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Experts Admit Fukushima is Causing Hidden Cancer Deaths

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Health and radiation experts are now admitting that the Fukushima disaster is contributing to an unknown number of deaths as a result of increasing cancer rates around the globe.

They are also stating that these deaths will be ‘hidden’ from the public eye due to a lack of accurate identification when it comes to targeting Fukushima-related cancer deaths.

Of course the scientific experts are focusing primarily on the evacuation zone radiation and surrounding areas, despite the fact that Fukushima radiation is now so far reaching that it is adversely affecting the health of United States citizens.

Another piece of vital information challenges the claims of many scientists that the radiation levels unleashed from the meltdown are too low to cause any public health concern. The report, unleashed in late October, found that the amount of radiation released from the Fukushima meltdown actually exceeded twice the amount that experts originally claimed. Additionally, the study researchers stated that the amount of radioactive isotope caesium-137 released at the height of the crisis was equivalent to 42% of that from Chernobyl. 

Officials cover up the severity of Fukushima and the true threat to public health

It seems that Japanese government officials and plant higher-ups are continuing to downplay the full effects of the Fukushima disaster. From concealing integral information from the public to ignoring the real threat to public health, there is sincere lack of honesty and communication between many worldwide health officials and the citizens of the world.

Of course Fukushima impacts the health of citizens worldwide, not just inhabitants of the evacuation zone. In fact, researchers have found a large amount of radioactive material exceeding that of the evacuation zone arrive in Tokyo. Meanwhile, officials urge Tokyo residents not to worry. What’s more, radioactive isotopes have even been located in California, highlighting the ubiquitous nature of the radioactive material.

Maxim Shingarkin, an expert in nuclear and radiation security, commented on the secretive and deceptive situation in Fukushima:
In fact, this statement came with a big delay. The operating company deliberately concealed this information. The explanation is simple – the company is afraid that any checking by competent experts would reveal its inability to save the situation. Only recently, foreign experts founded a consultative body for the clean-up of the accident’s consequences. Moreover, the company is concealing the information about the amount of pollution of the environment.
Other experts have also begun speaking out. Marco Kaltofen, PE, of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts, recently discussed current issues revolving around radiation exposure in Japan. A Registered Professional Engineer investigating Fukushima nuclear material release, Kaltofen stated his findings in a presentation entitled ‘Radiation Exposure to the Population in Japan After the Earthquake’. Presented in Washington D.C. on Monday morning, Kaltofen stated:
  • The Fukushima nuclear accident dispersed airborne dusts that are contaminated with radioactive particles. When inhaled or ingested, these particles can have negative effects on human health that are different from those caused by exposure to external or uniform radiation fields.
  • A field sampling effort was undertaken to characterize the form and concentration of radionuclides in the air and in environmental media which can accumulate fallout. Samples included settled dusts, surface wipes, used filter masks, used air filters, dusty footwear, and surface soils.
  • Isolated US soil samples contained up to 8 nanoCuries per Kg of radiocesium, while control samples showed no detectable radiocesium.
While experts have started admitting that radiation from the Fukushima disaster is breeding diseases like cancer after extensive denial, it’s about time that they also warned the public about the true severity of the issue.
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Paul Panza said...

Has anyone noticed that the Fukushima facility has no cooling towers like the ones in the USA? So where do you think they have been getting there coolant from for the past few decades? And where do you think they have been dispersing this substance?
During the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, a 90% infant mortality spike occurred at McGee Hospital in Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania due to the plume release. There is no known safe dose level of radiation, if you live within 300 miles of a nuclear plant you are exposed to constant bombardment that may cause you harm or exacerbate present medical conditions. The human body is capable of selective uptake when talking of mineral absorption; this means if you can eat organic, non-contaminated fresh fruit and vegetables your body will change out the radioactive minerals for the safer ones. People who live around the Shippingport Nuclear Facility, in Beaver County, Pennsylvania have been told not to eat from their gardens as they are not safe. This valley has the longest exposure to low-level, mid and high levels than any other group of people on the planet. So much corruption surrounds the nuclear fuel cycle, the Vital Statistic Records of our state were altered to cover up the the disease and death caused by the exposure to so called safe levels of radiation. The reason that these electrical generating facilities exist is to make weapons grade plutonium (WMDs), they are part of the military corporate complex, this is how the US military kills it own people. When the NRC and Duquesne Light Co. did the decommissioning of the the naval reactor at Shippingport PA., they turned off the warning system so they could cut the containment open to remove the core for transport. They did this because the mid-level and high-levels of radiation would have set off the alarms. This would mean that the people Beaver Valley took the hit from the core; as well as, those along the train route of the dismantled core. The commercial nuke generators have had thousands of releases just go to your local nuclear depository and read the Gray Books of each reactor and facility, if they haven't already been redacted. Hopefully, you can find your regional depository. One million new cancers a year from the normal release of radiation from nuke electrical generation. Anybody remember how Curie died?

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,

I am from Czechia. After Chernobyl in 1986 the radioactive cloud was spread across all the Europe. The hardest radioactive exposure was in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The second zone of impact was Central Europe (aproximately over 1,000 kms from the impact), north Italy and Corsega. I remember that in 1986 some domestic animals like rabbits had problems to reproduce in Czechia (and I suppose that also in other countries). The human natality in the area came to the lowest levels in Germany, Czech Republic, etc. It has a lot of to do with that. We always got information that the cloud was heading to US (after the meeting of the governments of China, Japan and South Korea), but the majority stayed in the perimeter of 2,000 kms which includes South Korea, Taiwan and some parts of coastal areas of China.

Since 1986 the cancer incidence in different varieties spread and increased, in my family 1 of 3 suffered from that. I really don't understand why Japan didn't evacuate Tokyo - it`s a very risky zone to live. If Japanese people were expatriated they could have really helped to economies of US, Canada, Mexico etc.

It´s a real shame that Japanese government didn´t provide on-time, reliable and accurate information on what to do. The way they handled all the situation was very inefficient. Medical community asks some patients NOT TO EAT FOOD MADE IN JAPAN.

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