Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unacceptable Emotions Soon to be Analyzed in Airports

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

A recent article published by the BBC entitled “New Emotion Detector Can See When We’re Lying,” introduces a new concept to the prison camp known as Western airports -- the addition of “emotion detectors.” The “new” technology is essentially a system of video cameras connected to “a high-resolution thermal imaging sensor and a suite of algorithms.”

The idea behind the most recent Big Brother system being implemented at British airports, or at least the one that is being touted by the security state, is that since humans give away their emotions through a variety of unconscious means, the ability to read these facial cues would greatly enable security agents to interpret the intentions and the honesty of potential terrorists and thereby thwart coming attacks. In order to do this, the surveillance system uses eye movements, dilated pupils, biting, nose wrinkling, heavy breathing, pressing lips together, blinking, swallowing, and other facial movements. The system also detects swelling blood vessels around the eyes.

As Professor Hassan Ugail from Bradford University, a leading researcher on the project, states, “We bring together all this well-established work on expressions, these recent developments in thermal imaging, techniques for image tracking of subjects and our new algorithms into one operational system.”  Ugail has also stated that he believes he will eventually be able to detect those who are lying with an accuracy rate of around 90%, even though it is currently far less effective than that, and admittedly will never be 100%.  Regardless, the system is ready to be deployed even during a time of heightened fear and paranoia that is leading to millions being added to terror databases or no-fly lists for the slightest suspicions.

Both the article and the researchers (as they are quoted in the article), are also quite deceptive in their presentation. Although the system is presented as a new and much-improved version of the lie detector, the fact is that these systems are not lie detectors at all. They are emotion detectors.

By reading the facial cues listed above, the technology can detect emotions such as fear, nervousness, anger, anxiety etc. These emotions can often be symptoms of one who is lying, but they are not guarantees by any means. Indeed, even the BBC article states that this system only detect emotions “such as distress, fear or distrust, and not the act of lying itself.” In short, experiencing one or more of these emotions does not equal lying -- these days it equals flying.

Anyone who does not experience at least one of the "trigger" emotions as they get groped, blasted with radiation, yelled at, or intimidated by bomb-sniffing dogs, heavily armed police, and moronic goons is simply not capable of much feeling.

Even without the obnoxious security measures implemented in airports, the normal stresses of travel provide plenty of opportunities to experience negative emotions. Long lines, screaming children, jet lag, inconsiderate fellow travelers, etc can all be taxing enough.

However, with the rape downs occurring at every airport in the Western world, the cancer-causing  body scanners, and the constant harassment  of travelers for every possible “out of the ordinary” act (even going to the bathroom), it is quite hard to believe that traveling through an airport could evoke any emotion other than fear, distress, distrust, or anger.  I, myself, have been through the notorious airport screeners and, I have to say, I was not happy when I got to the other side of security.  There is little doubt that, had an emotion scanner been in place in any of the airports I went through, I would have been pulled aside for extra questioning.

Yet, ironically, it is not only the behavior of the TSA and all the other “go along to get along” enforcers that provokes traveler anxiety. The constant fear mongering of the media and the government about the possibility of being blown to bits by foreign or domestic extremists every time one enters a public building might also be cause for some genuine feelings of fear and distress. Now the traveler will be harassed and questioned for the crime of feeling the fear that the system told him he must feel to begin with!

But the issue is not the effectiveness of the technology; the issue is whether law-abiding, innocent travelers should be subjected to screening and pre-crime surveillance. Considering the blatant abuse of power and uncontrollable behavior of the security agents in airports the world over, if anyone should be subjected to emotional behavioral screening based on their actions it should be those doing the bidding of this tyrannical system.

Indeed, if innocent people are forced to virtually strip naked, have their genitals groped and prodded, be subjected to cancer-causing radiation, and the verbal, sometimes physical, abuse of security agents, then be told to endure all of this without feeling the natural emotions of anger, distrust, or distress, then it seems the issue of Freedom vs. Security has been settled. Unfortunately, both have been severely compromised.

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies and Five Sense Solutions.


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Anonymous said...

