Monday, September 5, 2011

Police State Roundup: 15 Reasons Why I Choose Not to Live in the USSA

Number Six
Activist Post

I left the United Soviet States of Amerika (USSA) five years ago and never looked back. Upon discovering that government forces executed what I learned was a “false flag operation” (thank you Loose Change), that the economy was one giant Ponzi scheme (thank you G. Edward Griffin) and that there truly did exist a movement for totalitarian world government mirroring Biblical depictions (thank you Alex Jones), I figured I had some soul-searching to do.

I have long been dismayed at the barrage of totalitarian news coming out of Fascistan. Sometimes, in the chaos of “third world” countries where I tend to reside, you actually have more freedom because the typical “first world” police state laws either don’t exist or nobody bothers to follow them. You can slip through the cracks. Heck, I’d driven a car for years without the correct papers.

Here, we are allowed to sell candy, puppies or hamburgers on the side of pretty much any street; authorities would likely agree with you that 9/11 was an inside job, and so forth. The free-market stimulates growth, while collectivist government destroys pretty much anything it touches. 

Sure, the USSA is not unique, but what was once the spearhead of freedom has become the spearhead of tyranny, and nobody got the memo. 

My fellow fluoride-head citizen and Platonic cave-dweller, I give thanks. Without you, none of this would have been possible. While those of us thoughtful and careful enough to read countless tomes and research endless laws and events, you continually deride us. For some of you there is yet hope.

In the land of freedom, the following is a dish served hot.

As a citizen of the USSA:

1) I am no longer guaranteed the right to private property.
Authorities may arrive upon my sovereign territory unannounced, without proper paperwork and force me to demolish my own home before being shooed off the premise. (Not to mention that citizens must pay thousands of dollars in annual feudal fees known as "property taxes". In many other “third world” countries, the fee is so miniscule I shall not even mention it).

Source #1

2) I am no longer guaranteed the right to sell lemonade for 10 cents,
even on my own property. (Oh yeah, that’s right I forgot, private property doesn’t exist).

Source #2, 2a

3) I can no longer, never mind sell, consume my own food products. 

Source #3, 3a

4) I can no longer feed the homeless
(with the food I am not allowed to produce or sell).

Source #4

5) I can no longer BE homeless.

Source #5

6) I am no longer allowed exercise of my so-called rights to publicly record audio or video
(i.e. of police) from the safety of my own property (which I am not allowed to own).

Source #6

7) I am no longer guaranteed the right to own a business.

Source #7

8) I can no longer safely use a cell phone on a street corner without being mauled by authorities.

Source #8

9) I can no longer paint in the open air.

Source #9

10) I can no longer travel freely without authority sticking its hands down my pants.

Source #10, 10a

11) My child can no longer freely ride a bicycle.

Source #11

12) I can no longer freely drive a car without the FBI tracking me.

Source #12

13) I can no longer make jokes in public.

Source #13

14) I can no longer hand out eternal salvation.

Source #14

15) I can no longer believe the truth
(i.e. Ron Paul is our political savior, the New World Order is real, etc.)

Source #15, 15a, 15b

Having said that, the reality is that soon there will be no place to hide (as I once personally thanked G. Edward Griffin over lunch, for penning those thoughts decades ago; mind-boggling the places and characters one can wind up with, truth truly is stranger than fiction!).

I’ve been blessed to traverse the high plains of Central Asia, the majestic seaside of the Mediterranean and the chaos of Latin America. The fog of creeping fascism has spread far and wide, its global media and indoctrination systems spreading rapidly.

For those that claim it unpatriotic to expatriate, here is a musing on that. The same might say that it is unpatriotic to question 9/11 or endless wars of death and destruction. Kind of ironic, what did the forefathers do when they faced persecution? They fled to new lands to live as free men. It is important to fight for freedom, wherever you are. Remember, they don't call it a "Global War on Freedom" (GWOF) for nothing. We can all take daily stabs at the beast.

There are two (2) basic options:

1) Stand and fight:

2) Expatriate and fight.

Both will be needed in time of crisis. Some need to go down the well, others need to hold the rope.


“The death-machine ain’t slowing down, it’s gaining pound for pound.”

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful article. Thanks for throwing us - still in the USSA - a scrap.

I also plan to expatriate asap. And to all the fools who might say "the grass is always greener", shove off! I'm going where there aint no grass at all.

