Friday, October 22, 2010

7 Mega-Cartels That Kill the Free Market and Our Sovereignty

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Think we have a free market?  Think again.  Think it was free market capitalism that collapsed the financial system? Think again.

What America has, and what we've had for a long time, is Cartelism.  It is becoming increasingly evident that every industry has been infected by "Too-Big-to-Fail" consolidation that has resulted in a near-picture-perfect oligarchy --  a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small segment of society distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, or military control (Wiki).

It's only natural that a hierarchical system would result in exponential attraction of power to the few at the top.  The pyramid structure we find in all institutions rewards the thirst for more power at every level. In our system, it was simply a matter of time before several of these pyramids that share a common interest combined forces to drive the direction of their industry to only benefit the newly formed mega-pyramid cartel.  Thus, these cartels can then systematically eliminate their free-market competition through government regulation and other well-calculated economic maneuvers. 

Each major industry in America, and globally, is predominantly run by a handful of companies who are aided by the corporate-government revolving door.  They work in unison to effectively control the direction of their respective industries, the economy as a whole, geopolitics, society, and humanity. Consequently, there is no longer a free market for basic human necessities, or even human thought. 

Here are descriptions of 7 mega-cartels that killed the free market and effectively run America's oligarchy beginning at the top of the pyramid and cascading down:

Banking: The Federal Reserve and their consortium of the "Too-Big-to-Fail" mega-banks make up the Wall Street cartel at the apex of all other pyramids. The entire world economy is at the mercy of money creators, managers, and manipulators; using debt they control every nation, industry and person.  This cartel, which primarily includes Goldman Sachs, BoA-Merrill, JP Morgan-Chase, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, and CitiBank,  has been fully exposed to the public since the 2008 financial collapse where under the guise of crisis the final consolidation occurred.  The top four banks, in 2009, controlled 40% of all FDIC insured deposits, have made record profits, and continue to pay record bonuses since the 2008-2009 bailouts. The public was told they needed the TARP bailout because they were too big to fail and so they can restart lending again.  The only notable thing the TARP money was used for was further consolidation.  It is clear that this most-powerful cartel now has full ownership of the government -- SEC and Congress.

All of these institutions were originally founded by European bankers yet their connections now expand to nearly every central bank and the IMF and World Bank.  Together they form a much-too-big-to-fail global cartel who are in complete control of the world's finances and economy and all industry players are subservient to their command.

Intelligence: The intelligence cartel -- the brain and coordinator of the military-industrial complex -- has always worked to expand and enforce America's corporate interests at home and abroad.  Therefore, it may be more appropriate to label them the enforcement cartel.  On the homeland, the CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS with their corporate partners are now openly monitoring groups such as peace activists to protect the big military industry, anti-gas drilling protesters to protect big energy, End-the-Fed activists, and organic food producers to protect the big agribusiness -- and anyone else who poses a threat to all of the respective cartels.  It seems that if your principles or actions threaten the profits or the control grid, the full force of the intelligence cartel will be used on you.  This goes for foreign nations as well.

The CIA has become infamous for staging coups on governments who don't adhere to the will of American-based multinational cartels; every attempted coup now has their fingerprints on it.  It has been proven that the CIA is also involved with illegal drug trafficking, torture, and other mafia-style business activities.  This intelligence cartel is the glue that keeps the matrix together, or what some refer to as the unelected, unaccountable Shadow Government.  After all, they can't allow nations or sovereign people to develop solidarity against the system without squashing it.

Military: The business of war is booming.  It makes sense that this industry would be run by a closely knit group directed by the Pentagon due to the sensitivity of their products.  Nonetheless, the military-industrial complex is run by a cartel that takes in four times the amount of money we spend on domestic issues. In other words, our society seems okay with spending far more to kill people than to help its citizens. Although this industry covers a wide range of fields other than bullets and missiles, such as chemicals, nuclear, aircraft, etc., the top companies that essentially control this racket are the usual names: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, and BAE Systems in the UK.  Although some of them may appear to be in direct competition, they all make remarkably similar income.

Additionally, the massive amount of government research into the military-industrial complex (also at the taxpayer's expense) has gone on for centuries now and has resulted in this cartel controlling or having a hand in many other industries -- most notably, Big Energy, Big Pharma, and Big Chemical which is also Big Agribusiness.  Stated goals for the use of the military-industrial complex have been reported to be full spectrum dominance over human civilization and the eco-system.

