Joe Lieberman: From American Idol Finalist to TYRANNYsaurus Rex

Eric Blair

Activist Post

To borrow a phrase often used in Joe Lieberman’s failed presidential primary bid in 2004, America’s tyrannical campaign “is picking up Joe-mentum” thanks in large part due to legislation introduced by Deputy Dog himself.

Let’s roll back the clock for a moment. When Lieberman was selected as Al Gore’s running mate for the 2000 White House run, we Connecticut natives felt a certain amount of pride, much like rooting for our UCONN Huskies when their sports teams play in the big game.  After all, Connecticut is a very small state and we had a “finalist” on the biggest reality show for the most powerful prize in the world.  And at the time Lieberman enjoyed a pretty solid political reputation as a middle-of-the-road realist.  In fact, many conservatives at the time often complained that Lieberman was compromising his values running with a “liberal” like Gore.

Ever since Bush was crowned the winner of the 2000 “American Presidential Idol” by the Judges, and not the viewing audience, and then America was attacked on September 11th, Lieberman has turned into a freedom-hating monster in the name of security and usually in defense of Israel’s geopolitical interests over America’s.  In short, he has become the Neo-cons top political puppet.

These days, it seems that every piece of liberty-smashing legislation has Lieberman’s name on it. Well, we know that very few elected officials write, or even read, the bills they introduce and pass — especially long technical legislation like the Patriot Act and the Healthcare Bill.  Therefore, the legislation is simply “processed” by the minions in Congress to serve the agenda of its Elite authors.  I mean, first any legislation has to be envisioned, then researched, referenced, and carefully written.  Then, most importantly, the writers must sell advertising to their cronies by way of mandates and pork projects that will surely be included at the taxpayers’ expense.

With a team of experts this process should take years to produce comprehensive legislation like the Patriot Act and the recent 2000-page plus Sickcare Bill.  It is interesting to remember that the Patriot Act was written before 9/11, thus our hardworking representatives had the “solution” well before the “problem” occurred and before we “reacted” in terror.  It should also be noted that very few elected officials actually read the bill before passing it under the cover of darkness.  But I digress . . . .

All of Lieberman’s recently proposed legislation appears to have been lifted from the pages of Brave New World and 1984 respectively:

First on the playbill is the McCain-Lieberman Enemy Belligerent Act which gives the tyrannical government the power to detain and hold American citizens without Miranda rights simply for questioning the government and its policies.  In other words, soon Big Brother’s Thought Police can make you and your rights disappear with no recourse.

Second is the Kerry-Lieberman Clean Energy and American Power Act S.1733, once considered on life support but now getting a BP blood transfusion from the Gulf oil disaster.  It is a Robin Hood-in-reverse bill that does little to help real environmental problems.  Originally crafted in secret meetings between Al Gore and Kenneth “Kenny Boy” Lay (of Enron Ponzi fame) well before Gore won his Oscar and Nobel, and certainly before Global Warming had been openly advertised to the general public.  It has been reported that the Bill aims to tax your pets for their CO2 output, but leaves monster polluters like the shipping industry exempt.  Take from the poor, give to the…static…static…this programming is proudly brought to you by our sponsors:  BP and Big Oil, and your friendly banksters at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

And for the final Act, the Lieberman Protecting Cyberspace Act S.3480 which regulates the Internet in a more draconian fashion than in China, and gives Obama (and all future teleprompter readers) a “kill switch” for the Internet for purposes they deem necessary.  While doing his press blitz to promote his new show, Lieberman’s true colors shown never brighter as when he said, “China can regulate the internet, why can’t we?”
To which champions of Liberty shouted, “Because we are the LAND OF THE FREE and China is a Communist civil-and-human-rights CATASTROPHE! That’s WHY!

Time and time again, Lieberman appears to be one of the anchor puppets for the Elite overlords when it comes to legislation that removes individual liberty from the tax-paying audience.  His ratings have taken a deep plunge since his days as an American Presidential Idol finalist; perhaps he thinks he can resurrect them in the role of TYRANNYsaurus Rex.

…static…static…We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

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