Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Reasons Obama is Just As Bad or Worse Than Bush

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George W. Bush was clearly a mentally-challenged puppet of the military/banking/oil elite.  The policies put it in place at breakneck speed after 9/11 were provably predetermined by think tanks well in advance. Not that other presidents were any less controlled by this hidden agenda, but there was a noticeable in-your-face quickening of corporate-government tyranny under Bush.

These policies like wars of aggression, illegal surveillance of Americans, torture of detainees indefinitely held without formal charges, unfair "free trade" agreements, and bank bailouts rightfully enraged many progressives during the Bush years.  Yet, not only have these policies accelerated under Obama, even more of the draconian playbook is unfolding.

After 8 years of Bush's reign that ended with a record low presidential approval rating in the low 20s, Obama's promise of hope and change inspired many beyond mainline progressives.  His campaign speeches were so powerful that they landed him the Nobel Peace Prize without having done anything for world peace except to offer the idea in order to get elected.  As a Constitutional law professor and attorney, Obama appeared to have a greater understanding of rights and the balance of power than did flunky Bush.

Although policies being implemented under Obama's leadership exhibit the continuation of Bush's tyrannical agenda, his stunning betrayal of populist and Constitutional principles in support of these actions makes him the ultimate hypocrite.  Additionally, because Obama is a much more influential orator than Bush, his service to the puppet masters is far more dangerous to the American people he's supposed to serve.

There have been many articles written about Obama's unkept promises and outright lies, but here are 10 actions that prove Obama is just as bad if not worse than Bush:

Tax cheat Geithner
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Bank/Corporate Bailouts: Although the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), otherwise known as the bankster bailout, occurred on Bush's watch, Obama fully supported it as necessary.  Obama then followed up this massive wealth grab with a gargantuan stimulus bill which has basically been absorbed by the financial crisis as well.  All said, Bloomberg and others reported the taxpayer guarantees for Wall Street are upwards of $23 trillion. Additionally, the best part of Obama's cabinet and appointed czars are directly connected to big banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Furthermore, Obama and Democratic leaders gave the Federal Reserve even more regulatory power over the economy. The Administration hails the Financial Reform bill as a big political accomplishment, but the bill never addressed the three major problems:  doesn't break up or reduce the size of too-big-to-fail banks, doesn't remove the massive government guarantees to the giant banks, and it won’t even increase liquidity requirements to prevent future meltdowns.  The inmates are too clearly running Obama's asylum.

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Betrayal of the Poor: Bush never pretended to give a damn about the poor and the systematic mechanisms that keep them poor; openly calling the "haves and have mores" his "base." But Obama has been portrayed as different, mainly because the Democratic party is viewed as more empathetic to the poor.  Obama promised affordable healthcare, to create new jobs, and to increase access to a college education.  However, the mandated healthcare bill has proven to actually hurt the poor, the "jobs" bill HIRE was nothing but a smokescreen to pass capital controls, and college loans are increasingly worse than useless since record numbers of students can't find work to pay them off.  So far he only seems to be helping the poor by extending food stamps to a record number of needy Americans -- which is currently on the spending cut chopping block by the way.  Obama also extended Bush's tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans while the poor suffer the dramatic effects of inflation and the approaching austerity cuts demanded to prevent a government shutdown.

Expansion of Free Trade: Obama excoriated NAFTA, GATT and other so-called "Free Trade" agreements that were put in place under Clinton and Bush (with CAFTA). One of Obama's campaign mailers to Ohioans read "one million jobs have been lost because of NAFTA, including nearly 50,000 jobs here in Ohio."  And Obama told unions that "he has always opposed NAFTA, and said the trade deal should be amended and renegotiated."  It is abundantly clear that free trade agreements have not done well for American manufacturing and its workers (just like Obama told us during his campaign).  These free trade agreements are designed to only help the multinational corporations who wrote them, and who Obama now works for.  In contrast to being "opposed" to such agreements, the government moves forward with many new similar agreements.

