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7 Reasons Food Shortages Will Become a Global Crisis

Food inflation is here and it's here to stay.  We can see it getting worse every time we buy groceries. Basic food commodities like wheat, corn, soybeans, and rice have been skyrocketing since July, 2010 to record highs.  These sustained price increases are only expected to continue as food production shortfalls really begin to take their toll this year and beyond.

This summer Russia banned exports of wheat to ensure their nation's supply, which sparked complaints of protectionism.  The U.S. agriculture community is already talking about rationing corn over ethanol mandates versus supply concerns. We've seen nothing yet in terms of food protectionism.

Global food shortages have forced emergency meetings at the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization where they claim "urgent action" is needed.  They point to extreme weather as the main contributing factor to the growing food shortages.  However, commodity speculation has also been targeted as one of the culprits.

It seems that the crisis would also present the perfect opportunity and the justification for the large GMO food companies to force their products into skeptical markets like in Europe and Japan, as recently leaked cables suggest.  One thing is for sure; food shortages will likely continue to get worse and eventually become a full-scale global food crisis.

Here are seven reasons why food shortages are here to stay on a worldwide scale:

1. Extreme Weather: Extreme weather has been a major problem for global food; from summer droughts and heat waves that devastated Russia’s wheat crop to the ongoing catastrophes from 'biblical flooding' in Australia and Pakistan.  And it doesn’t end there.  An extreme winter cold snap and snow has struck the whole of Europe and the United States. Staple crops are failing in all of these regions making an already fragile harvest in 2010 even more critical into 2011.  Based on the recent past, extreme weather conditions are only likely to continue and perhaps worsen in the coming years.

2. Bee Colony Collapse: The Guardian reported this week on the USDA's study on bee colony decline in the United States: "The abundance of four common species of bumblebee in the US has dropped by 96% in just the past few decades." It is generally understood that bees pollinate around 90% of the world's commercial crops.  Obviously, if these numbers are remotely close to accurate, then our natural food supply is in serious trouble.  Luckily for us, the GMO giants have seeds that don't require open pollination to bear fruit.

3. Collapsing Dollar: Commodity speculation has resulted in massive food inflation that is already creating crisis levels in poor regions in the world. Food commodity prices have soared to record highs mainly because they trade in the ever-weakening dollar. Traders will point to the circumstances described in this article to justify their gambles, but also that food represents a tangible investment in an era of worthless paper.  Because the debt problems in the United States are only getting worse, and nations such as China and Russia are dropping the dollar as their trade vehicle, the dollar will continue to weaken, further driving all commodity prices higher.

4. Regulatory Crackdown: Even before the FDA was given broad new powers to regulate food in the recent Food Safety Modernization Act, small farms were being raided and regulated out of business.  Now, the new food bill essentially puts food safety under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security where the food cartel uses the government to further consolidate their control over the industry. Militant police action is taken against farmers suspected of falling short on quality regulations. It is the power to intimidate innocent small farmers out of the business.

5. Rising oil prices: In 2008, record oil prices that topped $147 per barrel drove food prices to new highs.  Rice tripled in 6 months during the surge of oil prices, along with other food commodities.  The price of oil affects food on multiple levels; from plowing fields, fertilizers and pesticides, to harvesting and hauling.  Flash forward to 2011:  many experts are predicting that oil may reach upwards of $150-$200 per barrel in the months ahead.  As oil closed out 2010 at its 2-year highs of $95/bbl, it is likely on pace to continue climbing.  Again, a weakening dollar will also play its part in driving oil prices, and consequently, food prices to crisis levels.

6. Increased Soil Pollution: Geo-engineering has been taking place on a grand scale in the United States for decades now.  Previously known in conspiracy circles as 'chemtrailing,' the government has now admitted to these experiments claiming they are plan "B" to combat global warming.  The patents involved in this spraying are heavy in aluminum.  This mass aluminum contamination is killing plants and trees and making the soil sterile to most crops.  In an astonishing coincidence, GMO companies have patented aluminum-resistant seeds to save the day.

