Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scanners and Backscatter Machines- the States Have Jurisdiction

YouTube -- MorphCity

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Anonymous said...

Its good to see people trying to do something about this. You cover the health aspects very nicely which is the most important. What if they are in deed 100% safe? I personally do not care about nudity or who can see me nude. Many do care and do not want to be groped as an alternative. The government is largely responsible for the views of the citizens.

Dear US Government,

If you found a country with heavy Puritan influence and over the next 235 years pound the idea that the human naked body is wrong.... the penis and vagina are nothing more than sex organs that define the person and must be covered at all times. To the point that using the anatomically correct terms; Penis & Vagina have become taboo in most settings. I was in the hospital a while back. A nurse came into my hospital room to remove the catheter, she looked at me and said " Ok, I have your meds and its time to take the catheter out of your... " and nodded toward my groin. Its pretty sad when a medical professional has tip toe around the word a hospital no less; but this is what has been drilled in our heads since we were little. So we have this country and its citizens are aware ...naked = bad .... now you tell them that if they want to fly, for their safety, a picture will be taken of their naked body ...YOU THINK people are going to be to have a problem!!

Your brain washed subjects

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