Sunday, July 11, 2010

Using Local Organic Cooperatives to Defeat Globalists

Eric Blair
Activist Post

When I count from zero to five, you will become wide awake and feeling great; your vision will be clear, your consciousness will easily decode this illusory matrix, your humanity will return, and your fierce determination to be a free sovereign individual will be fully restored. Wakey, wakey, wide awake and feeling great! 

Okay, you're awake, back among the human tribe.  Now what? You are not alone in wondering what is the best way to fight the globalists.  There is a vastly growing human tribe that understands your frustration of feeling like a helpless fly caught in an inescapable spider web.  It can seem defeating the more we learn about the criminal nature of the ruling elite; their plans, their desire to have absolute control, and their infrastructure that's darn near complete to achieve their goals.  However, there is an incredibly easy solution and powerful weapon for defeating the elite -- it's called local food.

You see, the origin of this control system goes way back to when one tribe put food under lock and key, then subsequently gained wealth and a near monopoly on all human sustenance.  It's very simple really:  who ever controls the food controls humanity.  More recently, this sinister elite tribe also figured out that they can control humanity through money, ultimately through debt, serviced by their mind-control propaganda media machine.  However, this system of money creation and the resulting prison of debt is an elaborate illusion, while food and water, and liberty and love are real. This is precisely why we will be triumphant against the New World Order.

The local food revolutions happening all over the world are scarring the daylights out of the elite controllers.  Many small communities have formed quasi-underground organic cooperatives, where one neighbor may provide eggs, another vegetables or salsa, another homemade pasta, and another makes blankets and so on. There are many great resources on how to start and support a local co-op, but the concept is very easy.  Create a menu of what local producers can provide, then locals can place weekly orders from them, as well as add their own prepared items to the menu.  The group can support this cooperative with a blog or website for up-to-date orders and menu changes.  

These co-ops can act as trading posts in private homes where currency is not really necessary. Sure, it may be easier to peg an item's value to the dollar for easier valuations, but money doesn't necessarily have to exchange hands. Additionally, it represents a truly free market which can potentially grow to provide for all of the necessities and desires of the community's participants -- fulfilled by the participants themselves, thus creating self-sufficiency at the local level. Are you starting to see how this is a stake in the heart of the elite's control grid?

Incidentally, the globalists know how powerful this movement can become, and they are working very hard to squeeze the small backyard food producer wherever they can.  A recent example of their methods is wonderfully outlined in Mike Adams' article The government war on raw milk is an attack against food freedom, where he writes:
State and federal regulatory agencies, spurred on by the monopolistic business practices of the dairy industry, have set out to criminalize the sale of raw milk. They've raided raw milk resellers, arrested raw milk marketers and seized countless gallons of raw milk to be destroyed.
Raw milk, the bureaucrats say, is dangerous because it hasn't been sanitized yet. Raw milk is "dirty" while cooked, pasteurized or irradiated milk is "clean." And Big Brother thinks you're not supposed to eat "dirty" foods like raw milk.
Sure, you can smoke yourself into a lifetime of cancer -- that's fully approved by the government. You can slather your body with personal care products laced with cancer-causing chemicals, because that's also approved by the government. You can drink brain-busting aspartame, chow down on diabetes-promoting MSG, or swallow any number of mouthfuls of processed foods laced with a thousand different synthetic chemicals that probably cause everything from cancer to Alzheimer's. Go take a swim in the Gulf of Mexico and soak up some Corexit dispersant chemicals -- the government doesn't protect you from any of that.
There is also draconian legislation proposed that will make the small commercial farmer register and tag individual livestock, while large multinationals will need only one tag per barn load, thus defeating the little guy through economics. They plan to use "food safety" as the excuse to slow down this movement; however, the small passage above clearly states the ridiculous nature of any such safety motivations for this legislation.  We have truth on our side and we must demand food freedom.  In fact, as sovereign human beings, we should have full liberty over what we ingest regardless of the "possible" damage it may cause us.  There is plenty of what former Monsanto executive and current head of the FDA, Michael Taylor, approves for our consumption that should be openly labeled premeditated poisoning, while things like raw milk and marijuana are being prohibited.  The very word prohibition means "Screw your freedom!"

So folks, have you recently been reborn into the human race from your deep slumber as sheep and want to defeat the New World Order?  Here are your marching orders:  Find your local co-op and contribute anything you can; a product, a service like blog development, or simply volunteer your time to solicit new participants. It's an easy sell as people don't necessarily have to be fully-awake to see the benefits of such a program, especially as food shortages and increased prices become more evident. Use your energy to make the cooperative grow to be as cashless and self-sufficient as possible, while serving as much of the community as possible. And, finally, organize your co-op to lobby for food freedom on a political level.  (Obviously, if your local community doesn't have a cooperative, start one, perhaps piggy-backing off a nearby co-op).  Below is a powerful example of what a single family has been able to achieve on a tiny suburban lot.

If fully developed, free-market cooperatives could expand beyond food and products to cover services like mechanics, alternative wellness, or house painting -- and perhaps even alternative energies. Once established, there is nothing the globalists can do to stop it (especially if barter systems are used and no money actually changes hands).  The manipulators may take away the value of the dollar, or your job, and they'll surely engage in all of their other inhumane endeavors, but they will never be able to take away your community's basic human necessity if it's provided by strong local cooperatives.

