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13 Lies: An Abbreviated History of U.S. Presidents Leading Us to War

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David Redick
Activist Post

Those of you who long ago figured out that George Bush lied about, and twisted, 9-11, the role of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Osama, and WMDs to justify the invasions of Afghanistan, and Iraq, and to create the War on Terror, will not be surprised to learn that our prior Presidents, and their complicit henchmen, have lied us into every war since our Revolution. Their true reasons have not been legal, constitutional, or politically acceptable, so they invent one or more false reasons that they can sell to the people. The recent WikiLeaks disclosures confirm how our foreign policy is riddled with lies. Surprise!

Sadly, most people, especially the troops and their families, believe the lies and proudly support these "wars for defense of our Liberties."  It doesn’t occur to them that our leaders would be so evil as to spend the lives of our troops to gain their hidden goals for Empire-USA (oil, power, land, etc.).

The secret plan of the Bush-Obama gang is to:

A.  Take over all oil in the greater mid east (including the east of Caspian ‘xxstans’, and North Africa), which holds the world’s last reserves of easy-cheap oil, so we don’t have to share it with China, India, and others

B.  Defend Israel at any cost (this helps congressmen and presidents get Israel’s AIPAC support for re-election). Control of oil was the hidden reason for the Balkans, Afghan, and Iraq wars.

Iran is their next target

Thus, the war drums are beating in DC to justify bombing Iran, so this is a good time to consider whether our leaders are lying again.

The sole purpose of our military is to defend the homeland from damage or invasion, or a serious threat thereof. It is not for managing world affairs as a global police force, or to build an empire to gain economic or political control of foreign lands and control our "interests" there. Unfortunately, these two missions have been the primary secret agenda for all of our wars since 1898.

Below are the facts on how we got into a few major wars. Each one could be (and has been) a book, and many other smaller wars also could be shown, so please forgive the brevity. The format is: war name; the lying President and the year it started; the stated reasons/lies for the war; and the real reasons.

1.  War of 1812 (Madison, 1812) -- Lies: In 1812, Congress declared war on England based primarily on their kidnapping (‘impressment’) of our sailors at sea. Truth: To drive England out of N. America, so the war started with our failed invasion of Canada at Detroit.  DC "expansionists" took advantage and started incursions to acquire Spanish Florida, and Mexican Texana territories.

2.  Mexican-American (Polk, 1845) -- Lies: Fight to defend our Texas border with Mexico. Truth: The disputes started when residents stole The Republic of Texas from Mexico. We invaded and took the northern half of Mexico, now our entire SW region of five states.

3. Civil (Lincoln, 1865) -- Lies: Fight to end slavery and preserve the union. Truth: The South got tired of economic abuse by the North and had a perfect right to secede. It was not a civil war and it was unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral for the North to start a war to stop them. The Northern states who had the votes to control Congress, wanted to retain the South as a source of cotton and a customer for their manufactured goods (hence the high tariffs on imports in southern ports).  Slavery was ended later by the Emancipation Proclamation, but only in Southern states, because the Union wanted the slaves as soldiers.  Lincoln was a tyrant beholden to the railroad and canal interests; he jailed journalists and draft resisters who opposed him.  Yet, to this day he is revered as a great President who saved the Union.

4. Spanish-American (McKinley, 1898) -- Lies: Spain blew up the US battleship Maine in Cuba’s Havana harbor. Truth: Hearst publicized, and Teddy Roosevelt mobilized, to use the accidental explosion to take over Cuba by starting a war in April, 1898. We then invaded the Philippines in May and annexed Hawaii in July. A busy time for the beginning of Empire-USA!

5. WWI (Wilson, 1917) -- Lies: Join Europe to "Make the World Safe for Democracy."  Truth: Wilson was convinced to join by US and European industrialists who wanted to sell munitions and guns to the allies, and get paid when they won.

6. WWII (FDR, 1941) -- Lies; Defend the US from unprovoked attacks by Japan. Truth: FDR poked Japan until he got his "incident." because he wanted to be in the war and prevent Germany from winning and emerge as a superpower (with 1. England and France under his control, and 2. Japan and Italy as buddies). FDR wanted the USA to be the only post-war superpower (with 1. Germany under our control, and 2. France and England as buddies)

7. Korean (Truman, 1950) -- Lies: Defend America. Truth: Truman and the Generals wanted a reason to have troops in the Far East area of our Empire.

8. Vietnam (Kennedy, Johnson, 1964) -- Lies: Johnson said Vietnam attacked our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin in August, 1964. Truth: The US didn’t want to lose the southeast Asia region, and its oil and sea lanes, to China. This "attack" was convenient.  Kennedy initiated the first major increase in US troops (over 500).

9. Gulf War (G.H.W. Bush, 1991) -- Lies: To defend Kuwait from Iraq. Truth: Saddam was a threat to Israel, and we wanted his oil and land for bases.

