Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thailand: Stage Set for Another Color Revolution

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

What happens when the UK's globalist nexus Chatham House, the US's International Crisis Group (ICG) run by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski, lawyers like Robert Amsterdam, and media giants like BBC, CNN, the Guardian, and the Economist get together to back street protests? Color revolution.

The country this time is Thailand. The organization is called the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD). The color, red.

Red as in Marxism; to represent the rhetorical flavor of UDD intelligentsia like Giles "Jai" Ungpakorn. Ungpakorn is a self-confessed Marxist and believes in turning Thailand into a socialist welfare state, the complete redistribution of wealth, and the destruction of Thailand's highly respected, centuries old culture, history and institutions. He published the "Red Siam Manifesto" within which he places his seal of approval on everything from President Obama, to abortion, to solar power, and frequently has his rantings posted on websites like

Red as in Maoism; the chosen ideology of UDD leader Dr. Weng Tojirakarn. Tojirakarn is a Chinese trained Maoist who took part in the failed Communist Party of Thailand's fight during the 1960's. He was recently building up a network of political indoctrination camps throughout Thailand's northeast before taking part in violent UDD riots in April and May of this year. He is now in jail awaiting trial on charges of terrorism.

Red as in a reflection of Thailand's neighbor Cambodia; ravaged by the Khmer Rogue (Red Khmer), ruled by dictator-for-life, Hun Sen, and being emptied out by foreign investors under the cover of a US trained military and eloquent "people's power speeches." Cambodia has long served as a staging ground and refuge for the UDD and in many ways is a look into the future of a "Red Thailand."

And red as in blood in the streets; during April and May of 2010, the Thai military moved in to break up the UDD's protest, in a similar fashion that broke up the same violent protest a year before. Unlike 2009, UDD had provided its protesters with protection from professional mercenaries which assassinated the commanding officer and his command unit and ignited gun battles, arson, looting and rioting that lasted throughout May, killing 92 and injuring over 1,000.

The UDD is a centralized "people's power" movement under the leadership of former prime minister, now fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra and his Peua Thai Party (PTP). Thaksin in turn, is currently represented by international lawyer Robert Amsterdam who is also simultaneously providing lobbying services for the UDD. This provides further evidence that Thaksin and the UDD are a packaged deal and not as "grassroots" as the mainstream media suggests.

Amsterdam's firm, Amsterdam & Peroff holds membership next to the likes of BBC, the Guardian, and the Economist in the Chatham House. When BBC, the Guardian, the Economist, and even the Chatham House itself write articles and papers to support Amsterdam's position and overall "regime change" in Thailand, it should be of no surprise.

For instance, during Thaksin's administration from 2001 -2006 he conducted a brutal "war on drugs." In 3 months, over 2,000 people were killed in the streets via extra-judicial executions. As indefensible as conducting such executions might be, without arrest, charges or trial, the Economist had no problem spinning it around:
On the streets of Khlong Toey, the largest slum in Bangkok, there is nostalgia for Mr Thaksin's iron-fisted drugs policy. The 2003 crackdown drove up prices, smashed trafficking networks and forced addicts into rehabilitation programmes. In drug-ravaged communities, where the ends tend to justify the means, that was enough to turn Mr Thaksin into a hero.
One can only expect as much from the mainstream media. This wasn't the first Economist article to help bolster Thaksin and his globalist backers' cause. It wasn't even a month after Sam Moon (formally of the Economist) was hired by Thaksin in November 2008 as a lobbyist, that the Economist began printing inflammatory articles attacking Thailand's respected monarchy and lending sorely needed legitimacy to the UDD.

Through the mainstream media Robert Amsterdam, Thaksin, and various globalist think tanks like the ICG continue cawing for "international" intervention and mediation, along with elections Thaksin can surely still buy with his political machine, alive and well in Thailand's rural northeast. The globalist media continues portraying the April/May 2010 violence as a one-sided massacre in an attempt to demonize Thailand as an authoritarian dictatorship, while Thaksin and his clique begin to gather protesters for a renewed campaign to seize power. Continued and persistent interest by the globalists in this matter, including their meddling in the mainstream media, and a recent invitation by the US's CSCE, for Thaksin to travel to the US to give "testimony" on human rights and democracy in Thailand, indicate that the color revolution gambit is still on the table.

Like all engineered, globalist backed color revolutions, it certainly is not about democracy or social justice. It is about regime change in favor of a known globalist stooge. It is about using crass demagoguery in order to divide and tear down the strength of a sovereign people. To specifically attack the Thai Monarchy as Giles Ungpakorn and the Economist have is to debase one of the few common grounds all Thais share and have shared for centuries. A divided, infighting nation with a damaged culture makes an easy target for globalist foreign investors who are clamoring at the borders of yet another nation, ready to insert their parasitic probosci and empty the country out.

And while dangers exist within the current Thai government of a slower integration into the globalist collective, the immediate most unhinging threat is a third attempt at reinstalling Thaksin Shinwatra into power on the back of a violent "people's army." What is most unsettling of all, is that the latter is providing a distracting cover for the former.

