Saturday, December 24, 2011

An Independent America: Voters leaving Republican, Democratic parties in droves

Anthony Freda Illustration
Activist Post

A recent analysis conducted by USA Today showed that American voters are fed up with both mainstream political parties and are leaving them in droves.

The newspaper claims that "More than 2.5 million voters have left the Democratic and Republican parties since the 2008 elections."

Over the last decade this trend has only seemed to accelerate says USA Today. While many people feel there is little difference in the parties, their options remain slim. Yet, voters switching to Independent have climbed dramatically.

According to the statistics gathered from eight swing states, "Democrats' registration is down by 800,000 and Republicans' by 350,000. Independents have gained 325,000."

Nationally, Democrats still outnumber Republicans 42 million registered voters to 30 million, however Dems have lost the most voters since 2008.  Meanwhile Independents are becoming a viable party in itself with 24 million registered voters.

USA Today claims the reasons for the exodus to be negative campaigning by both major parties, people dying off the rolls, people leaving in disgust, and some are stripped of their status for being "inactive voters."

They state that the upward trend benefits Independent-minded politicians like Ralph Nader and Ron Paul.

This trend would appear to be poised to explode as Congress ended 2011 with the lowest one-time approval rating ever of 11%.  According to last week's Gallup poll for the year, Congress' annual average was also a record-low at 17%.

Gary Bartlett, the North Carolina elections director, was quoted as saying "whoever is attractive to the unaffiliated voter" will win the 2012 election.


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Anonymous said...

Ron paul is looking more and more likely to win isnt he.

Anonymous said...

A vote for the Constitution and freedom from tyrannical government is a vote for Ron Paul. He already has all the votes.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul independent?

Bah he doesn't even believe in Evolution.

Anonymous said...

To be independent, you're forced to believe certain things? Kind of defeats the purpose of being independent.

Anonymous said...

We call the IRS Regulations a "Code," because a "Code" is a language always written in such a way that those who do not know the encryption and special meanings of the words, such as "Label", cannot figure it out in a hundred years..." Pardon Me, but... #5 (Nord Davis. Jr.)

The District of Columbia (The District) has created adhesion contracts (i.e. birth certificate, drivers license, voter registration, 1040), and has kept their true purpose a secret. All paper created by "The District" are contracts, they NEED a signature, this makes the signer "liable' for "The District" debt.

These “hidden” contracts are what make you "subject to" "The District' rules and regulations as YOU just signed and made yourself surety

The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional private company that our public servants (1913) put in charge of creating the country's currency. The bankers got paid in gold, the public servants got the paper to spend and now didn’t have to go directly to the people.

When the public servants ran out of gold they started using (and continue to use) "We the People" as collateral. (Research!!).

The elected officials continue to allow the FED to exist. It makes it easier for them to spend other peoples' money without being accountable.

The collection arm of this private company (Federal Reserve) is the IRS. What, you think the bankers would trust the public servants with collection?
The politicians will NEVER End the Fed! It is their sanctioned creation and useful cover. So what to do?

Educate Yourself. Stop the transfusion, and DEFUND "The District".

Know the difference between "lawful" and "legal". A population cannot be "ignorant and free".
The legal definitions of 'sui juris', 'propria persona', and "pro se", and what Contracts you have unwittingly signed.

The sovereign States created the Federal District via the Constitution. Since the War and Emergency Powers Act of 1933 suspended the Constitution (Research!!) - the states gave "The District" (the created) power over the States (the creator). The States have never reclaimed their sovereignty.

Know who you are “at Law”, that Contract Law is the ONLY law of the courts and get out from under "The District".

Doug said...

Ron Paul is the political equivalent of Mother Teresa, unselfish commitment. He has not wavered in his Constitutional platform in over three decades of service. He is on deck now, lets put him in the batters position, so that he can hit a home run for the home team,(America).

Anonymous said...

Do you ever get the feeling we have been screwed by BOTH political parties ?

Far to many of our elected officals have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes !

ranger1 said...

First he is a republican R. They will kill you and your children for any advantage thesd days. R Paul supported the illegal war machine in the past. He would take away a womans right to privacy. His idea for a fully deregulated marketplace would usher in the ultimate in corporate anarchy and fouled air and water . How he ever got in congress was beyond me but texans have always given us smiling jacks. And some real winners in the field came like him from the texas air national guard. Anyone but ron paul

LastTruePatriot said...

