Monday, January 2, 2012

Game Over: Tyranny Revealed

Nicholas West
Activist Post

It is so predictable that it has become a tropism.  The creeping, stealthy soft tyranny gets called out into the open, first by those dedicated to digging in the archives of history, then by the general public who awakens to their undeniable daily condition.  It is the life force tilting toward the sunshine.

We know that the world is run by an unworthy gang of misanthropic inbred elites and their lackey minions. And, yet, through their spoils (and the spoiled), they have amassed great treasure that has no real value.

Their moral compass is broken; their political capital is zero; their fiat currency is worthless; and their method of rule has become comical.  These thespian thieves have now been pushed toward the gates of the temple to be whipped into the desert of their own creation. 

The dogs of war are set to be loosed upon the throat of anyone who gives voice to peaceful opposition and creative resistance; for this is the Wolfsbane they have continuously stomped upon.  The assassinated messengers of peace comprise a long and distinguished list of familiar names, but is also a list filled with myriad third-world democratically-elected leaders who had the hubris to suggest that their nations and people should remain independent from fascist jackals with nothing more to offer than loaded words and loaded guns.

But those were the days of dark room diplomacy, where tyranny could operate under the cover of night, releasing zombies to do their bidding. 

Those were the days, because they are past.  These days, enough people know about government-designed patsies, economic hitmen, false flag terror, staged revolutions and the machinations funded by the black budget to which we donate our tax dollars. And the system has admitted its fear of the awakening masses.

So, we now look toward 2012 and beyond. The landscape of that future is land-mined with divination, proclamation, prognostication . . . and devastation.  We are told of dollar collapse, societal breakdown, food shortages, nuclear war, rapture, and hell of every stripe.  Based on current indicators -- every circle of hell detailed certainly can be perfectly corroborated.

Yet, some suggest that such cataclysmic crises are ultimately good for the overwhelming majority of the tortured and oppressed.

Can this be just wishful thinking?  How can we rejoice amid such documented horror?

The reason to rejoice is that tyranny has finally reached the lowest depths attainable.  We live in a world where children can be raped in front of their parents just to gain (suspect) information from suspected terrorists.  The military itself has approved of bestiality in its barracks.  Torture is good.  Citizen spies are accepted, as are the databases through which reports are fed into the central mega-computer to be translated by the borg.  Our natural world has been poisoned into an unrecognizably unnatural state.

The positive outcome suggested is that the rubber band has been stretched to its final limit, and it can only go in one direction from this point -- forward.

Time is accelerating, and so our awareness and lack of patience is accelerating.  Enough is enough is the mantra of the true new age.

The tyranny is already beginning to tip under its own weight. And those of us who are awake are leaning forward with all our might for the final push.  Occupy Tyranny.

Are we prepared for peace?  Because it is coming.  Can we stick our collective heads above the bunker line instead of in the sand?  Can we see the endless horizon?

When the dust settles and the sky clears -- perhaps a few or many years off -- we might do well to remember our folly for ever having entered the bunker in the first place.  Because, while the bunker was constructed with our needs in mind; we entered of our own free will.  And only through our free will can we ever emerge to seek the sunlight again.


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Anonymous said...

Brilliant article and videos. I especially like the rubber band theory. It's high time for humanity to snap back to reality

Stephen Sanders said...

I suppose my 1st major on-line editorial revolved on the audacity of Whoever sponsored the "Protect IP Bill" and introduced it into the US senate this summer. Yes even we intellectuals who understand that the primary forces behind the "so called" World's greatest Democracy is really in truth nothing more than a thoroughly corrupt gang of wealthy individuals who never miss an opportunity to attempt to make things better for themselves. The essential driving force of the current form of US government is based on politicians garnering funds from wealthy investors by selling their congressional or Senate votes in exchange for continued financing in order to support their reelection efforts.

Anonymous said...

Well written! Touché

Anonymous said...

Good article, I can't avoid touching on one thing though -

"they have amassed great treasure that has no real value."

While that is true I would also argue that is false at the exact same time.

Their fiat currency wealth certainly has no real value but they also own vasts swath of land which has long been considered one of the primary forms of wealth.

They also collected trillions of dollars of gold and silver over the last century to back their fiat currencies from groups and individuals such as the Kuomintang/"Dragon Family".

So they do have significant wealth in addition to having large amounts of treasure of no real value.

They shouldn't have it, but they do. If they didn't I highly doubt so many governments and individuals would be corrupted by them.

But they didn't spend all that time amassing that wealth with the intention to give it all away to the masses so anyone thinking the majority of people will ever benefit from it under their control is quite foolish.

The only way the masses are going to benefit from all that wealth is by taking it back themselves.

Anonymous said...

QE2 runs the freemasons who run USA

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to share your articles in my fb page, it never showed up! Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Eat the rich!

Tina said...

Great article. One problem, Gary Franchi is a staunch supporter of Israel. We spent untold billions last year, as we do every year, for their defense. Israel gets billions, bankers get trillions. Who profits from war?

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