Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WikiLeaks Being Used to Justify "Patriot Act" Legislation For Internet

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Senator Mitch McConnell called Assange a "high-tech terrorist" on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday and said, "if it‘s found that Assange hasn’t violated the law, then the law should be changed."

Over the weekend, an insightful article by Zen Gardner exposed how WikiLeaks resembles an establishment creation. The article correctly pointed out that the WikiLeaks storyline was conforming nicely to the elite's problem-reaction-solution method, with the solution of more tyranny for our safety.

WikiLeaks is being used to bring in the agenda on so many levels, but most importantly by setting the precedent of shutting down websites for politically "dangerous" content. Gardner writes:
After all, if information is now the enemy, we must carefully police any and every aspect of this dangerous medium -- all for the safety and protection of 'we the people.'
Oh, we’ll still have the Internet, just like you can still fly. You’ll just have to be on the 'approved' list, screened, stamped, zapped, mugged and molested if you want to get 'on the net.'  No biggie. Thanks Julian -- job well done.

First, let's be clear, the 250,000 pages of cables amounted to some geopolitical Jerry Springer he-said-she-said nonsense to make countries look petty and stupid.  They revealed nothing new that wasn't already known or well suspected.  The information simply stoked existing flames by airing geopolitical dirty laundry, nothing more -- no secret weapons, no major arms deals, no tactical locations of troops, and no revealing the ID of secret agents, etc.

Yet, the government has used its corporate muscle to illegally limit access to WikiLeaks.  It was recently revealed that Amazon, the server host for WikiLeaks, caved to political pressure to drop the website.  Then, in dictatorial fashion, PayPal removed its service for donations to WikiLeaks, and now their bank account has been frozen.  And all this comes a week after the shutdown of 80-plus websites for "copyright infringement," apparently in preparation for passing the "Blacklist" bill.

Now, Gardner's weekend speculation and McConnell's call for action has turned into political reality. The Hill reports today that Senators unveil anti-WikiLeaks legislation, which seems to be a sort-of "Patriot Act" for the Internet.  It's astonishing how fast these guys can write legislation when major events occur. And again, it's tyranny-saurus rex, Joe Lieberman, leading the charge with scandal-ridden Ensign (R-Nev.) and empty-suit Scott Brown (R-Mass.).  Ensign was quoted:
WikiLeaks is not a whistleblower website and Assange is not a journalist.
That, we agree with.  Yet, therein lies the concern for establishing new Internet rules of what can and can't be discussed, and who qualifies as a "journalist."  Look, Assange is clearly either a kinda-smart "useful idiot" or a brilliant insider to the elite. He is certainly not a genuine whistleblower.  Admittedly, though, for those of us who hoped he was the real thing, the elite have used some savvy tactics to boost WikiLeaks' rogue credibility in order to confuse us.

The White House has sent down a warning to government agencies to restrict employee access to WikiLeaks in order to make Assange and crew appear dangerously off limits. Apparently, this warning has already trickled down to "potential" government employees as well.  It was revealed that the State Department warned Columbia University students who may apply for a Federal job:
DO NOT post links to these documents nor make comments on social media sites such as Facebook or through Twitter. 
In other words, the Thought Police are out in full force telling job-hungry students to not apply if they discuss current events if authorities label those events dangerous or harmful to America.  Soon, they'll most likely publicly fire a mid-level employee who went over the line to prove how serious they are. After all, they desperately need to keep the slaves on the plantation.

Furthermore, an Interpol arrest warrant has been issued for Julian Assange for shady rape charges, making him an internationally "wanted" man.

And Assange is playing the clever but likable villain part so well, too, claiming to have an encrypted "insurance" file in case anyone kills him or terminates the website.  Assange is the perfect international man of mystery with the dark shades in press conferences; endless mainstream media interviews with his exotic accent and short temper; and his famous silver-blond locks. What a great show they're putting on for us.  I'm sure the movie industry is already clamoring for the rights to the script.

