Thursday, January 27, 2011

Police trained that FEMA camps are perfectly normal

Milo Nickels
Activist Post

Picture it:  You are sound asleep next to your spouse.  Your children are safely tucked away in their bedrooms.  Despite the chaos in the world which surrounds you -- the riots, the food shortages, the deadly pandemic, the nationwide power outage, and the apparent societal collapse -- you are safe and comfortable in your house.  Although the world has seemingly gone crazy, you are doing all you can to weather the storm and (for the moment) everything is quiet and peaceful.  Suddenly, there is a loud crash!  You jerk awake from your slumber.  Within seconds, before you can even get to your feet, you are blinded by streams of intense light.  You can hear your spouse screaming, and your children crying in the distance, but all that noise is drowned out by the loud, harsh voices behind those blinding lights.  "Get down!"  "Don't move!"  If you hesitate for even a second, they will violently throw you to the ground.  You are dragged from your own house along with the rest of your family.  As several officers remain behind to search your house, you are thrown onto a fortified bus without any explanation, and whisked away to a "secure facility." This is your new home -- uniforms, prisoner numbers, forced vaccinations, ID markings, armed guards, barking guard dogs, and a fence with barbed wire pointing inward.

Yes, I'm talking about FEMA camps.  I'm not sure if I actually believe that they exist or not, but I have absolutely no doubt that our government is capable of such a thing.  These are, after all, the same people who want to see all travelers naked -- and grope their genitals.  Honestly, how much of a stretch would camps really be?  With all of the rules, laws, taxes, license plate readers, face scanners, traffic cameras, security cameras, metal detectors, speed cameras, and (recently) unmanned spy drones we are pretty much in a giant camp already -- they just haven't built the fence yet.

This article is not about the "reality" of FEMA camps.  Plenty of other people have written articles and made movies which offer "proof" that FEMA camps exist.  If you want information concerning the Japanese internment camps of WWII, legislation that opens the door to prisoner camps, or even maps of supposed FEMA camp locations, may I offer the following resources for you:

Camp FEMA - American Lockdown (full movie - video - 86 minutes)
Jesse Ventura - Conspiracy Theory (Season 2, Episode 4 - video - 44 minutes)

I've watched all the movies and visited all the websites.  The information is sometimes compelling, sometimes absurd.  There is a plethora of facts and an abundance of wild speculations.  Although, I'm not sure what I believe, I have acquired an interesting piece of information that I want to share with all of you.  One of my biggest questions concerning FEMA camps has always been this: how on earth would they convince military and police to go along with the roundup?

It's actually not as difficult as you might suspect.  Think of all the unconstitutional, victimless-crime laws that the police willingly and aggressively enforce every single day.  Take the "seat belt law" for example.  Although this law is clearly a violation of the constitution and a glaring display of government overstepping its bounds, it was justified to the police as being "necessary because it saves lives."  The government offers a rationalization, the law gets passed, police supervisors give out the orders, and police do as they are told.

It all starts with the justification/rationalization.

It would stand to reason that, if placing people in camps could be justified/rationalized to the police as a "necessary act to save lives," the police would likely go along with it.  But are the police actually being indoctrinated that camps may be necessary to save lives?  Sadly, the answer is yes.  I recently received the following email, and it blew me away:

Dear Milo, I love your site.  I noticed you haven't discussed FEMA camps yet, but here's some information that you might find interesting.

I'm a police officer in [withheld to protect officer's identity] State. Everyone in my department was recently required to take an online course sponsored by FEMA about the "Incident Command Structure" (ICS). The Incident Command Structure is the system of control set in place following a disaster, catastrophe, terrorist strike, or other such event.  All of the documents from that course can be found on FEMA's website:

In particular you should pay attention to Unit 6: ICS Facilities. Here's that direct link:

First, I'd like you to notice page 6-8 which is actually entitled "CAMPS"!!! Now, they claim in this training that "camps" are temporary facilities and may not be required. I feel that they do this to condition the police that camps are perfectly normal and may be necessary--so that we won't hesitate to place people in camps upon command.

Secondly, I'd like you to notice page 6-4 which mysteriously states "some incidents may require facilities not included on the standard list". The use of the word "facilities" would lead me to believe that these locations are already in place and are permanent in nature. But then you have to ask: what kind of facilities are important enough to already have in place, but too secretive to leave out of your police training?

I found it very interesting and thought I'd share.
Keep up the good work,
[Name Withheld]

Interesting, indeed!  It's quite unsettling that FEMA is educating police officers around the nation that citizens may have to be placed into CAMPS at some point (for their own safety, of course), and that this practice is completely normal.

