What You Are Witnessing Is A Mirror Image Of What Is To Come – Episode 1646

In this episode of the X22 Report: Pending homes sales decline, existing home sales decline and now new home sales decline 2 months in a row. The housing market is declining rapidly and if rates are pushed up once again the housing market decline will accelerate. Manufacturing is slowing in America. The economic indicators are signaling a recession, this is being done on purpose now while showing the economy is strong to blame the central bank. Loan demand has suddenly tumbled, this is an indicator that corporations are not borrowing which will affect business.

Lanny Davis’s entire propaganda story about Cohen is now falling apart. They drafted the plea deal back before April, this was all in the works to be released at the exact same time as Manafort ruling. FEC says that Trump did not violate election laws but if we flashback to 2016 the FEC reported that they did. Everything that we are seeing, everything that is going on is to set up the deep state. Human trafficking arrests are way up. Russia reports that the UN secretly did not allow Syria to rebuild their economy and country. Russia calls on the US to remove itself from Syria. The Patriots are draining the swamp but there is a lot more work ahead because the deep state is deep into government, the judicial system, other countries.

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