7. GMO Giants: Because of growing awareness of the health affects of GM foods, several countries have rejected planting them. Therefore, they would seem to need a food crisis to be seen as the savior in countries currently opposed to their products.  A leaked WikiLeaks cable confirms that this is indeed the strategy for GMO giants, where trade secretaries reportedly “noted that commodity price hikes might spur greater liberalization on biotech imports.” Since GMO giants already control much of the food supply, it seems they can also easily manipulate prices to achieve complete global control of food.

The equation is actually quite simple: food is a relatively inelastic commodity in terms of demand. In other words, people need to eat no matter how bad the economy gets.  Thus, demand can be basically measured by the size of the population. Therefore, as demand remains steady while the 7 supply pressures outlined above continue to worsen, food prices will have only one place to go -- up, up, and up.

As international agencies scramble to find "solutions," their energy may be just as well spent on questioning if this famine scenario is being purposely manipulated for profits.  Regardless, the average person would be very wise to stock up on food staples as an investment, and frankly to survive the worsening food crisis.

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Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord & keep the powder dry!

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Victory Gardens will be the start of the free range slave revolt.

Anonymous said...

Morals, what morals, a buck will buy a an assasin in a jet plane screwing his own kids future,spraying themselves and his own family, cops protect criminals and intimidate truth seekers, our leaders are the most treacherous citizens in the country, and anyone who speaks out is seen as dangerous by joe average.Go back to your tv land and die like the moraly bankrupt animals youve been educated to be or wake up and realise you have been lied to about EVERYTHING. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR KIDS,They were screwing you before they circumcised you. There way of saying we own your descendant slaves. Wait till China fires up, 200 million standing soldiers and 90 billion dollars a year to feed them. oh what a coincidence Mr Clinton. They are allready talking up war.
The global game:if the ice age don't get you, the aetheistic states will and thats not even condidering Russia. Heaven and Hell is coming 2011. Love God with all your heart,body and mind you are definitely going to need it.

Mfskinner said...

Since so few are committed to the destruction of so many of us, why don't we just sit around and complain about it till we are dead and then it will save us from doing anything about it.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon, but like me he is tired of telling you sheeple there is a wolf we need to kill it! and have you all sit there on your butts saying, wait til the next commercial! and the tv is telling you, the wolf won't hurt you, just let it in. you can be friends with the wolf. and the sheeple believe the tv and not the person right there and not what they KNOW to be true about wolves eating sheep! how much more brain washing and propaganda do you need to assimilate before you either do what the ptb wants or see it for what it is and wake up to help us combat it! i have ideas, how to help ourselves rid of this government, but it takes more than just me and 1m others. it will take us all, but most won't WAKE THE F#(% UP!

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone other than the 5 lunatics above who has a rational post here?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a very informative article.

The game is over. It is already too late. The elites already have control. If you don't like it, just leave the Empire and live somewhere else. I did and I couldn't be happier. Now I can watch the American Empire implode in slow motion from a tropical beach paradise in SE Asia. Get out before it is too late. If you don't, then you only have yourself to blame.

Toni Reita ND said...

Getting out is like throwing trash "away"...where exactly is away? Everything is connected and the long arm of the tyrants extends to many countries, military bases, aid etc.

It is always wise to vote with our dollars and our feet and to ensure that "away" doesn't put us into a worse situation.

No matter where we are, being more self sufficient is critical, growing some portion of our own food is vital, and offers nutrient dense, delicious and free from toxins.

Safe Journey


Dave said...

You missed a few things. Firstly, 50% of all fish caught under EEC rules are thrown back into the sea dead, viz you tube 'What's Gone Wrong With Fishing' (it could have been stopped decades ago, but there is a certain 'purpose' firstly in killing these fish for no good reason at all, as it is entirely avoidable, and secondly in taking away the ability of these fish stocks to reproduce - think American buffalo shooting). Also, view the massive orange mountains in America, all going to waste, along with milk and butter mountains etc. In fact, 50% of ALL food produced in the world is actually destroyed, and a further 10% of everything that is purchased by consumers is then discarded, and I am sure further categories of wastage can be added to this. Some is lost due purely to problems with logistics, most is destroyed to artificially preserve a consistency in high prices, that would otherwise be lost if bumper harvests and their consequent lower prices were ever to be allowed to establish a precedent.

