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Heroic young man sues TSA, airport after being illegally detained during peaceful protest of unconstitutional security protocols

"Liberty Groped" - Anthony Freda
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Aaron B. Tobey, a 21-year-old University of Cincinnati (UC) student from Charlottesville, Va., is one heroic young man that is unwilling to roll over and have his personal and constitutional rights violated by the illegal US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Recent reports indicate that following his illegal detainment at Richmond International Airport (RIA) back on December 30, 2010, Tobey is now pressing charges against both the federal government and RIA for violating his protected rights under the First, Fourth, Fifth, and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution.

The First Amendment, as most people are already aware, protects freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble, while the Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. The Fifth Amendment guards against government abuse during legal procedures, and the 14th Amendment contains the Due Process Clause that prohibits the government from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without certain steps being taken to ensure fairness.

The TSA, of course, violates all of these with its excessive and illegal airport security protocols, which involve searches and seizures without warrant or probable cause, abuse by government agents, and the deprivation of individual liberty through invasion of personal privacy and confiscation of personal property. And when Tobey decided to peacefully protest these violations by stripping down to his boxer shorts in the security line, revealing messages about them in large letters on his chest and torso, TSA agents and airport security harassed him, stole his personal property, and detained him for hours without probable cause.

Anand Agneshwar, the attorney representing Tobey, stated that TSA agents and airport security officials "humiliated and punished [Tobey] in direct retaliation for his protected act of peaceful protest, detaining and arresting him without probable cause, repeatedly searching his belongings, (and) seizing and discarding certain of his personal effects."

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Tobey's lawsuit against both RIA and the TSA alleges false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and violation of Tobey's rights under the First, Fourth, Fifth, and 14th Amendments. He is seeking $250,000 in compensatory damages, legal fees, and additional training for TSA agents.

You can watch surveillance footage of the TSA and airport security abuses against Tobey here: 

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Anonymous said...

I Curse The tsa....Daily!!

realcurrencies said...

I'm very sorry to ask the following question:
Why is this heroic?

The real question is: why is the TSA not swamped with this kind of thing?

It is incredible that so few object, so few fight this war. It is incredible that all the pundits writing on those wonderful 'truthmovement' blogs show no balls at all when there is such an easy fight to pick.

It is a disgrace that this is left to some 21 year old kid.

Where are all the men?

I've promised myself never to enter the States by plane, never will some idiot touch my balls and when they do, it will be war.

Anonymous said...

people have different ways of fighting. Try contributing towards ron paul campaign today and help elect someone who will get rid of the TSA.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Constitution of the United States is actually kaput. When was the last time any court ruled against the government that what they were doing was unconsitutional? Can anyone post a ruling? I think we need to stop thinking about using a document that doesn't exist any longer as a basis for a complaint.

More power to this young man but I think he's whistling in the wind.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the above comment. Actions like this are extremely commendable because they bring attention to the fact that the government is illegitimate, but bugger the Constitution, I never voted for it, you never voted for it, and it was written by a bunch of slave-owning pricks over 200 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Don't fly ever again if you don't like how they search and scan you. nuff said.. You have a choice to choose other transportation methods. But if you want to fly, you must comply.. If you want the laws changed, vote for somebody who will change it.. Your lawsuits will go nowhere as there are laws that were created to allow this type of search and scanning at the airport.. Until then, stop complaining..

Anonymous said...

People don't want to protest because it is a hassle. They rather watch dancing with the stars.

Anonymous said...

This outfit is an arm of the criminal syndicate merely posing as a governing body. Citizens have the legal and moral right to air travel absent sexual assault.
Air travel is not a privilege as this criminal enterprise chooses to call it. They have no legal or moral right to touch travelers under the lie of safety, security, etc.
This extends to any mode of travel inside the nation.
Criminal acts by the crime syndicate posing as government are not above legal prosecution and need to immediately cease being handled in such a sleazy and discriminatory basis.
The citizenry is under siege from this immoral hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

The point is what is going on with these "agents" touching other human beings GENITALS--INAPPROPRIATELY AND WITHOUT CAUSE, in order that they may be be permitted to board public transportation--is BS.

To still see uneducated hacks barking nonsense like "if you don't like it don't fly" is so compltely ignorant on so many levels, I scarcely know where to begin.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked:
"When was the last time any court ruled against the government that what they were doing was unconsitutional? Can anyone post a ruling?"

Here you go:

There's plenty of other examples, this is just the one that has happened in the past 10 days (whether or not you agree with it or think it will eventually be overturned)

TSA Agent said...

Back down! Yes don't EVER fly again. Back down! Give up your rights and stay away from airports. Soon we will have agents at all bus stations, shopping malls and the grocery store too. So don't use the bus, shop, or buy groceries. Keep backing down instead!!

Learn your place! Back down. Surrender to us. You are a slave!

Feel good to post a few comments on the web? That's about all we will allow you to do.

The point is that we humiliate you and control you. That's what dictators do. We ARE the government so no government court is going to rule against it's own king. Wishful thinking? You are powerless slaves. Just property for us to toy with.

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