Saturday, September 11, 2010

Architects and Engineers Question Official 9/11 Story (VIDEO)

The measured evaluation of architects and engineers has resulted in some major questions that need to be answered.  Do we have the courage to entertain these questions?  Or do we prefer to stick our heads in the sand while our freedoms are eliminated due to the official story?  We owe it to future generations to examine, with a clinical mind, this crime scene of historic proportions.  If we can't ask the questions, we'll never find the answers. -- Michael Edwards 


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Howard T Lewis said...

Why wait 9 YEARS? Are these guys shills or what. The charges were set up (except for the customized trigger) back in the 1960's. Wake up you dumb pieces of crap. Be real. Stop the bullshit.I am getting irate. And can be expected to maintain my cool while I IMAGINE IN VIVID DETAIL choking the life out of the people who did this.And I am not alone. The people around me are likewise convinced.

Howard T Lewis said...

The fact you waited 9 years indicates that your talking of "nano-thermite" only invented recently is what brought down the WTC's is propaganda. The world knows these buildings were set up to blow while under construction.
You can't secretly wire a 1300 foot tall building and paint all the thermite on, prime it and repatch it all in secret. In 5 years you could not do it properly. And you are fools for believing otherwise. Print this, turkeys.

Howard T Lewis said...

Well? Yes, I'm calling you out. Cat got your tongue? ...Case closed. Next?

Howard T Lewis said...

If you want to get to the bottom of who and why pull WTC I and II, distribute these and make your eating crow a personal problem.

gritzle70 said...

I will be glad to assist the architects; after all the information is available on the internet. The material is called SMACSONIC

Sherlock: Now is a good time to google the following: 'SMACSONIC+Boeing uninteruptible autopilot+GRS11 gyrochip'

SMACSONIC is a visco-elastic polymer substance and when impregnated with an incendiary like aluminum powder or thermite becomes rocket fuel. It is the perfect insulation against vibration, temperature and sound used on Boeing aircraft. The firm that manufacturers SMACSONIC is taking down their information about its product - a British company sold to the French. SMACSONIC is the perfect insulation - until it is sparked or ignited, that's what the KU-band satellite link is for; then it turns the aircraft into a plasma effectively destroying all evidence That's also what happened to Flight #93 over Shanksville in Pennsylvania; hint: figure out the meaning of the red bandanna found as 'evidence' (imagine that) at this crash site and you will completely unravel 9/11.

It is first important to analyze carefully the history of recent aircraft 'accidents' such as Adam Air 574, Kenya 507, Colgan 3407, Air France 447 and TWA800. All these aircraft were illegally equipped with GRS11 Gyrochips and uniteruptible autopilots which can be hacked into through the Ku-Band satellite signals. The second critical analysis should be given to every single passenger on these aircraft and consider a level of 'priority targets.' When these aircraft are blown out of the sky these aircraft and passengers are insured with the alleged assassination, sabotage and deception teams sharing in what are known as 'bordereaux insurance' frauds. Think of it as an extremely complex hybrid type of military grade killing machine embedded in private networks linked to extremely powerful people and corporations, i.e., investigate the passengers killed on Air France 447 (an amazing list of well connected people to corporations competing for contracts on resources).

Howard T Lewis said...

Horse hockey. When you find out who ignored the records of all traces of the RELEVANT contracts of the preset demolitions between the Rockefellers, Larry Silverstein, the Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey, the insurance companies and the contractors before dropping the buildings, you will prove the identities of the perps and accomplices after the fact. OOPS! Did I just identify the CABAL? Maybe. I was top of my logic class in college by a large margine. I don't miss at this range.
And quit writing lies. CNN bought and used 2 or 3 pieces of phonied up film for 9-11 broadcasts. Enough lies. Enough gibberish. We are sick of that shit. In a very exotic, esoteric, exclusive but universal, hi-performance, hi-tech, extremely non-top-secret but sophisticated and way beyond your bumpkin-level comprehension sort of way. But like the man said, "Forgive them father for they know not what they do."
I am not God or Jesus, so my forgiveness is running out quickly. To get God's forgiveness, you must die first, at LEAST. I can only imagine what others victimized by these pigs are feeling. You had best not get in the way. If you are involved, turn yourself in. Lets get this over with sportingly.
And will someone PLEASE go peel back some sheet- rock at the Sears Tower to expose the same preset demolition system therein? Do I have to do everything around here? MOVE IT. DO IT LEGALLY.
In case anyone is wondering, no, I am not having a PTS flashback. I am, however disgusted with many of you.
And the Shanksville "crash-sight" is an old gravel pit shown on 1994 satellite photos with some junk dumped in it. The pictured jet-engine hub is way too small to be a 757. Probably a drone with a bomb to make that round hole in the middle. You will have to stare at the grass growing in the pit for a while to realize that it is not a hi-tech Communist right or left-wing threat to national security. I am sure that it is only field grass. The real crash is scattered in the woods to hide the identities of the passengers. Do your homework. Seek truth. Don't fuck with the America always at peace with the rest of the world and at peace with ourselves.

