Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have

Modern Survival Online

There are tons of good downloads in the Survival Database Download section of this website. For this article – I have selected 10 that everyone should have either printed and put away, or placed on a USB drive – or better yet both.

So – let’s get to it:

#10. FM 4-25-11 First Aid (2002) - Military First Aid Manual.  First aid information is a must – get training before you need it – use this manual for reference.

#9.  Guide to Canning – Being able to preserve crops to  be able to provide for yourself and your family long after the growing season is over is important. This guide will help with that.

#8. Rangers Handbook (2006) – Crammed with info on demolitions, booby traps, communications, patrolling, tactical movement, battle drills, combat intelligence and much more

#7. Where There is No Dentist - The author uses straightforward language and careful instructions to explain how to: examine patients; diagnose common dental problems; make and use dental equipment; use local anesthetics; place fillings; and remove teeth.

#6. NATO Emergency War Surgery – While this is certainly not a manual that would stand alone in most persons emergency/disaster library, it is an absolutely necessary resource if you expect to handle any type of trauma where immediate comprehensive medical care is not available.

#5. A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening – This is not an “all knowing” gardening book – however it provides a lot of information to the “urban gardener” before or after TSHTF.  Best to get the experience and knowledge of gardening NOW rather than later.

#4. FM 3-06 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain - Combat techniques covered in the manual which may be very valuable in a “Roadwarrior”-type world.

#3. 1881 Household Cyclopedia  – A massive resource of information that much of it has been lost over the past 203 generations. From Angling to Knitting – its here.

#2. FM 21-76-1 Survival-Evasion-Recovery (1999) – Excellent manual geared towards the soldier that finds himself behind enemy lines

#1. FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual - From  This manual has been written to help you acquire survival skills. It tells you how to travel, find water and food, shelter yourself from the weather and care for yourself if you become sick or injured. This information is first treated generally and then applied specifically to such special areas as the Arctic, the desert, the jungle and the ocean.1970 Military Issue Manual. General Introduction and Individual and Group Survival Orientation Navigation, Finding Water In All Parts of The Globe. How To Obtain Food, Start a Fire and much more!

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Survival Time said...

Fantastic list of books/manuals!! I fear however, that since most won't even read the manual of their microwave to set the clock...only the ones with a mindset for survival will pick them up and read them.

I still encounter many that look at me as a nut for what I'm doing, but thankfully there are still many more who ASK qurstions, get help and do something to prepare.

You'd have to really be of the Ostrich family to not see just what's happening today and not think you'd better get ready.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list of books and manuals.
I have printed each one, will read all and be ready for the worst case, hoping I never have to use them.

Strawman said...

Fantastic collection. Thank you very much for these.

Anonymous said...

Most excellent information.

I bookmarked this site and signed up for the e-mailing direct to my disaster preparedness survival MeetUp group member's.

Thanks for the info.


Anonymous said...

Just read them and take notes on important parts. Never know when God will breath fire down on us via his sun. Not funny at all.

Ranger Man said...

Nice list. Where There Is No Doctor is also a great download, probably more practical than war surgery (my opinion). The Latter Day Saints offer a free preparedness manual that's hard to beat. I wrote about it once. Just google "latter day saints survival" and you should find it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, I've saved all the pdf's and will print the most apt pages of each. I wish I had the funds to print them all.

Here's one thing no one considered in preparing. Couponing, there are few things today that will let you prepare for the worst like getting things for free. I now have huge stockpiles accumulated for pennies and interesting things like dozens of floss. And odd item but I'm sure a survivalist would put that resource to good use.

If you want to start couponing check out as a place to start. There was one deal where I bought 200 boxes of cereal, every 6 boxes paid me $4.90 to get them. It allowed me to stock my freezer with over six months of organic fruits. Extreme couponing at it's best.

Anonymous said...

I've down loaded these and will save them for possible future needs. The thing that kills me is most of the people reading these and carrying on about the end of the world are probably out of shape, fat, beer guzzling slugs. They lay in bed at night and pray the world crashes and burns so they can go shoot someone because they happen to be walking by his / her property. Problem is they'll be so out of shape if this does happen they won't survive.

Here's to hoping the world doesn't come to a screeching halt anytime soon, but if it does I know I'm prepared.

Anonymous said...

I do like the list of books they are great. My only comment is about the Canning. I do alot of canning. The one thing I wanted to add is that if you dont have a stove to use the pressure canner on I wouldnt use it.. I have been told by alot of Amish and older canning books that I have, that if you canning in a water bath and you are canning root veggies and or meats 3 hours is the general rule.. If you have to can on a wood burner that is something you should know.. 3 hours works, I have canned turkey soup and chicken, potates, carrots. thanks

Anonymous said...

good list. if i could add 1 additional book, (one that would be especially useful in the southern appalachians), it would be "camping and woodcraft" by horace kephart.

Dr. Goldstein said...

Great Stuff dude. The info is really helping already.

I just gave myself a root canal, took out my gall bladder, removed a big tumor from my kidney, and replaced my knee joint. All in under an hour.

Highly recommended ! PS: Anybody got some band aids ??

Anonymous said...

some of this info is in another language.This will not help in an emergency situation. I printed all this out and there is a lot of info here. Hummm....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book list and to the additional resources posted in these comments! I've been printing and researching for over the past year and creating books of my own that will last a lifetime by taking 3-ring binders (from yard sales) and inserting the pages in plastic sheets (for the best books only). A little more expensive than just binding, but I hate how 3-ring punched paper rips. I also take my most valued paperback books and bind them in plastic sheets. I expect these to last my lifetime and my children's...when this all goes down, it will take a long time and a lot of learning to get our society back on track.

Anonymous said...

LOL - by downloading these books...I just became a "terrorist" didn't I?

FunCoTech said...

The Gutenberg Project people sent me for free a DVD containing All the books they have rendered into text to date. Basically all significant English literature that is out of copyright (more than fifty years old) - about 20,000 titles.
They actually sent two copies with the idea that I should give away the extra disk. I highly recommend you do this too, to have copies of our cultural heritage distributed widely means that it will survive whatever, and just to be able to access all those books without the Internet is great. I personally don't trust that the net will be still working when we really need it.

Anonymous said...

says Anonymous is our main hope for a better humanity, and a brighter future.

Tim Stumpf said...

I highly recomend the foxfire books. everything you could ever want to know about off grid living. cheese making,wine making,butchering,gardening etc etc

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the Mother Jones survival guide. Banned in the US now though.

Anonymous said... - The worlds largest survival database. Contains over 920,000 files that will allow society to restore civility. Come take a look at the lost of files.

Anonymous said...

Not working for me.

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