Thursday, November 10, 2011

CDC Forced to Admit False Raw Milk Death Link After Misrepresenting Stats

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Recent events have forced the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to admit that their data on raw milk is factually incorrect concerning the claim that 2 deaths directly resulted from the consumption of raw milk between 1998 and 2008. The 2 deaths were often referenced by media reports on the subject of raw milk, and have been held on to by the CDC for quite some time. New evidence, however, has revealed that the deaths appear to be from the consumption of a particular type of cheese that is currently banned under FDA regulations.

It all changed when Mark McAfee, the owner of Organic Pasture Dairy, challenged the claims on the Centers for Disease Control website which stated that raw milk is dangerous. In response to McAfee’s message, the CDC analyzed the evidence and agreed to make some slight changes to the wording on the site, but did not change a reported death from Salmonella Typhimurium in California as a result of raw milk consumption.

Strangely enough, McAfee found that the state was not reporting that death. Bringing this information to the CDC led to only unanswered questions.

It wasn’t until McAfee filed a Freedom of Information Act request that the CDC responded further.

It was at that time that he discovered the death was actually a result of queso fresco consumption, the cheese banned under FDA regulations.

What happened next was a landmark event in the fight for raw milk freedom:

An answer came back to McAfee last week from an unnamed official of the CDC’s information office (, stating:
“The death mentioned in an earlier email was from an unpasteurized dairy product, queso fresco, made from raw milk.”
This is monumental, as the CDC is now admitting that the death was a result of queso fresco consumption, not raw milk. Statistics are integral in the war over food freedom, making the new evidence critical . The CDC has been stating that raw milk caused 2 deaths between 1998 and 2008, though they fail to mention that illegal cheese was involved in at least one. How long before the CDC reveals the second death also involved the banned cheese?

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Anonymous said...

I know this guy! I buy, and I drink Organic Pastures Milk. IT ROCKS. I buy it for my family every Saturday in Glendale California. It's worth every penny.

Umar said...

Not bad

Anonymous said...

A child could have told you raw milk was safe.
It's time we satarted weeding out these imbeciles.

RICK said...

CERTAIN people making TOOOO much money out of treated milk.hiding the truth

Ed said...

It's about total control of the masses at every level.

"Know, accept and take your place under the heel of the NWO you serfs!"

Anonymous said...

Ed nailed it.

"It's about total control of the masses at every level."

Which only means it has to be fought at every level. If you dig into local government, and their finance I be you find corruption. (I did every time I looked, and the more I looked the more broken garbage I found.) Notice the corporate media won't talk about (CAFR) Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, there is 0 hits on their websites. Go look for yourself, but then ask yourself why are they protecting CAFR?

~ anonymous #2

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