In the meantime, it has become the typical political game show. Only in America could Cablegate become such a divide-and-conquer partisan issue.  The Right have successfully defined WikiLeaks as a dangerous terrorist organization and desire the assassination of its leader, while the Left defends the public's right to knowledge, but disparages the damage the documents may cause, thus setting up the obvious bipartisan compromise: tighter control and surveillance of the Internet.

It will go down like this: the Right's extreme calls for Assange's execution will give the establishment the publicly defensible compromise to at least shut down their website by way of pressuring their service providers, etc. And the wimpy Left will compromise by letting it happen, while Assange will be allowed to remain alive and free.

It fits ever so perfectly for them to extend the definition of an "enemy combatant" to a website that publishes "anti-government" material.  Enter Attorney General Eric Holder, who has authorized "significant" action into the probe of WikiLeaks.  Can't you just smell the tyranny coming to the Internet?

Ron Paul said it best in his book Revolution: A Manifesto: "Truth is treason in an empire of lies." Paul reiterated this principle of transparency in a recent interview.  Paul said we need more WikiLeaks if we expect to live in a free society:
'In a free society we're supposed to know the truth,' Paul insisted.  'In a society where truth becomes treason, then we're in big trouble.'
Given the angry calls for action and today's developments of government proposals, not to mention the blight of Internet legislation already on the table, we will likely get the exact opposite of the free-flow of information that Paul is advocating.  In fact, if history is any indicator, get ready for nothing less than the Patriot Act for the Internet!

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Anonymous said...

The title says it ALL! That's is exactly what is happening and nobody even notices. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

False flag attack on the internet...wikileaks was an inside job!

Anonymous said...

That's right blame wikileaks for your crap arse government decisions. Americans are all fucking pussies with no rights already. At least in China everyone knows the system is gamed.

Anonymous said...

I told everyone that this was an inside job to help push the 'cyber security act' and help the federal government seize control of the internet. 'shakes her head at peoples stupidity and gullibility'

Anonymous said...

The solution is "Govt. control of the internet" SO- create a problem to justify the solution. Just like body scanners. Create the "underware bomber" How laughable, the retards that buy this crap. I wonder if the sheepel will get it when they are standing on the edge of a mass grave with a pistol at their head?
By the way McConnell is and always has been a "usful idiot" How do these bafoons continue to be reelected?

Anonymous said...

It will take a Multitude of individuals to stop this.

Anonymous said...

The only people who say "they revealed nothing new that wasn't already known or well suspected" are the stupid dipshits who are commenting on the cables without reading them. Also, even the stuff that WAS well known now has official confirmation- meaning that it can now be used in court against those responsible.

Cables from the Saudi embassy indicate that the Saudis are attempting to gain access to government backchannels so they can make use of the US's military in order to handle Iran.

The US has been violating international law by spying on UN officials.

The Chinese Poliburo (instead of petty hackers) directed the intrusion into Google's gmail systems, something which all gmail users needed to know. As a gmail user, I was under attack by a foreign power and my government didn't tell me.
The US is unwisely continuing to give our tax dollars to Afghani officials who, the cables reveal, are smuggling it out of Afghanistan in suitcases.

The US is still doing business with Saudi businessmen who turn around and use the money to finance militants.

We are bombing Yemen without congressional approval. The War Powers act does not legitimize such action after 90 days.

Details about US black planes from UK airbases. These unmarked missions have traditionally been used for extraordinary rendition to Syria for torture.

Details about plans to deceive the British parliament over the use of banned US weapons.

Obama killed the Bush torture probe.

Anonymous said...

"create a problem to justify the solution"

Yep, rinse and repeat until tyranny complete.

Anonymous said...

It's all an act. Only the wise would decipher. Most will fall for it but i guess that's the idea...

JN Kish said...

Many people are beginning to understand that WikiLeaks is much more than Julian Assange.

