Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Ultimate Betrayal: Police and Military Working Together to Oppress Americans

Michael Edwards
Activist Post

The concepts of military service and public police service are worlds apart, for good reason.  Today in America, we are currently witnessing the culmination of a decades-long trend that has introduced the language, weapons, and tactics of the overseas battlefield onto the streets of America.

The planned coordination between military forces abroad and public forces at home further threatens to subvert the very social fabric upon which America was built, resulting in a betrayal of The U.S. Constitution and the American people.

The Military Machine

The military is designed to be a last-resort option when all diplomacy has failed.  Military personnel and munitions should be deployed with a heavy heart, because it is understood that the military task is one of enemy annihilation.  The weapons used by the military are developed to "shock and awe" on every level.  Psychological warfare and espionage is often employed first to soften up the enemy before unleashing an array of high-tech weapons that range from pain compliance on the street level, to bombs rained from above.

The typical military serviceman is a brave soul who has trained physically and mentally to perform under the constant stress of battlefield conditions.  However, this stress-training, much like any of the martial arts, can result in a non-questioning live weapon who must kill or be killed when placed in a threatening situation.

Additionally, their prison guard-like duties promote attending to their stated enemies as hostile, criminal, and subversive.  The population of the enemy country are called civilians, as they are not afforded any legal protection that might be owed to citizens, and any deaths can be written off as "collateral damage."

Thus, military training inculcates values of aggression, intimidation, and the use of excessive force if it means self-preservation in a world where might is right, so long as it means Mission Accomplished. 

Domestic Peacekeeping and The Constitution

Police, on the other hand, are in service to the domestic population and the U.S. Constitution.  They swear an oath to the local community, and are paid by citizens to be experts in well-considered evaluation and the peaceful resolution of conflict.  Their duties comprise those of humility:  patrolling a neighborhood to ensure restfulness; rescuing a cat caught in a tree; removing a threat when there is a plea for help.

The Constitution specifies their unique role in tending to issues within the nation's borders in the 9th and 10th Amendments, by prohibiting Federal intervention in domestic law enforcement duties.  However, through legislation and national emergency directives, the protection against a Federal usurpation of power has been all but erased.  In fact, the Federal government has never had more power than it does today to bring the military into the daily lives of its citizens.

Where are we today?

I have spoken to retired police officers who remember a world where it was considered a failure to draw a weapon unless under direct attack.  Even if such an action was required, the result was nightmare inducing. Today's police seem to have lost such empathy.  Police are rarely a welcome sight these days, as they are often black-clad, brandishing military gear and weapons, and applying military force over such non-violent infractions as traffic stops. Police are being equipped and trained as if they are an occupying force, and the results have been predictably disastrous.

Additionally, local police are being issued directives encouraging them to see select members of their communities as potential domestic terrorists. This threat assessment language is the exact spur needed to create a feeling of impending attack.  This has led to inland checkpoints, where police, military, and the American people are being desensitized to this absolute perversion of American values and laws.

The traveling tyranny of the G8/G20 shows us where this road can lead.  When the creator of an organization called The Love Police is detained and tortured, journalists threatened with rape, sound cannons deployed, and women are attacked by police dogs . . . anything is possible.  Military and police alike are indoctrinated to adopt a stress-induced frame of mind that leads away from peaceful resolution and toward this type of non-thinking assault.

The U.S Congress has been instrumental in allowing this change of mindset to happen.  They have long allowed the Drug War to be the excuse for minimal oversight of the actions of SWAT and the DEA, permitting daily paramilitary-style assault raids that terrorize our citizens.  The cases of home invasion (sometimes mistaken identity) have resulted in unconscionable atrocities.  The War on Terror makes things exponentially worse, as the "war without end" can come home to roost.

The ultimate betrayal has occurred on American soil, just as it has in many other countries throughout history.   When the military and police begin to abandon their codes of honor, mass enslavement is the inevitable result.  We need to take action now and ask our police and military to remember the oaths they swore not to obey any orders that will lead to our oppression.  The real enemies are those who give those orders.

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herbert said...

