Monday, February 21, 2011

How Close Are We to a Nano-based Surveillance State?

Michael Edwards
Activist Post

In the span of just three years, we have seen drone surveillance become openly operational on American soil.

In 2007, Texas reporters first filmed a predator drone test being conducted by the local police department in tandem with Homeland Security.  And in 2009, it was revealed that an operation was underway to use predator drones inland over major cities, far from "border control" functions.  This year it has been announced that not only will drone operations fly over the Mexican border, but the United States and Canada are partnering to cover 900 miles of the northern border as well.

Now that the precedent has been set to employ drones over non-combat areas, the military is further revealing the technology of miniaturization that they currently have at their disposal.  As drone expert, P.W. Singer said, "At this point, it doesn't really matter if you are against the technology, because it's coming."  According to Singer, "The miniaturization of drones is where it really gets interesting.  You can use these things anywhere, put them anyplace, and the target will never even know they're being watched."

So what exactly is on the horizon?

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funds military tech development through the private sector with defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Honeywell.  It was Honeywell that introduced the T-Hawk micro drone -- now purchased by Miami-Dade county for use in the metro area -- which weighs all of 16 pounds and can fly in any direction.  However, this is not so "micro" compared to the latest spy drone to be revealed: the Nano Hummingbird, produced by AeroVironment. The video below illustrates the capabilities of this 19g vehicle:

This mimicking of nature heralds a range of science fiction nightmare scenarios, but the name of this vehicle, "nano", is what should spark a red alert.  Because, in fact, DARPA and their contractors are working on true nano surveillance that will have biological components . . . and applications. Here are some surveillance and detection concepts already in operation, or under development (keeping in mind that what is revealed in the public domain is often quite far behind the reality):
  • A group of smaller surveillance drones called NAV (nano air vehicles) or MAV (micro air vehicles) already have been commissioned:  mapleseed drones; sparrow drones by 2015, dragonfly drones to fly in swarms by 2030, and eventually a housefly drone.  And if the reconstruction of nature doesn't pan out, nature itself can be hijacked using electrical impulses to create cyborg surveillance insects being studied at major universities.
  • Nano sensors for use in agriculture that measure crops and environmental conditions.
  • Bomb-sniffing plants using rewired DNA to detect explosives and biological agents.
  • "Smart Dust" motes that wirelessly transmit data on temperature, light, and movement (this can also be used in currency to track cash).
  • Nano-based RFID barcodes that can be embedded into any material for tracking of all products . . . and people.
  • Devices to detect molecules, enzymes, proteins and genetic markers -- opening up the door for race-specific bioweapons, as mentioned in the Project For a New American Century's policy paper Rebuilding America's Defenses.
There are countless ways that we are already tracked in our daily lives, which has acclimatized us to the next steps underway.  We know that the military has a desire to track large groups of people in real time.  The Gorgon Stare program is currently undergoing some operational difficulties, but the political will is there to continuously expand surveillance of large populations abroad in order to keep us safe at home in the never-ending War on Terror.  

Combine miniaturized surveillance capabilities with DARPA's Mind's Eye program of "smart camera" artificial intelligence that can "think" and make visual reporting decisions independently, and things become exponentially creepier. 

 The Speed of Nanotech Development 

Nanotech has been receiving official federal funding for only the past 10 years when it was raised to the status of a federal initiative in 2001, which sparked massive investment in the private sector.  By 2003, the newly opened Department of Homeland Security showed immediate interest in SensorNet, a program spearheaded by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and their strategic partners to research ways to fully integrate nano and micro sensors into one overall Internet-like matrix of real-time detection and surveillance.  The Department of Defense allocated $3 million to the initiative for the first year, with a projected budget into the billions being allocated over the long term for "detection systems." 