Please have a look at the following information. There are so many leads - I simply don't have enough time to follow them all (full time worker - part time blogger). Perhaps you can do better.

Here is my initial post on the subject of WikiLeaks - it introduces the general premise.

The WikiLeaks Trap - Don't fall for it!
Kish Collections: The WikiLeaks Trap - Don't fall for it!

Here is a message board post that outlines the remainder of the leads.
Huge Wikileak document dump - TFP

Why the mainstream media doesn't look past the face value of the "information" released by WikiLeaks remains a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Ok Conspiracy Theorists.....do not take things out of context. Yes the government is out of control and more openess is needed to an extent but not fully. The Senate bill makes it illegal to disclose the names of those who protect our country such as military personnel and government agents. There are certain things that the average person should NOT know and citizens do NOT have the right to be informed of classified activities. If there were illegal activities occuring, do you actually think the government could keep every person's mouth shut....NO!!!! Someone involved is eventually going to blab. The recent documents released don't show illegal hidden activities by our government. Get real and stop the hysterics, conspiracy theorists aren't helping.

Anonymous said...

Problem - Reaction - Solution

They've used it so many times you'd think the sheeple would raise their heads up from grazing to notice it by now.

Anonymous said...

And this is the same government that wants to pass the Net Neutrality Act? Fuck that. I think you've shown just "neutral" you can be, Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

Your article makes excellent points.

I absolutely agree that Wikileaks is being used as a pretext for internet censorship. It was bound to happen eventually. We all know it.

Though I am quite skeptical about Wikileaks being an intelligence service/government plot, nevertheless I still consider it as a possibility. This will be a bit long (alternatively see TL;DR at the end).

Main reason: it would be very complicated and expensive to keep up such theatre for so many years. Not that intelligence services (will write IS for short) couldn't do it (because they could), just most likely they would choose much simpler solution. This is an estimate based on my knowledge of operations IS in past (especially WW1, WW2 and declassified documents from cold war) - IT security/crypto guy here.

I've been following wikileaks basically from their beginning, they started "small". IIRC their first "big" breakthrough was the Bavarian Skype Trojan. Until this year, they have been "insignificant" in the "global eyes". Just as I would expect a "legit" (i.e. non-IS-orchestrated) organization to grow.

When government, local munincipal authority, etc. screws you over numerous times due to corruption and incompetence, you get pissed (this explains motivation). Secondly, there are people with various psychical disorders, who just don't care if they get caught/killed, as long as they follow their path (revealing the truth in this case).

Bunch of people in my country (Czech) have been doing the same, but on much smaller scale and disorganized.

Few years ago, "anti-hacker" law was passed in Czech. Due to incompetence, it was stated in a way, that could make you go to prison if you have malware on your computer involuntarily, e.g. someone attacked your computer. It just needed "intentionally" inserted in two sentences. It took about 20 people and 2 months, TV coverage, etc. to make this small change. We wrote letters to about 20 members of parliament, only one cared (after some explanation). So, we tried it the "law-abiding" way. It just doesn't f*ing work - the amount of effort to do the "law-abiding" thing is exponential to the change you want to achieve. This is basically denial-of-service-attack on citizens (think NP-complete problems).

TL;DR: Intelligence service would most likely choose a much simpler way of achieving the same goal (internet censorship), nevertheless wikileaks is a good pretext they can use. Motivation of people behind wikileaks: if you are screwed over by government/authority, you get pissed (especially if you are psychotic).

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that the same government that was pushing for Net Neutrality, is suppressing internet information.

Fascism at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

What joke this article is. No evidence exists to support these claims

Anonymous said...

Isnt it possiable it just is as it appears to be, that he is simply a person who wanted what we all want but knew how to get it. So does that mean that anyone who puts themself at any risk in the pursuit of truth but be phsycotic in someway...like john lennon eg.
Do you think mabye its possiable that this could have been the one story that dosent have some twisted revelation...no motive just truth pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

It's painfully obvious to anyone with an IQ over 100 that Assange and Wikileaks is an orchestrated false flag setup.