Escalating Wars of Aggression:  Whoever thought it couldn't get worse than Bush in regards to wars of aggression -- especially by a Nobel Peace Prize recipient -- have been proven dead wrong. Obama has now unilaterally attacked more countries than Bush, notably bombing inside Pakistan, Yemen and now Libya without Congressional approval. Obama is worse than war-mongering Neocons because he moved the war bar from requiring a real or manufactured threat to justify American military intervention, to vague humanitarian justifications. In other words, if a secular dictator is stamping out a handful of jihadists that threaten his regime, we will now bomb the dictator and support the jihadists when it serves corporate interests. By all counts Obama is serving the same military/oil masters no matter what labels or excuses are given.  It is truly a hideous display to watch progressives support Obama's wars as if they're more righteous than Bush's.

Dees Illustration
Torture and Sport Killing: Bush accepted some blame for the Abu Ghraib torture debacle. Rightly so, as it was his Administration that set forth more enhanced interrogation permissions down the chain of command that ultimately resulted in such disgusting behavior.  Obama used the notion of closing Guantanamo prison to score political points and to appear as "anti-torture."  Not only does Guantanamo remain open two years into his presidency, the detainees have less rights than they did under Bush.  Additionally, Obama has allowed the torture of American soldier Bradley Manning simply for being a suspected whistleblower.  If he allows this type of treatment to an American citizen, we can only imagine the tactics that are still being used against enemy detainees.  If it's fair to blame Bush for Abu Ghraib, then it seems fair to blame Obama for allowing an environment where the U.S. military is engaged in sport killing of innocent civilians -- which also seems to negate his calls for humanitarian purity in other nations.

Illegal Domestic Surveillance:   It seems the monster surveillance-industrial complex that was kicked off under Bush remains in full swing under Obama.  Obama voted for the Bush/Cheney FISA-telecom immunity after vowing to support a filibuster of it while he was a Senator.  Glenn Greenwald reported: "So candidate Obama unambiguously vowed to his supporters that he would work to ensure 'full accountability' for 'past offenses' in surveillance lawbreaking.  President Obama, however, has now become the prime impediment to precisely that accountability, repeatedly engaging in extraordinary legal maneuvers to ensure that 'past offenses' -- both in the surveillance and torture/rendition realm -- remain secret and forever immunized from judicial review." And Carol Rose added, "The link between secrecy and surveillance is critical: in effect, our government is increasing its power to watch its citizens, while diminishing the power of citizens to watch their government – the very antithesis of democracy."  It's telling how out of control illegal surveillance has become when private foreign companies are hired to spy on American environmental activists.  This is in addition to the TSA's roll-out of naked body scanners and intrusive pat-downs selectively enforced at airports and fiercely defended by Obama's DHS.

Rule of Law is Dead: The Rule of Law is an ancient concept that means a society is governed by rational, objective written laws, as opposed to the personal whim or arbitrariness of some king. Under this pretext, no one is above the law, not even kings.  Yet, we have seen this concept steadily erode from reality over many decades, but not so blatant as under George W. Bush whose team permanently subverted the rules in favor of the elite. Under Bush and now Obama, the corporate elite clearly get away with massive crimes against humanity and overwhelming fraud, while the little people are still routinely punished for all minor offenses.  With not even a hint of punishment, banks can openly loot and defraud the public, the government can spy on Americans, the TSA can grope our private parts, while large corporations continue to poison us and the environment with impunity.  The Feds, under Obama, have even raided legal medical marijuana dispensaries and private organic cooperatives.  In addition, Obama signed an Executive Order to indefinitely detain "terror" suspects even after acquittal -- while other lawmakers seek to remove Miranda Rights.  Who is prosecuting these crimes and injustices?  When the criminal corporations with their government partners continue to run the system, there will be no rule of law, or justice.