Now, I know that I bust on cops a lot on my site.  Truthfully though, I don't actually dislike most individual police officers, but the corrupt governmental institution they serve.  Most cops are just honest, hard-working people -- working a very difficult job.  They don't want to violate people's rights, but they also don't want to get in trouble with their supervisors and risk losing their livelihoods.  I actually have several friends who are cops and, like the author of this letter, I can't picture any of them voluntarily placing American citizens into camps.  I'm hoping that, by sharing this email with all of you, maybe some other police who have received this training will realize what's really going on, and how they are being conditioned.  Placing citizens in camps is not normal, it's not necessary, and it never will be.

Milo Nickels began blogging and cartooning about politics in the year 2000.  After achieving some notoriety at that time, Milo took a break.  Now, Milo has launched a new website, Five Cent Revolution where he continues to write about political issues.  In particular, Milo focuses on constitutionalism, critiques of modern liberalism and progressivism, and defends individual liberty above all else.  Milo wants the government out of our wallets, out of our business, and out of our lives to the greatest extent possible.   

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Anonymous said...

This is the republican reich wing party wet dream.

Anonymous said...

They just haven't built the fence yet? Check the border to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

this is the far left wing radical Obama wet dream

Anonymous said...

The right and left don't exist, they are merely illusions created to divide people, and keep them distracted. Keep you hating your brothers and sisters instead of the real enemy...

Anonymous said...

This is the wet dream of both parties. They all want to control you and take all your money. If you really think one party is better than the other, you'll be one of the first ones on the bus.

Anonymous said...

This is why I have 30.06 AP ammo in case I have "uninvited guests"
Also, I have a reinforced door so it can't be battered in with their rams so easily.
Time is what these goons fear the most, they absolutely MUST get in and at your bedside within 8 seconds or the likelyhood of them dying rises dramatically.
Never forget that we are many, they are pitifully few...

Anonymous said...

In the video it made the claim, "The holocaust happened to people like us." I couldn't agree more, when we perform horrific acts of violence so we can steal natural resources and land from other sovereign nations, then our karma allows us to get some blowback. We're behaving atrociously, it will be no surprise if we are attacked on our homeland again, but it probably won't be Israel this time.

Anonymous said...

TGFI: Thank God for Idaho!!

Anonymous said...

I've watched all the movies and visited all the websites. The information is sometimes compelling, sometimes absurd
Now get off your ass and check

Take the "seat belt law" for example
How about license ins and registration?
Its all illegal too late you are already enslaved
now thats "absurd"

Gerald said...

Educate you neighbors to what is going on. Form a neighborhood watch. Stock up on food, water and other necessities. Make sure all your neighbors are trained in self defense and armed. Plan to defend your home and your neighbors home from outlaw incursions. Surround the invaders when they come. Try to avoid shooting and give them a chance to leave without harm. if they attack you defend yourself, your neighbor and your family. Try not to kill anyone, simply make them leave they have families too. If there are foreign troops then this strategy may not work. In our area they have already trained agents even down to the park service about how they are going to round people up. Most of these people will not obey these orders.

Anonymous said...

There's one of these facilities in California right on I5 south of Holister. Thwere's another off Why 50 east of Sacramento. They are VERY easy to spotif you know what to look for:

Big open areas with 15' high fences, eith inward razor wire. Some of them have the warnings on little "US GOV'T PROPERTY" plaques every 30-50ft around, but not always. You won't find them anywhere near a town or city. They will be in the middle of no where. Take a random exit off a deserted highway with "NEXT GAS 50 MILES and you'll probably find one.

There's almost always Railroad access to these areas.

Anonymous said...

Adolf could only dream of this kind of power

Anonymous said...

"Truthfully though, I don't actually dislike most individual police officers, but the corrupt governmental institution they serve. Most cops are just honest, hard-working people -- working a very difficult job. They don't want to violate people's rights, but they also don't want to get in trouble with their supervisors and risk losing their livelihoods."

Does your brain hurt much? How can you continue to keep such contradictory ideas in your head? Cops are the mammon serving henchmen of the evil among us. If they refused to serve mammon and the evil government institution, none of this would be possible. Every single cop swears to uphold the supreme law of the land, and breaks their oath by violating it with their enforcement of unconstitutional legislation. You have the audacity to call that honesty? Shame on you.
Do you have any idea how many victimless prisoners are already in confinement because of the mammon serving, law hating wastes of human flesh called cops there are? They will demand justice against these vermin that violated their rights and they will get it too. You better tell your good cop buddies they did not get away with their crimes against we the people and our supreme law. And why do they serve the evil among us? For mammon. Take mammon out of the equation and your good cop buddies would never do what they are doing. If they have any sense left in them they will stop, repent, and beg for forgiveness.
Does anyone think the good buddy cops will do this? I didn't think so.
It's going to get very, very ugly folks.