Energy: Oil, gas and coal have been the most valuable resources in society for the last 100 years, and there has never been a free market for energy in America, or the world.  U.S. Big Oil and Gas has long been run by a cartel, while OPEC is openly called a cartel.  Again, there has only ever been a few major oil companies who effectively control the entire industry.  These oil companies were originally funded by the European banking cartels, leaving some of the biggest names in America remaining Royal Dutch/Shell and British Petroleum.  Since the time of Rockefeller's early-American near-monopoly Standard Oil, the modern-day fossil fuel industry is still ultra-consolidated with Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, and the second-largest privately-owned U.S. company Koch Industries overwhelmingly controlling the U.S. market.  It was Rockefeller himself who coined the term "competition is a sin." Although these companies appear minor compared to the world's largest producing oil companies, the same European banking/oil powers dictate to the largest company, "state-owned" Saudi Arabian Oil Co that was originally founded by British Petroleum.  The only large companies that appear to be rogues despite their involvement in the Anglo-run OPEC, are the National Iranian Oil Co and Petroleos de Venezuela, which the establishment has conveniently made the enemies of the West.

It is important to note that these monopolies, along with their bankster beneficiaries, were the founding force behind the electric grid as well.  Additionally, because petroleum is a natural resource for many other industries such as plastics and agri-chemicals, they effectively have a strong hand in those sectors.  Furthermore, massive engineering companies like Halliburton, Bechtel, and General Electric are all off-shoot pyramids of the oil/energy cartel as well. Indeed all industrial activity needs their energy and byproducts, therefore all industrial production is dependent (if not subservient) to Big Oil and Gas.

Food:  The food leaders came to realize that there are three basic building blocks from which all food products stem from: corn, wheat, and soy.  Those who gain control of these natural resources will sit atop the food industry pyramid.  The poster child for the food cartel, GMO-chemical giant Monsanto, has control of 90% of the U.S. soybean crop and 80% of the corn crop, while most of the cotton crop is also grown with seeds containing Monsanto's technology.  They have three times the sales of seeds as their nearest competitor, Dupont.  It also has been reported that they have systematically bought up the majority of heirloom seed companies, and are rumored to be systematically eliminating heirlooms in favor of their patented GMOs or hybrids.  Furthermore, nearly all other industrial crops depend on agri-chemicals sold by Monsanto or Dupont, as well as some dairy farms.

There are also major livestock and poultry monopolies that depend on the corn and soy for feed. Cargill, the largest privately-owned company in America, is also a major player in the cartel.  The company that represents the gatekeeper for food processing companies is Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) where cereal grains and oilseeds are processed into products used in food, beverage, nutraceutical, industrial and animal feed markets worldwide.  This cartel now fully controls the FDA and USDA and operates a global food empire.

Medicine: The Big Pharma cartel is a Euro-American conglomerate, including big names like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and others.  As Americans continue to eat GMO and other disease-causing foods, the pharmaceutical companies conveniently develop remedies for the most minor ailments. Big Pharma works with establishment psychiatrists that seem to create false demand by inventing new mental disorders every week -- where more than 25% of children in the U.S., nearly 30% of adolescents, and over 50% of adults now take prescription drugs.  In addition to those numbers, roughly 50% of the public takes the seasonal flu vaccinations, while 76% of children still get all of their establishment-recommended immunizations.  They effectively co-own the FDA (with big chemical-agribusinesses), who are increasingly trying to regulate natural remedies out of the market place. Driven by profit, they admittedly guide the World Health Organization and CDC to fear-monger epidemics and pandemics to push their vaccines and other remedies.  Given that every other commercial on television is a drug ad, they have major influence over what constitutes "health news" in the mainstream.

Media: America's Ministry of Truth cartel is primarily made up of only 5 mega-media companies; General Electric, CBS/Viacom, Time Warner, News Corp, and Walt Disney, who control nearly every single channel on the TV and radio dials, in addition to most leading newspapers, magazines, and movies.  They are tasked with selling and protecting the cartels' agendas by creating and controlling the public's reality matrix, making it difficult to find outlets to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming.  Their news departments are driven by corporate-government propaganda news agencies like Reuters and the Associated Press, where they diligently press the proper fear buttons to get desired responses.  Former Director of the CIA, William Colby, disclosed that "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."