I have seen this in real life, during the WTO conference in Seattle in 1999. The police & a National Guard unit worked against the wishes of local citizens to facilitate the activities of foreigners who did NOT have the "best interests" of the local community at heart. The Seattle police chief at the time, Norm Stamper, recognized this, after the fact, and retired... and continues to examine the socio-cultural turmoil of the drug & global trade conflicts.
Shooting civilian populations, even with "rubber" bullets, is beyond civility; & cuts off dialog.
When "we" no longer see the government as an extension of our collective presence- and Ideals- then we are an occupied people. ^..^

Activist said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I didn't even allude to Seattle, '99, but thanks for bringing it up. That was the real rollout of the traveling tyranny to see what we would put up with. We tolerated too much, evidently -- M.E.

MoT said...

"The real enemies are those who give those orders"

Uh, that's only half the story. Irregardless of the orders being "given" so long as they are "obeyed" then what have the order givers to fear? History has shown us that they have nothing to worry about as they've gotten away with it for so very long time. And where have we seen the cops actually "obey" their constitutional oaths? Hmmm? That's like chasing after unicorns. So unless there is some sort of change on the political and moral front you can kiss off any hope that they'll follow the Constitution.

dlsmith06820 said...

If I were a leftist, I would indeed be fearful that my transparent hatred of my neighbors disguised as humanitarianism, often fatal to its putative beneficiaries like inner-city blacks, will be all too apparent to local police should civil unrest break out. For nearly all cops in virtually every jurisdiction in this country the legacy of the left, calling them pigs and spitting in their face, is not forgotten, and it is not lost on them that the leftists in power today are the sworn enemy of Constitutional order and intend to enslave thier children as well to the yoke of tyranny.

Activist said...

Thanks for the well-considered comments. MoT -- you are right that anyone obeying orders that are morally reprehensible are equally as guilty as those giving the orders. My point was that in order for the structure to change, it is important to identify who is creating it in the first place. Then we can address what changes need to be made. I would also add that there are good police out there, but because they don't fit into the new militarized culture being promoted at the highest levels, they are often weeded out and replaced with the stormtrooper variety -- M.E.

Bill said...

The central purpose of government is the looting of the Governed.

The police are merely the enforcement arm of the State. They are not in service of "the local community"

khamburger said...

dlsmith, the destruction of this country and the rise of police power has been a bipartisan effort. It hs been led as strongly, if not more so, by those claiming to be on the right as the left. The "law and order" Republicans are possibly more to blame than anyone in their efforts of empowering the state in opposition to the people.

There's no need for the partisan garbage. It is the government against the people plain and simple.

d.l.spang said...

dlsmith, you and your ilk frighten me. This has nothing to do with leftism and everything to do with what the article states: the intentional creation of an adversarial situation in which those charged with our protection become aggressors. I have experienced this insanity on multiple occasions. Most recently about a year ago and that incident saw me having a gun drawn, a taser threatened, my body slammed on the hood of a car and a resulting shoulder injury. For nothing more than perceived "contempt of cop." THAT is the issue. They demand we BOW DOWN and anyone who doesn't is brutalized and painted as the aggressor.

If there wasn't an issue with our protectors, the militarization of said protectors, and their track record, there would be no need for a group like Oathkeepers.

Activist said...

Yes, I would agree that this topic isn't one that follows the left-right paradigm. This has occurred over at least 25 years, through both left and right governments, while the militarization of our police just keeps marching forward. Thanks for the comments. -- M.E.

missouripatriot said...

Thomas Jefferson stated that those who are unwilling to use violent force to restore or obtain their liberty deserve the tyrants who rule them.

Dali Dayna said...

Does any one know who the 'peace protest' photograph accreditations belong to??? What an awesome photo that speaks volumes, even standing alone without written content! Kudos to the photographer!

Dali Dayna said...

Thank God for the "Oath Keepers"! There might be more balance than you think? And the probability of most military and law enforcement personnel to keep their mouths shut right now, waiting for the right moment to prove their loyalty to the People, is greater than you think. We can only sit back and watch . . . .

not said...

since 9/11 shields have gone up (vehicle blockers around public (courts, legislative buildings), metal detectors everywhere, body scanners, etc, because they are scared people will act out as they tighten the screws raping our rights. their tactics are the same as rapists, "up against the wall, cooperate and it won't get worse, fighting will only make it worse, we are going easy on you, groupthink, excessive force, twisting statements/reports, forced confessions, etc." Milgrim's Experiment without end- rewarding sadists.

it is designed psychological warfare, in a fixed *criminal* justice system. authority/weapons in the hands of trained sociopaths- as they hate their victims- and deny it- with hubris. their defense is "we're just doing our jobs" which IS fascism in a nutshell. psychological testing cannot differentiate a psychopath from a cop. look at all the crimes cops commit and get away with, they get tried and aquitted, or if guilty- merely suspended- with pay! enhanced privledge is the reward of fascists.