Anonymous said...

Its about time

Anonymous said...

WHEN THE ICE AGE REALLY STARTS (after 2014 pole shift) people will go willingly into these camps for a warm meal and nice place to lay your head.

When you enter the camp, you will willingly be searched TSA style, giving up any weapons they brought with them for the "safety of the campers"

Once your in the camp, you will be unable to leave without 'show your papers'

In order to survive the upcoming pole shift and ice age you need to live within 2,200 miles of the equator, far away from the shorelines.

Anonymous said...

The excuse will be a pandemic that is killing thousands. All the intelligent people who refuse gov. mandated vaccines will be targeted.
So simple. Most law enforcement types don't spend hours educating themselves about these issues. They are obedient soldiers who do what they are told, and they don't have a clue that vaccines might be dangerous. They will be as mindless puppets.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said: this is the far left wing radical Obama wet dream"

The funny thing about this Anonymous is that I bet he thinks he things figured out...when in fact he is at least as naive as the average American, if not more so. He still thinks Obama is a leftist cute. Must have been born yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I will certainly put up a fight if not I will already be gone in some very remote woodly area. They may try to take my body but they can't take my soul that belongs to God my father =o)

Anonymous said...

owned guns and weapons but never ever harmed a soul. . look at returning vets from every so called war they do just fine, there always a few that lose it. I have first hand seen the blessing of protecting one that would be dead if it wasn't for firearm at reach... thanks for the open borders obama punk

Anonymous said...

Religion is the bane of those...
Who's brain it seems to seize,
It is a seeming pestilence,
A vile, corrupt disease
That bores its way into the minds
With vengeance to deplore,
It writhes and squirms incessantly,
And offers little more...
Than just a way to run from life
And love the wrathful men,
Of such a vengeful arbiter
As May have ever been!

Faith is believeing in something you know ain't so...Mark Twain

Christianity is a perversion of pure morality that constitutes the anti-christ...Thomas Jefferson

Question with Boldness even the existance of a God...Thomas Jefferson

There is little difference between organized religions and organized crime, they're both running scams. exploiting the irrational passions of the gullible fools in order to filch power and wealth unto the elites and priests...

America's manifest destiny doctrine states the sheeple can rape, steal, kill, and justify anything they feel, by using Jesus as a shield for all their wicked ass desires!

There are no gods, devils, heavens nor hells in our natural world, only poetic fears and superstitutions that hardens hearts and enslaves minds within the tyranny of the master/slave relationship...

The Government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion...John Adams

The history of intellectual progress is written in the lives of infidels. Robert Ingersoll....The Second Commandment in Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary is this: "No images nor idols make/for Robert Ingersoll to break!"

Anonymous said...

You dont believe the FEMA camps exist?? My god there is so much information online about the multitude of FEMA camps empty but manned and operational. The Gas inlets are visible from the street. The signage to divide people into either kill or be mind controlled for usefulness is there in plain sight. Use your brain man. This stuff isnt hidden!! What are all the coffins for. What are the thousands of convict trains for? this stuff is real and you must be prepared to fight!

modrall said...

I strongly suspect that WalMart buildings are among FEMA's "facilities not included on the standard list." These are locations that are "already in place and permanent in nature, but too secretive" to let the police train in them at the moment, else their cover will be blown. Once the food supply is depleted and Marshall Law kicks in full tilt throttle, people will be rounded up and placed in these ChinaMart buildings that are EVERYWHERE and armed guards will stand at the few doorways while razor wire fences are quickly constructed around the perimeters.

Anonymous said...

You idiots need to get a life! FEMA camps DO NOT exist!! These rumors were started almost 25 years ago, and have not only endured, they've grown to the point of being utterly ridiculous.

This is all nothing more than the fantasy wet dreams of a few raving lunatics!!

There are NO FEMA camps!
There are NO prisoner train cars!
There are NO stockpiles of coffins!
There are NO U.N. troops in America!
'Conspiracy Theory' with Jesse Ventura provided
NO evidence supporting ANY of these claims!
Inward pointing barbed-wire is absolutely


Anonymous said...

Re: "First, I'd like you to notice page 6-8 which is actually entitled "CAMPS"!!! Now, they claim in this training that "camps" are temporary facilities and may not be required."

Say, I went to that site and read section 6. I don't doubt the perfidy of the federal govt. one bit, but I do think your correspondent has misinterpreted "camps" in this instance. It seems obvious to me that "camps" here refers specifically to temporary, quickly set-up rest/refresh areas for the emergency responders.

Anonymous said...

P.S. On page 6-9, it even says specifically, "Camps are where food, water, rest, and sanitary services are provided to incident personnel."

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