Oh, that is some scary stuff you have to say about Ron Paul, Ranger1. Now, do you have some facts to support your claims? Show some research.....with actual verifiable data! These empty scare tactics to discredit Dr. Paul get more laughable every week. This true representitive of the people has voted "nay" for all the unconstitutional wars, the patriot acts 1 & 2, and any bill that goes against the oath he took for office. Please stop trolling stupid lies & disinformation about Ron Paul. He deserves much more respect than that of the other two faced, flip flopping clowns who are only puppets in it for the power & money! We already have the MSM & their hack pundits doing whatever they can to convince the voters that Rep. Paul is not even there running his campaign for 2012. Are they afraid of the truth? I think it is very telling when the media & private corporations are deciding for the public voters who the presidential candidates are going to be eventually.

Anonymous said...


Dear Mr. Anderson,

You are either the bravest person in America or the craziest for
wanting to clean-up the mess created by Bush and Obama. I choose to
believe you are the bravest.

First, we have the opposition:

The Corporate State of America (CSA) currently owns probably 80% of the members of Congress, the Presidency, and a majority on the Supreme Court. CSA also owns many governors and members of the state legislatures.
The CSA also owns those living the LUSH LIFE, which is probably at least fourty million American voters. There are probably another forty million or more living just below the Lush Life who aspire to the Lush Life and vote Republican or Blue Dog Democrat.
The CSA, as owners of the Mogul Media, heavily influence the “dumbed down” voters with a torrent of propaganda, mixed with mind-numbing trivia produced for television, radio, movies and assorted other venues.
The CSA has been instrumental in shaping the content of our educational systems to make sure no “controversial” subjects are mentioned in our schools. “Controversial” means anything contrary to the ruling elite's beliefs, purposes and pleasures.
The CSA has an enormous cow pattie to sling at any advesary, and they have plenty of manure in reserve to make more cow patties.
The CSA is one of the many minions of the NEW WORLD ORDER, and thus additional resources from the Rothschild Group, the Bilderberger Group, the Tavistock Institute, the Clubs of Rome, and many “Astroturf” fronts.
Voter apathy will arise because of the massive confusion from the fight by the Justice Party for its candidates against the Republicratic Party's candidates. This confusion will be aided and abetted by the “Poop-agandists” employed by the CSA.
Ron Paul, posing as an Independent in Republican clothing, is like the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.
Second, we have the forces of good versus evil, light versus darkness,
love versus hate, the poor versus the rich, and the 80% versus the
20%. As unorganized as the “rabble” may seem, after a large number of
defeats of the OCCUPIERS by CSA's shock troops, a majority of the
General Assemblies will realized that they have to organize into
multiple defenders of freedom in each state, in each voting precinct,
town, city and region. We need many very competent and ethical
candidates to get on the ballots in each state and voting area.

Third, the organizations should have at least one, well crafted plan
of many parts so that we do not work at cross-purposes but we do use
our limited resources with maximum leverage. You can bet your bottom
dollar that the Republicrats have such a plan; probaby they have many
plans in order to meet and best anything the Justice Party can throw
at them. The New Party plan needs creation, definition, discussion,
consensus, funding, and activation. The outline exists. See: the
plan for the NEW PARTY (name is placeholder): http://

James E. Miller, JD

apeman2502 said...

Dr. Paul /Kucinich, The Secret Service works for the head of the DHS so watch out gentlemen. If you think JFK's security was compromised, what they have planned next will include circus animals,feather boas, bondage gear, whips and chains and a big sign proudly proclaiming that "Fascism is priapism with a loaded gun with the safety off." Ask Bush43, Obama, and Jeff Gannon, news reporter for Black Talon News and Carl Rove and Bush43's bottoy from

Norton said...

Anon 10:14,
Who gives a crap if he believes in evolution? Is that something the legislative or executive branches should be involved in? Who has the right to tell you or I what to believe in?

That is why Ron Paul is correct in wanting to DO AWAY with a federal level Dept. of Education. It should be called the Dept. of Indoctrination.

Ph0eniX2018 said...

"Anonymous said...

Ron Paul independent?

Bah he doesn't even believe in Evolution."

No one with two braincells and an ounce of common sense believes in evolution, as we were "taught".

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