With local self-sufficiency we will defeat the globalists and Liberty, Love, and Peace will Prevail, because everything else is their manufactured illusion.  Take one red pill and call me in the morning.

If any readers are experts in cooperatives, barter systems, or self-sufficient systems and want to contribute an article or press release, please write to us here.

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m_astera said...

Good ideas and good post, thanks. The more that money can be kept out of the mix, the less that those who wish to control things will be able to mess with the operation.

The other day I was imagining running a little store that had a sign up "No cash allowed, trades only". Wouldn't that be a fun idea?

Food is the most important asset for a community to have, so hopefully I will be forgiven for leaving a link to this web site which has many pages of free info on the importance of balancing the minerals in your soil so the nutrients are in the crops. We sell a few things to support the site, but our focus is getting mineral message out. If you are a grower or gardener interested in nutrition, please take a look: <a href= "></a>

m_astera said...


Activist said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope the readers check out your website. Be well and keep up the fight!

SHAUN T said...

Great Idea but you seem to have forgotten that as of the 31st December 2009 codex alimentarius became law ....

m_astera said...

Shaun, I didn't know the codex alimentarius had been passed into law in the USA. I think I would have heard of it if it had, but maybe not. Do you have some proof that it will be implemented?

Even if they would try to enforce it, I don't think it would fly in the US. The most militant and radical people that I know are also into health, herbs, nutrition.

Also, I don't think it could be applied to local people trading goods, although the creeps might try.

And finally, their fake castle is crumbling; it's time to get busy creating a new and better world, not spending energy on their foolishness.

Fausty said...

Absolutely brilliant article!

How soon before they start prosecuting bartering outfits because they are 'defrauding' the government of revenue in sales tax?

Activist said...

Fausty -- Thanks for the compliment. The government oligarchy is already trying to outlaw and intimidate private food co-ops. See the articles below and share them with everyone you know. We must end this draconian attempt to take away our food freedom!

Hayduke said...

True, true, true.
Read this piece but more importantly...DO something!

Here is what we do:

1. We grow whatever food we can at home (remember we live in a mobile home park on a teeny space (40' x 60' and that includes the 10' x 35' asphalt carport).

2. Eat the food you grow and share it with neighbors. Example: our one peach tree is filled with 150 ripe or ripening peaches. I have shared peaches with three neighbors, we have eaten fresh peaches as our fruit of the day, and I have sliced and frozen some peaches for winter. Another example: our apple trees are laden with ripening fruit, as are our neighbors, who I helped to plant her three trees. For the last month, I have been making fresh applesauce ONLY from the apples that fall to the ground during the trees natural fruit thinning process. I have a bushel of apples on my back porch right now. Sometimes I peel and slice apples and toss them in the nightly veggie stir fry.

3. Be creative, eat what the season and the neighborhood provides! Last month several neighbors joined us in eating those yummy Santa Rosa peaches (ripe, organic). We found them about a block away in a now vacant lot. True, some day there will be development on that lot and the grand old plum tree will no doubt be bulldozed, but in the meantime, I have saved seed from its fruit and will start plums trees for neighbors and me. We harvested 75 plums from that tree. Deep purple gold.

4. Patronize your local Farmer's Markets! 'Nuff said.

5. Start a recycling program that uses its funds to feed seniors in the community. Ours is called Grey Bears and their center is located about 3 miles away. One can take hard plastics, scrap metal or anything made of metal, as well as the regular cans & bottles and newspapers, etc. plus
electronics (or, basically, anything that was plugged in). Oh, and batteries. You name it. Grey Bears delivers a bag of food every Friday to
Seniors (for a $20/year fee). We don't partake, although its nice to know we could. But we have two neighbors (seniors) who already get the bags and its too much food for them so every Friday we end up with goodies too. This Friday we got two artichokes, 7 carrots, 5 potatoes, 3 onions, 1 bunch of broccoli, a loaf of bread, and a bag of shredded cabbage. We're rich!

6. Last, but not least, do not ever patronize a restaurant and leave food on your plate to be tossed as waste. Doggie bags don't count either. Order only what you know you will eat (a la carte is cheaper than a full meal). This simple act will send a signal to the globalists that industrial food production (aka food waste) is not to be supported by the locals.

Let's not waste another minute belaboring globalists and the corporations who are filthy rich from the global economy. The only way to participate in their demise is to opt out of supporting it. Get busy and get local. Five,
four, three, two, one. Just do it!


Mississippi Mike said...

I have to second what m_astera said, great article and action steps. BTW, I support as well, though I'm not affiliated with the site. I process poultry litter into an organic fertilizer loaded with minerals. We are just beginning to have a few sales, but the future looks good. I also have a blog for those interested in backyard food production. I am a proponent of permaculture, which my definition is to grow in raised beds in mineralized and amended soils, covered with mulch. Once "built" the soil should NEVER be disturbed, only planted in with additional minerals and fertilizer applied on top.

Anyway, for those that are interested, the blog is and our company website is

Thanks for the information and keep up the good work.

Michael in Alabama

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