Saturday, December 4, 2010

Electronic Pickpocketing with RFID Readers

WREG - News 3
News 3 exposes $100 technology that can read RFIDs and steal credit card information or from any other items storing personal information via Radio Frequency Identification simply by waving the device near the victim's wallet.

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Anonymous said...

there is an easy way out of this predicament. people over here in germany have the same problem with their new id-cards which contain all kinds of sensitive information. put the card into a microwave oven for a few seconds and you can hear the chip kissing goodbye

Anonymous said...

This technology has been around for awhile, so it begs the question, why spread this news now? why again? I suspect this is one huge ruse by the powers-that-be to get us to all agree to their own governmental restrictions. Just like what happened to us with the underwear bomber, now we've all got to be groped and/or X-rayed. Soon we'll all be chipped. The simplest solution is either don't carry anything that can be scanned or wrap it in foil.

Anonymous said...

How to fix your cards:

Remove RFID Chip from Chase Credit Debit Card

Anonymous said...

For those of you that are keen to explore some of the ‘darker’ issues associated with contactless credit, debit, passport, ski-pass and door-entry security systems then a series of PDF case studies can be found at RFID Protect - - and may prove useful. Alternatively, the business of 'e-pickpocketing' is something that I've seen explored in greater depth at:

As far as I can tell, the jury remains 'out' as to whether these cases of skimming are real, or just part of a marketing campaign for ID Stronghold - a company that offers anti-skimming sleeves. If you're at all concerned, then there's a step-by-step DIY solution to RFID 'skimming' within the posts at

Hope this is useful in some way guys.

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