Howard T Lewis said...

Good thing none will read your garbage.

Howard T Lewis said...

They took some of the profits from the $7
billion insurance settlement and bought the Hilton and the Outrigger Hotels on the Big Island of Hawaii to compliment the recently constructed New World Order Ghetto of multi-million dollar homes surrounding them. Then as quickly as post-stock-market-deregulation-rip-off construction began on this slop, new construction ceased. To date. Check it out.

We've been mugged,people.

Howard T Lewis said...

The fact that not one single WTC engineer has stepped out in to the light to answer ANY QUESTIONS about 9-11 proves that the ones still living feel great dread of being found out about.
I was involved in two major construction projects where I turned and ran when I realized the "Not my problem." attitude of the engineering staff toward what it was that THEY ACTUALLY WERE BUILDING. THEIR CONCERNS ENDED after the paychecks stopped.
They all serviced the devil for pay and got burned. Now America needs to know, for its own defense, from what direction these attacks are coming. These responsible engineers and assistants have inadvertently helped cause too many deaths. Many of them knew. The top of the pyramid for the WTC's of 2001 and the Alaska pipeline and Deepwater Horizon disaster is the same single foreign based entity. Since they assassinated JFK, they have ruled our Executive branch of government. This is not a theory. And they bought the Hilton and what is now The Sheraton Hotel on The Big Island of Hawai'i with WTC profits. Within ten miles of the most constant temperature guages in the U.S.A. and right in the middle of several hundred multi-million dollar residences, many built from the take from the Reagan-Bush stockmarket de-regulation and derivative fraud. Check it out. I am correct today, too.
Forget the SEC. Forget the FBI. Forget the SCOTUS. Only you and the military and me. But we are a huge majority who want to enjoy life and God's good green earth. Lets do some rodeo and throw these dogies in jail where the law can sort them out. I truly resent the fact that some of them are breathing my air. And you see the mess they make when they are running loose.
Turn off your TV set and legally set it on fire or at least cut the power cord. CFR news has rotted your brain with conflicting lies and B.S.. It is your duty as an American and as parents and students of life.

Howard T Lewis said...

I just heard yesterday that Silverstein and Investors(BlackStone again?) had purchased the Sears Tower a few weeks before 9-11. It now doesn't take much imagination to see what Flight 93 was set to crash into. It would be wonderful to find if tenants there experienced the same irregularities as did tenants at the WTC's. Congress should stop their looting long enough to take note. But if they stopped looting, they would resume their shameless mewling and sucking.

Howard T Lewis said...

OOps. Silverstein and friends purchased the Sears tower on March 12, 2004. NOT before 9-11-2001 as far as I know. Hey, no one's perfect. The rest of the above stands in its entirety.

See if the new owners will let you all look for thermi(a)te in the walls. The judge made sure Silverstein got all of his paid WTC equity back PLUS DOUBLE COLLECTION ON THE INSURANCE CLAIM for 9-11-2001. And Larry the motherfucker knew the buildings were preset.It is a bad thing people are so dumb, as a rule. They are being poisoned and genetically contaminated by Monsanto,economically destroyed by their own government, are being used to finance and inflict one of the worst mass-murders in history and the eastern half of the continental U.S. could end up a waste land if the GOM mess with the Deepwater Horizon disaster is still being allowed to flow. And all most think about is the food in there dish and their toys. And the punk pope pedophile, Benny the Rat, and the peace that is keeping one's head gracefully bowed. Until the ax comes down, I guess. I reckon denial never felt so good. I say raise their taxes and nationalise the banks so these folks can recover and have time to study. If they won't study, double their taxes. No more interest payments to the Fed. Nail the 9-11 perps. Quit pussy footin' around.

apeman2501 said...

