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Obama's 6 Hypocritical Guidelines For Peaceful Protest in Egypt

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Michael Edwards
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It has been revealed that tear gas canisters and ammunition being used to suppress a popular uprising in Egypt against the dictator, Mubarak, were clearly labeled as "Made in the USA."  Nevertheless, Obama felt that it was necessary to lay out the ground rules recently for the government of Egypt to obey when dealing with protesters, and for the protesters to obey while dealing with their dictatorship.  Given the track record of U.S. government response to protest on American soil, this stands as one of hypocrisy's finest achievements.

The video below speaks volumes, but to enumerate Obama's suggestions:
  1. Refrain from violence against peaceful protesters
  2. Support "universal human rights" to peaceful assembly, association, and free speech
  3. The responsibility for peaceful dissent is exclusively on protesters
  4. Suppressing ideas is not the answer
  5. All governments have a responsibility to listen to, and respond to, their citizens
  6. All governments must maintain power through consent, not coercion
Comments will follow the video to address violations by the U.S. government of each of these six points:

1. Violence has in fact been used toward peaceful protesters on many occasions in the United States.  Modern tactics now include tear gas, stun grenades, bean bag guns, dogs, sound and water cannons, and good-old-fashioned random beatings.  All of these tactics were used at the G20 protests in Pittsburgh shown in the video above, mostly on unarmed college students and the elderly, including women.

2. The right to peaceful assembly has often been cordoned off within free speech zones in the United States.  Permits can be required, restricting when, where, and how a protest can be conducted.  In other words, you may protest, but be careful that you are not violating any regulations.  The right to free association has increasingly come under attack with activists of many stripes being targeted with surveillance and intimidation.

3. Obama's directive to protesters is to keep things peaceful.  However, there has been widespread use of agents provocateur both to infiltrate activist groups themselves, as well as to stage violent actions at events in order to justify a police-state crackdown.  Obama should call upon agents of the police and the federal government to use the same discretion in maintaining the peace.

4. False media coverage, particularly as to the true scope of a physical protest has been used to discredit ideas, or render them as insignificant.  It is quite easy to film a crowd of ten thousand and creatively make it seem like a few hundred.  This concept is now being taken to the Internet, where legislation has been introduced to restrict the playing field to one where the message of mainstream outlets will rise to the top of search engine rankings, also to be combined with the "fairness doctrine" which will superimpose government and mainstream messaging along "electronic sidewalks" over the alternative media.

5. The American government clearly is not listening to, or responding to its citizens.  In poll after poll, people did not approve of the bank bailouts, do not approve of continuing the endless wars, and do not approve of TSA tyranny.  Nonetheless, The Department of Homeland Security not only has ignored the public, it has increased its rollout of the police state with surveillance drones, robots, and VIPR teams in a demonstration of total disregard for the will of the people.  DHS is even implementing the East German model of citizen spies by partnering with private businesses in an attempt to have Americans snitch on one another as a "soft" addition to their mechanized, digital control grid. 

6. It is clear that the American government is behaving in a coercive way against its people, similar to the dictatorial regime in Egypt and elsewhere who are being educated by Barack Obama as to the rules of conduct.  It has forgone consent of the people in its mission to loot the nation's productivity and fill the coffers of unelected bureaucrats in the United States, as well as the offshore banksters who fund all sides of wars, revolutions, and manipulated economies.  With an Internet kill switch set to be placed firmly in the White House, there is very little difference in the structure of oppression between the supposed Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, and countries which are in open revolt against such a system.  The only consent being given to the current course of events in the U.S. is ignorance and apathy.
    Hillary, Which Intolerant Governments are You Referring To?

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    rodney said...

    The same ole slavery game, I forget what they call now a days, ignorance is not bliss. no different than the G-20 summit, you can only protest in egypt thats a free country. The tyrrant leader in egypt is now being threatened by the tyrrant leader of the united states lol.

    Surprising what people wil do for greed and power over others, Yes master Obama, anything else Master Obama. Slavery has no colour just ignorance. Perhaps the egyptains should go over and show american's how it done!

    Responsible Government does not need to threaten it's citizens, in any form or fashion.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm very surprised Barky had the cajones' to go against what Israel was wanting. I suppose it's just an illusion for the dummies who still don't understand what Israel and/or Barky really are.

    Anonymous said...

    The policy of the US government has always been "don't do as we do, but do as we say do"

    Anonymous said...


    I was fortunate to have been listening to Alex Jones who had several of his team in Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit and listened to a moment-to-moment report of what was happening, including the tear gassing of students inside their dorm and the sound cannons in neighborhoods with children on the sidewalks not even close to the Summit.

    Last year I met a lady from Pittsburgh. I told her I had heard about how great the city was and she said that she thought so until the Summit. She also said that I was one of very few people she had met who knew what really happened. So much for MSM.

    Obama’s Guidelines for Peaceful Protest would be humorous if our situation in the U.S. were not so serious. How STUPID do these globalists think we are?

    Thank you Activist Post,

    Anonymous said...

    Western Media:

    "questioning the numbers of the holyhoax is mentally ill and anti-semitic"

    "questioning the "Official Fairytale of 9/11" is mentally ill and anti-semitic"

    Anonymous said...

    The time for change is NOW!

    Anonymous said...

    The US government acts the way it does because they know Americans will not really do anything to stop it, except whine about it.
    And if the American people do get some brains and balls in order the US/Mossad military mafia will drop a nuke on you and make 911 look like a festival on a chair throwing trailer trash talk show.

    So stay down you stupid fucks, clap and cheer for Conan, and go back to smoking your dope, snorting your cokko and eating and drinking yourselves into oblivion.

    Rap about your sluts and being rich and dragging screaming kids on the sidewalks, you lazy, stupid, sadistic low life fucks.

    Anonymous said...

    totally agree with Anonymous @February 3, 2011 5:28 AM. Thank you!!

    Anonymous said...

    Obama is no more in control of the Islamic Revolution taking place in Egypt than Jimmy Carter was when the Shah was overthrown by the Islamic Revolution in Iran. The Shah was our U.S. installed puppet dictator in Iran, just as Mubarak is our puppet dictator in Egypt. The people in the Middle East do not want democracy, but they do want to be free from American imposed secular dictatorship. They prefer Islamic dictatorship! Even Israel is not a democracy, based upon how they mistreat the Arab portion of their population (second class, at best).

    Gary said...

    When you place profit and politics above principles, innocent people die. It is that simple.

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