Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food Fascism in the Land of the Free

Eric Blair
Activist Post

The food industry is no longer a free market.  In fact, I'd go as far as saying it's becoming the most glaring example of corporate-government fascism in America.

Actual monopolies fully control the basic building blocks of the food that makes up the majority of the American diet -- and no one seems to care.  Simply put, those who control the corn, wheat, and soybeans control all food, since all livestock and all processed foods are dependent on those food resources.  These monopolies place their cronies in government regulatory agencies like the FDA and USDA to weed out their competition through excessive regulation.  Currently proposed legislation are textbook examples of their methods.

There once was a time when free markets existed for food.  Back when local food ruled the day, if a farmer sold milk that was bad, he would not get return customers unless he adjusted his practices to make a healthier product.  This free market was self-regulating.  In other words, in a truly free market we shouldn't need the FDA.  However, as mentioned before, we are light years from a free market.

Subsidies rain down on big agribusinesses that grow what the government tells them to grow.  Industry leaders like Cargill, Monsanto, and Tyson essentially turn farmers into indentured sharecroppers.  The food engineers at General Mills and others weave corn, wheat, and soybeans into chemical concoctions that end up in brightly colored packages -- some even come with free Chinese-made toys.  The finished product develops from a Genetically Modified base, using multiple poisons to glue it together, demonstrating that the monopolies and their regulatory lapdogs care not for our health.

But what about voting with our pocketbooks, isn't that a free market? Surely that is what we have been taught.  Yet, all 16 flavors of Cheerios -- which give the appearance of free choice -- are all made by General Mills from a genetically modified corn base.  This illusion of choice hides the monopolistic nature of food.

Enter Senate bill S. 510 Food Safety Modernization Act, already passed in the House as HR 2749.  Some have demonized the bill as ultimate food fascism where the FDA will micromanage even small farms and co-ops to the point where it will become illegal to grow, share, trade or sell homegrown food.  While others see it as a measured way to control the health and quality of factory farms. One thing is for sure, S.510 gives more power to the corrupt FDA to regulate our food.  And there is renewed interest in the Senate to pass this bill since the recent massive egg and meat recalls due to salmonella and E. coli outbreaks.

This bill does nothing to change the actual practices of factory farming and the way the food for animals is grown and delivered.  It does give the FDA draconian powers to force inspections to be paid for by the farmers themselves.  This can be an effective tool for the big multinational agri-corporations to further squeeze out their competition and gain near complete control of food resources in America.  Furthermore, S.510 essentially hands much of the FDA's duties over to the liberty-smashing Department of Homeland Security -- which is mentioned 41 times in the bill.

All 273 pages of the bill contain legalize that can be difficult to decode, but one of the easiest ways to determine if it is good for average Americans is to view who is supporting the bill, versus who opposes the bill.  Monsanto and other agri-monopolies support the bill with full force.  Indeed, some speculate that they even wrote the bill themselves.

Sadly, this bill is gaining momentum because of the recent food recalls.  One way or another, our corrupt politicians and their corporate overlords will see to it that there is more regulation over our food.  If this bill passes, we can expect more consolidation in agriculture and more police-state raids of private health-food cooperatives.  Worse yet, this bill may just be the primer for the even more egregious bill HR.759 Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act, which fully restricts local food producers and natural health remedies.

Food freedom starts at home with the individual choices that we make.  However, exposing the corrupt regulatory system and educating the powers that be about healthier ways to produce food is also vital to maintaining our food freedom.  It's time we tell the corporate government to back off our food.

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Toaster 802 said...

Yet another brick in the wall...

MoT said...

Another example of where "failure" by the Feds brings about those golden rewards. The Feds didn't even uphold the existing laws that they falsely claimed to be overseeing which results in MORE laws that place an even greater burden on the small farmer who never did anything wrong. Of course the corporate cronies are all for it. They've the billions to lobby and line the pockets of our corrupt politicians and grease the governments wheels. My only question is when will the peasants rise up with pitchforks and drive these rats out once and for all?

JohnnyL said...

Very,very informative and in adds more recognition to the MacDonald's structure of our agricultural industry as shown in the documentary on the food industry. By the way imports are stealing market share of this section of our economy too and they don't have to worry because the Food & Drug Agency can only inspect 1%. Want jobs? Hire more inspectors. Want a balanced budget? Put tariffs on imports.

Anonymous said...

When Obama and the other talking heads start coming on TV and explaining how the problem is corporatism, then I will start listening to them. Until then, its all blah, blah, blah.

Anonymous said...

No, believe....as soon as the corporate puppets (conservative republicans with thier hand out) things like this will pass. I would no be surprised at all if ROY BLOUNT (R) Missouri had a hand in this and his hand out. One of the very worst of Washington!

Guess my guns get a light coat of oil and more ammo for the magazines, tell me I can't groww food, just try to tell me!

Anonymous said...

TV put shit in your brain.
Food Industry put shit in your body.
Who are you now?

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