Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Citizen Spy Recruitment Program Launches in U.S. Hotels

Activist Post

Homeland Security has been working closely with hotels on many levels as private partners in the war on terror, as part of the expanding If You See Something, Say Something program.  Manuals such as the 84-page, Protective Measures Guide for the U.S. Lodging Industry (pdf) have been sent out to teach owners and staff how to properly spot potential terrorists.  Typical suspicious behavior includes paying with cash and "insisting on privacy" among a plethora of other dangers.

As if it wasn't bad enough that hotel guests are secretly being assessed by untrained intelligence assets of Homeland Security, now guests are to be subjected to psy-op recruitment techniques via their TV sets in major hotels such as "Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn and other hotels in the USA," according to an article published in the travel section of USA TODAY.

It is only a 15-second public service announcement, but follows similar PSA programming that aims to create fearful masses willing to call authorities over the flimsiest of suspicious activities, such as the innocuous example below. 

This short message will be included with many others in the constant rotation for hotel guests to become further acclimated to being part of the snitch culture. Citizen spies are a cornerstone of all totalitarian regimes.  Now, it seems that with the addition of 5,400 hotels to the Homeland Security takeover of hearts and minds, it is impossible to deny that modern-day America has become another shining example of imperial ambitions turning upon itself.


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Anonymous said...

Wake up America!

Your country is turning into the U.S.S.A.!

Take a vacation to the U.S.?!?!


I have no desire to be ass-raped by the T.S.A. or have my eyes or genitals fried with x-ray radiation. And now my every movement will be tracked on my vacation?!?!

I'll take my tourist dollar to friendlier countries like Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

I used to like travelling in the states but not anymore...been to 40/50 states great country.

I'll return when Americans boot the Zionist thugs from power...until then Adios Amigos!

Anonymous said...

If you see a rat, kill it.

Paul Panza said...

"My Life As A Citizen Spy" being sold at the check-out counter near you!

Anonymous said...

I see LOTS of rats DHS, OBAMA...

Anonymous said...

We the people need to start citizen arresting politicians, police, judges, state prosecutors, and bankers.

Anonymous said...

Guess what happens to spies that live in neighborhoods and report on their neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Time to beat the shit out of "patriot snitches".
Don't stay in big corporate hotels in the US. Stay in small motels. Transfer your money out of banks and into credit unions as a protest. Smash the banksters and their political puppets

Anonymous said...

I see treason an treachory and I am going to say something... their names are DHS, Congress, and the president.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to circulate this far and wide so that these hotels have far less people staying at them. The only way to get their attention is to put a dent in their profits. I know I won't be staying at any of these hotels; they're expensive and I'd rather give my $ to a small business owner of a B&B.

Anonymous said...

I actually looked in their pdf manual, and here's what's interesting: for all types of threats, the manual describes various ways of attack (maritime, chemical, car bomb, etc.), and then there's section "In the event of a credible threat to your facility" - which lists the steps to take, such as increase alertness, restrict access etc. Nowhere in these recommendations there's any hint to contact FBI or any other agency, as one might expect. I wonder why.

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