I find the government paid bloggers defending the superficial pretext of Wikileaks on these posts, pathetic.

Proof? OK...

1. Assange denies the scientifically and logically proven fact that 911 was an inside job.

2. The elite-owned media have given Assange an unusual amount of exposure and turned him into a crusading hero.

3. Wikileaks does not provide anything new of substance such as incriminating info on the bankers behind the federal reserve responsible for the credit crisis heist such as the Rothchilds, Rockefellas etc, and those behind 911. His leaks are directed down the food chain

4. They had not been able to apprehend him for a long time in true Bin Ladenesque unlikely fashion.

5. The US Govt is using wikileaks as an excuse to implement anti-cyber terrorist censorship on the net, something they're desperately itching to do as more people are using the net to wake up to the global elite's depopulation and false flag control agenda.

One only has to look at the World Rap news parody that mocks anti Wikileaks conspiracy via their character 'Terrence Moonseed' featuring Assange himself to see how in bed with the propagandised media he is.
Proof of World Rap News' pro-elite agenda is their parody of Monckton vs Gore. All the evidence shows that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a scam, yet hey give no hint of this. They portray Monckton as a crazed, irrational eccentric who avoids the science and facts at all cost.
In fact Monckton is the complete opposite, he is calm rational and addresses the science at every opportunity. It is his opponents that are irrational and avoid the science because it doesn't support their scam.

The propaganda is now getting more sophisticated, they're infiltrating the truth movement and adopting many noble causes in order to subvert it and misdirect.

People need to wake up and start thinking critically.

Anonymous said...

Did someone in our government tell on one of our C.I.A agents and her idenity was all in the news?


Anonymous said...

The 'net (and it isn't called that for nothing) was created as a military communications/intelligence gathering tool- and so it remains today. ALL the traffic on the web is monitored and it gets sorted, categorized, and filed back at Langley for study and possible current or future use. Anyone who believes there is or ever was a "free and open" Internet- anymore than there is a "free press" by the same token- is sadly deluding themselves.
If you think of lab animals being subjected to various stimuli and their reactions observed and alterations to policy and their environment made on that basis, you will get the idea...

Anonymous said...

you people suck. Why are we even wasting time trying to figure out if Assange is a journalist? Who cares. The fact is you don't like your dirty laundry being aired so you take away freedom of speech and label anyone who has the balls to do it a terrorist. The only reasons you have your panties in a wad are because you are afraid people might believe what Assange wrote. Most of us think it so i guess we don't have to wonder. Truth hurts. You will have to try harder the next time you preen your political feathers to do your song and dance. You are all a joke.

Howard T Lewis said...

Assange seems to have been channeled into doing this charade instead of going to prison for hacking.

Joel Lieberman's demeanor seems more suited to a torture chamber than civilized society. He considers his own character above that of law. 9-11 was done without J.Lieberman batting an eye. And he lies about it. And many Israelis were caught, some with powerful bombs, partying around the WTC's on 9-11-01. Michael Chertoff, another dual-citizen Israeli-American and head of 'Homeland Insecurity', sent these Israelis back home without being charged with any crimes. Five of these Israelis soon thereafter did a TV show in Israel where they explained openly that their assignment was to film the jets hitting the WTCs. I guess the jubulant dancing was their own thing.
Welcome to Benny the Rat Land. Where the Inquisition might return for another 900 years. And prepare to have the true satan and Benny's freedom warriors deflower your children and watch your wife brutalized because she didn't think Benny's co-ed soldiers warranted a manditory flirtacious return glance and your friends and neighbors were too self-obsessed to help us clean house of these vermin. And I quote, "Foregive me Lord, for I have sinned." (What they really mean is, "FORGIVE ME!!!DO IT NOW!!! I'M IN CHARGE HERE!!!YOU THINK YOU ARE SO GREAT!! TAKE THIS!!! FORGIVE ME!!! I'VE SINNED!!! THERE I DID IT AGAIN!!! AH HA HA HA HA HA!!! I HAVE THE POWER!!! FORGIVE ME!!! I'M THE MASTER NOW!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!) This is not Christians of course, only those who feed on the love of Christ like pigs.