Strategically mounted sensors and a communications
network are the heart of SensorNet.
By 2006, Oak Ridge announced that they planned to turn Fort Bragg military base into a prototype for America's future cities.  According to Department of Energy researcher, Bryan Gorman, "Any sensor can talk to any application.  Just like with the Internet or with telephone systems, it doesn't matter what kind of computer or telephone you have, where you are or what application you're running. The system just works." 

There is even a proprietary social network that has been designed to provide online access and collaboration. SensorNet has since morphed into an even more comprehensive system "to integrate safety and security measures . . . into the transportation system," which includes concerns surrounding transportation and commerce in the "political, economic, or environmental" arenas. 

It is here that the full scope of surveillance integration can be seen as a management strategy that merges legislation, federal inspection systems, international standards, security threat assessments, and the latest in nanotechnology.  Just one example is their discussion of "highway sorting" systems and screening, which begins on page 15 in the previous link; it must be read to be believed.  As an aside:  the Senior Research Scientist and Senior Program Manager who co-authored the paper linked above is Robert K. Abercrombie, Ph.D. who has a decided interest in cybersecurity. 

To see where the transportation component of the surveillance grid is heading over the near term, the ITS Strategic Research Plan 2010-2014 is a good indication.

The Promise of Total Integration 

February 4, 2011 brought the release of the National Nanotechnology Initiative 2011 Strategic Plan.  This 60-page must-read document lays out a projected future "to understand and control matter" for the management of every facet of human life within the surveillance matrix of environment, health and safety.  Here is the short-list of the 25 participating Federal agencies and samples of their stated applications:
  • Department of Defense (persistent surveillance)
  • Intelligence Community (unmanned aircraft)
  • Department of Energy (solving energy and climate change challenges)
  • Department of Homeland Security (low-cost sensor platforms)
  • Department of Justice (applicable to criminal justice needs)
  • Department of Transportation (modifying or coordinating travel behavior)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (environmental sensing, transformational capabilities)
  • Food and Drug Administration (biological systems and effects on human health)
  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture (global food security)
  • National Institutes of Health (precise control to achieve predictable outcomes)
  • Department of the Treasury (improved governance, implementing economic sanctions)
  • National Science Foundation (education and societal dimensions)
The promise of integrating technology in a way that will benefit human knowledge and society already has been re-directed toward military applications for decades.  It has manifested in the out-of-control military-industrial complex that has engaged America abroad in costly wars and destabilization campaigns.  However, the fallout from this misappropriation of technology is beginning to take its toll on America in the form of militarized police and the monitoring of everyday Americans. How much longer before the full spectrum of military sci-tech, including what we cannot even see, is unleashed upon an American people willing to accept total control to be safe?  Has it happened already?  Or, more importantly, how long before Americans come to the realization that when the construction of this surveillance prison has been completed -- when the door is locked, and the key thrown away -- it ultimately will have been our own money that was used to build it.  

Additional sources for this article:

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Anonymous said...

Quietly, very quietly drawing the fence around us while we slumber away without care. Then when its done-they'll be one rude awakening for us but then it'll be too late.

Anonymous said...

I hope this will attract more than one or two comments; if it doesn't, then you guys across the Pond are already stuffed. You'll have nano-insects watching you sitting on the toilet, having a bath, changing your clothes....geez, look at the list of agencies set up against you; do you REALLY want this?

Morris Townson said...

It is a large python silently creeping into our room, up onto our bed and wrapping itself around our bodies. When we finally wake up we are already dead.

Michael said...

We already have had a system sucking up "Granular data" on "Human Resources" & "Communities of interest" Ma Bell is incestuous with Big brother... There is a better version with embedded pictures on my Yahoo & Facebook profiles...

Phil Panton. said...

No we dont want shit like this in the uk, we are surveilled enough by the nasty state, we are about to recieve a hellish 32 page census in the post, non compliance means a £1000.00 fine. Unfortunately most of the population are fast asleep, lulled by football, soap operas and the gutter press, its depressing.

Anonymous said...

Ban Nanotechnology!

