 2009, the latest year for which preliminary data are available, surpassing the toll of traffic accidents by 1,201. And the number is likely to rise as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prepares to release its official statistics in December. 
..."There has been a dramatic increase in use of prescription drugs as physicians have become more liberal in prescribing them," said Paulozzi, adding that the bulk of drug-related deaths stems from accidental opioid painkiller overdoses."
In response, government agents - otherwise known as elected representatives acting in your interest - push legislation friendly to the drug companies and their assorted offshoots of pharmaceutical wonder. In spite of the fact that prescription drug deaths are now at an all-time high, the pill pushers and their legalized drug runners in the medical establishment may have found a new way to keep you in a pharmaceutical coma that benefits the bottom lines of the mega-drug industry: an Orwellian, wireless implant device that will automatically feed you drugs that you neglect to take.
A thumbnail-sized microchip containing multiple drug reservoirs has now passed clinical trials in which a wireless signal was used to release precise daily doses, instead of requiring patients to inject themselves with the drug. The technology could help patients who require frequent or daily injections. 
Studies have shown that many medical patients do not take their meds on schedule, especially when they are feeling good and think they no longer need them. Unfortunately, many drugs today need to be taken regularly and in precise doses in order to maintain their long-term therapeutic effect. As a result, many new technologies are being tried that prompt the patient, via email or telephone reminders, to administer the drug themselves.
The idea is that a physician will send a wireless signal to a microchip implant (that stores drugs) that will allow the drugs to be automatically dispensed into one's body. Of course, this will require the services of a highly profitable middleman and agent of coercion - a medical implant communication service - to perform the drug dispensing duty. Follow the money. A Professor from MIT, Robert Langer, helped to develop the idea, and here's a quote from him:
You can deliver multiple drugs [using] remote control," said Langer. "You could literally have a pharmacy on a chip."
Karen De Coster, CPA is a libertarian accounting/finance professional and freelance writer covering food freedom, regulatory abuses and free market economics. Please visit and support her personal blog at and follow her on Twitter @karendecoster.


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Anonymous said...

If it's a big corporation in America, it's as corrupt as the government. They will stop at nothing to expand their profit margins at the expense of all the people. A nuclear strike on the US would be acceptable to people so long as they target those corporations and officials who are feeding of the people and treating us all like a bunch of lab rats.

Anonymous said...

You will take as many drugs as we tell you to, as often was we tell you to.

You will pay as much as tell you to for the service.

You have no choice in the matter because we know what's best for your health.

You are not allowed to protest or speak out against the drug companies or their forced addiction protocol because then you would be considered a terrorist.

No person shall remain drug-free.

These are the mandates set forth by your government to protect you.

You have no choice in the matter.... zzzzzz.

Anon said...

My blog speaks directly to the problem. Poly Pharmacy kills more geriatrics then we will ever know. The foster program is another great abuser of over prescribing dangerous, toxic and highly addictive medications. Military members suffering from PTSD are committing suicides at an all time high. Why is this? It certainly isn't because PTSD is more stressful than the psychiatric challenges of yesteryear such as WWI and WWII. No, it is because there is a concerted effort by government and pharma to medicate these troubled soldiers. Many psychotropic drugs sometimes have the exact opposite effect and can cause aggression and suicidal ideation. These side effects are often ignored or unrecognized. Giving these injured soldiers drugs that can cause mania and aggression not only puts them at a higher risk it also puts all of our society at risk.

Anonymous said...

Watch the YouTube vid called Marketing of Madness. It's shocking and it's true.

Thanks for the link to the blog, too. Looks interesting and I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Well, you asked for comments.
First, I was identified almost arbitrarily as a "terrorist suspect." Then a nurse (yes, a nurse, not a physician, not a psychiatrist, not a psychologist) decided I needed involuntary psych meds, because I had a stroke induced by another medication prescribed by a nurse practitioner, too new to know all of the side effects. Well, then, of course I needed more medication for that...

Meals on Wheels suddenly made me pass out. I refused those. Started getting abdominal pains from my water supply, which was somehow piped in thru a neighbor's basement before the pipes went to my own house. Started drinking bottled water. Then even my bottles of pop, if I used plastic 2-liters, started showing up with these funny marks on one side, and I started passing out from them, too, if I tried to leave unopened ones in the house or car. Ice creaf left in the freezer did the same thing, then milk... I tried hiding my milk bottles, and they were somehow stolen. Somebody kept getting into my house.
The drugging went from water & meals to pop and milk to food, then I noticed the same effect coming from wearing a certain jacket--apparently transdermal. Then the bedding.. And no, this isn't imaginary, because if I can put a clean piece of plastic or newly-bought blanket or even a rug over where I sleep, it doesn't happen. Locksmith finally told me to use a combination lock on the door,, after 3 sets of keys were stolen and somebody used a "bump key" after I had the locks changed. There are some real megalomaniacs out ther!

Anonymous said...

The American government has a history of undisclosed "research studies" for "our own good". Big pharma has permanently ruined the physical bodies,mental faculties,immune systems, and hormonal systems of millions of people worldwide.

This all happened because people were too lazy to regulate their own nourishing herb/food growth/intake and gave it to someone else(the government they knew they couldn't trust) to do it. The government then created tons of harmful chemicals instead of doing their real jobs and people jumped on the bandwagon.

When one group of ignorant, corrupt people have blind trust in seemingly educated, corrupt people due to their wealth and connections, this is what happens.

American society has LITERALLY physically morphed into human dimensions previously undocumented in all of human history yet people think it's due to "laziness and overeating". In the 50's,60's,70's, people ate too much and were lazy but their bodies, fat or skinny, didn't look like the funhouse wrecks they do now. 600 lb people are common. Grown women walk around,by choice, at 80 lbs on a 5'7" inch frame and think they are beautiful.

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