New emotion detector can see when we're lying

I'd love to point one of these at a politician!


Paul Panza said...

It's time to wear veils, masks and make-up as it seems that Halloween is here to stay. Trick or treat!

Anonymous said...

These will never work on me because I lie all the time. I'm even lying now.

Joe - Sydney said...

What if you point it at the designers, or the author of the BBC article, while they try to sell the features of the, undoubtedly fantastically expensive system, and it reports that they're lying? Is it working then, or not?

inretrospect said...

To anonymous, September 14, 2011 3:41am, who said:

"These will never work on me because I lie all the time. I'm even lying now"

You may be lying, but it can't be emotionally detected unless we can see your face grimace when an energized 14 inch taser probe is shoved up your ass.

This entire matter reminds me of the religious inquisitions during the Salem witch trials, where an accused woman was tied into a chair and dunked in a tank of water: if she drowns, she is innocent; if she lives, she is guilty.

borky said...

I don't know if Americans suffer the same thing, but a syndrome well known to British people is to become aware a store detective is monitoring you and to immediately feel guilty - even though you've done nothing!

So if this system was used on the average British shopper 100% of them'd be immediately found guilty - of nothing!

borky said...

And what a wonderful toy this'll prove in the hands of zealots on every side of ALL the fences!

Now it won't be enough to simply not say the 'wrong' thing, or even to denounce the 'wrong' thing - your eyebrow too mustn't twitch in the 'wrong' way.

Anonymous said...

Good article but I do wish you'd get your technology right. Lie detectors work by detecting one's emotions and therefore, emotion detectors are nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Another scam to liberate funds that should be better spent. This system is reported as being about %60 accurate, that means that it would give Blair a %40 reading re telling the truth. When it is clear that the Lord Protector of Paedophiles lied 100% of the time.

Operation Ore Google it

Anonymous said...

Psychopaths are great liars and they usually choose positions of power (e.g., politicians, murderers, etc). Consider Casey Anthony. I read the only difference between a law abiding psychopath and a non-law abiding psychopath is the way they were raised. Both are still good liars.

Anonymous said...

Face crime

Mark of the Wild West said...

I got the treatment at the Airport after writing a newspaper piece critical of Bush... I just don't fly anymore... join me.

Anonymous said...

Well, when you put sexual deviants in TSA uniforms and then tell them to molest anyone they want to...what type of "security" are you putting in place? Security to protect sexual diviation!

These idiots wouldn't know a bad guy from a good guy because, they are trained to look at everyone as bad!

LastTruePatriot said...

What is an unacceptable emotion and who decides? I do believe that all of us will become targets of this unreliable system. Travel by flying will seem to be a less desirable mode of transport for a lot of people because of this type of police state mentality. When enough of us refuse to ever go to an airport in the future, then maybe they will get the message! The era of the "pre-crime" arrests of Minority Report are here, my sheeple. This also reminds me of another great movie which deals with emotions and jack booted thugs called "Equilibrium" that has Christian Bale and Taye Diggs in the starring roles.....look it up, it will amaze you!

Anonymous said...

I love my bad attitude. I am angry and I have every god damned right to be angry. Fuck the globalist fascist banker-state, their financial ponzi schemes, their phoney baloney protection racket and their ass-sniffing sheep dogs in uniform. The people are waking up to the game, and awakening to their power. There will be changes made.

Anonymous said...

What about Aunt Flo making her monthly visit or just the character of the person. People say I am always down and look tired, yet, it's just my normal look. Am I a terrorist? Maybe in their "eyes".

Anonymous said...

Simple. Just lie about lying, and you'll end up telling the truth!

Anonymous said...

Those agents who go overboard need to be fired but how in the hell are you supposed to keep these muslim terrorists trying to kill off planes since obviously when you are in an airplane you are a captive audience with no where to run or hide.
Why not force all muslims to ride in separate planes from non-mulims?

Anonymous said...

They don't need any detectors to determine my emotions about these sons of bitches.......

Anonymous said...

Many are not flying any more. TSA should be banned. It violates law, not codes or statutes, but law. The airlines should be feeling the loss of revenue.

