Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oregon: FBI Thwarts Own Car Bomb

Will Americans recoil in yet more contrived fear?

The Portland Patsy
Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer -- Activist Post 

The United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims to have thwarted their own car bomb Friday, November 26, 2010 at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon's Pioneer Courthouse Square.

A 19 year old man, Mr. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, was in contact with undercover FBI agents since June of 2010. FBI agents claim they were acting as an accomplice of a supposed Pakistani terrorist that Mr. Mohamud had been in contact with as early as 2008. Unlike the supposed Pakistani terrorist Mr. Mohamud was in contact with, the FBI actually supplied him with a bomb.

According to the FBI, their undercover agents had decided to meet with Mr. Mohamud in Portland in July 2010, where Mr. Mohamud expressed a desire to conduct "Jihad" against non-Muslims. The story fast-forwards to Friday, November 26, 2010, when Mr. Mohamud was arrested after trying to detonate an inert bomb supplied to him by the FBI, on the corner of Southwest Yamhill Street and Sixth Avenue -- in full view of the ceremony.

Perplexing is why the FBI, knowing Mr. Mohamud's criminal intent, and upon delivering the bomb to the willing would-be terrorist, would allow him to approach a large public venue and attempt to detonate the device in public view. While the US Attorney's Office maintains that "the public was never in danger," they apparently didn't read the news about a recent stampede in Cambodia that cost 450 panicked people their lives.

Maximum bloodless terrorism upon a public increasingly skeptical about the official narrative of the "War on Terror" comes to mind. This skepticism, of course, comes from the fact that the only groups that seem to be actually building bombs and conducting terrorist operations are within our own Western governments. This is reinforced by shocking revelations  that Anwar Al-Awlaki dined at the Pentagon, months after 9/11 while listed as Al Qaeda's #3. Al-Awlaki has since been linked to the the "Underwear Bomber," the "Fort Hood Shooter," the "Times Square Bomber," and the "Shoe Bomber," as well as the recent Yemeni parcel "bombs."

Parallels between Portland's staged terror stunt can be seen with a very similar FBI operation that went "wrong" on  February 26, 1993 at New York City's World Trade Center. The FBI was also in contact with willing terrorists whom they assisted in building an inert bomb. Inexplicably, the FBI agents switched the inert explosives with a real device which was then delivered to the WTC and detonated, killing 6 and injuring 1,042.

These revelations were made public after FBI informant, former Egyptian army officer Emad Salem, revealed recordings he made of his conversations with the FBI agents. He became suspicious of their motives and feared for his own safety upon realizing real explosives were being used. The recordings were published by the New York Times.

While the mainstream media attempts to downplay the outrage of Americans concerning the government's latest choice for air passengers -- a hazardous ineffective x-ray machine or an equally ineffective, humiliating, and un-Constitutional groping -- the stage was set for another high-profile terrorism story to reinforce the establishment's faltering propaganda. 

Will Americans recoil in fear from a bomb the FBI admits they constructed, gave to a patsy, and sent to disrupt Portland's Christmas celebrations? Will Americans continue to be dragged into the staged "Clash of Civilizations?" Or will their fury over a failed, dictatorial government bent to the will of foreign bankers be compounded by this latest, juvenile attempt at stoking fear and compliance across the population? That story must be written by the American people.

Additional Note: The Justice Department's official statement found here , says Mohamud attempted to detonate the device remotely, which is not "in public view," though apparently the van was indeed parked next to the square and contained an explosive device described as "inert." Additionally, it states that FBI agents constructed and detonated a real device with Mohamud on November 4, 2010 in a run-up to the actual event. The implications of FBI agents posing as terrorists, constructing and detonating real explosives are frightening. 

Tony Cartalucci's articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at Land Destroyer.

The FBI Has A History of Creating Terrorists, to Terrorize Americans

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Anonymous said...

Wow, is this just a coincidence?

This is exactly what happened last September 2009 to Hosam Smadi, an alleged Dallas bomber. He was provided by FBI with SUV that contained faked bombs and a he was given a cell phone by FBI to detonate it.

If your read the mainstream media like CNN, they never mentioned that an SUV with a fake bomb and a cell phone were provided by FBI to Smadi. All they published was that Smadi was frequenting Jihadist website, an extremist and has mental problems.

"The FBI sting culminated in Thursday's arrest after Smadi parked a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, supplied by the FBI,.....Inside the SUV was a fake bomb,.....After parking the vehicle, he got into another vehicle with one of the agents, and they drove several blocks away.

An agent offered Smadi earplugs, but he declined, "indicating that he wanted to hear the blast," authorities said. He then dialed the phone, thinking it would trigger the bomb, authorities said."

Anonymous said...

I was going to post the sceptical view on the Oregen Live article, but I was shocked by the outpouring of vigilante bile calling for the poor dupe to be executed.

I guess the problem is there are so many idiots who fail to look behind the curtain, and in fact don't even notice the curtain, and that is who this theatre is for.