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Free Speech Restrictions: Bush mainly used fear, intimidation, access and fake reporters to control the establishment message.  He and the media cartel acted in concert to sell gigantic lies to the public.  Now, as more people replace their television service with the Internet, "news" has been more difficult for the establishment to control.  As the global awakening takes place, the crackdown on free speech intensifies under Obama.  The crackdown has been most obvious on the Internet (see next section) and on peaceful protesters.  In a comically hypocritical moment that exemplifies how tyrannical this administration has become, Hillary Clinton was giving a speech about supporting the right of peaceful protesters while her security thugs violently removed a "veteran for peace" from the audience for standing in silent protest.  Additionally, there was an absolute police state put in place during the 2009 G20 meeting in Pittsburgh to shut down peaceful protests.  Finally, we know what direction the current Administration is headed in terms of free speech, given the recent White Papers revealing their desire to "outlaw" or "tax" conspiracy theories, and to make it a felony offense to share copyrighted information even when no money is involved.

Internet Rights Eroding: The open and free Internet is under full assault under Obama's leadership.  It has become obvious that there has never been much in the way of Internet privacy, especially since the Patriot Act went into full effect. But now, free access to information via the Internet is the target of legislation such as The Protecting Cybersecurity as a National Asset Act, aka the "Internet Kill Switch" bill, and the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA), aka the domain "Blacklist" bill.  The free Internet is also being threatened by market-based "net neutrality" agreements, civil lawsuits, technical censorship via search engines, and yes, blogging taxes too.  Finally, the DHS has been arbitrarily seizing domain names, which is clearly unconstitutional.  Given that Obama is completely in bed with Google and others in the corporate information cartel, you can bet he will show his support for these endeavors even if only by remaining silent as they are debated then implemented.

Obamacare Fascism:  Even many progressives view Obamacare as a purely fascist policy. When a progressive tries to defend Obamacare these days, the best argument they can give is "at least Obama tried to fix the problem." It's their way of subtly deflecting blame to Bush for ignoring it because he was too busy "smokin' turrurists outta their holes".  Healthcare reform was meant to increase competition and affordable coverage for all Americans. Yet, the private insurance monopolies remain and citizens are mandated to buy from them under penalty of jail, while 1000 of the most connected corporations are exempt from the law.  Furthermore, the FDA remains under the full control of Big Pharma/Chemical giants and the giveaways to the drug companies have only increased.  Finally, when there are huge profits involved in deciding if people live or die, and budgetary rationing of services, you will always have "death panels."  So, yes, the corporate government healthcare merger is complete with for-profit "death panels." Folks, if you want to know what the modern-day definition of fascism is, you just read it.

We can sense the hate mail is coming from die-hard "team blue" fans here, but America doesn't stand a chance without an honest assessment of what she represents and where she is heading under the policies outlined above.  The Bush-Obama evolution is as blatant as it gets that the current two-party system has morphed into one that would more properly be labeled The Corporatist Party.  We might do better to look beyond the two teams that so many root for, and realize that there is one central clubhouse from which they both operate.

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Anonymous said...

make NO mistake in underestamating who obama is!
he is thr rider of the pale horse, in the biblical book of REVELATION!!!! where ever he goes DEATH follows.
he is the obamanation of desolation that has started the tribulation of the end of the age!!!!
seek CHRIST while you still can, because his coming is a handfull of years away!!! if that?

Anonymous said...

Reason 11: Bush was such a retard at least he could be funny sometimes, some of the shit he said. BO is anything but funny.

Anonymous said...

Some things are undeniable, but for the most part you will see what you want to see.

Anonymous said...

It's still dog eat dog from the top down all these years later. The "New Slaves" in the USA are the private sector taxpayers that keep paying for things that don't benefit them but others, mainly their public servants, LOL, and Wall Street insiders. Amen, My Donkey! The devil ain't just in the details!

Anonymous said...