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chava said...

ask any thai national their true belief of the queen, if you can get them to talk. they hate the queen. she is the provoker of untold violence and murder. why do think the queens 2nd battalion is in the south? to stoke the hate and anti muslim crap. the royal family has purposefully kept the thai citizens down, out and dumb. thailand is run by 16 elite families, its their cash cow playground.

les majeste is to keep everyone in line and quiet. the enforcement of this archaic decree keeps the masses in fear, just the way the US likes its proxy nations to be.

get in the trench and learn the truth.

Anonymous said...

Chava, why don't you post some evidence like in the article above, and then either you will realize you are wrong, or people might believe you?

I don't think people will dispute that Thailand is ruled by Thai elite, there isn't a country on earth that isn't run by "elites." I think they will say Thai elite and their system is something they can deal with and work within to improve (which they are), and measurably better than foreign mega-elite.

If you look at the "poor" in Thailand, its hard to say they are being 'kept down' when they don't even pay property tax, income tax, and are allowed to start just about any business they want without minimum regulat. Bootleg DVD's, fruit, clothing, etc., unless they are renting a stall in a market, its nearly 0 overhead. A Thai fruit seller in New York would probably go 15 minutes before being shut down.

I'm in the trenches, I know the truth, "Chava."

P.S. the Muslim violence in the South started up again under Thaksin's regime in 2001, after the King's Privy Council under General Prem initiated a cease-fire and peace that lasted 20 YEARS!!! You haven't got your facts straight...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Bleeding obvious of course, but obvious is the new brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I saw someone say that the current prime minister of Thailand wasn't elected by the people. Obviously! Its a parliamentary system, PM's are elected by publicly elected MP's, not directly by the people. Every PM in Thailand, including Thaksin, his nominee Samak, and his brother-in-law Somchai, were all elected in this manner. But in Thailand that's what we're dealing with, a horde of idiots who don't even know how the system works, demanding they run it.

Anonymous said...

Cambodian court hands down 8-year jail term, 1.8 mln riel fine for Veera, 6-year jail term,1.2 mln riel fine for Ratree.

The Thai Yellow shirts have lost the popular support they used to have. They have been arguing for a war with Cambodia and are currently camped outside of Government House in Bangkok. They are now calling for another coup as the Government will not go to war, they have even called on their arch enemys the Reds for support in overthrowing the unelected Ahbisit.

Please, please, please, don't have Tony Cartalucci write on this topic. I don't know him and have no personal interest in him beyond the fact that his coverage of Thailand is extremely biased and inaccurate.

Here is a summary of my most recent dialogue with him, which you can confirm yourself on his most recent article.

1) His article on Thaksin avoided all balance and focused only on demonising the Red movement whilst completely ignoring the globalists connection to the Thai elite, Democrats and monarchy aka the Yellows.

2) He claimed that by being a client of the corrupt US govt. and aiding Kissinger's genocide in Cambodia (documented by Pilger) the elite were heroic and it was in fact the recently formed Red movement that supported Pol Pot.

3) He claims that the Reds are Reds because they're Marxist when in fact they adopted Red as Red in the Thai flag represents the people. The minor players in the broad Red coalition who are Marxist/Maoist are only minor players. Marxists worldwide are supporting the Egyptian uprising, but that movement is not labelled as Marxist. Neither are any other broad based coaltions such as anti-war movements and anti-bankster movements. The Thai Reds are very much interested in private property, personal enterprise and profit. At the same time they will gladly accept any hands out such as discounted healthcare.

4) It's clear that Tony hasn't been to Bangkok or is deliberatly misleading readers. He claimed that Silom was unobstructed. When I pointed out the flyover, pedestrian bridges, underground train exits and elevated train tracks (BTS). He ended the discussion.

5) Wikileaks revealed that Yellows wanted 20+ of it's followers to die in terrorist attacks in order for the Yellows to gain support. Tony argued that the leak refered to the past and so couldn't have taken place at a later date. Despite the fact that the bombs in Silom on Yellows led to the final massacre of Reds.

6) He denied that any innocent civilians were killed by the Thai army, claiming they were all armed militants. Not even the Thai govt. makes this claim.

7) His links to sites such as asiatimes which make absurd claims such as journalists not being allowed to take photos of Reds under threat of death while there are thousands of photos and lots of video footage of Reds fighting and smiling to cameras at the same time. He uses these links as examples of reliable proof.

There may well have been more points, but I think this should be enough to make you think twice before printing his articles on Thailand. I'm not concerned by his writings on other topics, I only know that his coverage of Thailand is untrustworthy.

Thanks for reading.

Cartalucci Group said...

Robin, I not only addressed #4, I sent you via e-mail the field manual for the M79 grenade launcher proving that it is used for indirect fire and by necessity would have to be aimed over the overpass to hit the targets in Silom. I also emailed you a link where red shirt leader Seh Daeng admitted he had 300 men armed with M79's for "close encounters."

I took the time to send that email and to make this comment because I am dedicated to the truth and believe EVERYONE needs to be awake if we are to defeat the injustices overtaking the world.

Tony C.

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