To me, these continual fake terror attacks are a signal that the USA (and to a lesser extent other "free world" regimes) have been completely taken over by the authoritarian tyranists and while the majority of the population refuse to see the curtain we are stuck in a terrible, terrible place.

Anonymous said...

Many intelligent people have been warning of a false flag incident to justify the illegal nude machines at the airports as well as the molesting of air travellers.
So...why are we surprised to have this incident declared.
If this is not entrapement, then the law has been changed dramatically.
Because there are misguided people in our population, it does not give the FBI or any other police dept to exploit these people and call it a failed attempt to kill Americans.
After all, I am sure this individual would not have had the knowhow to construct a bomb on his own.
This is a sample of what will happen in the future unless the American people stand up and take back their country.
Dr Bob7227
Professor of Law

Anonymous said...

The Gestapo, I mean FBIies at it again! Great job in "cultivating", radicalizing, "arming", and directing some misguided teenage kid and then chagrining him on bogus charges! The Feds need to be prosecuted not this kid. These scumbags have to justify their multi-billion dollar budgets and haven't been able to stop 1 real terrorist that they themselves didn't created!!! NOT ONE! Disband the real terrorist = FBI!

Alex said...

I thought that if a crime couldn't take place without the direct involvement of the police, it was entrapment. Over and over again we see the FBI target, lets be honest, stupid and/ or vulnerable people for this type of operation. Now theyre targeting teenagers. I'm sure cases like this would get thrown out by the judge in Europe.

Anonymous said...

well if ya don't let the "pigs" do these kinda syk-ops then i guess ya just must wanna what,com-on pigs sing it together ,911,la la la pearl harbor syndrom promoted,sponsored,co-ercied,recruted by pre-emptive tools of the corperite sindicite,to put it mildly and saying to say the least,well need an insider,Saudi Arabia oughta do

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that with so many competent and experienced people out of work clowns like this are still getting paid.

Anonymous said...

Ist ve all gut little Nazis. Ja! Wir sind alle gute kleine Nazis.

mark edward marchiafava said...

Repeat after me: "we'd all be better off with NO government at all."

Anonymous said...

alle gute kleine Nazis?

"Ich bin ein Berliner; Indonesia is part of me; Today, we are all Haitians." Me no know who I am.

John Boanerges Redman said...

MY fear is that every reasonable person in this hemisphere posts comments on this - and damn few other - site and the vast majority of the sheeple swallow the lies. It leaves me very depressed. HERE ( is a site I just was sent yesterday. Mucho hours of good stuff. KTF, brothers and sisters.

John Boanerges Redman

Anonymous said...

Did you actually read that NYT article you cited? You got the facts wrong in your piece.

Anonymous said...

It had to ring alarm bells when this so-called "terrorist" in question had to be supplied with a bomb by the feds in order to "carry out his plan". I immediately questioned the man's mental health and the over eagerness of a bored undercover field agent (and all his bored superiors, who all envisioned themselves as some sort of James Bond most likely) that in conjunction with a lack of any real threats in Portland they had to go fishing far and wide to find someone just unhinged enough that he would run with his delusional fantasies if some others not only surely "agreed" with him but also supplied him with the means necessary to carry out "his" plan! If and when the details are ever disclosed regarding the logistics of how this "threat's mastermind" developed, it'll probably be quite clear the bored feds found a garden variety nut case (available at your local corner everywhere) and had the time, resources and motivations (a great big gold star for promotion and other prizes if you "catch" a "serious threat") to groom him into the fake monster they created.

That all being said, with threats like these, now you know why it makes sense to grope everyone at the airport, causing delay, humiliation and a scary expansion of an already exploding police state that is serving no real purpose unless we really do want a fascist regime or merely just to increase the profitable population in our wonderful Prisons for Profit System (but that's another story). :^(

Madame Karnak said...

Dear Activist,

This same thinking is echoed by those that probably do know...a former high level military man and a blogger from an Arab country. They tie the FBI stunts to AIPAC and then show how the real truth will be outed by a lawsuit against AIPAC.

Finally, they point out that Wikileaks is probably an Israeli gambit to embarrass Obama and stop him from trying to get real peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians that they oppress. Mostaque Ali -

Anonymous said...

Wow, take about intrapment. Did they have a fack Iman talk him into it?

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a theory that the bombing of the federal buidling in Oklahoma City back in 1995 was an FBI sting operation gone wrong?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many non-muslims the FBI can find who are willing to blow up civilians to promote their ideology..

Lentenlands said...

These are the best enemies money can buy and the FBI can conjure up to force the sheeple to accept the police state.

Thorough pat frisks and nude body scanners to ride a bus or a plane??? This is an Orwellian nightmare devoid of a Fourth Amendment and a Constitution.


Car Crash Claims said...

I immediately questioned the man's mental health and the over eagerness of a bored undercover field agent (and all his bored superiors, who all envisioned themselves as some sort of James Bond most likely) that in conjunction with a lack.

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