Elisheva Wiriaatmadja said...

Shortages of commodities are developing already. Sugar shortages for example is one reason why price of sugar is going to go up very fast in the coming months. Buckle up, this year is going to be the start of a very, very bumpy ride into a disastrous economy.

Anonymous said...

Eat carp. Yes, the r is in the right place. The Mississippi River, Missouri River, Illinois River are loaded with them and they threaten the great lakes. Eat them - in China they are a delicacy and full of wonderful protein. Easy to catch and wonderful smoked.

Mickey said...

This story is in That Holy Bible Book, isn 't it?

Anonymous said...

It is all about inflation. As the dollar and Euro and Yen drop in purchasing power and commodities increase in price, food, clothing and fuel will become ever more expensive.

Anonymous said...

It is already too late...The mentally retarded public school Democracy parsites have destroyed us all and they are FAR too stupid to know that they are destroying themselves every time they vote for thieving liberal psychopaths like Obama. The bratty little retards actually vote for them and cheer them on!

Anonymous said...

The real problem is that the public school system creates retarded and infantile psychopaths who vote for the political terrorists who are slowly murdering them. Orwell understood and directed the Establishment Parasites into creating this fiat currency prison planet.

Anonymous said...

it is so true that students in the USA are being DUMBED DOWN....see book by same name Dumbing us down....the system for education is so broken, and non effective. it is time for changes not just in schools. IF at home kids were being taught properly that would be the best thing ever. But instead children are sent to strangers to be taught the basics on up. Parents NEED to take responsibility for educating their children. it is so sad how DUMB some too many are these days. seriously. the schools keep dropping the grading system, focusing on things that don't help you think on your own. oh man there are just so many issues going on in the world at once today. no time for finger pointing tho. Action NOW! and how do you decide where to start your changes?!! so much needs fixing. for sure learn to care for YOUR FAMILY First. Fight GMO's EVERY STEP don't let them forget we don't want that "stuff". we need to contact our reps and tell them so and remind them often. we have the RIGHT also to know when they are passing off clone meats and gmo anything. demand labeling. then refuse to buy the junk..... start with 3month supply then move on up to one year. don't forget your HEIRLOOM seeds. learn to garden. I too believe Victory gardens are coming back! which in a way is great as people will be eating GOOD Food and less junk food!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Victory gardens: the chemtrails are ruining the soil and destroying the leaves of the plants. This past summer my garden was not just affected by the drought caused by the constant spraying of chemtrails over Tennessee, but after the rare occasion when it did rain, the leaves got burn marks and holes. I saw many other gardeners complaining about the same thing happening to their gardens across the country and in the UK via youtube. Something in the sprays, day in and day out, is doing something to the agriculture - as well as the weather modification causing droughts and floods worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Not so much that the public schools are "dumbing-down" but they are destroying people's ability to REASON and indocrinating them with concepts of obeying "External Authority". The USA is now just a Banana Republic the majority of voters being infantile little parasites just like the south-o-Texas Americans. What is the difference between thieving scum like Ortega/Chavez and the animal currently occupying the White House?

Anonymous said...

"It is generally understood that bees pollinate around 90% of the world's commercial crops. Obviously, if these numbers are remotely close to accurate, then our natural food supply is in serious trouble. Luckily for us, the GMO giants have seeds that don't require open pollination to bear fruit."

---Is it not possible--even likely--that part of the cause of the collapse of the bee population is agri-giant GMO seeds?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

If bees are effected by Bacillus thuringiensis, then it is absolutely likely that the collapse of the bee population would ensue.

You know, many of us consume BT daily in GMO foods. I personally did some DNA testing (with my botany class) on various grocery store products and over half of these common products contained GM genes. If BT kills "pests" which ingest it, are we completely unaffected?

Anonymous said...

I am missing cause #1 : Growing world population.

Then there is also cause # 8 : Inordinate fear of new foods.

But don't forget # 9 : MASS THINKING !!

Don R. said...

Confused about Food Storage?

So was I. Two years ago, when I first began to hear about Food Storage, I instantly recognized that it was a good concept that has been the norm of life for centuries. My grand parent stored food all the time. I decided, for my own Peace of Mind, to begin storing food.