Think about this for a second. In another ten years or so, we'll have the ability to create robot with a super computer that is smaller than a virus. These Nanobots will have the ability to reproduce in the wild. They'll be EVERYWHERE, including inside YOUR BODY and they'll see and hear EVERYTHING. Not only that, but they'll be able to invade your brain, read the contents of your memory AND delete or modify memories that the government doesn't like.

All this by 2020!

These are very interesting times indeed.

Anonymous said...

There are measures, counter measures and counter counter measures.
A microwave burst might fry the survalence device, a telsa coil might do the same, a strong magnetic field, radio jamming of the drones transmission ability.......there is a way around anything you just have to find it!

Anonymous said...

The micro circuitry inside these various dimensioned machines must be susceptible to damage by electro magnetic pulses, how much shielding can they possibly carry and still get off the ground?

Anonymous said...

We will use counter technology and bring these drones down then we will go after their creators and operators and execute them.

Ralph Barnes said...

I think all of this stuff is great and it's well needed. It will greatly cut down on muggings, killings and all sorts of street crimes. I am 51 years old and have been a resident and citizen of the USA since birth in 1959, and I am all for more such technology and surveillance. It is to protect the citizens, the only ones that fear such technology are the terrorists and criminals.

Anonymous said...

This is organized, institutionalized madness... After a while, this gets VERY tired. People need to wake up and get to fighting this insanity. There is no doubt that the rulers of the world are control freaks that want willing victims for their demented utopia for them only. This should be spread FAR and WIDE. Unfortunately, most of the future victims have been anesthetized with mass media narcotic programming. Oh yeah, I forgot... I'm just another crazy "conspiracy theorist". It safe to just go back to sleep... *big smirk*

Anonymous said...

Its all very well to catch criminals, but in reality things are different. Locally, we have cameras in the High Street but when a bike was stolen from the bike shop, the police could not be bothered to look through the tapes until someone narrowed it down to within 20 minutes. However, the cameras are used to issue parking tickets. "A car pulls up, a man gets out, slaps the ticket on the windscreen, and gets back in his car again". I ask which is worse, spending 40 minutes in a 30 minute zone, or stealing a bike? and who is easier to catch?

Anonymous said...

get rid of the petro dollards, and your government all at once, do sheeples really need those to feed themselves, that is only another way to 'bypass' our fundamentals rights and liberties (or what we think is liberty)

peoples will not wake up till its way too late, just look at crops here in canada, who the fuck told monsanto we would grow their shit and eat it too, peoples are damn ignorants and they think its bliss, fuck em, they can die mouth open for the most part, its only their fault if they are too lazy to have a realistic look a what surrounds them and think about it lets say 5 mins a day.
i say bomb the entire planet once and for all, human race is THE most virulent cancer there is.
there must be not one left. maybe then real évolution would come.

sorry for bad english, but im making the effort.
and sorry for those with heart and evoluted minds, me thinks we are an almost extinct race as sheeples cant think by themselves the give way too much powers to thoses who dont deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Its a breach of freedom. Nano bug spray will be provided at cost to you in five flavours! An bug screens will quadruple in cost. I know you will be able to scan for an fry the little critters...Erhg at cost to you..

Anonymous said...

Neat: looks like all the sensors and communication networks will have to be where the PTB will have to mass their security forces when SHTF: that is the weak link. Put out 'their eyes" and they can have a fuckzillion drones flying around without direction or ability to download the information gathered.....I watched US Army personnel flying these drones around Ft Hood seven+ years ago...over civilian areas.....small ones, hand launched.....flipped them the bird everytime they passed by.....

Anonymous said...

Here's one for the blog owner: why do you make people have to "sign in" to these freakin' anti-privacy "Google Accounts" or "Facebook" or others to make a comment and leave our name?????? These are nothing but anti-privacy TRACKING devices.....


Anonymous said...

Ralph works for mossad

Willing Catholic Martyr said...

They can't touch your soul.

Anonymous said...