Hood call, Bush was quite the jester. I dont hold that he was a retard at all, just a sociopathic suit that had mastered the art of misdirection with his deer-in-headlights act. I think it was like a game with him, 'how long can i string along these dummies & rub their faces in what charade this all is'. Always winking at the camera, the only one in the room who knew he was starring in a comedy; Those cruel little eyes flickered with beastial cunning, i dont for a moment think he didnt know what he was doing. On the brightside, it did make for the most quotable president yet.

OBama is all pomposity, i think he actually believes he is the chosen annointed one, and why not with the whole world fellating him for years on end. He's all stiff cadence & blow dried self seriousness;the pretense makes him far worse because he's utterly deluded and it makes sense; how welse to fool the public one last time than to get your actor himself to believe in the lie. Bush was camp, Obama is method acting

Its fascinating watching hollywood image making almost entirely shape this adminstration, how the public is now totally hypnotized by little more than attractive images, smoke & mirrors. Anything was possible after they actually elected a real life actor in Reagan, i guess.

Scott said...

Before the 2008 election, Webster G. Tarpley said it perfectly. "Obama will FLAY us alive."

Anonymous said...

*Good cALL

Anonymous said...

I have a "George W. Obama" bumper sticker and this article spells out why. I was never fooled. I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 primaries and for a third party candidate in the general election. Obama is working out pretty much as I expected him to.

Adam Evenson said...

I actually love it! Yes, it is painful for many, but primarily it is punishing the America that has been delusional for at least most of my life of 71 years and if history is any indication, for much, much longer than that. I have a friend that gets 99% of his ideas from Fox News. If a Fox talking head didn't say it, then it doesn't exist. My friend is only a typical American. Delusional people need to be woke up. How may it be done except by their own delusions falling apart around their ears? Since the rigors of 9-11 (the inside job) struck America and Barry Soetoro followed Bush into office, I have seen my friend very gradually beginning to peek ever so tentatively above the rim of his delusions. For instance, he no longer argues heatedly that American politicians are and have always constituted the finest government known to man. He now says, "Well, maybe George Bush did have a few shortcomings, but he was still MY president." Ha, ha, ha. Yes, my friend has come a LONG, LONG way from what he was when we met 15 years ago. He was ready to fight anybody that did not watch Fox News. (I don't watch TV at all.) I hope his awakening doesn't kill him. Then again, death might be better than having a delusional brain.

ZZDoug said...

It's change you can't believe in.

Anonymous said...

You're insane.

Anonymous said...

total bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Obama is the Pale Horse and is known to display the qualities and the combination of the other 3 horses.Obama is to escalate the spread of death and destruction. Obama is directed to show incompetence, so that once people have been worn down then people will beg for a savior. Satanists call him their "king of despot". According to the Obama handlers,the world will be begging for peace. In comes this man who will bring even more death and destruction if that is at all possible(it is).


Anonymous said...

I voted for a black guy with an arab name in hopes of change. I got a white jew who it seems hates me.

Anyone who thinks there is a difference between dems and reps is a member of the under 100 club. As in your IQ is under 100 which is the national avg. Half the people have IQ's under 100 and half the people do not vote. I used to beleive is was the unders not voting but now I realize it is the overs who saw through the charade that dont vote.

Scott Mollett

Anonymous said...

check the Bushes DNA with Obama and see what is amazing

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is this 'head scar' revelation... and speaking of REVELATION, remember it says that the ANTICHRIST has a "mortal head wound that he miraculously recovered from"... plus all the other mysterious unknowns... who is this person, is he even American and surely Americans wouldnt vote him in again... his Nobel Peace Prize (remember Antichrist apparently enters in as a "Peace-maker") whilst currently bombing numerous countries for oil and gas etc and killing thousands of innocent people, is sickening, literally...

Anonymous said...

Clearly you guys should have voted for John McCain. I'm sure he'd have been a better choice. 100 years of Iraq occupation would be on the table, and we could add Iran to the countries we'd be bombing. Hell, he's on record right now supporting an invasion of Libya!

