Monday, August 22, 2011

World Bank ready to help Libya

The World Bank said it has been monitoring
Libya's economic situation
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WASHINGTON (AFP) - The World Bank said Monday it has been monitoring Libya's economic situation and would be guided by member countries on resuming its activities with the country.

"Guided by our shareholders, the Bank will reengage with Libya just as soon as we can be helpful in the country's recovery," the 187-nation development lender said in an emailed statement.

"For the duration of the conflict to the extent possible we have monitored Libya's economic situation in coordination with the UN but we have had no staff in Tripoli since earlier on in the year," it said.

The World Bank comments came as world leaders hailed the rebel takeover of Tripoli, urging Libyan strongman Moamer Kadhafi to admit defeat.

The rebels' dramatic push to wrest full control of the Libyan capital from Kadhafi loyalists was seen as the end-game in the six-month uprising against his 42-year rule.

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Anonymous said...

Debt slavers descend on carcass

wrh said...

Here we see the real agenda for the invasion and conquest of Libya; smash their state bank, destroy the gold dinar, and drop the Libyan people into the permanent debt-slavery of private central banks issuing debt-based currencies.

Anonymous said...

Now you know why NATO was so busy targeting infrastructure. To enslave the Libyan people in debt to rebuild it.

Anonymous said...

Makes you ashamed to be an American.. Sad times we live in.

Mouser said...

A one world currency issued by the zionist Rothschild NWO, fractionally backed by 500 billion dollars in gold bullion in BIS Switzerland.

IMF, World Bank, WTO and IBS are owned by the Rothschild consortium.

A private one world currency means a de facto one world government.

99.9% of the world will be debt slaves - literally.

Paulb said...

And in come the Zio-parasites to pick over the carcass.

Anonymous said...

Funny-Libya did not need the World Bank's help before the war. Kiss that debt-free status good bye oh and your gold bullion and frozen assets as well!

Anonymous said...

That is the kiss of death!

Anonymous said...

Read the Green Book. You will then understand why Ghaddafi was such a threat to WORLD ORDER. Libya is being liberated/raped by foreign countries with greedy agendas.

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