All of these devices utilize radio frequencies. Using radio field strength meters and directional antennas should be able to pinpoint them. When you locate them, destroy them.

Anonymous said...

This would appear to explain rods.I have never suspected that rods were extraterrestrial.We are basically clueless as to the extent of human ingenuity.Exactly where on earth they come from is anyones guess

Anonymous said...

Since the biggest percentage of posters’ comments are under "anonymous" says a whole lot about the fact that privacy is still very important to people, except when they can’t mind their own business.

The “authorities” whoever “they” are, are a very nosy bunch. Why is it so important to them to know whether people eat, shit, fuck, sleep, walk, watch TV, listen to the radio, pick their noses, type messages, talk on the phone, trade goods, travel, do drugs, do laundry, breathe, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera? Anything a human does, a human does within the systems that have been created and imposed by the States that created them. The “authorities” do all of these things and I would presume, do much, much more than any ordinary human being on a daily basis. The question is: So why are the Watchers so curious about human behavior? Haven’t they already figured out how humans behave under their own systems? Is it that interesting to them? No. One would argue that they would like to pick and choose which “animals” they’d prefer to domesticate and to deal with those which are “wild”, all the while making “money” at it. They know and we also know these systems are meaningless, yet they continue trying to prop them up with an active contempt for life and freedom, in the name of some “authority” whatever THAT is.

Rae Merrill said...

There's no end to this. They can put things through your letterbox that are so small you would never know about. Thye don't even need to raw attention to themselves by breaking in, these miniature drones can enter through the keyhole.

inahs said...

Sorry but it has already happened. It's not a question of if or when, it's here. And it's not just the military who is interested since they are used for this and do it willingly, but those who order them to do it want this as well.

As for Anonymous #2, I assume you're in the U.K. or Europe. Don't think it hasn't come to your shores either. This is global and the U.K. is far ahead of us when it comes to using this kind of technology and anything to do with Big Brother. U.K. is the flag ship for us all to copy.

Anonymous said...

What's scary is that people have bought into the opinion that surveillance automatically equals safety. As mentioned above, oftentimes these tools are used for police to meet their quotas (like here in Maryland) on ticketing/arresting for minor infractions rather than dedicating their energy to more serious issues. Eventually, these means of surveillance erode the civil liberties we claim set us apart from the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

You can buy model jet and prop planes. Remote control. Knock down their drones by crashing into them. If they are breaking your rights, then you have a right to get rid of them. Buy direct from made-in-china

Anonymous said...

GO watch the movie THRIVE www. --- get involved. They have laid our all the proof and science. They are a meeting point for movement. They are organizing us in the tens of thousands...hundreds of thousands.... and millions. It's time to take back our government from the greedy, self-service 1% who want us all as slaves, controlled and monitored because they feel they are better equipped to make decisions for our well being than we are!

HereAmI said...

This is Man. Insane and satanic. The whole world becoming a virtual and inescapable hell on earth. The real world polluted beyond redemption; no animals left. They are already dying or committing suicide in droves. Water full of oil from fracking. All plant life dead as a result of the chemtrails, which are cutting out sunshine even as we enter a hundred year period of global cooling. Genetically modified food designed to sterilize and destroy any real thought. Can you visualize how life will be in a hundred years? It is beyond, way beyond, your worst nightmare.
But still, most of you will believe that I am mad when I say that there is a solution; and it is coming very soon.
The Son of God returns on 3rd October 2016.
This is the blessed hope, the only hope, the absolute, and the certain hope.
Read The Daniel Timeline.

Anonymous said...

These scientists and their US/.UK Military masters are sick minded.
They only care about their grants and their profits out of this and have no concern whatsoever about our privacy.
I would swat one down if It is interfering in my privacy.
The person above who wrote that the public are only interested in Football,Soap Operas and moronic newspapers is spot on in his assessment.
This must be stopped and if the politicians are on OUR side we can nullify it all, before it is too late.

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