Obama is no prize, but look on the bright side, we dodged a major bullet in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Dem's and Rep's are all WHORES for the plutocracy that rules OUR country. No question whatsoever.

If you watch Obama, during his speeches, to me he appears to have a look of superiority, as if he feels superior, even has disdain for his audience(you and I).

Watch his body language, particularly his facial expression, his sneer, look of disgust, his head tilted back, looking down on everyone. I have become aware of this more recently. When I see his policies, I give the body language more credence, that it reflects his inner feelings.

Bend over everyone. It's only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

Are you ready to Defend Liberty? Read!!






"Time grows so short for action through knowledge." Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
"The things that we do are not for ourselves but for all of our relations." Little Crow

Jane said...

Please read this book if you have not yet: Naomi Klein, "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism"

It explains all of this agenda. When you are done, please read this book: jeff Sharlett, "The Family". These can direct you to other sources.
http://www.ampedstatus.org is another fine place to be now. Peace

Anonymous said...

Please oh please read shock doctrine. Tells the truth about the chicago freedman Ayn Rand believers and what they did to countries in the 60's and 70's, decimating natural resources and putting dictatorships in power that favored american corporations and killed their own people. Essentually what they are doing now to the united states now.

Better yet, I recently re-read a book that came out in 2001 titled "silent takeover, how globalization is destroying democracy." Written by a cambridge economist, she predicted the war in Iraq for oil, the war in afganistan for control of a pipeline, the collapse of the economy if Bush won a 2nd term, as well as the increasing divide betweeen rich and poor, and a movement to destroy any semblance of democracy in America and throughout the world.

This battle between Dems and Repubs is just a distraction to take our minds off of what is really happening to us. Educate yourself, wake up. There won't be an america if we continue to be asleep.

Geneva J. Chapman, BA, MEd, SpEd said...

Thanks for the post and the comments. Election night 2008, I felt so alone as everyone I knew celebrated. As an African-American descendant of slaves, I felt cheated that someone other than a descendant of slaves was elected the first African-American President. But that wasn't all. I've worked as a behaviorist for over twenty years, training people in behavior management and identified Barack Obama early on as a narcissist. I'm also a journalist and even wrote an oped piece stating that he was narcissistic during the primaries. All of the descriptions of him, especially the one stating that he believes he's the real deal support my analysis. Read my "post-Obama apocalypse" prediction written in 2009 and recently re-posted on my blog, http://gjchitchat.blogspot.com. He's definitely the
horseman that brings death and destruction. But I don't think he's the anti-Christ. That would be too easy. The beast is probably whoever's pretending to be Gabby Giffords. Who knew it would be a woman? Women! The opposite of Christ who was a man and Jewish is a Christian woman. Just speculating. I'm not sure we're that close to "the end of days," but if we are...

PapaT said...

Bush bad ... Obama worse ... Any Questions?
IWantMyCountryBackStore.com (non profit)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the biggest problem the science-hating, authoritarian jackass author has with Obama's presidency is that he isn't doing ENOUGH to instill socialist tyranny.

But then, that's how these Statist jackboots operate. The Government is holy and sancrosanct and if it ever does anythign wrong, well, it's really BUSINESS to blame for all that nd it can be solved with a quick injection of higher taxes and unlimited federal authority.

Anonymous said...

"The policies put it in place at breakneck speed after 9/11 were provably predetermined by think tanks well in advance. "

Considering this sad joke of a site links to propagandist BS and conspiracy whackadoos like InfoWars, Mother Jones, Animal Rights terrorists and organic industry shills, it seems the reader is meant to infer that "provably" means, "shit made up on the spot by some totalitarianism-craving solipsistic jackass."

Anonymous said...

Anom 4:25
dush bag alert! dush bag alert! go watch CNN you phuc!!!

Kel said...

Obama Bin Laden = Bush 2.0

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