Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vaccine Induced Inflammation Linked to Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Vaccine induced inflammation could be partly responsible for the type 2 diabetes epidemic, as well as soaring metabolic syndrome rates.

In a little-known press release, Dr. J. Barthelow Classen found a 50% decrease in type 2 diabetes following the discontinuation of the tuberculosis vaccine.

The findings note that the reduction was observed after a single vaccine was removed from the equation.

Published in The Open Endocrinology Journal, Dr. Classen asserted that the increase in these conditions is a result of a hyperactive immune system leading to autoimmune destruction of insulin secreting cells.
“The current data shows that vaccines are much more dangerous than the public is lead to believe and adequate testing has never been performed even in healthy subjects to indicate that there is an overall improvement in health from immunization. The current practice of vaccinating diabetics as well as their close family members is a very risky practice,” says Dr. J. Barthelow Classen.
Vaccine inflammation prompts powerful cortisol response

Dr. Classen also found that other individuals produce increased amounts of cortisol, an immune suppressing hormone, as a result of vaccine inflammation. The body produces cortisol to fight the inflammation that is occurring due to the vaccine, however, the cortisol in turn actually lowers immune function. This is essentially a recipe for disaster, one that Dr. Classen says can lead to type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

To further support the concept, the study found that Japanese children in particular develop an increased production of cortisol following immunization. Compared to white children, this cortisol response is much more significant. Providing further evidence, Japanese children actually have higher rates of type 2 diabetes but a  lower rates of insulin dependent diabetes compared to Whites. This is due to the lower cortisol response being attributed to type 1 diabetes, whereas a higher response is linked to type 2 diabetes.

This also explains why type 1 diabetics are generally leaner than type 2, since elevated cortisol levels prompt weight gain.


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Anonymous said...

Except that there is no diabetes epidemic. The rate of diabetes has not changed. The only thing different is we are actively looking for diabetes and finding it earlier. I guess we will have to find something else to blame vaccines for...

Anonymous said...

Diabetes is an epidemic in the African American communities. So I guess, that doesn't make an epidemic to you! It's big business, slowly killing people who are diagnosed with diabetes. It ruined a many kidneys! Why, there are dialysis centers all over the place. I have not met not one person who is on dialysis that have received a new kidney from a donor. However, people are getting shot everyday in the hood and the good citizens in the hood needing a new kidney do not benefit from this. All they suffer from is the trauma. Kidney is flown far away to someone who don't really give a damn. Let me reiterate, there is an epidemic I don't need the AMA to tell me that it is.

Anonymous said...

Troll - A commenter supporting the officially approved position on an issue who will not identify himself.

Anonymous said...

News like this is frustrating to find out because of the long history I've had to deal with diabetes. I hope people become more aware and more preventive measures are taken. I usually go to and look for new ways to go about bettering myself because of diabetes.

tal said...

There has long been a known association between vaccination and diabetes but people need to visit the links themselves because this author gets it wrong:

"the increase in these conditions is a result of a hyperactive immune system leading to autoimmune destruction of insulin secreting cells."

It is Type I diabetes in which the insulin secreting cells are destroyed.

It is type II diabetes in which the body becomes desensitized to insulin resulting in so-called metabolic syndrome/diabetes.

Go to the provided links and get the real story. It's even worse than indicated here.

LadyRavenhaire said...

Look the government is trying to kill us by the time we're 50 with vaccines, gmo corn& soy, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, irradiated fruits & processed meats. Oh & let's not forget Fluoride in the water & lead & mercury from coal-burning plants. 20% of the US population didnt make it to 50 in the 2000 census. Interesting the government has upped the levels of poisons in our food, water, & air since this census. So watch what you eat, drink, etc..

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