If you all think I do not have concern for the sensitivities of those who knew explosives were being set in the WTC's and Sears tower and continued to help build them, you are right.

They sucked the devil for ample remuneration, and the burn they feel is deserved. Hopefully they quietly are trying to make peace with the victims' families. If so, it is being done VERY QUIETLY. Next they will have to make it up to American military families, and then Iraqi and Afghani families. Looks like a life in the priesthood to me. Those FEMA camps would encourage any necessary attitude adjustment.

Howard T. Lewis III said...

I can't believe nobody will respond to this. Israel citizens are not the culprit beyond being a tool used to try to return Britannia to its former glory. They occupy the economical hotspot in the middle east. Since military service IS mandatory in Israel, I gather that makes the whole lot elligible for the fertilizer mill because of their allegiance and worship of the City of London. And to think we could have been friends. Tsk tsk. I can imagine a stealth bomber propelled can of the hot stuff skipping in through a door or two should stop these aggressions against Londonaires and the U.S.. That 7/7 thing was not a nice thing either. And then try to blame Muslims and other semitic folk. Just plain nasty. And NOW PREDICTABLE. The swine need labor therapy. Not more oil wells.

Howard T. Lewis III said...

Thousands of licensed architects and engineers in the United states, and not one of them with enough class to provide other guidance to the true culprits who purged the files and set up WTC#6 to be irrepairably damaged just before 9-11 morning on 9-11-2001. Not one other scientist to point out the local radiation damage to cars and trucks parked on the street. Not one architect or engineer to state how thick the core steel was at the two levels of impact.(I know, 4" thick at the bottom.)
Activist Post, I am glad you provided this space for me to relay history and proveable facts. The Architects and Engineers for 9-11 truth make comment and feedback impossible. They are covering this thing up as traitors to the country, accessories after the fact on millions of cases of first degree murder world-wide,and participation in fraud against the people of the United States and the rest of the world. Silverstein's backers are financially raping America at will and they did a great job of fucking the GOM to death and still are allowed to use the corpse.
The As and Es all should be denied license renewal and be jailed for being such pussies about not saying when these charges were set. Building #6 and the presence of newer nano-thermate are PROOF BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that the original charges were augmented by much newer application of ordinance technology. Standard demolition procedures were not followed on Bldg.#6. But it was included as part of the show. It was NOT SET to fall vertically back in the 1960's.
Don't say the government works in mysterious ways. The fact that raum emmanuel is now mayor of Chicago proves that government either murders or sucks , depending on the mood of the day. All for return to the Old World Order.

Howard T. Lewis III said...

Maybe I should talk to your wives.

Howard T. Lewis III said...

Yes. the dry side of the Big Island of Hawaii is spared the radioactivity because it only rains on the wet side. The dry side rain comes from the south. You got it, bubba. The Waikoloa resort area purchased by BlackStone investments right after and before 9-11 is right in the middle of this dry piece of paradise. The Big Island is where the pigs have arrived and are coming to root. Check out who sited and licensed the Fukushima plant back in 1970. The U.S. sited and licensed all commercial fission thermo plants outside the U.S.S.R. Dixie Lee Ray was head of the AEC at the time. The NRC used to be called the AEC, Atomic Energy Commission. Dixie was a part time substitute biology teacher-activist who after her Nixon administration duties as director of the AEC, was elected governor of Washington state as a Democrat. Then she retired to her Fox Island retreat with her two dogs. Which seems odd until you remember that she was part of the Jack Parsons 'ritual doers' organization. And who was ambassador to the U.N. during the Nixon Administration? Twas George H.W.Bush. And do you think that as a member in high standing of the S&B Society, Bush discussed population control with D. Rockefeller and Kissinger or do you think he just 'messed with the youngsters' like maybe Pres.Obama? Head scars and all. Enquiring minds want to know. This stuff is sick, not brilliant. The British and other royal navies have known the North Pacific wind patterns for over 200 years. The U.S. navy for just as long. What better place to build the largest fission thermonuclear facility in the world besides in the center of the world's most active tsunami zone, on the beach, on a fault line, facing the open ocean, with the emergency generators in the basement and the emergency diesel tanks on the dock, if your plan was to take out the U.S. slowly with a huge radioactive cloud?
Cowboy up, America. You are being murdered.

Howard T. Lewis III said...