Anonymous said...

Good article, sadly too many will ignore or dismiss it.

The important thing to remember about the NWO cult is that their primary goal is to establish a 'New World Order', and that means destroying the existing Judeo-Christian world order that has dominated the world for thousands of years now(as the Georgia Guide-stones mention).

There is evidence they had tried in the past and failed but they are succeeding now thanks to Nazism, Zionism, Bolshevism, Capitalism, etc., and their global domination and control of the monetary system that allows unlimited funding for their mission(s).

Zionism is bringing about and using biblical prophecy to achieve it's goals in line with the NWO, but those biblical prophecies say that Israel and much of the Jewish race will be destroyed as the result of their Zionism.

If they really are Jewish fanatics that believe their god granted them Palestine/Israel why would they push an agenda that will likely result in their own destruction as prophesied by that same god?

Zionism, like Nazism, Bolshevism, Capitalism and practically every other modern "ism" has it's origin's with the NWO cult and their mission to finally dismantle the Judeo-Christian order.

Biblical prophecy says modern Zionist Israel was created and is run by "false Jews" who call themselves Jews but are really of the synagogue of Satan(Lucifer), and the modern Roman Catholic Church is now under Luciferian occupation with it's seat of power in the city of Babylon(Vatican City) and under control of the Anti-Christ.

It's too late to do much about it though if you believe the prophecies, as all the kings and leaders of the world already have been to Babylon and bowed before the anti-Christ Pope(s) as is one of the key symbols of the end times.

Note that bowing before anyone or anything other than the one true God or his son Jesus Christ is considered sacrilegious, you are placing that thing or person in a position of a false-idol by bowing to(worshiping) them.

The Pope gets bowed down to and worshiped frequently, appropriate since he claims more power than God himself as he gets to interpret what God actually means with his words...

The false Jewish Zionists and the Anti-Christ Pope and the "Jesuit Order" of the Babylonian Church are all part of the Illuminati/NWO cult.

Note how it has all gone down - all the different denominations breaking away from the real Church and establishing their Novus Ordo(New Order) Churches that strayed from the path of "righteousness", now returning to the "mother church", the Babylonian Church.

The Illuminati know that all those Judeo-Christian/Abrahamic religions are based on the same ancient mythology, though they have a messed up view of it themselves in my opinion. Nonetheless that knowledge of mythical origins for all religions is one of the primary elements involved in their "enlightenment".

That "enlightenment" allows them to easily manipulate those other religions for their own purposes, namely bringing about their destruction by using them against each other.

Divide and conquer. Kill 2(3,4,5,6..) birds with one stone. Or however you want to put it...

The world isn't run by the Jews, the Jews that are involved in it aren't even real Jews but Illuminati cultists so technically there are no real Jews involved directly. The real Jews are just patsies being set up for their own destruction as a means to an end for the cult.

But Zionism is their main political and military weapon right now so the focus needs to be on rendering it harmless.

They need to establish Greater Israel first for their plans to advance, so we should not sit back and just allow that to happen when the time comes(possibly very soon).

Anonymous said...

Also to add to my last comment - They are not a "secret society", they are just a cult plain and simple.

A cult built, led and filled with psychopaths who wholly embrace the idea of themselves being god-like and everyone else being sub-human, existing only for their exploitation and to worship them.

Jewish Zionism is a natural cover for Illuminati psychopaths as Judaism being the closest of the Abrahamic religions to what the Illuminati believe promotes the notion of them being "chosen ones" and god-like as well.

Such a belief in supremacy over all other beings is a necessity for most psychopaths.

Anything that publicly reaffirms that view is sought out almost like an addiction - positions of power in corporate and government sectors, command positions in military forces, positions of power in religious institutions, etc.

Judaism offers that needed feeling of supremacy and comes with international recognition of such as everyone knows the Jews are the "chosen ones", it naturally attracts psychopaths whether connected to the NWO or not.

Systems like Zionist Judaism, Bolshevism, Nazism and modern Americanism are psychopathic in and of themselves by the nature of the systems and thus they force those who follow them to become psychopaths as well if they weren't already as they must shed their empathy for their victims in order to survive and "go with the flow" of the system.

Empathy is a wonderful thing, constantly sought out to be destroyed by those who have none and don't understand why anyone else does either.

Mix a cultist religious belief with that kind of psychopathic behavior and you get the Illuminati/NWO.