I have some military survival training, so believed it would be an easy job, but it was not. The experts wanted me to learn a new trade. It was clear, I had to develop my own criteria for my purchases.

My ideal company needs to have the following.

1: Great Taste.
2: Can be used on a Daily bases
3: Long Term Shelf Life, 15+ years.
4: Affordable, fit my Budget.
5: Easy Ordering.
6: Nutritious and Gourmet.
7: Free Meals to test for taste and nutrition.

Number 10 cans are great, but individuals packs of two to eight meals are better, particularly if kids are involved and you want to use the food on a regular bases.

I have found a new company called eFoods Global that fits all off my criteria. They offer 6 free meals so I can try the food before I buy.
They sent me the 6 free meals. I paid only the $9.95 S/H.
The meals tasted great and the labels told me they are nutritious and wholesome.
I do not know about you, but I do not want to be at the mercy of the state or federal government. Just think of the word Katrina.

I also believe that getting and reading books on gardening, rabbit, chicken and small animal raising, self defense and our common sense approach to living will get us through any disaster, be they Natural or Man made.

Don Ruane.

Anonymous said...

It is our own fault that we are ignorant about life and we should go back to living with nature peacefully i think we can live high life without danger-ing nature.So it is not hard to grow your own fruits and things you can go to 3 world country's and leader from them how to grow it if you don,t know.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is just destruction/parasitism by the mentally unfit majority. What we are witnessing today is the death-throws of Democracy's stupidities combines with fiat money.

Okie said...

For those with eyes to see and a understanding heart and mind, there is a place of protection from this evil beastly system.
You can read about this wonderful place in Ps. 91.
You can see this place at this web site.

And yes time is very short.
Remember what the Messiah said in Luke 24:25 don't be a fool.


Anonymous said...

SB 510 - the "food safety" bill outlaws cleaning and saving Heirloom seeds - it is now illegal to do what man has done for thousands of years - save and grow his own food. I would be much more comfortable if I thought that our government was unaware of the implications - We will be totally dependent on the GOV for our food and if they fail to provide for whatever reason, we will no longer have the means to grow our own food

Anonymous said...

Stock up on food supplies? Well, I agree for the short term, but impossible for the long term. And gardens are only as good as the amount of ammo you have to protect them from two legged predators at night! We are teaching our children to liquidate anything that they don't need for themselves or want to save for their children. Sell or give away. Amazing how much clutter we have and how much time and money we spend storing it. Also, continue educating yourselves - daily. Get that Master's degree in critical life sustaining information.... basic how to stuff, finances, gardening, etc. Good to stock up a bit on basics - and diversify, and if possible get a few things that could be a blessing to others - friends and neighbors who aren't thinking ahead.

Anonymous said...

Most of the comments sound like we are already a broken society. This is because we have become polarized and divided. Other societies would survive while we would become another Balkans.

Anonymous said...

I hope God saves us. December 21, 2012 will not be Armageddon ... it will be Judgement Day for the economy of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

One should try to prepare as best they can. As far as food preparation efoods global Steve Shenk has been on Alex Jones show many times. They are 28 years in the making, and the food has a 15 year shelf life. If interested:


Anonymous said...

We would be fools not to prepare for the future as no one really knows what will happen. I believe economic collapse is closer than we think. Many of the states are already broke. With unemployed people signing up for food-stamps and emergency unemployment it's putting even more strain on the financial system. If you can do food storage then good for you but don't sit around bitching with idle hands.

Anonymous said...

After reading all of these comments, one would assume the only way to survive what's coming in the near future is to pick up your belongings and move to the hills away from everybody else and plant your garden and live as a hermit. If that is how life will be then I'd prefer a quick ending. What is life all about? Hoarding food and living in fear of your neighbor? I don't think that's what GOD had in mind. Buckle up people. We are on this planet for a purpose. I'm not sure exactly what that purpose is. But, I would hope that it is to join with others to solve our problems ahead of us and prepare for the future. I believe there is plenty of food for everyone. But, I do agree that only a few people control what happens with the economy. And, if the economy fails, the rich will go down with the middle class and the poor. Humanity needs to begin to solve these potential problems whatever they may be. You can't live on eating paper whatever the denomination is. The human body needs food, humans need to produce in order to make the life cycle continue to grow. Saying the sky is falling is not fixing the problem and only creates anxiety. Let's talk about how to solve the problem, instead of inciting people to riot, hoard food, blame others for the mess we are in. Address your valid concerns with your representatives and point out that they too will suffer along with the masses if such a delima should occur.