CORRECTIONS: Dixie Lee Ray actually was not appointed head of the AEC until 1972. Although a participant in Parsons' extra curricular activities, Dixie attained assoc. professor status at the University of Washington. And in addition, the EPA announced a cessation in monitoring fallout for three months. Chucky meets Talking Tina and the Village People strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Listen up, Howie. You are confusiong 'wind patterns' with the Jet Stream. And nuclear power plants aren't 'thermonuclear'. AND, the poor sods in Kona will turn to dust long before we do on the windward side. :-O

Howard T. Lewis III said...

Who is Howie? The wind patterns and jet stream are indeed two peas in the same pod. The general wind patterns and the seasons and the jet stream are predicted. And the ability to predict wind patterns has been utilized by experienced seafarers for centuries. The jetstream patterns have been monitored for about 80-100 years.
Alexander Higgins site has been relaying info as to how 800 to 2400 times previous maximum exposure limits has been recently found in milk from cows on the East Side of the Big Island. America is under a broad-spectrum coordinated attack. This is vital news and believable. Recommendations for taking doses of elemental boron to counter effects are being made. The EPA has turned off and shut down their monitoring system to cover up scientifically based standards of hazardous exposure and replace evidence damning GE and Westinghouse for liability in faulty design and reckless siting and resultant radiological trauma to people and agriculture. The dry side/wet side border is indeed dividing the deposits of radioactivity.

Of course thermonuclear plants are still in the experimental stage. I have been commenting here for several months without any feedback and I was lonesome. I had to toss you whelps SOMETHING. Thanks for the feedback. Did you read anything else here?

Howard T. Lewis III said...

If you think 9-11-2001 was the eand of it, ya'll please tune in to to see the chemtrail>HAARP circle> radical deadly and destructive weather ATTACKS that are befalling America these days, at least as far back as March.
This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

Howard T. Lewis III said...

I have followed for five weeks so far. This sounds right out of 'science fiction'. But it is not. This is real applied up to date weather control, as the HAARP mission statement divulges.

Dutch is monitoring hostile HAARP weather attacks against the U.S.. After finding his site and reviewing his work, I continued monitoring his site and witnessed two more complete sequences (before the storms actually occured!) followed by his correct predictions. Wow. A tornado, concentrated storm fronts dumping in the Mississippi river system, and a particularly heavy rainstorm just north of Seattle. Satellite photo sequences detect curved chemtrails from multiple jets > HAARP circle formation, charged and up to a few hundred mile radius > intense storm activity at the center locus of the visible circle or a repulsion at the circumference if the charged circle is of the same polarity as the storm front (or so it seems). To whoever is listening, an immediate application of another military authority and discipline to the Alaska HAARP facility is indicated. Immediate replacement of the ranking officer of the Army corps of Engineers is indicated, and not by Pres. Obama or any member of the CFR. The radiation sensor network for the EPA should be reactivated and turned on immediately. Not 'of', for! That gear belongs to the American public, and WE WANT IT ON NOW! Can that EPA fake.

apeman2502 said...

Getting people to even consider the truth that a computerized demolition system was installed during construction is tougher than getting a baby to enjoy drinking unsweetened lemon juice. None of these 'researchers' have talked to construction experts or talked directly to engineers who worked on these projects.
WTC6 is PROOF new charges were set. WTCsI,II, and 7 are all proof charges were installed during construction.
One thing puzzles me. A town as big as New York City and only a few labs studied the dust. All found nanothermate and radioactivity when they tested for it. Thermite was always found as well.
Study 'Operation Gladio', I would not believe my own words if I had not known this stuff for 41 years.

Titus Sviatoslav said...

I am one of the first thousand engineers to sign the A&E911Truth petition, and I assure you that some of us are trying hard for access to the full original set of blueprints and addendums, which are in San Francisco. I also understand that there was a disclosure of the blueprint demolition system referenced in a 1980's newspaper article - and that is an ongoing microfiche search. No Google back then.

We are also looking for declarations to the PNAC treaty that Dimitri Khalezov says he saw in the course of his duties in the Soviet Nuclear Special Service.

We know about the tritium and numerous other radiological elements at Ground Zero. We know about the molten, oxygen starved cauldrons that melted steel for six weeks.

All of this points to a pre-engineered demolition system.

I'm all ears.

apeman2502 said...

Mr. Sviatoslav, pleased to hear from an adult on this matter. My response of 10 minutes ago was blasted out of the sky, so I will try again. Please review all of my comments above first. The department of homeland security will not admit who did 9-11 and the justice department does not want them to be arrested. Their sole answer to this entire problem is homosexual molestation at gunpoint.