...and the way they use tasers for everything (mostly entertainment)! (tasers are worse than billy clubs, because their damage is invisible even if fatal).

Brian said...

too right Dali! Everyone should spread the word to all your LE and military friends about www.oathkeepers.org

God forbid they start changing the actual oath that these folks swear to when enlisted to further their malevolent cause.

not said...

Oathkeepers likely will not save us. they just need further training to realize the constitution in its current form doesn't actually protect us from them. posse cummitadis, habeas corpes are long dead. Loopholes, and rewrites, various acts, ruling, exceptions and scotus interpretions have rendered the constitution impotent, unless it serves authoritarian purpose. but it never protected you the way you thought it did. as George Bush said "it's just a goddamn piece of paper." i ask, "can it stop a bullet."

Oathkeepers looks honorable, and perhaps they are, but upholding the constitution can work against the people if you read it carefully. i figure they lend a false sense of security, if not uncertainty, but when the time comes... groupthink kicks in (teeth).

Obama tried to get the military to swear an oath to him when he took office. They are already sworn to shoot at fellow americans if called upon to do so. They have already done this before. if history tells us anything people take advantage of privledge, and they seldom forego personal advantages if they do not face immediate known consequence. Authority feeds on powers it grants to itself.

Sandlin said...


Oathkeepers likely will not save us." Let me say from personal experience, that you are right. OK is first and foremost a pacifist organization. They will not fight. They intend to do nothing but talk. As stated above, reality is, "Thomas Jefferson stated that those who are unwilling to use violent force to restore or obtain their liberty deserve the tyrants who rule them." Do not look to OK for your liberty.

Benjamin said...

I also believe that faith that the Oath Keepers will be enough to resist the 'govt loyalist' police is misplaced. Will they be able to resist against the foreign military and foreign police organizations that are being brought in to our country to train in taking our liberties away for security sake.

"Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government." ~ Henry Kissinger

4Q said...

Money is what gives them their power and maintains their minions loyalty to them. Remove the money from the equation, and the elite will fall flat on their faces. They are the corporate top cats. The ones YOU slave for that control you. For what, money chains and shackles? Cast off those shackles and ware them no more. Stand on your own two feet and be independent. Stop being a slave for some one else. Be your own slave and work for your self. You know there is no such thing as job security any more. Hasn't really been none for years and years now. Money is the mark of the beast. Without it, you can't by or sell. I'd recommend not using the Federal Reserve notes any more. Eather use a local currency or use the barter for what you need. You can't pay a solider with a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. The guilt of blood is not worth bread and milk.

Rock N\' Roll said...

Most everyone knows the police have been instructed that the American people are your enemy, and the stupid cops that buy into that crap get what they deserve. We aren't supposed to have black mnasked cops with M 1's acting as thugs harrassing and ordering around the American people, it's un-American. We need to change this communist police state or the next generation will except it as normal and ok and will become absolute slaves, your daughter, your son. It's time to either man up or run and hide, your choice. www.arizonamilitia.com

TRUTH said...

Worldwide white tyranny at your own doors - welcome home!! You reap what you sow!!

Anonymous said...

I am sad for all those honorable that enlist in the U.S. military to maintain our freedom. Unfortunately, our men and women are blindly being led to sacrifice their lives not for the good of the people of the U.S. but to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of certain corporations that lurk in the background of our government and control the politicians that we elect.

This is NOT a partisan issue. Our past presidents, no matter what party - answered to the biggest and most powerful voice (corporate). Basically, our government is bribed and blackmailed on a daily basis while we observe and do nothing more than complain. The Constitution is being violated every day in front of our faces, yet we allow the very beasts that corrupt it - try to "fix it". Now why do we expect that??? Would you allow someone who stole your wallet watch your bank account? Ultimately, money talks and the rest of us walk - into a hole in the ground. They are digging our graves because most of us are expendable and of no use to them. Think about this now and say your prayers because no one in the end will show mercy on you but God.

Anonymous said...

Law abiding citizens who have never committed a crime or own a gun will now pick up weapons and shoot police out of self defense on sight. Policemen with families and loved ones should seriously consider why they became cops and those that care about themselves may wish to retire.

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