Saturday, June 11, 2011

G. Edward Griffin: Collectivism Vs. Individualism -- A Discourse on Government (Video)

YouTube -- maf1989a

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Anonymous said...

People, this is one of the most important videos that you will watch. Yes, it is long but very educational as to what is clearly happening. G. Edward Griffin is amazing and my thanks to Activist Post who continues to wake people up with its excellent posts.

Please watch. After I watched the video, I went to another website that posted an article from Fox News regarding what is happening in Syria and that the White House is considering humanitarian intervention. If they get this pulled off on the American citizens, then we will be involved financially and otherwise in 5 wars that we have initiated.

Is this what our founding fathers who wrote the Constitution intended? I think not. I don’t think they intended that Corporate America who gets rich with man’s inhumanity to man, including U.S. citizens, was intended. It needs to end and people need to wake up!


Anonymous said...

What agreat video. It would be wonderful if all of Americans could view this. Hopefully, it would open eyes and minds.

Anonymous said...

I like G. and appreciate all the things he says as I do most of the people who speak against the NWO et al. But why do they inject religion at some point as if it is necessary?

I thought we were supposed to be free of and free from religion in this country. I thought our founding fathers wanted to keep the state out of the church and the church out of the state.

I know what is right and what is wrong because I am a human being with feelings. I don't need religion to give me ANY values.

Any god who would hold an incestuous father who prostitutes his own daughters as more noble than his wife who was naturally and HUMANLY curious and turn her to a pillar of salt is seriously lacking in "values." I don't want any part of YOUR "values."

Must religion be a part of the human condition for us to get along and love each other? If so, I'll have to opt out.

Tallahassee, FL

Anonymous said...

He lost me at around 15 minutes; it always amazes me that Americans still live under the delusion that they, as citizens, are better off than Europeans. The pursuit of individualstic desire is what is bringing the Industrialised civilization and the rest of the world into disaster, and undoubtedly, the U.S is in pole position. The rest of us can only hope to be as far back as possible.
And as for individualism vs. collectivism; the only cultures that have survived for any length of time are most definitely collectivistic and, as far as I am concerned, far more sophisticated than the individualistic rat race of the industrialized world.

Anonymous said...

Wow, obviously neither of these last 2 folks paid attention. He is talking about individual rights to liberty, and talks about the difference between working collectively, and a collectivist government. If you really think that the regimes of Mao or Stalen were sophisticated, you've got some studying to do.
We can work together to uplift the rights of all humans through respect for the individual. That is not to say that one individual is better or more deserving than another, he never says that at all. This left/right argument is nonsense. We know our system is broken in the U.S. and only a return to contitutional values will save us from totalitarian police state action.

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