We won a free vacation for 3 days and 4 nights, to our choice of 4 destinations, but declined it . We told them as long as TSA is at airports and we had the choice of scanners or being felt up, we were not interested in flying.

Political Atheist said...

I'm thinking . . . TACOS!

Political Atheist said...

Let's run Barry "da Hustla" Sotero through this and watch it explode like the Death Star!

Anonymous said...

When enough people will refuse to fly, THEY will implement more 'security measures' to other mass transit means. Then the highways (checkpoints), then housing zones - they don't intend to stop at the airports, they just start where people have less choice, so that people will be more accepting.

Anonymous said...

Is all the groping, radiating, yelling and intimidating only for commercial flight passengers? In other words, does flying chartered make you exempt from suspicion? If so (warning - sarcasm coming) you don't have to stop flying, you just have to cough up the $25,000 to fly to Costa Rica for the weekend. What, you can't afford that? Your betters can.

BajaJoes said...

I curse the tsa....daily!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Hapax. This isn't about any kind of real detection of negative emotions... one bottom line is the continuation of Prof Hassan and Bradford University's funding (while UK University funding disintegrates around them). I mean: "emotion detection" at airports... how's that supposed to work? Last time I went through I had done 2 Valium and six bong hits of Haze... I was so unstressed I was more horizontal than anything else.

Further, here's us guys hanging around on Activist Post, right? "Activist"... hmmm thinks Fed anal-yst, must be some anti NWO crypto-National Socialist types... run their IPs... cross-reference on some DHS supercomputer... red-flag to TSA ... the security goon presses a beepbeep button on the so-called "Emotion Detector" as soon as the Known Activist passes through, and before you know it said Known Activist is having his/her ass deep-probed by the TSA with a live HD Sheeple Porn video feed straight to Bankster Central.

Anonymous said...

It's not about your expressions...maybe to an extent but not really.It's not about children in Michigan being overweight being considered child abuse.
In Holland is it that if you are sad,or ill you can get euthanasia!
Breathing is a crime but they just aren't ready for you yet but they would like you to play along with the terrorism/security ruse until you are totally fleeced and no longer useful.
Your Co2 output is poison.
You have to go.At least with excuses like this you will go willingly for as long as they can keep you in their spell.
However...I understand that soon all the deadbeat useless eaters who have that unpayable national debt that are breathing in the air,and using up the fresh water.
The people that own all these human resources
(this means you)are getting some efficient new water production units being placed in the US.
You see cremation isn't Co2 friendly and deadly mercury gets in the atmosphere from the safe fillings in your mouths after brushing your teeth with all that fluoride that kept them from getting cavities !
Yes they are going to liquify the bodies!
There is a bonanza of fresh water concealed in the useless eater.It's win win for the environment.
Now that is real capitalization on human resources and creating fresh water for the cities water supplies!
Just go along with the people securing America.I'm sure it's all necessary!
Technology has come a long way.I'm sure it works as advertised! PS Obama declared your children sexual beings Aug 28.You'll see! The experts know best!Just be glad they care about you!

Anonymous said...

Yet, our Borders still remain Wide open, our Immigration laws remain unenforced and Legal USA Citizens are still forced to pay for ILLEGAL ALIENS who have no right to be here with still no E-VERIFY being forced on Every Employer and ending Birthright Citizenship still isn't being used on those Anchor Babies to end their automatic citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Every man, woman and child in this country should be trained to a detective. Because nothing is as it appears in this country. Absolutely nothing!
You can be sure that when government defines its objective for stated agency, or policy, or anything for that matter, it's the opposite of what they say.
TSA is an agency, not to protect from terrorism; however, rather, to terrorize citizens in order to profit from the new surveillence industrial complex, and to control.
All the alphabet agencies are designed with the intention of protecting and enabling the government/power elite to forward their agenda first and foremost. If an American citizen happens to benefit every once in a while, and they do, more than likely, they're the exception, not the rule.

Anonymous said...

So umm... Once they've searched you and established that you don't have a bomb, drugs or sharp object - Why the need to see what you're thinking?

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