10. Balkans (Clinton, 1999) -- Lies: Prevent Serb killing of Bosnians. Truth:  Get the Chinese out of Eastern Europe (remember the "accidental" bombing of their embassy in Belgrade?) so they could not get control of the oil in the Caspian region and Eastward.  Control land for bases such as our huge Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, and for the proposed Trans-Balkan Oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea area to the Albanian port of Valona on the Adriatic Sea.

11. Afghan (G.W. Bush, 2001) -- Lies: The Taliban were hiding Osama. Truth: To build a gas/oil pipeline from Turkmenistan and other northern ‘xxstan’ countries to a warm water (all year) port in the Arabian Sea near Karachi (same reason the Russians were there), plus land for bases.

12. Iraq (G.W. Bush, 2003) -- Lies: Stop use of WMDs -- whoops, bring Democracy, or whatever. Truth: Oil, defense of Israel, land for permanent bases (we were kicked out of Saudi Arabia) to manage the greater Middle East, restore oil sales in USD (Saddam had changed to Euros).

13. Possible Iran War (Obama, 201?) -- Lies: They almost have an atom bomb; they are a threat to Israel; major killer of our troops in Iraq. Truth: Control their oil, defend Israel, and restore oil sales in USD only (they changed to add Euros and others).  We created the regional conflict and shouldn’t be surprised that all neighbors (including our "friends" in Saudi Arabia) are helping Iraq. We exaggerate the threat to Israel, especially as Iran has allowed inspections and Israel has not.

If you approve of the current Bush-Obama wars, but are resting safely at home, you should join the Army’s Chicken Hawk Brigade. There is no restriction on age or sex, and you will get an exciting front-line assignment promptly. Then, you won’t feel badly about sending others to fight your wars for oil, religion, and Empire-USA.

Better yet, write, call, and vote against the NeoCon gang in Congress to stop their plans for war against Iran and others.

David Redick is a Madison, WI businessman, author, and President of Forward-USA, which seeks ways to improve government so we have more peace, prosperity, and justice.

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Anonymous said...

Although all these wars were started by lies, you have missed some of the major marks. Not mentioning the Luisitaina as a reason for WWI lacks insight, as well as stating that we entered WWII because FDR wanted to help his 'pal'. Overlooking strategic empire moves with reasoning like this is just silly. Nice try, but you have to get deeper than that for a critical analysis of these wars.

Anonymous said...

America entered WW1 on the behest of their German Jewish Bankers who in corroboration with English and American Jews pulled America into the war for to secure Palestine as a Jewish state.

The Luisitaina was not the only American ship to be sunk, it was just conveniently sunk at a time that the press could make a big deal about it.

Germany in 1916 even told Britain that they would retreat back to their original borders if the war could be called off!

Anonymous said...

The Lusitania was fair game. It was carrying munitions into a war zone. The German Government put full page ads in the NYT warning Americans not to travel on that ship into a war zone.

The Germans did to the Lusitania exactly what We would have done in the same situation.

Anonymous said...

Yes; most of our wars are fought in defense of Jewish banks. An old story--one which we all once knew (and then the so called "Holocaust," and collective amnesia. Truth is a recurrent problem; it doesn't lie dormant forever. No more wars for Jews! Enough!

Anonymous said...

Its almost proper to say the Germans are more intelligent that the Americans... Why would I say so? The Germans saw the jews for what they really are as far back as the 1940s... but you my dear Americans are still in dreamland and is 2011 now.... When are you going to stop the jews from deceiving you?

Anonymous said...

Proud that this guy is from Wisconsin too. I actually just got back from Madison last night, and I always enjoy visiting -its a glimmer of hope in our state. Well written Ill be checking out his book for sure.

Anonymous said...

does anyone do the reading and study to see behind the scenes, the real truth? I felt the same way wondering why the Jews this and that, why? After alot of asking, and study, the Jews are dominated by Edomites, and the Bible said in the last days Edomites would take on the role of Jews, and act like Jews, but they hate Israel, and real Jews! We look at upfront, not behind the scenes, that are usually deception.

Anonymous said...

Dave you forgot the revolutionary war. The truth was George Washington owned a pickle factory and he wanted to get rich sticking it to the British. Seriously every war the United States has been in was a lie? I pains me that I'm so stupid.

Anonymous said...

"By Deception. Thou Shalt Make War" is Israel's motto and they certainly live up to it!!

Anonymous said...

Just a point on WW2... us stopped oil shipments to japan... japan's industry would collapse if they didn't do anything about it.

Libertas said...

Resident's stole Texas from Mexico? So the residents stole the 13 colonies from Britain? The Texanians and other Mexican citizens had major complaints against Santa Ana and Texas was not the only part of Mexico that rebelled.

I agree that the US government lied in order to get in most if not of the wars, but that doesn't mean the other governments were innocent victims.

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