And for those who can't understand how any human being could be so evil as to plot something like a global mass extermination - the only people who would even consider such a thing are psychopaths, and psychopaths have absolutely zero empathy for their victims.

Those a psychopath may have some empathy for or have attachment too usually are kept close and brought into a fraternal like relationship to be used by the psychopaths for their own purposes.

To a psychopath their victims are gentiles, less than dogs, sub-human, neanderthals, parasites, cancers of the Earth, etc.

They literally look at killing human beings they have no empathy for as being no different than the average non-psychopathic person's view of killing flies, or ants in their house, etc.

To them this world is their house and the rest of us are unwelcome visitors, unless you serve them and worship them and their money and power and superiority over us.

Don't mistake those psychopaths that would be leading such an inhuman mission for being anything close to human beings, they lack that which makes us animals human - empathy and sympathy.

The only way you could truly understand them would be to become a psychopath yourself, and you don't want that as that solves nothing.

They are not evil in my view, there is no such thing as good and evil. They simply are not truly human.

That is not to say that I believe their cultist belief's of themselves being human-alien hybrid gods or any such thing though.

Just think of all the Illuminati people as replica's of Charles Manson, only with much bigger dreams of death and destruction and the money and power to largely hide their psychopathy from the public.

But I'll end the rant here.

Anonymous said...

Great article number 6 and Activist Post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Understood & Agreed.....

Kelly Johnson said...

Great article! Unfortunately too many people just bend over and take it without a word. I'm still at the trying to inform stage, but most don't want to hear it. It's sad really...

Anonymous said... Notice the connections between the Zionist and the Rothschilds. It amazes me no matter how much information and evidence is presented concerning the Zionist you are at the least critized for even mentioning it.The Whitehouse is even afraid of the Mossad.Zionist control our country and our government.Research will prove me right.More Americans need to research the Illuminati.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes! As a fugitive from Canada I moved to Costa Rica more than a decade ago.
It's been tough at times, but then....
I came back to Canada to ease (or so I thought) the hardships in making money.

Yikes, Harper is the perfect cross between Bush and Obama, (better hair,of course), what a pile of crap, there too. Canada is now too, committed to freeing anybody who breathes while curbing any and all freedoms at home. War mongers like the rest of them. I am ashamed of the country I voluntary chose as my home land 30 odd years ago. Next move is further south, further from the beast and it's disciples.

In one aspect you are all wrong though. It doesn't go back to the zionists or the jews. It all goes back to the british empire! They created the jewish state. They "lost" from a bunch of hicks in the americas. They "lost" in india and pakistan. They "lost" in Egypt. NOT ON YOUR LIVE! They are the masters of manipulation, they are the masters of misinformation, and the ONLY empire which was able to handle the vatican and win! A pact which now connects the three independent states of London, The Vatican and Washington DC.

Anonymous said...

So where is a good city/country to move to?

Anonymous said...

I also left the USSA (mainland) in 1976 (Hawaii) and came to India in 1978. In the 80's I was at a friend's house and saw a small book by Noam Chomsky; picked it up and starting reading - he was explaining that the US had control of 50% of the world's resources after WWII and feeling that to be pretty cushy, decided to keep it going for ALAP. Foreign policy and other policies thus were molded with this goal foremost. It was perceived at one point, that one of the biggest obstacles to complete hegemony was that some little country down in Central or S.America might become completely self-sufficient, no longer dependent on Uncle Sam. Seeing this to be a humongous threat, they sent the CIA down there to terrorize the villagers, tying the women upside down from trees, peeling the skin off their faces and cutting off their breasts, leaving them to bleed to death. With a shudder I put the book down and said to myself, "If I never set foot in that God-forsaken country again, I will consider myself to be very, very lucky."

SuZen said...

I saw what was coming, sold my home in 2004 before the crash, am now relaxing in C. America where I am basically ignored. It's a simple life, but I am free (so far, so good). USSA will have to do a 180 before I ever return.

Myke said...

Very interesting stuff. So far my call is to stay & fight. I disagree with the giant conspiricy going back to the Rothschilds or the Jews or the British Empire.
It far deeper and ancient. The conspiricy we face is the one mankind has always faced. There is but one cure, there never has been any other, it is the old, old story. The only cure is the Blood of Jesus. It is the foot of the Cross.

Anonymous said...

dont think i will move there ever now

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