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Living in the Shadows: A World of Black Ops and Cyber Wars

The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. -- John F. Kennedy

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A shadow has descended on freedom worldwide:  Congress is in the dark; sovereign foreign nations are in the dark; and the average American can't imagine that a world of espionage, black ops, psy ops, and the apparatus of a surveillance-industrial complex run by globalists has them in the crosshairs.

When exiting CIA director, Leon Panetta, openly admitted that shadow wars and black ops should be a strategy employed through direct military control by the CIA, it marked a new Dark Age. 
'(It's) appropriate for the head of such department or agency [read: CIA] to direct the operations of the element providing that military support while working with the Secretary of Defense.' A 'significant advantage of doing so,' he continued, 'is that it permits the robust operational capability of the U.S. Armed Forces to be applied when needed.'
That’s contentious: it would put the military in the territory of performing operations that the government can legally deny all knowledge of ordering... (Source)
A later response by Panetta to a question by Sen. McCain literally empowers Barack Obama to become a dictator, within a military dictatorship framework, as it heralds a philosophy of extralegal measures taken by the president "when needed" by the military:
'Senator, I believe very strongly that the president has the constitutional power as commander in chief to take steps that he believes are necessary to protect this country and protect our national interests,' said Panetta. 'And obviously, I think it's important for presidents to consult, to have the advice of Congress. But in the end, I believe he has the constitutional power to do what he has to do to protect this country.' (Source)
This statement is telling, as it refers to Congress as a place where a president should seek advice, not approval.  This assertion is the precise difference between a constitutional republic and an authoritarian dictatorship. 

Shadow wars and black ops have been conducted for decades, so only the naive could believe this is really something new.  In fact, the black budget of the Pentagon has grown into more like a black hole, and is estimated to be well over $50 billion per year, "more than the combined budgets of the Food and Drug Administration, the National Science Foundation and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration." (Source

What is new, however, is enshrining these methods as part of open U.S. strategy and a re-definition of the country itself.  And rather than something suspected to be on the horizon, we can see current U.S. behavior as indicative of non-accountable shadow operations having been embraced wholeheartedly.  There are currently five wars taking place simultaneously, with Libya and Yemen having bypassed Congress altogether.   Syria is surely coming soon, as military reports confirm a ground invasion is set for an October timeframe.

Each of the ongoing wars are run as though they are black ops missions:  secret prisons, torture centers, citizen surveillance, the fomenting of coups, and CIA-directed drones peppering the military theater and beyond. 

Simultaneously, as wars rage on in the real world, behind the scenes the U.S. government is funding a "shadow" Internet to help dissidents abroad circumvent government censorship through covert networks inside foreign countries.  This dovetails perfectly with think-tank documents such as Which Path to Persia? that admits to the tactics of funding and creating false revolutions to destabilize non-cooperative sovereign regimes and subsume them into the larger tyranny of democracy that they seek.  All of this is occurring amid a backdrop of high-profile corporate and governmental systems hacks that ultimately could lead to the freedoms of "non-combatants" becoming collateral damage in yet another shadow war. 

As Jen Soriano stated in an excellent article about the social fallout from shadow endeavors:
Shadow wars assault life, liberty and privacy under a fog of state deception.  Like the shape-shifting U.S. military, they do their dirty work in many ways...
Shadow wars smother human rights beneath the empire’s 'rights' to spy, torture and kill with impunity. The Orwellian specter of 'national security' is the untouchable excuse. (Source)
This mentality has allowed for targeted killings of American citizens, as well as the war on whistleblowers; a growing catalog of people compelled to expose the framework of lies and deceptions inherent in the shadow system who are now worthy of harassment, imprisonment, and torture.  

The shadow wars/black ops mentality has now quickly come home to roost, as it always must.  In just one example among a growing number of human rights abuses against peaceful activists, former FBI agent, now National Security Policy Council for the ACLU, Mike German, details the case of Scott Crow who has been surveilled for years without suspicion of any wrongdoing.  His 440-page file is indicative of a new American justice system being run by an intelligence agency mentality both abroad and at home that defines its mission by "assessments" of suspects and potential informants.

There is mounting evidence that the overseas shadow wars and the shadow wars in America are both being used to usurp the essential sovereignty of nations and the people who inhabit them.  The  overarching agenda of destabilization and imposition of a new world order is fast coalescing into manufactured terror threats real and virtual -- leading to wars real and virtual -- that are inhabited by a world of ghosts.

As we reflect upon John F. Kennedy's definition of an America of time past (real or just wished for), we must ask ourselves if we really want to live in a shadow world that grows darker by the day, or if we are courageous enough to turn on the lights and wake up from this nightmare.

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apeman2502 said...

Providing jobs for the otherwise unemployable, the U.S. death machine takes unwanted CFR TV-programmed chidren and turns them into dressed up psychopaths gunning down anybody who gets in their way.
All we have to do is order them do an about face and THIS story will have a happy ending.

Hank Maki said...

Truly sad.

Anonymous said...

And the black budget can keep the wars going even if Congress can cut off funding.

farmer said...

Wachovia gets caught laundering $420 billion in drug money. Legalize all drugs and this source of funds for CIA black ops will run dry. The U.S. is beginning to look like the Soviet Union with enormous systemic corruption. We are on the path to a failed state brought about by Zionist interests.

nines said...

