Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jerry Brown vetoes industrial hemp bill

Editor's Note: Don't you just love living in a free 'democracy'?

Hemp - Wiki image
Sacramento Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown today vetoed legislation that would have permitted the cultivation of industrial hemp in California, though the Democratic governor didn't seem happy about it.

Senate Bill 676, by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would have created an eight-year, pilot program for the cultivation of industrial hemp in Imperial, Kern, Kings and San Joaquin counties.

In a veto message, Brown said federal law considers industrial hemp to be a regulated, controlled substance, and that failure to obtain a federal permit would subject California farmers to federal prosecution.

"Although I am not signing this measure, I do support a change in federal law," Brown said in a veto message. "Products made from hemp - clothes, food, and bath products - are legally sold in California every day. It is absurd that hemp is being imported into the state, but our farmers cannot grow it."

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Anonymous said...


hemp is a great thing

King of the Paupers said...

Jct: Hidden agenda always wins. What a disappointment to ban the hemp tree.


Throughout all history, hemp's been a plant of great repute,
Four months to grow a mini-tree of twenty foot from shoot,
More oxygen converted from dioxide-carbon smogs,
Four times more wood than forestry can chop trees into logs.
A hardy plant, insecticides and fertilizers, not,
It grows so tall the shade kills weeds for fertile garden plot.
It's source of protein primary for man and beast alike,
The best plant used for finger in environmental dike.

With petro-fuels with sulfur being burned into the air,
A fuel of bio-mass would help environmental care.
Hemp fuel, hemp paints, hemp varnishes, hemp fibers, cloth and rope,
Hemp fertilizer, oil and plastics, medicines of hope.
The industry of dirty petro-chemicals may fear,
It's nature's agri-chemicals we'll substitute, it's clear.
The chance that we may yet evade environmental doom,
With planet's fastest-growing vegetable, no need for gloom.

While alcohol debases, vibes of negative grow strong,
The laughing grass makes calm and jolly, wishing no one wrong.
There's never been recorded death from cannabis, they say,
It's sedative that fits receptors in our DNA.
For crops of untold uses which can soon be realized,
Our greatest source of bio-mass must first be legalized.
The Abolitionists charge that "On lies are based these laws."
Abolishing hemp prohibition is our second cause.

Anonymous said...

Way to cower, Moonbeam. A freakin pilot program for an incredibly useful industrial crop and you have to wait for the utterly corrupt federal govt to lead the way?

Anonymous said...

Get a new governor, California. You couldn't get it right when you voted in a fascist former actor. Then you decided to elect a has-been. The last decent governor you had, you recalled! What's wrong with you people?!

Anonymous said...

the federal govt has based the laws on lies we need to end their control of our farms and return freedom to the people the laws were passed to give the petro chemical big wigs a free ride on our back as usual congres didnt so its job

Anonymous said...

Land of the free, home of the brave? And we can't even grow a PROVEN beneficial crop when the economy is already in the crapper? Once again corporations and their need to protect their source of income takes precedence over the needs of the American people! Shame on Jerry Brown for not taking a stand and doing what is RIGHT! This land is NOT free and we definitely need more bravery!

Anonymous said...

The feds are making a lot of money with the cartels (Fast and Furious), and are pushing back hard at any activity that can be perceived as cutting into their action.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:24, The choice was between this has-been clown and the fascist former e-bay CEO who campaigned saying exactly the same crap the fascist former actor did. No choice as usual.

With this, his assault on the 2nd amendment and his "Dream Act" (I dreamed we were up to our butts in illegals) I hope we get to recall this POS.

Anonymous said...

We don't want you damn peasants growing your own food, medicine and fuel. Who would pay the loan on our huge commercial chemical refinery. Who would pay the salary and retirements of the jailer of all our criminal dope growers. Who would pay for the black budget that our military and intel community gets from illegal drugs. Who would control the people once they become free willed and unruley. We all know the post office would thrive again if they delivered medical majuarana. I vote for change and J.B. and B.O. need to either make it happen now or Ron Paul will. Quit cowering to Big Corp interest and private bankers.

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