Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Southern Poverty Law Center and Department of Justice

Sally O'Boyle
Activist Post

Re: SPLC list of "Active Patriot Groups" and DOJ's "Criminal Extremist List"

I am wondering if you will start a Patriot Persons list to go along with your Patriot Groups list? If so, I'd like to apply. If your criteria* is the same for People as for Groups, I might be a pretty good fit!

I am definitely against any "New World Order" or "One World Government" scheme. The U.S. must remain a sovereign nation as outlined in our Constitution. (Besides, and I don't mean to be catty here, but the idea doesn't seem to be working out so bloody well for the EU.) Do you know if there is an active attempt by the U.S. government to join into a world government? If so, please let me know! I'd like to sign and circulate a petition against that.

I don't engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing; all the conspiracies about which I theorize have grounds. Do you think you could make an exception? And which conspiracies are the groundless ones? A list somewhere on your site would be helpful.

Also, how do you define "extreme anti-government doctrines", please? Can you give any examples? I am personally extremely pro-Constitutional governance, something which has been in short supply during the last few administrations, including the current one. I would only be anti-government about a government that was extremely anti-U.S. Constitution. Will this count for or against me?

I am glad to see Oath-Keepers made the list of Patriot Groups! I am a member of Oath-Keepers. They are educating military and law-enforcement personnel about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, encouraging them to keep their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Thank goodness! Since the Constitution is no longer adequately taught in our schools (having just educated two teenagers, I can attest to that fact), I am thrilled to see that someone has taken on this monumental task!

Could you let me know if I make the list? You can find me at Campaign for Liberty or at

I hope I'm not asking too much, but maybe you could give a plaque or something? Or how about a pin that we could wear all the time identifying us as Patriots who made your list? Then we could easily spot each other. That would be way cool. Thanks!

God bless,
Sally O'Boyle

P.S. Thanks for printing that list of Patriot Groups broken out by state. Now I can find friends no matter where I am. Kind of like an A.A. meeting list! Now, I'm thinking I should join a militia. Don't mean to be greedy, but would I get extra points for that?

*Criteria: "Generally, Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the "New World Order," engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines." (

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pamrn777 said...

Dear SPCL; Oh pleeze do add me to your list also. My specialty research and snitch activities inclue a long list so let us just get started here for kicks and giggle. I love to follow chemtrails, haarp, cern, echelon, maincore lists, pnac, activities at DIA....rather satanic would not you say. I love to sift through darpa info, articles such as "owning the weather by 2025" studies of Nicola Tesla, Lop Nor, cool sites like strangedaysstrangeskies, book of Enoch, Scriptures, transtexascorridor, birdflu 666, the flu case, monsanto, norway seed vault and on it goes. oops, guess that we are awake too. Thanks in advance and just a certificate will do. Sandra

rkeefe57 said...

Always a hoot to see the SPLC's latest fund-raising propaganda.

The so-called media swallows it down whole without performing the most rudimentary fact checks. They don't even bother to read the alleged "reports." They simply swallow and regurgitate on command.

“Listing here does not imply that the groups themselves advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, or are racist.”

Well, if listing does not imply violence, criminal activities or racism, why exactly does the "law center" feel the need to list them in the first place?

Why? so they can scare their mostly elderly donors out of a few million more donor dollars.

I wonder how the left-wing media would react to the news that NOT ONE of the SPLC's top ten, highest paid executives is a minority, nor have they ever been?

Some "civil rights experts."

Activist said...

Great letter, Sally.

Ah yes, the violent activity of reading, researching, and sharing information. Wow, we are all horrible people. Liberty, Love, and Peace will prevail -- Michael Edwards

sovereignthink said...

Liberty and Justice for All.

As a Department of Justice the Officers are the Defenders and Guardians of the Justice portion of our Governmental Equation. They exist to Ensure that as the Agent of Justice the Government’s actions in carrying out the force of law, are only within its prescribed jurisdictions, within their justly limited and authorized powers, for their defined purpose and with equitable Justice for all.

Because the Government acts with Our Authority and with the Force of Law, The Justice Department is given the duty to ensure that the government’s activities, behavior, systems, processes, policies, actions, judgments, directives, partnerships, etc. are Just and Lawful.

To ensure Impartiality, to ensure no Corruption, To ensure Equity, to ensure justice within the system of the Public Domain.


To ensure policies, ordinances, methods and actions are within government purview and authority. To ensure the Justice between the Governments interactions and involvement with the prescribed protections of Individual Liberties and Personal Rights of the Private Domain for the Natural Person.

To Ensure That the Constitutional Contract requiring the Individual’s; Vote, Due Process, Redress of Grievances, Confront Accusers, Jury Trail, Innocent until Proven, Privacy, Property, Compensation, Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly, Arms, Protest, Expression of Belligerence toward Tyranny and Injustice etc, etc, etc, are inviolate and are sovereign unto the Individuals that grant the Authority of the Republic’s Justice Officers and Law Enforcement Expressly for the purpose of their Protection.

To call Grand Juries when the suspicion of corruption is present and Punishment when proved.

If the laws, policies and actions of the Government become unjust the Department of Justice is supposed to raise the alarm to call a halt to the observed injustice and investigate the government actions in grand jury investigations, for the people to judge the activities of the government they have authorized and judge the judges if needed, to return justice to the system.



The government derives its power from the Sovereign Individuals of this Nation. Those Individuals all share and make-up the Domain of the Sovereign Public. We Declared Independence, Fought on Our Own Authority, Won Our Independence and Created The Republic of the United States of America.

The reason that we created, organized and empowered a government is to ensure the sovereignty of the individual; that hard won Independence was protected and maintained. A Governed Protectorate to Ensure and defend Our Personal, Private Liberty, Property and Freedom; an Organized Safeguard for Our Unmolested Infinite Indivisible Individual Potential in Pursuit of Happiness.

Acts that have already passed, that can label, any Sovereign Individual’s Actions of Speech, Political Actions, Assembly, ‘Intentions’ and acquaintances as an Unprivileged Enemy Belligerent.
This is 'Un-Privileging' or our Individually Endowed Unalienable Fundamental Rights, beyond the 'UnPrivileeging' that has made us less safe and less free with HLS, JWDAA, and the Patriot Acts.


William Castle said...

Racists are just citizens in dissent with the government over "civil rights" laws that shut down many of our freedoms, including property rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of association.

PhreedomPhan said...

I disagree, William. "Racists are anyone who opposes the tyrannical march of government in America and the world. It's just a fresh addition to the other epithets hurled at thinking Americans such as, crackpot, lunatic fringe, paranoic, etc. This was facilitated by the election of Obama. Now any opposition is automatically labelled racist. Naturally, those using the term are the real racists and haters. They hate the human race.

whisker child said...

Sally O'Boyle- you go, girl!

The SPLC is merely tyranny masquerading as 'justice'. They are despicable.

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