Monday, January 9, 2012

Cannabis Treatment Threatens Deadly Painkiller Industry

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Pharmaceutical painkillers are now responsible for more deaths in the United States than heroin and cocaine combined.

These pharmaceuticals are responsible for more than 15,000 deaths conservatively in 2008 alone. With no sign of slowing down, the painkiller industry is becoming wildly popular among Americans — as a result, so is the high rate of painkiller abuse.

Classified as dangerous by the U.S. government, cannabis (even in THC-free form, or free of psychoactive effects) has been identified as a powerful pain reliever in more than 80 peer-reviewed studies.

You may be aware of the fact that marijuana is usually quite high in THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the compound responsible for the psychoactive effect of cannabis.

In contrast, it is also low in CBD (cannabidiol) content. Both THC and CBD are known as cannabinoids, however, which interacts with your body in a very unique way.

In fact, cannabinoids are key when it comes to pain relief. While this information alone is enough to shatter the traditional beliefs on government marijuana regulation, the relationship between CBD and THC is even more revealing.

What you may not be familiar with is how CBD has been shown to block the effect of THC in the nervous system. This allows for marijuana to be used with little or no psychoactive effects. Hemp, on the other hand, is high in CBD and low in THC. This is due to the fact that it is bred to maximize its fiber, seeds, and oil. Of course these key properties are what it is most commonly used for.

Trials Indicate Cannabis as an Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain

In a 2011 study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, researchers examined the effects of cannabinoids on chronic pain and proper sleep. What they found in their trials challenges federal government claims that cannabis has ‘no accepted medical use’. The researchers conducted 18 trials using cannabinoids in the treatment of chronic pain, and found that cannabinoids demonstrated a significant painkilling effect as well as noticeable improvements in sleep in 15 of trials. Compared, to placebo, the cannabinoids were extremely effective.

Most importantly, there were no adverse effects.

Another study, performed in 2002, reached similar conclusions. Finding cannabis to aid in pain relief as well as quality of sleep, researchers from the McGill University Health Centre stated in summary that cannabis can be used as an effective way of improving pain, mood, and sleep in some patients with chronic pain.

There are many forms of the cannabis plant, many without mind-altering properties, many of which can be utilized without adverse reactions, as detailed in the peer-reviewed research. It is also quite clear that the painkiller industry simply cannot continue to wreak havoc on the lives of many, and a natural alternative must soon emerge to prevent another 15,000 plus deaths this year.

Why is the federal government refusing to admit the medicinal properties of cannabis and the unique ability of this substance to curb pain, insomnia, and impaired mood? This is only one example of how the government decides what is and what is not good for your health.

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Sherri said...

Thank you!!!!! It seems like people have such an intense dependence on chemical meds that will kill them, that they refuse to stand up for themselves.

They are "fitting in" by using meds that exacerbate their side effects and do nothing to help the real problem.

Anonymous said...

Just more proof to what I have been saying for years. All the Government wants is $$$$, which is what they get from the pharm companies..

MYSAY said...

Thats a good way to fry people's lungs and rot their Brains...Give them all POT

Anonymous said...

Dear "MYSAY",

Have you ever heard of "Google"?

Please make use of it to educate yourself, before publicly blathering pernicious inanities. This will benefit any sentient beings out there who may happen to read your posts.


Anonymous said...

I can't use marijuana, it makes me sick. I do use opiate painkillers, and they have made my quality of life much better. I cannot stand people who say one drug is better than the other, whichever way it is (painkillers better than pot because prescribed, pot better than painkillers). Either you want legalization or you don't. I appreciate opiates because I DON'T HAVE TO LIVE WITH PAIN.

PJ London said...

Hey Anonymous 10:55

I am glad that you can get relief from your pain.

Wouldn't it be nice to give everyone a choice?

citizen ron said...

dear MYSAY,

apparently you did not read the article, you were entirely too busy stroking your own ego and acting like a patriarch archetype would: stupidly.

you'd better hurry along, little bah bah. the rest of the flock is marching away to the slaughterhouse. you don't want to be late.

and we don't want you to be late, either.

citizen ron said...


i'll help you out a little bit instead of wishing you away to the slaughterhouse.

go to you tube. type into the browser "The Power Of Raw Cannabis". you'll get several hits for the same video. watch whichever you prefer and prepare to be enlightened by non-potheads.

and next time you show up here to sling your stupidity around, you better make sure your argument is backed up by some sort of relevant information instead of just... stupidity.

Anonymous said...

It's odd that my(our) parents could legally use
cannabis but their children may not without fear of prison!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for someone to state where the US, states or local governments get the authority to dictate what an individual can and cannot ingest, particularly a native plant.

Unknown said...

@Mysay, Google Dr Donald Tashkin,UCLA cannabis and smoking studies,you may learn something. Rot their brains? Get real.

Anonymous said...

Pain and recreational use is really only minor compared to industrial uses like plastics, fuel, paper, steel, clothing, food as well as medicine. It can be grown most anywhere in the US with some areas able to provide multiple crops in a year. Steel? You say, yes, Henry Ford built a nearly indestructible auto using Hemp plastic.

The problem we face is, the above industries would all be impacted financially by it's acceptance. Those industries are all owned, in one way or another by the Government using your money, go figure?.

