Sunday, October 24, 2010

Immigrant vets face deportation despite service

Juliana Barbassa
Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — Up to 8,000 non-citizens enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces every year and serve alongside American troops.

If they die while serving, they are given citizenship and a military funeral. If they live and get in trouble with the law, they can get be ensnared by a 1996 immigration law that greatly expanded the list of crimes for which non-citizens can be deported.

Now advocates of non-citizen servicemen and women are trying to change the rules. Attorneys are taking cases to court, arguing that an immigrant who serves in the Armed Forces should be considered a U.S. national and protected from deportation. And the Armed Forces are considering quicker paths to citizenship for their non-citizen enlistees.

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Anonymous said...

The United States is full, we have a huge population of unemployed. We do not need anymore immigrants into the US. Military service does not earn my respect for you anymore. Service in the military is not the same as serving the interests of the united States and her residents.

Anonymous Coward

Anonymous said...

Besides that serving means serving Wall Street army. Wall Streets Jews play many games: push US into wars, control the White House (70% of the cabinet is Jewish), get US tax money to its military base Israel, forecloses on US citizens and use the US tax money to "foreclose" - ethnic cleanse on Palestinians.

People - don't you have a brain? You think the Jewish funded Tea Baggers are revolutionists who want to restore the US constitution?

Poor Amis, no education means also no clue.

Anonymous said...

We have more than enough people in this country already, so many that we don't have jobs for about 1/4 of the people that want jobs. These people should stay in their country and work to make that country a great place to live so they won't want to leave and come here to live off the gains that we have made. IMO, it is a bad idea to allow non-citizens to enlist in the military.

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