I wonder sometimes if I am being tested for the content of my concerns and others are being tested for their lack of any concerns beyond their own profiteering and procreation.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of hearing about Wiki-Bullshit. There is nothing that mainstream media talks about that is not lies and deception meant to shape public consciousness.

If you fuck with the internet, myself and millions of others will cancel the service - no more $85/month from me unless it's completely free from censorship and government control.

Fuck you for even trying.

ps - Thanks for murdering your own people on 9/11 you sick pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

Why should I be punished because of somebody else's trespasses?

Anonymous said...

I think that the gov't should be exposed for their wrong doing and stop hiding behind national security. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

A "patriot act" for the internet might temporarily makes things harder for "truth seekers" and alternative media....
Until new, more distributed, digital technologies appear.
(Trust me, the P2P-systems like "torrents" aren't the endpoint, new technologies are well underway. Just look into the field of distributed database and open-source P2P protocols).
Those new technologies will make any "gatekeeping" practically unfeasible (in addition to enabling near-total anonymity/untraceability). This will unleash a tidal-wave of secret information release.... the end.

Anonymous said...

'if information is now the enemy' what is that crap all about? This is a very significant comment made by a very dangerous person.

Anonymous said...

"I've been following wikileaks basically from their beginning, they started "small". IIRC their first "big" breakthrough was the Bavarian Skype Trojan. Until this year, they have been "insignificant" in the "global eyes". Just as I would expect a "legit" (i.e. non-IS-orchestrated) organization to grow."

- This I agree with, Wikileaks are the perfect patsy. As the information they receive is given to them anonymously then I believe these cables were sent to them by the 'elites' to creat this situation.
Hopefully Wikileaks will prove it one way or the other as surely in the upcoming days they will receive tons more info from all types of sources due to the publicity. If they publish some 'bombshells' about the head honcho elites then maybe they are legit, if the info stays neutral then do we assume they're 'in on it'?

Re: Julian Assange - couldn't he also be a patsy? This is after all the usual modis operandi in these type of scenarios. Or is he a baddie?

Would like to hear your further comments (-:

Byrd said...

Wikileaks is israel. Period.

Anonymous said...

The Byrd is the word.

Anonymous said...

"Those new technologies will make any "gatekeeping" practically unfeasible (in addition to enabling near-total anonymity/untraceability). This will unleash a tidal-wave of secret information release.... the end. "

Fine and dandy... until you need a license and pre-payment to use electricity. Generators may be licensed too. How far can they go? As far as they damn well want to. End game - bring it on. And keep smiling. :~)

Anonymous said...

When we decide whether Wikileaks is a disinfo or a genuine whistleblowing site we have got to ask ourselves: In addition to what is being said, what is NOT being said?

Information about the following extremely serious issues are mysteriously omitted in Wikileaks info:
1. Critical information about who the perputrators of 9/11 were.
2. Why does the information not contain the fact Israel blackmailed the U.S. for 3 billion worth of weapons in exchange for settlement freeze?
3. Why did Israel attack a humanitarian aid convoy a couple of months ago and kill 10 of its passengers?
4. Who benefits from the release from Wikileaks documents? Muslim countries such as Iran and Pakistan do not benefit from it.

The comment above that starts with "It's painfully obvious to anyone with an IQ" is so lucidating, that I have copied and pasted it.

Anonymous said...

WARNING! Reality is momentarily out of order, do NOT adjust you mind! Assange may very well be a patsy in this age-old tactic of Problem-reaction-solution.

Anonymous said...