Ask the archivists at KOMO, KING, and KIRO television stations of Seattle Washington for a copy of the short one of them (KOMO?) featured on the thermite application as the WTC I,II, and 7 went up. Architects Digest has an article on this dating from 1969-1972. This time frame has the greatest wealth of references to this monument to goyphobia. DO NOT call their archivists at their offices or the zionists will get to them first. Also, whichever the most popular structural engineering journals at the time featured will have at least one reference to this attack on humanity by a criminal element.

Make sure you have read all my comments accompanying this article at Activist Post. Chris Bollyn has independently found most every detail he could without actually talking to any of the builders. I have talked to one of the demolitions installers since 9-11 and I can swear he is as sorry as any man I ever met.
The attitude of Nelson and David Rockefeller at the time was, "We have all this cash, let's build the center of trade for the whole world right here." The relevant authorities said, "It must fall straight down". The agreed on solution for all buildings over 50 stories in NYC was to install the necessary demolition system after guaranteeing a jet impact would not cause lethal injury to the building, which we all witnessed. On hearing of this qualification, the policy ended by public demand, as did 50+ story skyscraper construction in the U.S. and Canada. The Chicago Sears (Willis) tower is still loaded, today.

The fires were almost out and people were even standing looking out the hole a jet made. Most of the fuel splashed out. No critical temperature conditions were reached. 2/3 of the buildings, by weight, turned to dust and gas.

I would think any researcher would have talked to actual builders to solve this puzzle. The thought that these entire buildings were surreptitiously loaded and the walls, ceilings and floors were all breached and repaired before office workers showed up the next morning is silly. All contractors were jewish, as was the CEO of the insurance company, the judge, the Port Authority figure who sold and the party who bought the WTC just before demolition, and the victims' attorney, and the court judge for this and the insurance settlement, and the state's attorney general. All but the victims.They were warned to get out.
If you have further questions, I may know the answers. These punks in the White House these days are vermin crapping on the furniture and few Americans are keeping the whole thing together while the blood and gravy suckers are driving America into the ground. They only came to America for the gravy. And the blood.

More recently, some sort of rivalry involving the uses of HAARP and scalar technology is being manifested by the U.S. and Russia. Bush 41 and 43 are psychopaths made palatable by the Council on Foreign Relations management of all American corporate news, and if I were to guess, I would say the City of London/Grand patron of freemasonry (QofE)and the Bush/ Rockefeller cabal is responsible for both problems.

apeman2502 said...

Don't expect google to help hang their friends if they can get away with it. And until the SCOTUS is impeached, they will escape justice. I have had up to 116,300,000 (million) results on yahoo. I started at '0'.Accesses are being interfered with. Information bubbles where certain sites and articles are filtered out and others offered up. People want the truth and they want it now. Obama has all the symptoms of a lobotomy. I studied these procedures in journals during college and recently did a refresher over the net from a few journals. He honestly seems to have the passivity and memory lapse thing down. Lobotomies do not leave scars and those scars on the back of his head are monsters. Not from inner ear surgery. Three angry men with shovels or the NSA/CIA clinics had a few whacks at him. combine that with Bush43's apparent presenile dementia (becomming totally lost mid-sentence followed by a panic attack, forgetting what he was saying,FREQUENTLY, etc.. We have a mess on our hands.

Sioux Chef said...

Architects and Engineers Question Official 9/11 Story (VIDEO) is not a hot link.

apeman2502 said...

You want hot and direct to the core of this matter, read the above Mr. Chef. It implicates some really messed up people and the witnesses beg to be interviewed.

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Let's talk about the realities of #7, since I actually observed the
ironworkers and heard a few things about the timeline of the
construction progress from my fellow employees. Overall, it looked
like a completely normal skyscraper project. The 'bridgeways' were
initially rather flimsy and you could peek into the ground floor areas
which remained completely rough throughout the framing stage.
Immediately AFTER the building was 'topped-out' a major PR campaign
was launched to give some element of excitement about a shift in their
anchor-tenant, a 'decision' which would add some $400.M or so to the
cost of the building which was now to be sheathed in real marble at
the lower level, and polished pink granite, instead of some cheaper
previously specified materials.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Not long after the tree and American flags were flown for the 'topping-
out,' a major change occurred. Down went the main crane, while an
additional smaller one was placed at the West End, which became a much
larger scale entry than required. The plywood that encircled it was
replaced and there weren't more than a few tiny peepholes--holes which
were soon blocked to create a TOTALLY visually secure ground-floor