Good last paragraph....

Anonymous said...

I concur with farmer. America has been hijacked...but this was foreseen. Since the beginning, the Federalists (Zionist Bankers) such as Alexander Hamilton (born Alexander Levine) have steered America towards this course. Jefferson warned us. Yet, the media has normalized the Federalists quest even going as far as promoting a mini-series on Federalist hack John Adams (instead of chosing Thomas Jefferson). Few Americans know the difference between Federal vs. National. Today, the two are blurred yet are fundamentally different...enough to cause the great Civil War. Obama is a Zionist hack, and, as Joseph Stalin so correctly said, "It isn't the King, but the Court..." So true. The concepts of Freedom and Safety are contradictory, not synonymous, as Benjamin Franklin pointed out. And, as Herman Goering pointed out, "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it" prevails. Today, if you are educated, honest and transparent, you do not stand a chance of success. Gone are the values we thought we stood for...and now we are the Constitution of 1787 always allowed for slavery and still does. Just that now, you cannot be a slave based exclusively on skin color. The pool of available slaves was increased....not abolished as commonly believed. This 4th of July...go ask any law professor if the Declaration of Independence is "law", as Lincoln said as much in his Gettysburg Address (4 score and 7 equates to 04 July 1776, not 17 Sept 1787). That great Civil War now lost, the next target (already disposed of) is the Bill of Rights. Soon, all law will be gone and the "ends justifies the means" becomes the rationalized defacto law (ever wonder why all case law is not publish?). Say goodbye to America because it is now a slave owners paradise (ever wonder why so many non-slave owners in the antebellum South were willing to fight and die for the minority slave owners? Well, now you know....and this fact has not escaped the current masters either).

Anonymous said...

You said "fact, the black budget of the Pentagon has grown into more like a black hole, and is estimated to be well over $50 billion per year, "more than the combined budgets of the Food and Drug Administration, the National Science Foundation and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration"

Why do you allow such propaganda?

According to the late Phil Schneider ( the black budget exceeds 25% of GDP, That is closer to 1.5 TRILLION dollars. 50 billion? They have parties that cost that much...

Get your numbers right


Jawed Iqbal said...

Very accurate article. There's also a huge presence of thousands of Blackwater mercenaries in Pakistan who are working with the anti-state local talibans and the indian intelligence to spread anarchy in the country.

Anonymous said...

Look how many there are that have commented here compared to how many are still out there that have zero clue about anything that is talked about here. So we know all of these things and hope that maybe we could get someone in congress to open up, put their life and career on the line and tell it like it is. I don't doubt that those creatures in Washington sit around and laugh at these kinds of sites knowing that nothing will ever be done about these things and that is probably where they get those pictures of them laughing so hysterically that maybe some of you have seen. One way to get this to come to an end is to start with the children, young kids just graduating from high school and those out of work that joins the U.S. militaries because they have been taught in school that some other country is our enemy. I say this because I know one young kid that says he wants to join the Marines when he gets out of high school. About five years from now on that and he mentioned that he wants to go to fight Russia because they hate us. I asked him where he got that notion and he said that is what he has learned in history class. No doubt that all of us here had to relearn our own U.S. history after going through the public school system and that is why we need to reach the kids and help them to understand that the enemy is from within. Just keeping one kid out of the military is something to accomplish, getting thousands to see the truth and stay out of the military may curve this American military machine. That would have to be done in every country and hoping that this wicked group will not start up the mandatory draft again. We need people on the streets just like during the Vietnam conflict demanding these things come to an end. Then again, there are already laws going into place that no one is to disagree with the government or anything that those creatures should choose to do. How much longer will be able to even have these places to have our say? These things we do say probably go straight into a site that keeps track of those that think to dissent, called a Thought Police center.

Anonymous said...

Question: Don't you know that our CIA/FBI MUST BE MARXIST(ANTI-CHRIST) to transend religion for Lucifer? Duh! How else could a man promising a fundamental transformation of government become President? I'm also reminds of both Roosevelts, Wilson, Truman, Johnson, Clinton, Carter, Bushes(?), and obviously the forbidden foreigner and promised fundamental transformation of government for this coming "New World Order!" Duh! Yes, the devil is in the details, right? I'm talking to you white house, who are monitoring this! Watch! Next comes the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to severely punish u.s. for 3 1/2 years and I beleive no later than the fall of 2012! No? Watch! How many out there know that the name "Israel" was given to Joseph's two children(Gen. 48:16) and never promised to Judah, only promised grace(Messiah)? Watch!

notsotupelohoney said...

Anonymous said, " . . . (Zionist Bankers) such as Alexander Hamilton (born Alexander Levine) . . ."

Another Anonymous said, "Don't you know that our CIA/FBI MUST BE MARXIST(ANTI-CHRIST) to transend religion for Lucifer?"

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Cartalucci is another fraud of the AJ sort. Path to Persia- which he studiously declines to attach to the zionists- says NOTHING new. Cartalucci's purpose, like AJ is to shield and gatekeep any culpibility away from Israel and their grand plan in the ME. The Brookings report is a dead end, latecomer and nonstarter. Cartaluucci another disinfo- divert agent.

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