Not working so good, though. The hold is tentative at best. That's why they're doing their best to shut everyone up about it, because if the 'Net goes down as of this point no amount of news-borne lies will fool the people again. Regardless of what you tell them, they know why the TSA moved into the airports, they know why the pat-downs are getting aggressive, and ultimately, they'll know why the Internet was shut down. They just choose not to believe this information.
Sadly, too many people have already abandoned the fake TV news for any Internet censorship to work. China censors the Internet, you think people believe it's for their own good there?

Anonymous said...

And of course Assange is a patsy. You don't think a multi-trillion dollar defense complex who knows his location at every moment doesn't know how to take someone like that out? And don't give me that "diplomatic blowback" argument, they've already proven they're unconcerned about anything short of outright retaliation when it comes to such events. They could have taken him out and they didn't, therefore, he's their guy. But the image of him globetrotting in a clandestine fog must be cultivated, and he must be slowly drowned in legalese garbage rather than assassinated, while continuing to plant convenient "evidence" for the war parties.

Anonymous said...

The way "legal" departments deal with difficult enquirers is ;to drown them in papers. None of us will ever read all these papers but they SEEM like a big deal being so numerous. What we have read, and which must be the essence they want to communicate, is; embassy-gossip,some instances of tortures to seem plausible, like rat-poison is mostly food with some poison. On the other hand, researhers have found links to Soro as well as to Rotschild. One question shoud be clear: WHO pays him/them? Airflights and hotels and sc-fi-like server-centers do not come cheap. PATSY?

Truth Teller 2010 said...

This article is crap.

If the US is planning to gain control over the internet, this is the stupidest way they could've come up with to do it.

Yes, they may gain control of the internet from this, but if they do then people aren't going to be using the internet anymore... especially since we'll all be unemployed. The only thing the government currently proves it knows how to do is:

1) Fund unnecessary wars for the "good" of "the economy". (People? What's that?)

2) Systematically continue to instill "fear" and "terror" in us so we remain obedient while they take away our human rights one at a time.

3) Make the lower and middle classes poorer than they were.

4) Pay themselves extra money for doing all this "good".

Afterall, media control via the other channels of TV, movies and news already exists. And even with all that brainwashing, it continues to be very obvious that our government only really cares for the top richest 1-2%.

Otherwise things would get fixed. But they don't. So either our lawmakers are fucking morons or they are super corrupt.

Wikileaks will only amplify the reality that our government is already corrupt. And that is a win in itself.

Do you really think the American people will let yet another Homeland Security/Patriot Act (unlawful removal of rights) considering the main focus of Wikileaks IS showing the government is corrupt and full of lying.

Yes, it's only thing for things to remain secure, it's another to have a bunch of rich douche bags misusing that trust to unfairly push 98% of the population into being their pawns.

Wikileaks is the start of an unraveling sweater which will hopefully bring the US and world closer to REAL balance.

Anonymous said...

If the hidden powers rule us, they have the means to any end, or ending, shape and reshaping.Free fall anyone?

LiveFree-ChooseOptionC said...

Whereas We, the many Free-thinking and Peace-loving People of these Lands on this Earth have elected, of our own Free Wills, to unite and stand against plagues of War, Injustice, Corruption, Greed, Tyrrany, Oppression, and Untruths perpetually cast upon Us by few;

And whereas We shall no longer tolerate the perversions of our collective systems of Governance and Justice by Tyrants and their agents of deceit, We adhere to the following mutual principles of civil Humanity:

Keeping with our inherent moralities, We demand our Freedom and Justice for us One and All.

Even as we are threatened and intimidated, tempted, bribed and coerced, We shall not succumb to apathy or willful blindness.

Too many have already been senselessly killed; in the name of so-called 'security'; We refuse to condone or support in any way, preemptive wars and occupation under any circumstances, and shall take Pity on, but shun those do.

How long must peace-loving People be perversely manipulated to bear arms against and destroy one and other? Humans' inherent desire is Peace - those who do are warmongers are atypical and unfit for civil society - moreover, they are absolutely unfit to govern or lead.