Feeling threatened by the free flow of information on the Internet this cartel, along with their government thugs, are increasingly trying to tier the level-playing-field Internet into their desired pyramid.  The bulge of mainstream news coverage of a possible cyber 'Pearl Harbor' gives sufficient cover for proposed Internet-controlling legislation, while the Pentagon begins collaboration with the Intelligence cartel to monitor all Internet activities.  When competition is a sin, and reality cannot be thoroughly controlled by this cartel, we can expect a massive event to frighten the public into submission -- be on the lookout for false flag Internet attacks.

These cartels have wholly consumed our federal government through the revolving door to function as an oligarchy for the wealthy.  As long as these cartels are allowed to persist, we will never have truly free market and free consumer choices, let alone a sovereign democracy.

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mahatmamahdi said...

You nailed it! Excellent analysis. The problem is how to dismantle this system that is destroying the planet and the souls of men, woman and children. We are given a Hobson's Choice as they have all the power and control. It is time for Americans and the rest of the world to nail our colours to the mast. Sure some of the people are sheeple, but others of us are never going to surrender and will will go down with the ship before we ever surrender. We are poor with not much to loose. Even a small victory has meaning. They will add up. Sure the Oligarcy thinks they are winning. We seem just flys in the ointment to them. But when push comes to shove they will be seen as the lilly livered creeps they are. Pride goes before a fall. These are challenging times my friends. Soon, very soon it will be time to trow down the gauntlet. In Matthew 3:12 John the Baptist warned that on the judgement day Jesus would separate the wheat from the chaff.

Anonymous said...

Mahatmamahdi, sure the odds are stacked against the little guy, but that's what makes it interesting! Take the Amish, for example. They opted out of modern corruption long ago and are enjoying a natural increase in numbers; you might say they are flourishing. My suggestion is to calmly go about your life "as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove." Support everything positive and free, and withdraw from the cartel snares. They of course DON'T have all the power and control. Never can. There will always be cracks in which to thrive. And anybody with a sidewalk knows that grass growing in the crack widens the crack. It's no good to plan on anything dramatic. The system crumbles as we withdraw support for it. Think USSR. Thanks for the great article and comments. It helps to know where you stand.

USA_Informed said...

Store up your treasures in Heaven, and not on this earth. Money must be a drug to many. If I were rich, I'd not want mansions, no multiples of cars, no vacation home.

I'd still wear jeans, T-shirts, and tennis shoes. Nobody would ever be able to tell.

Anonymous said...

The Amish will not be able to hide. Monsanto's seeds will cross pollinate with their gardens and destroy their heirloom fields. They must look up into the sky and see the decade long intense chemtrails toxic soup spraying them several times a month. There is no where to hide. John 3:16

michael cook said...

No man can be an island, especially when that "Island" is populated by 7 billion other inhabitants. How can you escape from polluted air? How can you hide from your fellow man? Many of them have hostile or criminal intentions! Man in the past moved to "new worlds" the Americas, Australia, now there is nowhere to go. Likewise today those that seek that alienation from what they see their fellow man doing, is as futile as locking oneself in the first class cabin on the Titanic.The global ship is still going down, and we are ALL on it.What we are seeing is the culmination of ALL of mans past that is now coming together on a global scale, wars, racial hatreds, greed, fear, hunger, disease, breakdown of morals, family, financial. We are watching the terminal decline of a WORLD. ALL empires of the past have only left ruins in their wake, they are a sign of failure not success, this present global cartel will leave a world in ruins. What a fitting and appropriate epitaph for man.

WOLF said...

The Trillion-Dollar Fraud
James A. Haught
Think of the amazing number of supernatural beliefs held by people:
Gods, goddesses, devils, demons, angels, heavens, hells, purgatories, limbos, miracles, prophecies, visions, auras, saviors, virgin births, immaculate conceptions, resurrections, bodily ascensions, faith-healings, exorcisms, salvation, redemption, messages from the dead, voices from Atlantis, omens, magic, clairvoyance, spirit-signals, divine visitations, incarnations, reincarnations, second comings, judgment days, astrology horoscopes, psychic phenomena, extra-sensory perception, telekinesis, voodoo, fairies, leprechauns, werewolves, vampires, zombies, witches, warlocks, ghosts, wraiths, poltergeists, dopplegangers, incubi, succubi, palmistry, tarot cards, ouija boards, levitation, out-of-body travel, magical transport to UFOs, Elvis on a flying saucer, invisible Lemurians in Mount Shasta, Thetans from a dying planet, etc., etc.