Anonymous said...

a friend has just been told he is lung cancer free the only thing he took was hemp seed oil he was going to have treatment in the new year

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, I have been smoking pot since I was 16 years old I am now 57. At 16 years old I started racing MX-which is motocross dirt bike racing to you that don't know what MX is. I ended up racing 125 250 and 500 professional for 13 years straight, I've had two broken legs one broken collarbone broken wrist multiple cracked ribs and almost broke my neck a couple times, when I first started smoking I enjoyed how it made me feel and used for recreational use, but through the years I found out on my own self experimentation that it considerably along with the codine I was prescribed for pain that really did not help that much, but when I smoked or eat it really did help with my pain, also if I could not get sleep if I would roll a really nice big fat joint & smoke it I would sleep like a baby. I've been smoking every day almost all my life and my lungs and mental capabilities have never been better! I lived in California for 36 years before moving to Florida and getting married. In 2005 I was working and fell 20 and landed on my back on metal grating and did hurt my Back and neck. Because of the laws and drug testing for work I did quit no problem with out so-called with draws. And thank God I was not high or as the government would say under the influence or my insurance would not have covered me. But if I would have been under the influence I know I probably would not fell in the hole. I have been a journeyman Ironworker since I got out of high school when I turned 18 and in the 22 years I worked in LA before they had drug testing I never got hurt on the job and smoked every day! Even on 58 story skyscrapers walking on the edge of the building on 6 inch wide beams up high as a bird or even higher, superhigh I always had perfect balance and superior coordination. If I would not have been high I probably would've died. Thank God I meet people from California every now and then that have some good Medical marijuana because still to this day when I do smoke it it helps me more then any pharmaceutical prescription – killing products and still allows me to physically and mentally deal with the pain. Unfortunately Florida is not one of the states that uses medical marijuana but it is on the 2012 voting ballot so please just vote yes! So we can continue to enjoy our freedom to do what we want to do as long as it isn't hurting anyone and improves our life! Hopefully Congress will change the dumb old stupid law that we have now. As far as I'm concerned and I know a lot of other people are to marijuana pot weed cannabis what every you call it is not and should not be classed I as a drug! It is a herb a seed bearing plant that God gave us to use!! As far as a burned-out brain from using marijuana, the only burned-out brain I seen so far is the poor person above in one of these post that mentioned that. Evidently that guy is so burned-out he just can't think! And I really feel sorry for him. I really do need my medication and hopefully the state of Florida better yet the whole United States changes its old outdated ridiculous stupid law that keeps us from using a perfectly harmless healthful herb that is so beneficial to so many different things that help so many different individuals. Things have just got to change this is really getting ridiculous. So please do whatever you can just say yes!!!! Call your local congressman or state authoritative figure and tell them you want the law changed! That it is only for the best of this whole United States we do not want United States to turn into a communist country where we have no rights to our freedom. The new theme for 2012 should be(Just say YES!!!) to anything ending all of this crap about pot being bad for everyone!!!!just say YES!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad to see so many educated people commenting on this post. That power of RAW cannabis video is great! Also for the nay sayers... look up Rick Simpson Hemp Oil. Look up Bob Melamede and his company Cannabis Science. There is limitless amounts of info out there. Research for yourselves instead of mindless repeating the bullshit you've been tube fed from the propaganda machines. This plant is a blessing from the creator. Genesis 1-11. Figure it out.

Anonymous said...

i tried to share this on facebook-got a message saying the url is blocked, that it mite have unsafe material.

Anonymous said...

cant post this to my FB. error The content you're trying to share includes a link that's been blocked for being spammy or unsafe:

Anonymous said...

did it the old fashion way just copy and paste it for your friends to read

Anonymous said...

wtf.. why is facebook blocking your site?

Tina said...

Facebook blocked me from posting this also, so I went through the back door and created a note. ;) Not slowin my roll!
I am an RN, I've given THC in pill form to patients and its very effective. I have treated my Rheumatoid Arthritis with it and its better than narcotics. But big pharma would rather I be "hooked" on their dope. no thanks.
Great article, thank you. Sharing it everywhere.

Ms Lunarcat said...

Marijuana has been a very useful crop from ancient times. The only time in history that crime has been associated with it is when the US criminalized it after the dismal failure of Prohibition! Politicians couldn't & didn't give up alcohol while enforcing the law against it. So they repealed Prohibition & attacked marijuana.
Google Harry Anslinger, 1st drug czar, he was the nephew of Mellon. Mellon, Hearst & Dupont were solidly behind the criminalization of marijuana & they were the big shot rich dudes of the day (still are). Harry Anslinger's remarks across the headlines back in the day made it very very clear that he was going after Blacks & Mexicans. That was back in the 1930s when bigotry was widely accepted & embraced. HOWEVER in 1942 the government put out a series of flims, Hemp for Victory, encouraging American farmers to grow hemp for the war effort! WTH! In the 60s young people rebelled & marijuana became a symbol of peace, love & equal rights. Those same young people went on to graduate college with degrees in law, medicine, economics etc & some even became Presidents of these United States!!! Now how did that happen if they were smoking the Gateway Drug to Hell? All around the world countries are rethinking this insane law, decriminalizing & calling for an end to the war on drugs. Portugal has led the way by legalizing every damn thing 5 yrs ago. Their crime, ODs & incidences of HIV have dropped significantly, they offer medical treatment not incarcerations. They are humane.
LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)is calling for a end to the insanity! Cops know it is wrong too.
Anyone who smokes should step forward & make their voices heard, take back our government! Baby Boomers owe it to their grandchildren to see this insane law overturned! This thing is going global, we need to keep the momentum rolling!

Anonymous said...

also marajuana is un addictive unlike gov. issued drug "Suboxone".. which is given to opiate addicts as an alternative. When realistically, people given the drug are often worse off, less responsive to life, and much more dependent than they were on opiates.. why should suboxone zombies walk free without persacution while most marajuana users must keep there habit in the dark.. I was prescribed xanax for 4 years until descovering the powers of marajuana.. Since i have told my doctor to keep his personallity supressant, because i am now a much brighter person with much more significant results to my nerve disorder..cut the governments fog, live free and say yes to the miraculous green plant MARAJUANA!

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