Each Man, Woman and Child on this Earth are Sister and Brother - We will no longer be divided by that which makes Us different, but united by that which We hold in common as Brethren.

For centuries, wars have been waged and blood spilled for freedom, yet after so much carnage we have less freedom today than did our forebearers.

Using all means necessary and available, We the People will see sent into government, not option 'A' or 'B' (more of the same) - but candidates who are independent of organized affiliation and corruption, and who will be accountable to the electorate, and not to the oligarchies we despise and will call out from this day forth.

Christians, Agnostics, Atheists, Jews, Spirituals, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, or members of any other Faith or Creed will no longer subscribe to propaganda and organized teachings which are contrary to common good and teachings we all know to be right; we will celebrate which we share - an aversion to evil and love for all things good.

Keeping to these Fundamentals, which we hold to be true, We the People shall resist with Civil Disobedience, tyranny and injustice in all of its ugly forms and will expose such abominations in order that they be known to all good people and no longer kept hidden.

Until there is Justice for all - We shall not expect Peace.

Peace and free living are rights for All to share.

"If American democracy ceases to move forward as a living force, seeking day and night by peaceful means to better the lot of our citizens, fascism will grow in strength in our land."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt (November 4, 1938)

From: http://LiveFree-ChooseOptionC.tk

UninformedLuddite said...

Anon@5:39(Dec09) - You obviously have no idea how the Internet works. You are just a dumb twat who tries to make him self seem smart by making claims that the majority of the population cant dispute due to lack of knowledge on their part. I have done a cursory shallow inspection of your data packet and found it wanting for an educated creator. In short: Up your bum

new world order discussion said...

it is true people it is CIA psy-ops operation. Visit our forum or above top secret forum for all the evidence you need.

tthurts said...

Great post. I've read a few of these already, but this is by far the most balanced argument for the system being behind the whole thing I've read yet. Only one problem....

The government AREN'T CLEVER ENOUGH to orchestrate this kind of thing! Don't give them so much credit! It may turn out as you present it, but it will not be because it was intended, it will be because humans are reactionary and opinionated and like to demonise others.

Anonymous said...

Just like they weren't clever enough to pull off 9-11? This is not the government we're talking about here. The government is just playing their role.

Anonymous said...

What better way to discredit truth? Discredit it by remaining loyal to our captors.

Anonymous said...

The foment in America begins to simmer, the agitators are already nervous. The older folks in control of the government are outclassed by the knowledge systems of the day. The younger, more informed realize old manipulations. America faces another gut grinding paradigm shift. People begin to realize, the richest mines, oilfields, labor resources, forests, farm lands, factories, are really exhausted. Wiki-leaks a symptom, not a problem of much greater illness in the country as she switches from a Democracy to a Corpocracy. The fiat, over-manipulated dollar is about to crap out. Oil, America's life-blood soars in price as the dollar is watered down by Feds Q2 easing. The pressures in America are rising. The next leaks , the more relevant leaks, yet to be released, just may spark social breakdown. A corrupt America is being pants-ed in public, and its penis is not really close to the formerly advertised size! Downsized Americans start to ask the right questions - too late to save their own asses! The mighty American corporate propaganda machine has kept them bedazzled all this time! Where is Hollywood when the solace of a fantasy world is needed? Will Pot be legalized to buffer the stresses of enslavement? Does the carnal knowledge of American government make for fuel for revolution? Will the fatted calf get off its ass and fight or will he be enslaved by the multinational corporate conspiracy headed by the Chinese, on the Beijing, Hang Seng, Shanghai stock markets where the Americans were first sold out?

Anonymous said...

"Thanks, Julian – job well done."

What slave mentality! Let's blame the victim. After all, the wife beater wouldn't hit his wife if she didn't provoke him, right? Best to just shut up and do what elites want us to do... ignore the cables.

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