That's about 60 varieties - and you can probably think of others I overlooked.
All these magical beliefs are basically alike. There's no tangible evidence for any of them. You can't test supernatural claims; you're expected to swallow them by blind faith. The only "proof" for them is that they were "revealed" by some prophet, guru, astrologer, shaman, mullah, mystic, swami, psychic, soothsayer or "channeler".

Well, considering the human brain's vaunted power of logic, you'd think that people everywhere would reject magical assertions that can't be verified. But the opposite is true. Billions of people embrace them. Almost all of humanity prays to invisible spirits and envisions a mystical realm. Virtually every leader invokes the deities. Supernaturalism pervades our whole species, in one form or another.

mantrid9 said...

It is foolishness beyond measure to ignore religion as one of the major cartels that actively destroys lives the world around.

Anonymous said...

Wolf I happen to be an occultist of sorts and find your lack of faith disturbing, your consciousness and perception of the reality are sorely limited by your ignorance. You can not think your way out of the box when your mind is the box. Beliefs are a product of religion whereas experiences with the divine are encountered through spiritual practice, there are entities in this world that you know not of, their existence is revealed to those who seek the hidden truths of this world!

Anonymous said...

WOLF I'm afraid you're mistaken. God is real. I think you know that and don't want to admit it. You can play around with ideas and logic all you want but it's been said a million times that we know nothing. You're eyes can only see on direction what says your mind is not in a single direction? :)

Anonymous said...

great entertainment.

Anonymous said...

The "7 hills" in Revelation? I believe there
are 7 "hills" (universities) connected to these
cartels. Mt. Nebo = mountain = knowledge. Man
has come to the point where we think we are smarter than the Most High God.

Anonymous said...

«The system crumbles as we withdraw support for it. Think USSR.»

There was nothing about withdrawal of peoples support. There was political transformation from top, the same rulers and their heirs are in top positions today. That was greatest disaster and robbery in mankind history. For Soviet people consequences (even in terms of quantity) are worse then Holocaust.

You are just ill-informed. Of course they don't tell you the truth, but fairy-tales about «Freedom» and «Democracy» and blah-blah-blah.

Josh said...

You forgot the ratings cartel, legitimately, a cartel, of S&P, Fitch and Moody's.

Anonymous said...

Josh: Good point. However, the ratings cartel is basically a support function and the enforcement arm of the financial system/IMF/World Bank.

Do a little experiment and see what you find: In each country there are basically two economies: the financial system and the underlying economy that creates value. Whenever any of the ratings companies move rating of countries up or down, the changes are always based on what's good for the banks in the country in question, not the underlying economy or the people. Anything that threatens the banks results in an immediate drop in ratings and higher interest rates.

This has been very visible during the recession. 'Do what the IMF tells you to do or we'll drop your rating.'

Saje Williams said...

The reason the majority of humans seem incapable of rejecting the notion of the "supernatural" because it's not in our nature, as a general rule, to look at what we've wrought and not want to accept sole responsibility for it all. Someone else HAS to be behind it, or at least an accessory to the crime.

Anonymous said...

The author forgot to mention that in nearly every one of these 'cartels' JEWS occupy most of the senior management positions. We need to come up with a solution to this problem, once and for all. A final solution is the only way.

Anonymous said...

Another Anonymous added religion, which is a good one. I'll add another, one more insidious: Education.

Anonymous said...

I call this the cave man theory. Image yourself going into the past, trying to communicate with a caveman. He dose not have the type of knowledge that civilization has. now image yourself sparking a flame from a lighter in front of him. He will be in a state of shock.

The only way he can understand anything is throught the use of his senses. His senses cant explain how you preformed such a thing.

Now the conditions for this caveman to thrive in a hostel environment, are to be aware and conscious of his actions.

now if you have been desensitized, that would mean you have indulged in too much of anything. Without guidance, appreation, or love the results can be negitive and confusing for people.

I can not judge anyone who has made a mistake and only hope and pray that they learn and see truth. Those who have the will to get back up and keep trying are blessed.

ps. we are all human, together we shall unite or together we shall all fall.

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