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of life, you ask? What is the purpose of a termite? The witless arrogantly assume their purpose is above all other life's, in the same way the elite believe theirs is above the masses'. --jackal

Toni Reita ND said...

From a distance it would appear that we are sustainable & self sufficient. We've lived off grid for the last 11 years using solar array, small wind turbines & a diesel generator.

We know or grow our own food and eat no false foods or toxins.

Yet, fog, clouds & chemtrails interfere with the solar array. It was 10 degrees this Feb 1, so without a good insulated green house, you would just starve to death in the winter.

My belief is that we need to look to the people who lived here for the 10,000 years before us and learn some of their self sufficient methods and food preparations and storage.

Any disaster can immediately effect food availability.

This is also a critical time to reject false foods, GMOS. Vote with your dollars.

Safe Journey


solution said...

Today's world is facing the dilemma of food shortage. Population growth, alternate use of edibles, the skirmishes between the food program workers and the hungry warring factions, climate changes due to pollution, shortage of supply and above all the energy crises are the issues that are not only difficult to solve but also reversely affect each other. If one issue is resolved the other is catalyzed by this redemption. If we try control the pollution by using the corn and other edibles the ozone layer is saved but the humanity is harmed due to shortage of food.

Anonymous said...

S510 This bill never became law. This bill was proposed in a previous session of Congress. Sessions of Congress last two years, and at the end of each session all proposed bills and resolutions that haven't passed are cleared from the books. Members often reintroduce bills that did not come up for debate under a new number in the next session.
Introduced Mar 3, 2009
Referred to Committee View Committee Assignments
Reported by Committee Nov 18, 2009
Amendments (18 proposed) View Amendments
Passed Senate Nov 30, 2010
House Vote (did not occur)
Signed by President (did not occur)

Its still something to pay attention to thou folks. As this disrupts the local farmers markets and such around us.

Anonymous said...

How much food is wasted every day in the U.S.? I don't know about the third world, never been there. But I've been in restaurants, cafeterias, my own home, office lunch rooms etc. in the U.S. We waste a huge amount of food in this country. Take what you need, eat what you take. Clean your plate and give some of the difference in what you save to the poor. Thoughtlessness and greed are our problems, not the NWO. The solution, as always, begins with me.

Anonymous said...

Mt husband and I have been stocking up too. I used to belong to Costco and Sam's Club, I couldn't afford both so we only belong to Sam's club. I try to buy in bulk, but that gets pretty pricey too. I have 2 grown children, I tried telling my 30 yr. old son to buy extra food when he goes to the store, he said he isn't worried about the stores, there will always be food in the stores. I said just wait and see, I sure hope he listens to me before it's to late.

Anonymous said...

There are to many people on this planet.The human race is self destructive.When the waters of Tibet dry up people will go to war for food and water.How many rivers in China actually make it to the ocean?Why is China building dams like there is no tomorrow. Americas water supply is in sad shape.I live in the midwest and there is not one seed in the ground because of the weather.

Anonymous said...

The people of the world (www) need to communicate and plan toward directly influencing their respective governments toward global cooperation. We need a global mandate to increase and streamline distribution of the world food supply. World governments should be offering incentives toward reduction of world population growth. Government incentives should favour space exploration and promote more equitable distribution of global resources among humanity.
God or no god, we all have common sence enough to know that the planet cannot sustain our existence forever. As a species, we need to use our intelligence to spread our seed throughout the universe or, we DIE!

Anonymous said...

For all you mindless religious fools who don't care about the state of the world because they are going to heaven, "grow da fuck up." There is no Santa Clause.
If you experience any sensation after death it will be Nature whispering, " It's all about the survival and evolution of the species stupid, not the mindless human individual."

Anonymous said...

Yeah that’s why I’m stocking up on my food supply. I’m buying the 1 year organic food supplies from

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