Nonetheless, I was able to get access to the building via my partner
(a fairly well known NYC fashion photog.,) who tipped the gate guy and
the elevator operators $100. each. They took us up the east side to
the first 'lobby deck' (the 7th floor, or maybe 6th, as best I can
recall,) with two very young, gorgeously overdressed fashion models.
We shot about two rolls on a Hassey, with the camera looking directly
toward the crux of #4, and just barely over the roof of #6. Not ideal,
but it was a 'construction site,' as the art director requested. The
image was immediately proof-printed as a proposed cover on one of
their 'young adult' series books.

The weird thing we witnessed was that there was a man in a black suit
standing in observance of every welder on the job site. None of this
ill-formatted crew had been informed about our arrival--yet all of
them departed immediately as the project superintendent approached and
demanded that we leave.

I think I had shown my card from Emery Roth & Associates to help get
us in, but none of us were 'carded' upon the abrupt exit. My boss,
Barry Yanku never confronted me about the event directly, but I had a
feeling that he had been informed about a security breech and may have
suspected it was me.

*Clearly #7 was 'loaded' as it was being built*
Anyway, I'm the only guy you will see posting real data about #7.
You're absolutely right to suspect Gage as a limited hangout, if
merely because he runs an absolutely closed shop. I've attempted
conversations with him three times and he's acted like a narc, (3
minute max!) on the phone. Twice he promised to call me right back and
didn't. That's excusable, but not the fact that he has refused to
acknowledge all of the three simple questions which I have formally
poised for 5 years:

What ever happened to the people in the on-site 125-member
Architectural/Engineering firm after (A)- they split-up to do the
Bank of China, and (B)-we were forced to depart by people claiming to
be the FBI?

It's called "Skillings & Associates, PC" who once occupied the North
1/2 of the 84th (or so) Floor of the North Tower. Anyone ready to
debate me? The deal is Skillings was forceably moved to Seattle, and
evidently operate without any concern for circumspection from Gage's
people. --All of their principals with tenure must know of the 'WTC-
FBI take-over' of which I broadcast. ..Humm, Seattle, let's see, isn't
that near San Francisco? Suppose they use telephones way up there?

Finally, RICHARD, can you show us the notarized data you've collected
on #7? We need to see all the inspection reports, the list of sub-
contractor witnessess, their signatures and was there anything 'Odd'
about the materials lists?, How about the fact there were technically
TWO different crews, 'sorta working' under Tishman ??

Baring real answers, by MONDAY, Gage's work is essentially done, just
like the Warren Commission's.

Tom-Scott Gordon, prior WTC photographer.

apeman2502 said...

Thank-you Mr. Gordon,

Fortunately, Richard Gage has no name identification beyond his group. The A&Es implanted the 'inside job' notion firmly in half of America's head, but his rep peters out beyond that. This is good news for repairing and straightening out the bad guys. His limited whining still is a great step toward wisdom, even though he has no courage or sense of duty towards his country. I find his glibness to be an irritant. Please retell your story every time possible keeping in mind you should focus on getting other builders to come out. I have reached a very few. There is a great need to convince these people that they won't be prosecuted for telling their story. And it needs to be done soon. Maintain no paperwork on this while we must work harder to contact builders without alienating them. No e-mails. I have had all of my e-mails taken by MSM with accusations of numerous anonymous e-mails. I never sent even one. If builders become alienated, then and ONLY then maybe we should try to get names. We don't need to procur Gage's data, but it would help. If they gleaned all records of the preset from the contract files, the other records will have been cleaned. Gage has been a shill so far. If he is holding and won't let go, we work around him. Let him wallow. I have known of the above details of the preset since 1968 while it was going on. Period.

apeman2502 said...

The original demolition materials were commercial and not military ordnance, even the nukes.

howardtlewisiiiffy said...

At least three engineers from the Seattle area were in with Skilling and Assoc. for the WTCs. Their computer was at 616 Pontius north, until HS Wright moved to their new office building at their old storage yard location.
Curiously, the #1 suspect in starting the 'Great Seattle fire' lived in room 616 in a small hotel downtown. This hotel was run by a 'Mrs. Pontius'. I think we have a pattern.

apeman2502 said...

Good! You found this.

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