Thursday, July 28, 2011

North Korea seeking formal end to Korean War along with a peace treaty with U.S.

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Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The nation of North Korea has been putting forth a diplomatic front that is completely opposed to the portrayal we have seen of this communist country in recent years.

A top-level North Korean diplomat arrived in New York this week in order to discuss the North Korean nuclear program.

It is now being reported that the diplomat, Vice Foreign Minister of North Korea Kim Kye-Gwan, has called for a treaty with America that would formally end the protracted Korean War.

The Korean War essentially ended in an armistice in 1953, yet the United States has kept over 28,000 troops in South Korea since the '50s cease-fire.

The dialogue is looking promising, at least as far as the North Korean’s willingness to come to the table is concerned.

However, the United States vehemently opposes the idea of giving any wiggle room to North Korea simply for coming back to the negotiations.

One assumes that North Korea is going to request something in exchange for whatever demands the United States makes in order to sign a peace treaty.

What these sacrifices will be no one can know for sure.

One can speculate, however, that they will likely request a troop withdrawal from South Korea.

If this request is made, this writer believes it is safe to assume the United States will not grant such a wish.

The fact is, without some compromises on the part of the United States, this unnecessarily difficult negotiation process will go nowhere.

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Anonymous said...

If our war-mongering government agreed to peace, anywhere, ever, I would fall over in surprise. It is no different that Israel and Palestine. If Palestine agreed to every single solitary demand Israel made, Israel would say no, come up with some excuse to continue what they are doing, and conflict would remain. Same with Korea. If North Korea accepted every demand made upon them for peace and reconciliation, the United States would come up with more demands. The US would never, ever accept anything that would end with a peace.

Alternative News said...

I wish I could say I disagree, unfortunately for everyone in the world, I cannot.

Anonymous said...

I agree with comment #1. Military Industrial Complex is making huge profits.

However, the US may make concessions to N. Korea to buy up whatever is left of citizen's holdings so they can financially continue their economic pillage against us.

What has Gov. Perry done -- sell our Texas roads to Centex who turns our highways into tollroads when the US economy has been raped?

What about George Soros, et al who are buying up flooded farmland in the US after HAARP and the Corps of Engineers conspired against the interests of the US citizens.

Nothing surprises me anymore. But I will say, these psychopathic thugs need a surprise from the people they think they have put to sleep!

Anonymous said...


Holocaust said...

Those dam communists want peace.


tripmaster said...

actually the fact of the matter is that north korea has been seeking a peace treaty or reassurance against further aggressions ever since the armistice. The US refuses to even come to the table bilaterally with north korea, insisting on 6 party talks. this isn't anything new, and it's a shame how much propaganda is peddled in regards to north korea here in the states. the information is out there and freely available to verify. but if you're getting your information from sound bytes and media reports, you know nothing about the truth in regards to korea.

for starters, you should know that korea was under japanese occupation since the early 1900's. this ended after japan lost to the US in WWII. upon japan's defeat, the US simply took over the occupation. korea was never liberated. period. Kim Il Sung, who happened to be a nationalist guerilla freedom fighter against the japanese at the time, naturally moved his attention to the new foreign invaders. russia of course did not like this either, so they took it upon themselves to give support to Kim Il Sung and his resistance. You have to understand that north korea's position is that they are fighting for their own sovereignty, and from their perspective, they are trying to expel foreign invaders, who have already captured the southern half of their country. 40% of their population was wiped out as a result of the korean war, and everything was obliterated completely. not a building was left standing, and north korea has never stopped being under the crosshairs of the US military, constantly in the compromised position of staring down a barrel of a loaded weapon ready to fire at any moment.

if any nation found themselves in this predicament, they would be seeking a peace treaty too.

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